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Episode 60

Our Meeeting with Karl Hans Welz

By Don Croft <>
April 3, 2003

It so happened that the man who introduced orgonite to the market lives near Atlanta and he invited Tim O’Donnell and I over to get acquainted. It was pretty late on Saturday night by the time we got there because I’d taken some wrong turns, having still failed to get used to Atlanta’s unique street and highway layout after disabling all the new military transmitters in the city during the previous month. Karl came into a scientific approach to radionics and remote energy work from a background of Runic Magic. He wasn’t forthcoming about how he started working with orgonite but that didn’t surprise me, since most European pioneers play their cards pretty close to the chest and I didn’t mention it beyond a casual inquiry. I did let him know that we’re all deeply indebted to him for introducing this discovery, though.

I’d known from my first visit to his web site in 1998 that he’d found a way to generate orgone, which is the next logical step beyond accumulating it. Karl would say that orgonite is an accumulator, and that’s technically correct, but in effect, according to the research that Carol and I have done with it one can say that it also generates orgone, since it converts ambient deadly orgone, or ‘disorganizing energy,’ as Hugh Lovel calls it, into healthy orgone. One might argue that something can’t be gotten from nothing, unless one acknowledges the Taoist notion that nothing is really something ;-) since the universe is arguably a sea of potential from which energy and matter manifest, it may just be another way of saying the universe is a sea of ether/orgone/ch’i/lifeforce, etc.

Whenever someone asks me to explain how orgonite work I have to laugh a little bit, since answering that is like explaining the Tao. It just works and no amount of intellectual calisthenics will bring an understanding of the fundamentals, which need to be felt to be understood.

I’d say that Karl Welz pushes the envelope more than anyone else in terms of defining what one might do to influence one’s own life and environment through the intelligent application of the combination of orgonite and simple electronics. His attitude is that a principle must be reduced to its simplest conceivable form before it can be considered useful. The domain of magic was exclusive until the old paradigm began fading into obscurity. Now it’s available to anyone who has the inclination to explore its uses.

In his own words: Sometimes, in the course of your work, you will be introduced to words and techniques that may or may not cause subconscious fears and doubts. One of these words is “magick”. Actually, what most people call “magick” is nothing but action at a distance that you can achieve with the help of structural links and life force, i.e., it is functionally identical with radionics. You will learn more about structural links later! It is a well-known fact that the same people who used such methods extensively towards their own selfish ends originally implanted these fears and doubts. Ignorance was always the safest method to dominate large parts of the population! So we decided to use the word “magick” and other similar words whenever they are the best choice to accurately describe what’s happening when you work to achieve positive permanent solutions.

We had a peek at his top of the line device, the ATGS 3000, which can be adjusted to apply twelve different frequencies through the twelve arcs that correspond to the zodiac, all arranged around and through a ring of orgonite, the witness material being placed in the center section.

Coincidentally (!) I just got an email message from a fellow who is interested in applying the Jyotish configuration of the birthday of the Hindu prophet, Ram, to Karl’s device in an effort to make some things happen regarding the destruction of tyranny in the world. The fellow was a little scared to try it, but I encouraged him because I feel sure that nothing bad can happen through the application of an orgonite-based device, including Karl’s AGTS 3000.

As anyone knows, some things can be confirmed by scientific research; some things simply can’t be. Karl focuses on proving his devices using blind studies and repetition and if anyone’s interested in learning magic, I recommend his courses simply because I have deep respect for his methods, integrity and genius.

Karl and Tim are night owls but I’m in the habit of going to bed by ten and it was that late when we arrived. Fortunately, Karl made us some very fine Viennese coffee and we had a great time until well past midnight. The sad part for me is that I missed meeting his lovely wife. Carol and I will return in the fall to see what we can all do to promote our common interests and I plan to show up at an earlier hour then.

We were treated to a sort of tour of the etiology of his work, which centers on ways to cause energy to manifest in remote locations. I’ve promised not to directly divulge the proprietary things he demonstrated but I can tell you that this man has far exceeded our efforts in investigating and harnessing orgonite’s potential and he’s been known to give his time and expertise freely to those in need of his unique help who can’t afford his rates.

I must say that if anyone is interested in pursuing this study beyond our own very general accomplishments the next logical step would be to subscribe to Karl’s courses and purchase his devices from

One item that many of our fellow cloudbusters may find useful is a very small digital frequency generator. I know that applying different frequencies to orgonite and or crystal devices can have quite a strong, specific effect if it’s intelligently done.

We’ll be getting one of his wheels and working on some pet projects that we started in February, namely the destruction by orgonite-boosted radionics of the Federal Reserve Corporation, which is a thoughtforum created by parasitic/predatory ritual magic and is certainly not a lawful entity.

Don Croft

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