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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft

Episode 58

Private Croft’s March from the Sea

By Don Croft <>
March 24, 2003

Since I’m in Georgia and since I’m sort of doing the opposite of what General Sherman did here in the Civil War, I figure it’s okay to put a rank in front of my name. It was the rank I held at the end of my military career in 1969 and it’s the opposite of General, as it turns out ;-). Also, since I started my coast to coast highway gifting campaign on the beach east of Savannah, this title dawned on me after Ken Adachi suggested using the broad theme of Sherman’s march of mayhem and destruction in the title of one of my posts/articles. Judging by the FBI, NSA, Delta Force, etc. rabid reaction to our activities in Atlanta, I know that we’re committing mayhem to their collective satanic agenda here in the heart of Ole Dixie.

After the FBI fake police intimidated our black Atlanta associates out of participating in our activities, Carol, Tim O’Donnell (“Djembemon” on the forums), and I immediately got to work busting the HAARP, satanic sites, and underground bases within the perimeter of Interstate 275, which circles the city. That was on Tim’s day off and the next day, Carol and I finished off what was left of the HAARP arrays, which resulted in characteristic blue skies and puffy white clouds. The chemtrails over the city were disappearing fast, but outside the perimeter, all around, there were still HAARP sky molestations and lingering chemtrails. Our goal has been to make the city’s ambience feel better than the suburbs. We continued gifting towerbusters all the way to Florida, leaving one near each tower along I-75 and otherwise every three miles along the route. There were towers about every three miles so the TBs got to do double duty.

We saw a big blue hole over the city of Atlanta and the unbusted suburbs maintained the HAARP mess and lingering chemtrails, as we’d hoped would happen. We also saw several white lenticular clouds within the edge of the blue hole, so that was a nice confirmation that the Operators approved and were supporting our efforts.

Busting Sorties & War Protests
We busted the airbase in Marietta with three HHgs as we were leaving and Carol said the Wingmakers were holding down the energy until right before we could leave the area, as the satanic feds were quite incensed that we were gifting that base, which is mostly underground and connected with Lockheed. As always, we drove slowly by the main gate and waved wildly to the feds in there as we left the area. One fedmobile, typically one with a boss agent, drove right by us and obviously didn’t see us after we put down HHg number Two on the far side of the base because he was driving erratically and turning down side roads, searching frantically for us, Carol said. I think the Operators were hiding us because we didn’t take any precautions that time. You can do that, too, of course, and they’ll cover your butt. Just pick a really juicy target and get busy.

Carol and I spent a week in Florida right after that, which I wrote about in the previous article/post and I returned to spend the rest of March busting the deathforce transmitters in Atlanta to ensure that the customary summer smog won’t occur this year and also to ensure that Atlanta will not be successfully subjected to martial law if President Cujo turns out to be even more abysmally stupid than we all thought and declares that state in America at the behest of his digusting operators.

Tim’s been filming the Atlanta war protests and placing orgonite devices in those locations to ensure that nobody gets hurt by the unlawfully established local police or incited to violence by the feds’ agent provocateurs. Our hope is to do some filming together of his instructional documentary on making cloudbusters, HHgs and towerbusters and busting transmitters, underground nukes/bases and satanic sites. I understand he’s got quite a lot of footage of feds on film ;-) No wonder that NSA killer tried so hard to run him off the highway. Thankfully, Tim experienced the joy of using the Shiva on that guy, so hasn’t seen him since then. The jerk was actually stalking Tim after trying to kill him. I wish they’d grow the ba**s to stalk Carol and I. I could use the psychic exercise.

I’m sure everyone’s noticed by now that these protests are attended by people from across the social, political, gender, age and racial spectrum, rather than just by leftists, as happened predominantly during the Viet Nam War protests. I’m glad to see that some grassroots protests are taking place, since all war is redundant now, as well as inexcusable.

New & Old HAARP Towers
There are a half dozen very large, sort of unique HAARP arrays in Atlanta and a dozen more of the old style weather warfare arrays. I think most of the bad work was being done by the taller, newer ones. Right after we busted one of the big ones we did a little shopping nearby and a half hour after burying the single, small HHg we saw from the parking lot a couple of miles away that three men were riding up one of the guy cables in a cage—a sort of elevator. I looked at them through the binoculars and they all got out when they got to the big platform at the top of the thousand foot tower and wandered around, scratching their heads for a bit, then piled back in the cage and went back down. Carol got into their heads and said they already knew that we’d been there because the thing simply stopped working without any apparent technical cause and that they were just going up there to shut the boss up. They think we’re using magic ;-) and apparently this project we’re all enaged in, is getting quite a reputation among the world regime’s bottom rung flunkies as well as among its middle management and the overlords.

Carol said that two guys on motorcycles who passed Tim and I on the highway in the mountains yesterday were supposed to kill us, but that we’re very well protected. They sort of glared/leered at us as we passed them again at a stop sign and I didn’t think much of it at the time, but Tim picked up on their malintentions and asked me to ask Carol about them. Tim’s a lot more aware of that stuff than I am, also much more sensitive and attuned to frequencies and fields.

Fed Chumming?
This afternoon, as I was wrapping up my email, I stepped out of the Zapporium and encountered two fedmobiles parked right next to me. I can only see out the back when I’m inside the camper. I looked closely at both of them and the nearest one froze in terror and stared at me, like a deer caught in headlights. I bet she was a fed psychic. I went into the store to get something, but they were both gone when I got back, of course. The woman had parked there for over an hour because I saw her driving into the parking spot earlier, studiously avoiding looking into the Zapporium in the process ;-) I was at the far end of the lot where nobody else was parked.

I’ve stopped whacking the psychic and physical visitors in order to bait them into getting a little bolder so I can have better targets in a day or so. I still hammer the fed hackers every time my computer slows down while on the net because I just don’t want to encourage that at all. It only happens once or twice a day now; until I got strict with them, though, it was happening every few minutes, day in and day out. That only stopped when I started going after middle and upper management each time I got molested electronically by one of their stooges. They’ve got some high level hackers, too, so when you get hits from them it means the flunkies have probably refused to mess with you any more. The big timers have more finesse, but are still easy meat for the Powerwand and/or Shiva.

Carol said the feds took a fresh approach for awhile and only assigned non-killers in the daisy chain of command above the chump hackers and peekers. That only lasted a few days because she kept putting thoughts into their heads that they’re working for a blood-stained, satanic organization, not a viable or even lawful political one. I don’t think they’ve got many patriots left in their management cadres these days ;-) because they went back to using predators shortly after that exercise. We were wondering why the bosses weren’t grabbing their chests and falling out of their chairs, which is what led to Carol getting into their pointy heads.

Powerwand & Shiva
Some of you guys have been telling me of the marvelous experiences you’re having with your new Powerwands, but you’re not posting them. I don’t know why that is, but I expect that you’ll do so when you feel like it and I’m not too put off by that, since I know how wonderfully empowering these devices are. People give me too much credit for intelligence and sensitivity, still, in spite of evidence to the contrary. I don’t understand all the social dynamics happening in the forums, but I’ll try not to rock the boat any more than necessary.

Now that Mark Hooten has quit his job, I’m backing him a hundred percent. I agree with Carol that ideally, we should each have a Powerwand and a Shiva because they augment each other so well. As I mentioned in the previous episode, when Carol took the Shiva home last week, I felt a distinct drop in my own effectiveness. For creating a shield, though, the PW still seems to be superior and I appreciate this buffer because I don’t have to be on guard so much any more. Several other folks with new PWs have emailed me with similar observations, but I don’t think any of them are posting their experiences.

For what it’s worth, we’re feeling that Mark can simplify his device and make it both easier to make and cheaper to buy. I’m risking putting my foot in my mouth by saying this, of course, but if it leads to more people having Shivas, sooner, I’ll be vindicated. There’s been a lot of assertions made about the various coils in the Shiva, for instance, but no evidence has been offered to back those claims up. I know it takes an awful lot of time to wind those things.

What I’d like to see is some sensory research data in support of these coils. Cbswork and I did some informal coil form research in Los Angeles on my last visit and when Carol gets there next month, you can bet we’ll be extending that inquiry. He wants me to illustrate the energy fields he’s seeing around all the devices, but that will have to wait a bit. I got the concepts from him, but it takes me a lot of time to make illustrations. Since he and Carol can see energy forms from coils, we may be getting into some serious confabs shortly, since I’m the one who can get the 3D shapes right.

Since I apply high standards to my own assertions, I’m not shy about insisting that others do the same, especially since I know that this practice is one of the features that attracts balanced, rational people to our project and discourages those who are inclined to blind imitation and dogmatic assertions. The latter are more like baggage than supporters and we need to keep this moving forward, since we’re only scratching the surface of the potential of this material and right now, we’re all the cutting edge in environmental healing and perhaps even tyrant busting.

If you’re doing some experimenting from which you’ve gotten no results yet, please post your work in progress, okay? I think a lot of us have some of that going on and it’s always better when there’s more dialogue, especially since there’s no stigma attached to ‘failure’ here.

I know that some experiments need more work to get them to the stage where data can be retrieved. The mini CB that Tim made and we left with Hugh Lovel in North Georgia has one of the Lemurian seed crystals in it that Marc Melton, Cbswork, Kuwait Diane, Mark Hooten, and several others had incorporated in orgonite devices in an attempt to create an extended field. I hope you guys will keep hammering away with this and look for some data. I got a distinct impression at Hugh’s that something’s happening with that.

If anyone thinks that I’m down on this sort of research, please adjust your attitude, okay? If you think it even matters what I think, do like Stuart Jackson does and ignore me in that mode, okay?

Aborted Calamities
A lot of the stuff I write about can’t be supported with any evidence. For instance, Cbswork, Carol, myself, and others have routinely stopped the fake gov’t from blowing up some US cities in the past nine months. Someone will get a psychic hit that the gov’t is planning to commit mass murder in order to get us closer to martial law, and our astral investigators get the particulars and we simply stop them with our devices. I can tell you it’s gotten a lot easier to do that since we got the Shivas and Powerwands! I still believe that it won’t take very many of us, going after the whole hierarchy each time we experience even the slightest molestations from any of the secret police psychics, hackers, helicopter pilots, street peekers, etc.

By the way, Hugh Lovel told us yesterday that molten steel, formerly the base support girders, was found puddled in the basement of the WTC a week after the collapse of the building and he believes both buildings were brought down with plutonium trombone-case nukes in the basement. Pretty cool assertion, eh? [Ed. Note: Phil Schenider noted the same thing with molten, extruded rebar with the first bombing of the WTC in 1993; a very high yield thermo device must have been used to get that effect]

I’m awfully glad to see that even folks whom I’d thought lacked the chutzpah to stand up to these jerks are doing exactly what we’re doing with the Powerwand. In the short term, others can psychically share the few Shivas that are out and about, with the owners’ permission perhaps.

Donna Carrillo connected with Carol’s Shiva on our visit to her house in late January and has used it several times to help herself and others out of some tight spots that were engineered by the secret police psychic predators. I don’t know what the parameters are for that yet, but I’m hoping it will become common practice until Mark gets more of the devices out on the market. Of course there’s no real substitute for having one.

A New Frontier
Has anyone ever openly and actively opposed secret police agencies before? I know that if we don’t do this now, we won’t be able to do it from our underground cages if we fail to stop them from getting their political wishes. A stitch in time saves nine, and while they are still secret they’re vulnerable to us. Remember that all police are enforcers. Without the secret police agencies such as the FBI and NSA/CIA to murder and bully the populace into docility, this fake federal government wouldn’t last a week. Let’s all see just how much healing we can exert on this ailing body politic in the coming months. We can accurately consider this fake government a cancerous tumor in the body of the nation and the secret police as the poisons produced by the tumor to consolidate and extend its own hegemony.

I first learned, seven years ago, that cheap, simple zappers routinely and painlessly cure cancer by simply reversing its polarity. It was a pretty easy transition to the realization that there must be some way to perform a similar function in order to heal the political situation in my still-potentially-great homeland.

Just as the body has the intelligence and will to heal itself when the cause of illness is removed, the body politic of America has the intelligence and will to create a real government again here in the absence of the foreign overlords who have so thoroughly and parasitically sickened it over the past two hundred years and as America goes, so will soon follow the rest of the world. That works both ways, of course, which is why America is the only developed nation that’s being subjected to the blatant threat of treasonous tyranny, genocide and enslavement at the moment.

I’m finding more and more that all the people with whom I discuss my business here are not dismissing it out of hand and are willing to listen to and consider my basic premise: that these new transmitters are not for cell phones but are, in fact, designed to facilitate martial law. I haven’t yet met anyone who believes that we are justified to invade another country. That’s a giant step forward from ten years ago, when nearly everyone supported this regime’s attack on Iraq and even the mention of ‘conspiracies’ evinced great guffaws from nearly everyone I mentioned them to.

Stuart Jackson noted that he likes my writing because I see things in black and white and am not afraid to express my opinions, though of course he doesn’t agree with all of them. He notes that some folks lack the discernment to distinguish another’s forcefully stated opinion from what their heart may tell them is actually true. Maybe it’s time for me to make another disclaimer so that nobody will foolishly repeat my opinions as The Truth. If anyone feels discouraged from expressing an opposing view on any subject because of the assumption that I’ll get mad or that he/she will be colored as a dissenter, please banish that notion right now and get busy typing! I really do believe that the spark of truth is best revealed by the clash of differing opinions.

Cbswork wanted me to do something about the image I’ve perhaps created of him as some sort of superman. I mentioned that before, but I’m going to report the following in order to demonstate that I don’t hold his views up as the Word of Hank, nor do I agree with all of his technical assertions, though of course I wouldn’t hesitate to lay my life down for him if the occasion presented itself.

Water Gifts
I did a lot of water gifting on my march from the sea a couple of days ago, but I didn’t go through any of the procedures that Cbswork so strongly recommends because 1) I’m just too lazy, 2) I do a lot of water gifting, and 3) in my view, as one experienced with boatbuilding with fiberglass and also fiddling, in my diving experiences, with ferrous stuff that’s been under salt water for decades, our devices will all last for many, many years before the sea disables them and by that time there will be MILLIONS of people gifting the waters of this planet, most likely with materials that are far superior than what any of us have cobbled together.

When I was last with Cbswork and we were creating our arsenal for the reservoir vortex and San Bernardino, he carefully demonstrated and explained to me each step of the construction of his water gifts. I simply nodded and kept my mouth shut because he’s a Capricorn and a genius and will do things his way, come hell or high water and of course, what he was doing so lovingly was marvelous, anyway.

When I was a teenager on Guam in the middle 1960s, there was still a lot of war materiel left on the island and under the water. It’s a fact that the Japanese tanks and guns that were exposed to air were in much worse shape than the steel artifacts that were submerged in salt water (I often encountered unexploded steel artillery shells in my aquatic wanderings and once found a 1950 Studebaker with a pristine body at the bottom of the harbor. This was explained to me as a function of oxygen and salt. There’s little oxygen underwater, hence much slower deterioration of metal. There’s little salt in the island air but a lot of oxygen and occasional rain, hence the more rapid deterioration.

In my last summer of high school, I earned a hundred bucks as a camp counselor for ten days and quickly bought deck passage on a little freighter and spent the rest of the summer (including two weeks into the school year because I lost track of time ;-) in the Palau Islands, now called the Republic of Belau. One of my pastimes was skin diving there because the water is so clear that you can see almost a hundred meters in some places. There were some air battles over those islands in World War II and some of the planes are on the bottom of the lagoons and easy to reach on a breath of air. I remember sitting in the cockpit of a Japanese Zero fighter and holding the handles of the machine gun. I could barely fit in the cockpit. The metal of the skin of the plane was still shiny and none of the steel parts were corroded at all and this was 22 years after it was shot down.

By the way, I once made myself useful there and earned some fresh fish in the process when some kids, who had paddled their outrigger out into the lagoon where I was diving. They got me to fetch their fishing spears from inside the big coral head whenever they missed their shots (their arms were too short to reach the spears). Later on, I encountered a big moray eel in one of those coral heads, but I guess I was protected in those days, too ;-) Those eels are as fearless, dangerous, and mindless as a typical Man in Black is, so you don’t want to get your hand in range of their strikes. That was a fun time.

But, back to the march:

The first act I committed was to spudgun two tower busters into the Atlantic, beyond the surf, at Tybee Island’s coastal beach. I half expected someone nearby to get mad about the noise and/or ‘littering’, but a woman quickly approached me out of curiosity and when I explained what I was doing she mentioned that she knew something about orgone accumulators and she wished me luck.

I tossed a TB into every creek and inlet on the way back to the city and one time, as I pulled over on a bridge to pitch one over the rail, trusting that it wouldn’t land on a boater, a man in a nondescript white sedan passed slowly by and parked just in front of me. I was thinking that this was a particularly bold fed, but the old guy was just upset that I threw something into the water. When I showed him one of my spiffy BB tower busters and explained briefly what it did for the water, he just turned his face away and drove off. If I’d known he would be so grouchy, I might have said instead, ‘Frankly, my dear, I don’t GIVE a damn!’ since I am, after all, a leading character in a Georgia war scenario.

I had to stop and make a bunch more TBs that morning, so I picked a nice shady spot by a boat ramp and there were four old HAARP transmitters in an array right across the water. Actually, I only noticed one tower until after I spudgunned a TB into the inlet just for fun. I did another when I saw the other towers, then another when I figured this would be an opportunity to see if the heavier TB I’d just made with BBs would go farther. It did go about ten percent farther and had a more satisfying kick and BOOM when it went off.

30 Year Old HAARP Arrays
You can spot the old weather warfare (waged on the population, of course, from Day One) transmitter arrays by looking at the faded red paint. As a sign painter I know that it takes about 30 years for red paint to fade that thoroughly and all of the old towers were painted red and white. Though HAARP was never mentioned before ten years ago, in fact that crap has been going on since the early seventies on a widespread basis. I think all the focus on the Alaskan, Russian and Australian big arrays was simply a distraction.

I expect CBswork to post a complete rebuttal to my claims about water gifting and I’m going to let him have the last word because I learned a long, long time ago that one simply shouldn’t argue with anyone born between December 21 and January 21. Right, Melody? Right, Mom?


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