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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft

Episode 57

Putting My Money (Hide) Where My Mouth (Pen) Is

By Don Croft <>
March 19, 2003

I've been telling you that the Powerwand is sufficient for disabling predators and now that Carol's taken the Shiva back to Idaho with her, I'm left here on the other coast with only my Powerwand standing between me and a whole LOT of demonstrated, furious and determined enemies in the employ of this fake US Government.

What better way to demonstrate my claims? I've always had the inclination to 'prove something' so why not just give in to it instead of fight it?

Carol offered to leave the Shiva with me but I'm not one to back down from my own stated goals and heart-held beliefs until they're shown to be non-viable. I'm so determined to show YOU that I'm right that I'm putting my life on the line in the process. I'm not particularly psychic, as probably is your case, nor am I the most clever, resourceful or aware person in any given large crowd.

My point is that if I can do this, so probably can you, so my goal is to empower you to take on these murderers in your own court rather than having to keep looking over your shoulder every time you run out for a loaf of bread.

I just dropped Carol off at the airport in Orlando and am on my way back to Atlanta, where the FBI, CIA, NSA and God-knows-what-other mean and bloody agency is waiting for me. It's been so easy in the past three weeks to say, 'Honey-would you go check in the ether and see if anyone's thinking about killing us, please?' and then just knock them all down like bowling pins but I'm leaving myself open to some developing threats now so I can do it all with the Powerwand as they come up in 3D, confident that I can stop any visiting predatory psychics, all of whom precede the more blatant assaults, we've learned from experience.

The Shiva is the best instrument for disabling these spiritual cretins, but in real terms it will be many months before they're out on the market in sufficient numbers because only Mark knows how to make them and he's absolutely swamped with orders and has no experience with mass production. meanwhile you can get a Powerwand in a short time if you're not inclined to make one yourself. Andy's got them on and no doubt others will be offering them soon.

Until somebody else in N. America who offers Powerwands shows me some good business practices, I'll be sending inquiries on to Andy, though. Georg Ritschl at is very skilled and reliable, too. I think somebody's making these in Oz for sale, but Carol says the coil's not up to snuff yet. If you think a caduceus or other form of coil will do better or even as well as a mobius for this work, please look more closely and get some comparison feedback from more than one reputable energy sensitive, okay? I won't stop insisting that we get bona fide evidence for any claims made before we accept them as true.

Carol and I are now seeing the Shiva as the culmination of our global, informal effort to disable tyranny and we're seeing the Powerwand as an important intermediary step.

If you think you'll be scooting around the ether like Cbswork or Carol any time soon, please think again. Unless you have an obvious gift to do this telepathic and astral work you will only get a smidgeon of their results and only after many years of hard work. If that principle were not operative, there would have been millions of Beethovens composing symphonies by now.

The nice thing about the Shiva is that one need only think of the target and the energy goes to work on it, apparently guided by the entity who has adopted to that device. In this case we're no more than spiritual doormen. Doormen in New York City get to dress up like Bolivian Admirals, by the way, so maybe we can, too, when we get a Shiva ;-)

Carol and Cbswork will get together with their two Shivas ASAP to compare notes in real time, as the two Shivas seem to be working on slightly different principles and Carol, at least, feels it's important that all the Shivas be made the same way, as she's not entirely confident that Mark has the ability to make determinations about individual requirements yet. Since it will be a long wait until you get one from Mark if you've sent the money, there's plenty of time to sort this out. Since time is VERY short for disabling the genocide agenda of this fake government in the US we
probably should all have some faith that cutting corners like this (insufficient testing and parameters) will be okay.

Forgive me, Mark, for speaking so candidly, and I assume you know that I want you to succeed with this venture and that it's very important to us that you do.

The Powerwand, in my experience, needs to be turned on and consciously directed and attended to but if you can imagine a target and focus a little (in a loving way, if that's your style) aggression the energy will go there and disable the target, whether it just seriously disorients the pilot of that black helicopter which is zooming your home in the middle of the night, terrfies a predatory NSA or MI6 psychic into a nervous breakdown or causes the heart of a murderous Man in Black or OTO sorcerer to burst.

When Carol took her Shiva out of the Zapporium it felt to me kind of like it did when my rudder broke out in the ocean during a storm once. In that case, I jury rigged the thing and completed the ocean crossing, even going through a hurricane successfully in the process with that 'field engineered' rudder, which I was even able to lash the sails to for effective self-steering. If you've sailed in a small open boat in the open ocean, you know what I'm talking about, I guess ;-) It was after this realization that I started writing this piece. I'm quite sure the results will speak for themselves because I'll be back in the Lion Den tomorrow afternoon.

It's important to familiarize yourself with the workings of the Succor Punch, we believe, before you can expect to get these results from the newer devices. By the way, for those of you who are inclined to purchase other devices for which the inventor claims equal or superior results to these two, you should expect to see some proof or at least testimonials from some reputable people before you send your money. Caveat emptor, amici.

Did I tell you what happened in Miami two nights ago? If you were watching the weather channel you may have heard of a very localized 80mph wind in the part of Miami we were driving through at the moment. What they didn't mention is that there were some accompanying green atmospheric flashes in the vicinity of some massive HAARP arrays we were driving past on the Turnpike right after we drove onto it. We had just disabled Homestead Underground AFB ;-) and two of its underground nukes and they were getting p---y, so Carol said she stuck a big orgone spike up the HAARP boss's a** and said, 'Come and get us, you son of a bit**!' I'm assuming she said if lovingly, but that assumption may not be accurate ;-)

I already knew that women are a lot more aggressive than men, in spite of all that mental programming to the contrary. The Roman soldiers used to grab their ****'s and head for the hills whenever they saw those Celt, Frank or Hun women in among the men in battles ;-) Of course, those old cultures had never bought into the Babylonian concept of gender prejudice.I have to tell you that Homestead has stuck in my craw for the past two years, since leaving this state. When we left, the big dirt pile had weather balls and buildings on it; now it's posing as a landfill and all that stuff was relocated to just beyond the northern edge of the small artificial mountain. I guess enough people are realizing that there's a base under there that they decided to disguise it rather than move it ;-) Fake-gov't cretins!

I was too busy trying to keep the Zapporium from blowing off the turnpike to think much about helping Carol, and besides she only told me about that a little later. Traffic slowed to almost a halt and there was a lot of damage, I saw on TV later that night in the motel. It only lasted about five minutes.

Carol said the HAARP boss who ordered that attack from his very uncomfortable chair wore a light gray military uniform and is an American and that he hasn't murdered any innocents yet, which is why he didn't just fall out of the chair. Is that Homeland Security? If so, President Cujo hasn't been entirely forthcoming about what they're up to already. If you know about this, please let me know at

By the way, I keep getting letters from my friends with apologies for 'bothering' me, which bothers me. If you feel like writing to me for absolutely any reason, please do so, okay? I love to do email and especially to hear from my friends, of which you are a dear one. I always have time for that, even when I get a little behind for a few days.

Since I'm not the head of this effort, I really don't get swamped with email. If I was a guru wannabee or had some exclusive, proprietary device that I was promoting for personal glory I suspect I'd be swamped in that case because that approach attracts all the wrong folks: the ones who would rather shift their personal-discernment responsibility onto someone else.

I could tell you stories about what I've seen relating to this simple principle ;-), but not now. Suffice to say that people who want a following seem to be completely ignorant of the personal discernment workings of the heart and live in some pretty scary mental delusions. They sincerely believe they're angels in the flesh, but when I'm around them I feel like I'm surrounded by vultures. Good thing nobody in this informal network is like that! If I wanted a following, you and I wouldn't be having this discussion, I absolutely guarantee, and somebody else's name would be associated with orgonite cloudbusters by now.

In any case, I'm enthusiastically putting my life on the line right now so that no superstitions will attach to our collective work and goals. If I leave Atlanta in a pine box, you may assume that I'm mistaken in this approach, though the only thing that might actually prove is that I have a short attention span and let my guard down at the wrong times ;-)

We've been at this juncture a few times since starting this network and the potential is presenting itself again, I think, around the Shiva. It's simply because this powerful and effective instrument represents the next step in our technology and only one man knows how to make them and is not telling anyone else, which is certainly his birthright. I'm not a controlling person at all, but I do want very much to keep this effort within the realm of shared experience and non-exclusive, individual empowerment. I suspect that if Mark doesn't play his cards right, equally effective instruments will pop into the dreams of many people. He's got a marvelous chance to create wealth and independence for himself and to educate millions of eager and talented souls in the short term.

When Carol and I were given the parameters for the basic CB and HHg we immediately broadcast them after having tested them thoroughly. We'll probably get rich from that when the opportunity presents itself, and we've certainly prospered indirectly from it due to our increased notoriety because more people have heard of our zappers in the process.

I know in my bones, though, that if I'd adopted an exclusive or proprietary approach to this I'd either be out of the game by now or somebody else would have invented these or similar devices in the first place.

Cbswork noted that somebody like me had to initiate this effort because it was necessary for someone without guile or an unbalanced ego and with some hard-won maturity to foster and shepherd its rapid dissemination. I wrote and disseminated my first report two years ago just because the feds were snooping up our ***es and we got pretty spooked by that and needed some fast notoriety in order not to wind up as fatality statistics. Fortunately, three people (zapper customers) offered to share it with some extensive e-groups and lists at the time and the Nazis backed off. We were on the road in the first place because these cretins had just shut down all the other American zapper makers on the internet in their ongoing War on Healing and I felt sure that they don't like to go after moving targets, especially guys like me who do their business on the black market, which of course is the only viable market in the world in its present state of anarchy. Yes, governments run by murderers is anarchy.

I certainly don't wish on anyone what led me to be who I am, and it pains me to see people going through the same things I did or being on the verge of it with the knowledge that only by experiencing severe adversity will these folks step onto a spiritually productive path. If you've got a naturally pure heart and unpolluted mind, you're way ahead of the game, my friend. Now, get some brass b---s and exercise your native cunning to go along with that and you'll be a bona fide threat to tyranny instead of just a potential, tender entrée on the Illuminati Buffet..

Orgonite devices tend to push us all in a wonderful, productive but tranquil direction, each of us starting from whatever position we were in when we initiated our own efforts. Many folks simply have little capacity for heart energy, and these are the ones who represent the big challenge right now, I think, because in our western cultures the alleged powers that be have spent immeasurable resources over many generations to create a delusional paradigm, centered in the head, and it takes a lot of years for any of us to work our way out of that maze.

What's worse, when people like Mao, Hitler, Tammy Faye or EC Prophet are ascendant millions of folks who never questioned the inadvisability of worshipping charisma are drawn into the fold, which is what empowers these monsters. The strange part is that all these charismatic people had abysmal personal lives, full of abuse, betrayal and manipulation by the programmers, designed to make them distrust all others and believe only what their handlers fed them. Poor Shirley MacLaine is a good example of that.

By the way, I once heard that when Tammy Faye's makeup was removed, it was discovered that she's actually Jimmy Hoffa, but I need some validation before I'll believe that.

Are any of you feeling edgy because of President Cujo's alleged war on Saddam? Read the latest issue of SPECTRUM for some juicy stuff about that adventure which you'll never hear Dan Rather talk about, okay? I want to visit the editors in Tehachapi if possible. I never pitch myself to media people but I'd dearly love to get some of our stuff in there. Ingri and Don Cassel both agreed with me that I'm just too weird to write for their publication, THE IDAHO OBSERVER, so I'm really glad Jerry Morton was picked to do that spread for them. They told me that I'm not too weird to contribute something to SPECTRUM, though and they discussed us with the editors there. Thanks so much, Donna and Roberto Carrillo, for introducing this to Don and Ingri Cassel!

What makes Carol and I extremely happy is that when all the militia folks out there have read about tower busting in that reputable underground publication we may find that all of the towers will soon be disabled across North America. Take that, you fake- government Nazis! Hardy Har Har Har!!! Victory may be close at hand, folks!

There's so much good stuff happening that I'm hearing about in private email that it's no longer possible to even keep track of it all, much less
report it, so you'll only be getting the high spots from me for the duration.

Sgt Shultz has BUSTED Ft. Lewis (the perimeter is over ninety miles), for instance, having waited, prudently, for his Succor Punch to arrive from Jesse, whom I'm extremely pleased to learn is still in the game. It took him 35 HHgs and 75 Tower Busters. Marty (the Sarge) is the fellow, you remember, who showed me how to monitor the busting of a tower with a ZapChecker last month.

Georg Ritschl, the German (expatriot living in S. Africa and father of menace to global tyrants, got the upper hand with his Powerwand after some rather intense soul-searching. I've never met anyone who has assimilated so much information in such a short time and began Doing Something about tyranny with such total commitment and gusto. Good thing he's on our side, eh?

Greg Brown, who grows worms in Florida (in the soil, of course) has apparently invented a free energy device that charges batteries an infinitum. I had to visit him in order to get a clear picture of how he did that. I'll repeat his experiment and see if it can be done outside a vortex. He lives in a big one and I've got some very sweet, juicy oranges from the tree beside which is his cloudbuster ;-)

Dominic in Australia gave me the phone number of 'Dave' in Tampa, who makes and sells extremely good Tesla coils for a reasonable price. We spent the morning in Tampa with Dave before going to Greg and Angie Brown's lovely home to the south in Bradenton.

It was only as we were parting that I learned his last name: McKinnon. I used to listen faithfully to his international radio program in the nineties when he was president of the International Tesla Society. I was pleased to be able to connect him with Wilhelm Muller, inventor of the magnet motor/generator. Muller had a demonstrable free energy engine long before that fake, Col Bearden, announced to the planet in 1994 that, after meticulous searching and testing, there were NO viable free energy devices in existence in our 3D realm. What a cruel joke by him and the other CIA liars! Muller had undeniably demonatrated his device to a whole lot of engineers and scientists by then in Germany, North America and even China. I played with that powerful engine in Bill Muller's basement in British Columbia several times five and six years ago.

Dave sent us to see Mike in Sarasota for a generous demonstration of the Tesla Coil for our assessment of its potential for boosting orgonite devices, so we picked Greg up on the way. That deserves another post but suffice to say that a Tesla coil puts out a massively strong orgone field that charges up all orgonite devices exponentially for many, many hours after spending five minutes or so in the presence of a powered-up coil. You can bet I'm getting one as soon as I get home! The bystanders also get charged up, which finally let me understand why some people love fiddling with these things so much ;-)

After spending a night in the Browns' wonderful vortex it required an effort to leave, as these folks are two of the rare individuals with whom Carol and I feel perfectly relaxed and comfortable.

Kristina Schepps of has conceived an addition to her devices which proves to boost them into the stratosphere of potential regarding human development. No doubt she'll share all the details of that when she's ready for production, as she's based a very successful business on the principle that we favor, which is that most people want to know how these things are made but they usually prefer to pay for them ;-) Just to tease you, I'll let out that it's a replica of the King's Chamber in the big pyramid at Giza, designed to hold an enhanced Power Pack a la Eric Nuver in Holland and other synergistic new goodies.

Carol got to play around with the chamber prototype and she's extremely impressed with its apparent potential. Good one, Kristina! It was nice to finally meet her and Hubby, Col. Steve, in Miami right before we busted Homestead. We feel so pleased to be associated with these fine folks. It took me three or four months, a couple of years ago, to persuade Kristina to make her first HHg, by the way, because this petite young accountant had a repugnance for resin. Her new matrix, which she dyes, is virtually non-toxic and and makes an interesting texture after casting. I think the thing that kept me persevering with her in the early days was that she often quoted parts of the dialogue in MONTY PYTHON'S HOLY GRAIL in her email to me.

Keep checking her site for the name of that resin, okay? She's like us and enjoys sharing instructions and information.

You can see that we've been having lots of fun meeting our co-conspirators on this trip.

Now it's time to go back to Satanville (Atlanta) to knock out the rest of the towers before the end of the month, with Tim Djembemon's and Steven White's able and resolute collaboration, at least. I'd better pick up my dervish outfit at the cleaners. I hope they got the stain out.

~Don Croft

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