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Episode 61

What’s The Opposite of ‘Atlanta’s Burning?’

By Don Croft <>
April 3, 2003

Whatever that is, I think we achieved it in March because the city itself is entirely smog free, the skies over Atlanta are pristine and the places in the city that felt like hell when we arrived now feel pleasant and envigorating.If you’re not familiar with my writing style, you should know that I’m only reporting my observations and considered opinions. If you disagree or think I’m making this up, I invite you to experiment with these little devices where you live. It’s cheap enough, I’m not selling anything and you may learn something valuable in the process.

The suburbs all around the ‘Perimeter’ of Interstate Highway 285, some of which are upscale and prosperous, are still smoggy and the skies carry remnants of chemtrails and HAARP molestations, except for the vicinity of Stone Mountain, where Linda Izenson has placed her cloudbuster on Sunday, March 30. We had disabled a nuclear power plant under Stone Mountain a couple of weeks before that, and that essentially disabled most of the military and HAARP transmitters around there, instantly. The ‘mountain’ which is a huge granite boulder in a surrounding plain, similar to Ayers Rock in Australia, is the region’s major energy vortex about ten miles east of the city

In the eight or nine months that Tim O’Donnell had been active in the cloudbuster network he had put small orgonite devices around parts of the city and Carol and I were pleasantly surprised to find that the ambience when we arrived wasn’t nearly as oppressive as it was on our previous visit, two years before. It was terrific having Tim as our guide and his help disabling all the HAARP transmitters early on, as well as showing us the way to the principle deathforce generating sites, such as prisons, underground facilities and war cemeteries was timely and valuable. One of our first visits was to the Center for Disease Control, which has got to be one of the most blatantly satanic of the fake government’s institutions used to wage war on the populace. The very largest HAARP transmitters were located right around that facility, which didn’t surprise us. A half hour after Carol and I deposited a holy handgrenade at that HAARP array we saw three men riding a steel cage up one of the guy wires to the top platform, which is over a thousand feet off the ground ;-) I got to watch them through the binoculars, scratching their heads, walking around, then piling back into the cage for the long ride down.

The sky was completely healed after that day; no more HAARP scum, no more chemtrail remnants at all.

I’m calling all the HAARP and deathforce transmitters ‘military’ now because they’re obviously made to withstand an artillery assault, unlike any of the infrastructure we’d been accustomed to before the new towers’ rapid deployment a year or so ago.

I think most rational people know by now that ‘cellphone’ transmitters and repeaters can be put on a phone pole or rooftop much more easily and cheaply than on those massive, costly towers, and they can be powered by the commercial grid without draining it, unlike the new transmitters, with their bundles of high current coaxial cables running up from God-knows-where.

It seems obvious to me that the fake US government had planned to have us firmly under martial law by the time the network of military transmitters was completed early last fall. Right now, those towers are stark reminders of their murderous intent and all I’m waiting for is for more people to start asking themselves and each other why in hell these pricey, secret-technology monstrosities were so quickly put up all over the world in the space of a single year.

Steven White put up the region’s first cloudbuster almost two years ago in Cumming, which is about thirty miles north of Atlanta, but due to the proliferation of HAARP and other military transmitters between there and the city, the good effects can’t easily be seen in the metropolitan area.

On our trip west from Florida two years ago with the first orgonite cloudbuster we were awestruck at the sight of dense smog over whole regions of the country and the omnipresent chemtrails, which we had seen few of on our trip to Florida eight months before that. By last May there were enough cloudbusters in the US to have disabled all of the chemtrails except over many of the metropolitan areas, where the combined concentrations of HAARP and other military transmitters produced and maintained an overpowering level of deadly orgone radiation (DOR).

In a few cities, like Boston and Seattle, the ambient energy level is high enough that one or two cloudbusters accomplishes what took 30 gallons of orgonite was required to do in Atlanta, though those two cities are about the same size as the latter. My daughter, Bevin, who has a CB in Boston, had never noticed chemtrails until she went to Cape Cod last week and was shocked to see what I’d been telling her about. Before she got her cloudbuster she’d never noticed the sky much and that one disabled all the chemtrails over the western part of Boston, at least, since the day it was set up on her back porch in Waltham, in November, 2001.

Very simply, to get rid of all the smog and sky molestations, all that’s needed is to disable the towers. We fist did all the HAARP transmitter arrays throughout the city, then I spent a week systematically disabling all the smaller military transmitters, of which there are around five hundred in Atlanta.

Anyone can do this. We used about thirty gallons of orgonite for that city of two million people to make the towerbusters and holy handgrenades. I didn’t count, but it seems we made about a thousand 4-ounce towerbusters and a hundred 12-ounce holy handgrenades. In my towerbusting ventures, I’ve estimated that the distribution of the new towers is about one for every two thousand people in most areas. I was told by an alleged cellphone company technician who was working at one of the tower sites that I was busting that the cellphone companies only use 2 cents of each dollar they take in for infrastructure, including transmitter construction and maintenance. If you consider that these towers have prolifetated in places like Tibet and Namibia it would be a long stretch of anyone’s imagination to assert that cell traffic is paying for these things.

We ‘did’ an entire large city as an example but of course Atlanta is a key regional center in the agenda of tyranny and genocide, much as Los Angeles is, so we felt a little anxious about neutralizing that agenda there as soon as possible. I can’t speak for anyone else’s motives, but mine are to prevent martial law because I don’t want to experience enslavement and murder, nor do I want my children to. Beyond that, I love humanity and wish the best for everyone.

I hear from people now and then who don’t want to oppose this fake government but feel that they are doing their part to heal the world, regardless. I have to ask them whether there will be anyone in the world to appreciate their efforts, including themselves, if they don’t do what they can to stop this predatory world regime right now.

Now and then I hear about someone who has been working quietly and effectively behind the scenes to stop this loathsome martial law process. For instance, I’m told there is a fellow who created a device, which, when turned on, makes nuclear reactions impossible within it’s field and that he’s taken them to each city where there is rumored to be a nuclear attack planned by the American secret police agencies on the populace, for which any number of foreign groups could be blamed to frighten everyone into accepting martial law and the enforcement of all the treasonous new fake laws, like Homeland Security. I assume he’s either psychic or consults reputable, highly skilled and disciplined psychics to find these agendae, as our network does.

We prefer to do our work publicly and internationally, involving as many co-workers as feasible so that everyone can see how easily this can be accomplished by ordinary folks like ourselves. I think that’s more empowering than working in secret and it generates forward momentum for the whole race by the force of example.

The Warsaw Ghetto uprising occupied a large part of the German army for three months during the middle of World War II. The combatants in the ghetto were a few lightly armed, starving men and women in an enclosed area. It seems to me that the world order had this event in mind when they devised a plan to disable the populace on a moment’s notice with these powerful new scalar transmitters. By using these, they would be able to use just a small number of soldiers to control a large number of temporarily disabled people until humanity could be culled to it’s desired level of five hundred million.

A few of us have already ‘liberated’ enough of the armed US populace from the danger that these towers represent that all the armies in the world would not be enough to suppress an uprising, much less zipcuff, haul off, and decapitate the individuals like you and I who are on the unlawful secret police agencies’ endless lists of ‘enemies of the state’ right now. We aim to see to it that they’re the ones who eventually go to prison, not us.

According to the Georgia ‘Guide Stones,’ on which are engraved the world order’s wish list of 1979, this population reduction was to have been achieved by 2003, so we can assume they’re already many years behind schedule, hence the military towers as a last ditch effort to play catch up. My hunch is that the towers were a long shot at best. I guess that since they’ve got unlimited material resources but limited human resources they had to make a serious adjustment and they really did stick their neck out too far this time. They did better with the incremental steps to tyranny because, like any parasite, they have had to operate in a way that wouldn’t draw attention to themselves or else their position is compromised. They invested endless resources into brainwashing and mind control programs designed to convince us all that we were helpless, hopeless and powerless to change the course of human history, not unlike the way that common parasites excrete ammonia into the brain to alter our perceptions and make us depressed and listless.

I subscribe to the belief that we are in an accelerating, upward cycle of human consciousness. I don’t subscribe to any of the protocols created through the United Nation’s Lucis Trust (formerly named Lucifer Trust) regarding this cycle because I think that the folks who own that agency are the problem, not a source for solutions or answers. I don’t pretend to be privy to the actual timing described by the Mayan calendars, but I’m quite sure that what we do this year will be crucial to the future of humanity and if we can at least reduce the destruction and mayhem that the world order wishes to commit in
these, its final days, then we’ve done something unique and may have set the tone for a phenomenally productive human spiritual/social/scientific cycle, which has already begun. Most truly great things begin as un-noticed, even obscure movements in consciousness.

The conundrum, perhaps, of personal empowerment like we’re experiencing in this little network is that the one empowered has less net potential to exploit others when he/she gets involved with using the orgonite and related devices to heal ourselves, humanity and the environment. I think that has something to do with universal law. In a lawless world like ours is right now we are helping to bring balance and fruition to a cycle of history that could still go the other direction if we don’t pay attention and follow our instincts right now.

The stark reminders of where we perhaps should all have ended up by now are standing in full view from any point in the populated areas and even on most of the mountaintops near population centers: the new, secret-tech military transmitters for which no viable explanation or even excuse has been given through the prostituted media or even over the internet.

Many of us in the informal, emerging global cloudbuster network feel certain that if we hadn’t made our devices in a timely way we may well have entered a global, artificially-induced famine by now. Most of us felt sort of reborn the first time we saw that characteristic blue hole in the chemtrail/HAARP muck over our heads the day we erected our first cloudbusters. We felt even more committed and encouraged after our first gentle rains and many of us hadn’t seen rain in several years due to the global predations of the countless HAARP arrays. I think that by now many realize that these molestations occurred locally, not from some allegedly powerful, near-legendary arrays in Latvia, Australia or Alaska.

Anyone who travels a bit will notice these characteristic multiple tower arrays every thirty or forty miles along the major highways throughout North America, closer together in populated areas. Knock these out for thirty or forty miles around where you are and you’ll get the same results we got from our initial busting effort in Atlanta last month, I guarantee.

One 12-ounce holy handgrenade will disable most HAARP arrays, including the enormous four-tower LORAN transmitters that are allegedly for navigation. For the very extensive HAARP arrays, such as the one on the coast north of San Francisco, use your discretion but two or three HHgs might be needed in those rare cases.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably gotten past the debate about whether these transmitters are for our benefit or not and I’m betting that you’re ready, willing and able to fix this problem, perhaps even glad to hear that such a simple, relatively risk-free option is available now to make martial law unenforceable.

An interesting characterisitic of disabling the new transmitters is that the net effect is actually better than if the towers had never been erected in the first place. It may be too early to tell, but some of us suspect that the towers are generating, though the little orgonite devices, greater fields of life-force/ch’i/prana/orgone/aether than would be there if the towers had not been built. Of course, those words are all used to describe the same energy. I favor ‘orgone’ because I want to credit Dr. Wilhelm Reich for his contributions to science and humanity.

One graphic example of the synergy of deathforce transmitters and the orgone-generating three-ounce towerbusters, for me, is the effect I saw on the people in a large housing project south of downtown Atlanta. There were several large transmitters around this complex and when I visited there to disable them the people I saw outside looked angry and suspicious. A week later I went there and saw that there were more people outside and that most of them seemed happier and more outgoing. Actually, I’d forgotten that I’d been there to bust the towers and only after I saw how happy the people looked I recognized the place as one I’d already visited with some towerbusters.

Anyone who’s visited inner city housing projects can appreciate that transformation, I think. Most of us had already experienced the transformative quality of orgonite devices within the home and workplace but Carol and I wanted to see if we could extend these benefits to a large urban area. I credit these transformations with mankind’s innate striving to find happiness. Years ago, I quit buying into the Big Lie that humanity is inherently miserable. There may be a few people who are that way, but they’re the exception, as far as I can tell, and I consider avoidance of these folks a precious benefit.

Our approach from the beginning has been rather simple and perhaps even mundane. How could it be otherwise if this is to gain acceptance in popular culture as it certainly should?

We’ve simplified the parameters and looked for the least expensive, least skill-intensive methods for making the basic devices, which we still use, personally. For those who want to examine more arcane, powerful effects and applications of orgonite, we recommend studying the work and purchasing the devices developed by Karl Welz, who introduced orgonite to the market via and has pioneered some unique and challenging devices and techniques that combine the disciplines of science and magic.

There are several, including Mark Hooten, Kristina Schepps and ‘Cbswork’ among our network who have been able to improve the performance of our basic orgonite devices and even discover new synergies using orgonite and specific minerals, crystals and electronic components. If you want to investigate and participate in the ongoing research and development of these things, keep track of and the related forums.

Don Croft

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