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Episode 59

Our Visit with Hugh Lovel

By Don Croft <>
March 23, 2003

Tim O’Donnell and I drove up to the mountains yesterday to visit with Hugh Lovel at his Union Agricultural Institute, on Greg Brown’s suggestion because Greg told me that Hugh was very interested in our work and is a reputable pioneer in Biodynamic Agriculture, which is closely related to the healing work we’re all doing with the orgonite devices. I had read the chapter about Hugh in SECRETS OF THE SOIL and was eager to meet him, so I emailed him a meeting request, to which he responded immediately and warmly.

I’m awfully glad that Tim came along, for the pleasant company and because he generously donated his fine mini-CB to Hugh, but also for another reason that I’ll get into in a bit. Tim figured that the mini would be sufficient, since he’d made several full-size ones, some of which are distributed around the area. On the way back to Atlanta, we could see by the parting cloudcover toward the south that the mini had already apparently connected to Steven White’s CB field, centered in Cumming, Georgia, which is 30 miles north of Atlanta.

Truthfully, just to meet a fellow pioneer who shares our passion for disseminating information and energy was refreshing in itself, especially since he is ready and able to express this in a format that’s easily understood, in spite of his extensive education and technical ability. All the rest of that enriching afternoon was icing on the cake.

Speaking of food, Hugh makes the best sushi I’ve ever eaten. He marinates shrimp (he’s from South Louisiana) in a special hotsauce before he sautees it, chops it up and adds his own fresh vegetables and even flax seed. He noted that since shrimp are so low on the food chain they have relatively little toxic material in them, even though they’re the ones who eat the organisms off the bottom. The bigger and bigger fish are progressively more toxic because of the quantities of shrimp and shrimp eaters that they consume. I had always just accepted the notion that shrimp are more toxic because they’re bottom feeders. Independent thinking is one of the aspects of a pioneer ;-)

His attitude is that he’s happy to be hired by farmers to set up and oversee the application of his techniques on their farms, but he’s happier when he can teach them to do that themselves. I didn’t get the sense that he has any proprietary or self-aggrandizing motives at all.

I mention something now about Hugh that he shared with us in parting, which is that he, like Reich, came to the physical sciences from a career in psychology. He said that his original motive was to figure out a way to get some good vegetables for his table, as none were available in the markets in those days.

He’s one of the very few people I’ve met who seems to have a good understanding of who Wilhelm Reich really was, though Hugh’s work is more in line with Rudolf Steiner’s offerings. I asked him if he thought the two Great Ones would have collaborated well and Hugh feels that Steiner’s esoteric approach may have stuck badly in Reich’s craw, but I’m betting that Steiner’s demonstrable results would have earned Reich’s respect, in spite of the latter’s expressed disdain for mystics (new age nazis?). Maybe we can settle this question when we’ve all passed on ;-)

I had sent this piece to Hugh for his review and his only caveat was the following observation, which is in quotes:

“There is a good chance that Steiner and Reich would have hit it off very well indeed. They both had the highest regard for the path of knowledge of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who was both the Great Poet and dramatist of the German Culture, but also one of its greatest, most original scientists. Steiner, Reich, Schauberger--there must have been many others--all had the highest regard for Goethe. It was Goethe who maintained the observer and object were essentially one, no matter the prevailing belief in dualism-- the separation of subject and object.

We didn't see vindication of that one in physics until Heisenberg's Theory of Indetermancy, which was a major milestone in the development of Quantum Mechanics. Essentially Heisenberg found that the very presence of the observer and his or her measuring instruments was a etermining factor in the field of investigation. In other words the observer was not aloof and isolated from the phenomena abserved but was intimately linked, and that's why double blind studies are the gold standard in medical research.

But more than that, Goethe believed the human organism and its senses (which we have more than 5) are the highest and best instrument for observation, and that observation is an on-going process if we are to understand the dynamic nature of the universe. The world around us is not fixed like a snapshot in a picture book or a specimen pinned to a board. There is an elan vital at work in the universe and to sppreciate its nature and chart its weaving, dancing path in the world we must sustain our powers of observation so that we see anew in every moment even while we recapitulate what we know of the past. Certainly both Steiner and Reich took these principles of Goethean observation to heart, though most around them did not.”

Steiner was certainly not inclined to parrot any of the mind control phrases or blind dogmas that characterize the pseudomystics whom Reich probably encountered, since the Alice Bailey/Aleister Crowley consortium had gained an obnoxious, omnipresent ascendancy over most of the other representatives of esoterica by the time Reich had become established in his first career in the early 1930s. Steiner died in 1925.

Hugh Lovel’s own demonstrable results are on his experimental farm for anyone to see. Spring hasn’t started quite yet in the Southern Appalachians but all the plants there are already straining to express their full potential and the leafy greens, first to volunteer, are very tasty and succulent, even the ones you’d normally have to cook to eat. I was surprised to find myself enjoying raw kale, for instance.

He never irrigates because one of the fortuitous effects of his work is that it rains abundantly. When we first set up the 2/3 scale CB I was a little chagrinned because it already looked so healthy and vibrant there, but thankfully before we left we were seeing some unique effects, and all of us saw some DOR ‘draining’ into the tips of the pipes right away. Since the CB works more on the upper atmosphere and Hugh’s technology works more in the lower atmosphere there may a very good symbiosis in the making.

By the way, I prefer Hugh’s term, ‘disorganizing energy’ to ‘deadly orgone radiation’ and he uses the term ‘ether’ rather than ‘orgone,’ which certainly works at least as well to describe the matrix of the universe.

He was rather adamant that we find another term to use rather than ‘cloudbuster’ because the traditional cloudbusters are quite dangerous to use and normally cause bad effects along with benefits. I told him that I’m certainly not stuck on the name and that I’m willing to let the market decide what to call this device. Maybe I’d better look at my Monte Python movies again for some inspiration for a possible new name for our improved cloudbuster.

His edge in agricultural research is his discovery that the plant roots, themselves, are what enrich the soil, and his extensive proof that fertilizers are completely un-necessary as well as harmful to the soil and costly to the farmer has the full potential to completely disable and dismantle the global, chemical-based agricultural cartel. That makes him my soul brother, since I know that the humble zapper has the full potential to disable and dismantle the global, chemical-based medical/drug cartel. That’s why I use pennies for electrodes, as a political statement about the true cost of profound healing, on our zapper model.

He’s discovered a way to encourage the food-producing plants to take carbon from the air (there’s way too much of that in our atmosphere right now) and put it into the soil. The use of an uncomplicated radionics broadcasterand along with the systematic application (simple spraying) of homeopathic solutions over the farm causes the plants to become their own fertilizers.

Hugh chose a piece of severely eroded, devastated ground on which to conduct his research so that it can’t be said that any ambient life-enhancing soil properties could account for his success.

What apparently caused Hugh to investigate what we’re doing with orgonite was Dr. James DeMeo’s uncharitable assessments of our work. The latter’s open admission that he had not personally investigated our work caused a red flag to go up for Hugh, and he went to after that and liked what he saw, so he was happy for the opportunity to meet me and discuss this.

I told him that DeMeo’s claim that he hadn’t investigated our work was not entirely forthcoming because in December, 2001, he bought a cloudbuster kit from Michelle Ridgley at and I noticed a short time later, while watching the weather channel in a motel during one of our trips, that there was a heavy concentration of rain around Green Springs, Oregon (DeMeo’s home near Ashland) but nowhere else in the region, and that the storm had the characteristic orgonite-cloudbuster round shape that so many of us have come to love lately. My wife, Carol, who is telepathic and habitually and effortlessly astral travels, told me, soon after, that he had dismantled the ‘Croft cloudbuster,’ and we noticed that he didn’t change his stand.

Tim brought along his ZapChecker and we had saved a few Towerbusters and an HHg from our highway gifting exercise on the way north from Atlanta along Hwy 400.

Hugh had us set the cloudbuster next to his radionics broadcaster, which is made in a vertical, 3” diameter PVC pipe and is in a spot where two leylines cross. Tim was hearing/feeling a frequency from a direction where Hugh said there was a tower. I pointed the CB in that direction and the noise in Tim’s head stopped. I set it back upright and the noise started again ;-)

Tim, in the presence of Ben, who is Hugh’s current intern, dropped the HHG in the institute’s slightly stagnant pond so that they can watch the effects on the water during the coming days, then we went tower busting to show Hugh some instrumental proof of a busted tower.

We busted a couple of the closer towers, then saved a third one for the demonstration. We got a high reading on the meter, then I tossed a TB in the brush. We sat in the car, watching the needle start to drop, then it moved up again instead of continuing to drop. Eventually, we took the meter outside and saw that strong readings were coming from several directions.

When we arrived, Tim, who is sensitive to many of the frequencies that are broadast by these new transmitters, had got a strong signal in his head from the tower, then after I tossed the TB out, he said the field became diffuse, sort of donut-shaped instead of directional. It occurred to me that the feds were playing with us by turning off that tower but directing energy at us in a scalar fashion from several of the un-busted towers, of which there were a LOT around that little Appalachian town. The other two towers showed no strong readings even before we busted them, nor did a fourth transmitter.

It felt likely to me that they realized the potential that Hugh represents for spreading this information to a new group of people with integrity and a strong sense of commitment and personal responsibility. Remembering the rather massive, blatant response of the NSA pavement artists to my initial meeting in Los Angeles with Cbswork last May I had to consider this seriously.

The idea that the secret police would do that seemed unlikely, though, even to me, so I just shrugged and chalked it up to the fact that Hugh Lovel was going to have to find his own proof for the validity of this stuff, like all the rest of us have done.

Tim provided some vindication, though, that we were being played by the NSA. On the way out, only the towers we’d busted (four) produced no signal in the ZapChecker and all the others produced characteristically strong signals as we drove by them.

Another vindication was the appearance, as we were returning to the Institute after our local gifting expedition of the new, amorphous clouds that are characteristically present right after one has busted a series of deathforce transmitters. It has always taken a lot more towerbusting for me to get that local effect, but the already- vibrant energy field that Hugh and developed at the institute, plus the new presence of the mini-cloudbuster apparently boosted the effects of disabling only four consecutive transmitters. Of course we should factor in the presence of many natural vortices, since all mountaintops create them.

I think some are mistaking this new cloud form for chemtrail effects, and I may be a voice in the wilderness at this point, but I have to say that there were no spewplanes in the skies over North Georgia that day and every time I go out on gifting expeditions I see these clouds after I’m done, every single time. These amorphous clouds usually turn into thunderheads if I’ve busted a lot of contiguous towers in a drought area, but I don’t think there are any more droughts left in North America by now, thanks apparently to the thousand or two orgonite CBs out there, so the clouds remain in that amorphous state, appearing and disappearing without any perceptible pattern.

When we discussed, with Hugh and Ben, the obvious notion that these towers have little or nothing to do with cell phones they recognized that we were probably right, which made me feel pretty good, because I had to adjust my paradigm in relation to eating shrimp when Hugh explained that simple truth to me ;-)

Union Agricultural Institute’s website is

Hugh’s subsequent report:

Dear Readers,

A week or so ago on this list there was some discussion about the "cloudbusters" being made willy-nilly, pointed at the sky and left there. I indicated I wanted to see the design and how it was built, because if these were cloudbusters as designed by Wilhelm Reich they were almost certainly very dangerous. In fact, if such things were left in operation continuously we should have heard about the disasterous results on the news. (and we haven't)

First I got an e-mail with a web address and downloaded the plans. Clearly it was NOT a cloudbuster, though it appeared to work in a somewhat similar, though far safer, manner with the ether--the living sorganizational energies in the environment.

Then yesterday along with Tim O'Donnell, Don Croft, the guru of these new developments visited me on his way back to Idaho from Florida. It turns out he lives in Moscow, Idaho where I have my closest relatives outside of my immediate family. It was an interesting visit.

The device he left with me amounted to a two gallon plastic paint bucket with an array of pipes with crystals mounted at their bases and the bucket filled with metal shavings and polyester resin, such as you might find sold to boatmakers. This model, which he called a mini-cloudbuster, was only about 5 feet tall and would fit in the trunk of a car.

I talked with Don about calling this a cloudbuster when it was so different from the Reich type cloudbuster and really deserved a different name so people wouldn't be confused. I got the impression he really listened to me, usually a good sign of being in a healthy emotional state. I suggested we call these things chembusters, and he allowed as how he would look for some term that would evoke concensus.

Certainly he and Tim appeared to be healthy and energetic. I shared some sushi I was making--the usual nori and sticky rice with flax seeds, shredded rape greens and chinese radish slivers (from my garden) carrot slivers, dulse, marinated lightly sauteed shrimp and avocado--great stuff. It was a heavily overcast day, and as Don predicted it started clearing. It was clear all night and today is the clearest and prettyest I've seen it in several months. Seems like we've been needing this. Random happenstance?

However, something else came to light as well. Back in early April '74 I was painting the ceiling in a beauty parlour in downtown Toronto on Bloor Street. As it approached midnight I went down the street to a KFC chicken place that closed at the stroke of 12 and ordered the smallest possible box of chicken. I knew they had to keep a stock of chicken up to closing time, and if they had any left over, what could they do with it? So I told the guy I had very little money, but if he had left over chicken I'd appreciate some. He gave me about 7 or 8 pieces.

I looked behind me and there was another American who was doing the same thing, so I talked to him. He looked like he might be living on the street, so I invited him to come inside where it was warm and help me paint.

He was telling me that he used to be a janitor for Bell Laboratories, and there were two scientists there who had a theory that the human nervous system acted as an antenna. They calculated the number of miles of nerve fibre in the human body according to measurments of the cranium and spinal column, and they came out with a (very long) wavelength of between 7.8 and 8 Hertz.

After building a transmitter (in the late sixties this meant so many miles of coils the transmitter filled a space the size of a small house) they got a volunteer off the street. They put him in a room full of junk where they had placed two pennies under a couch cushion, photographed them and replaced the cushion, and they put him in the room in a chair with the instruction not to get out of the chair under any circumstances. Then they beamed him with the picture and a verbal instruction to go pick up the pennies. After 30 minutes or so of increasing agitation, he jumped up, went over, flipped up the cushion and picked up the pennies. The scientists. rushed in and asked what was he doing. "I don't know." said the volunteer, "I just HAD to do it!"

The guy telling me the story then said the scientists dismantled their transmitter and wrote up their experiment as a failure.

"Why'd they do that?" I asked.

"Because they realized they had found the basis for mind control." said my informant. "I guess they didn't want the government getting ahold of it."

Over the years since then, however, I have thought about this discovery and about the government getting ahold of it. And I've thought how common it is for a discovery to be made in two or more places with near simultaneity. So I've watched for signs that the government is doing just the kind of thing these two scientists feared.

Do you remember how John Lennon's assassin allowed he didn't have anything against Lennon. He only did it because he had a voice in his head that told him to do it and wouldn't go away until he did? And do you remember the Hinkley boy that made that crazy shoot out attempt at Ronald Reagan early in his presidency? I always thought that was a warning to Ronnie, and that he heeded it, but I suppose such thinking could be called speculation.

These are pretty tenuous evidences, but they are enough to make one think. They were peculiar incidents that I thought were more easily explained by technological mind control than by anything else I could think of.

One thing I think is not speculation. The government is not our friend.

It is the nature of governments that they seek to control their citizens. Not only that, but it has been my observation that in our times in America the emotional tone that overwhelmingly predominates within our government and elsewhere that I have been is Covert Hostility. So there is always the pretense of "We're here to help you." while the reality is otherwise.

There is a spectrum of emotional tone from apathy and grief all the way up to enthusiasm and serenity, ranging from complete disempowerment down at apathy, all the way to infinite empowerment at serenity. Those in covert hostility are just empowered enough to want to blindside others and disempower them. They are not the kind of folks that want to see you accomplish great things. Usually they will find reasons to handicap you all they can as long as you don't have any hold over them. In their lexicon control means limit.

Again it is the nature of governments that whenever a thing can be abused it ends up being. These things get rationalized in a wide variety of ways. Things are set up supposedly for public benefit, to help people in spite of themselves. And it goes from there. So I've been watching now for nearly three decades for signs of government sponsored mind control. You know, to stop riots, panics, insurgencies? It is the government's joib to do these things and to use whatever means are necessary.

Don pointed out that the proliferation of cell phone towers was greater than it seemed could be explained by cell phone service. I thought about it and something like 5 or 6 new cell towers have gone up in my county and I can't say cell phone service has improved much, if any. I've also driven down an awfully lot of highway and I've seen many cases when I would be in sight of, even right next to what apparently are cell phone towers and not gotten any cell phone reception, despite the fact I have free roaming. In a couple cases I've parked nearby and tried and tried.

Don seemed to think that many of these towers haven't anything to do with cell phones, but are simply mind control towers. But, according to him, ALL the cell phone towers are fitted out with mind control technology as well.

That's a comforting thought. I suppose there won't be any riots in MY county. If it looks like insurgency they can just broadcast for everyone to report to the courthouse to be fitted with a collar. There will be some isolated folks in secluded valleys, but as soon as they come out on the highway they will be caught up in the broadcasts.

On the other hand this sort of thing could be dangerous, and is a far cry from the self- empowering ideals that the USA was founded on and that made it such a hotbed of capability. Sure the government must keep the populace under control and safe. Trouble is the most under control and the safest is

Don seemed to think he might have the answer to this. He makes a plug about the size of a hocky puck but thicker with his resin/metal organite around a crystal and a bit of hematite and calls it a "terminator." He claims if he chunks this within a quarter mile or so of one of these mind control towers that it feeds back into the tower and shuts it down. He had a meter that measured electromagnetic pulses and we went out to visit towers. Sure enough they pulse pretty strongly. However, though we terminated a few towers I couldn't seem to get conclusive evidence with the meter that we had shut them down. The first one may have been shut off as soon as any evidence appeared on the instruments where ever these things are monitored. Don seemed sure the towers were monitored and that seems plausible enough.

The next one gave off a good signal, but after we chunked the terminator out the signal faded from the tower and yet we started to pick up strong pulses from several different directions. Some kind of a back-up system we didn't know about? The third tower never gave off much of any signal from the start. Did they shut it down ahead of us? I want to see more evidence along these lines.

In any event it seems clear that if these towers are mind control towers or double as mind control towers, they are not ready to send out the signal for all persons to report for collars or implants yet. Were Don and Tim suffering from hyperactive imaginations? They seemed to have a variety of stories to tell about their encounters with "maintenance" personell, whom they believed were actually government agents--the kind of thing one might expect as shared paranoid fantasies. though these two seemed otherwise healthy and emotionally quite upbeat.

It would be easy to dismiss this as paranoia, and it is inviting to do so from the viewpoint one wouldn't have to think any further about it. Nonetheless this could be more than mere paranoia, and I invite people to THINK for themselves. I also caution the naive that just because they don't know anyone who would set up a mind control system and use it to round up dissidents for execution along with controling the population does NOT mean such people do not exist. It does not take many giving the orders. A few will do, and a few such folks among us is NOT so hard to imagine.

I will say this about the chembuster that Don and Tim brought me. Not only was today the clearest in recent memory although the forecast was partly cloudy, but at 6 p.m. I happened to notice 7 jets overhead spewing out contrails in various directions. None of the contrails survived more than a few minutes after their emission. Was this thing working? Perhaps so. The phenomena were what I was told to expect and that is what occurred though it was very definitely not in the forecast.

Normally when a clearing of the ether occurs like this rain is only a few days away. Rain is forecast here in two more days. We'll see.


PS: I find talking to another friend out near St. Louis that he makes a pocket sized circuit instrument that he says will neutralize the mind control broadcast system for individuals. Do these guys sound like they are around the bend or on top of it? From what I know of them in other espects I tend to think they are the latter.


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