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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft

Episode 63

Planned CIA Reception at Mt. Shasta, Part 2

By Don Croft <>
May 3, 2003

Day Two (Saturday 5/3/03)

After compiling our notes about the previous evening we went off to get our well-earned meal at Black Bear Diner in the town of Mt. Shasta. I first asked Carol if St. Germain's CIA hit team was still out of commission and she assured me that they were, since the psychic pitbull who passed St. Germain's orders along to them was still incapacitated.

We parked behind the diner and got our lovely breakfast. Before the food arrived, Carol was busy checking all the people in the busy diner and everyone who walked through the door and worked in the kitchen. She got some awfully strong thoughts from the women at the next table. They were visiting the town and one of them had met the waiter (who seated us) at a bar the night before and cheated on her husband after that with the fellow. I had wondered why they had such a long, sensuous hug as she left. I didn't leave him big tip after Carol told me that. She wasn't being nosey-she only picked that up because she had to be very open, telepathically, to pick up the scent of the CIA.

She said one of the waitresses was part of St. Germain's local new age Borg and that she'd recognize us from our mugshots as we were leaving. Sure enough, she got that 'look' of enraged recognition that I saw on a Borg couple a little later in the day as we were telling her 'Bye!'

On the written notes we received last week that suggested the best possible places to put Lemurian HHgs in order to deflate the Great White Brotherhood's efforts around Mt. Shasta was a fairly cryptic note saying to gift the spring near the Castella Exit of I-5 south of Dunsmuir, which is the town that's just south of the town of Mt. Shasta

The notes indicated that the Lemurians might show us a path into their city from that spring [the regular, maintained path ends at the spring itself.]

After careful exploration and map dowsing, we determined that the spring was nowhere near the highway and that we'd probably have to hike a couple of steep miles to Indian Spring at the base of Castle Crags, which are the vertical basalt peaks at the top of a fairly tall mountain.

We trusted that assessment, though Carol wasn't able to sense any major energy in that direction and we weren't in very good physical condition for a long, steep hike.

The confirmation came within a quarter mile or so in the form of a sudden wave of nauseating, debilitating energy that stopped Carol in her tracks. She said she hadn't felt this weird since we put that cloudbuster up into the vortex on the western side of Brandburg, a huge, isolated mountain which is the main vortex center of the Namib Desert in Africa. That time, the angry reptilians under the vortex were spinning so much dead orgone at us that we were barely able to stand, let alone climb up the steep rocky slope carrying a cloudbuster.

I'd brought along the smaller pistol because of the potential problem we'd had at Burney Falls and after we'd climbed another half hour or so--sure enough--a couple had moved quickly along behind us on the path and stopped whenever we stopped, just like ordinary pavement artists do.

I could already sense that the psychic female was checking us out with all her might and Carol heard her 'Shh' the male companion when they were talking about us, so I spun some energy at her from the Shiva. Carol said this only put up a barrier so that she couldn't read our thoughts, since there was nothing malevolent about the woman.

I just figured that she's like most of the rest of the local new age Borg: a well-intentioned person who just hasn't yet seen any reason to question her affiliation. We stepped off the path and let them pass. Even I could see by their countenances that they were part of the new age community centered in the town of Mt. Shasta around the personality of St. Germain. The guy wasn't a sensitive, but he sure wanted to know what we were about. It was fun to watch his face and body language as we discussed the hike. The woman kept looking at the lower left front part of my closed vest, where the pistol was in its holster, and she grimaced, slightly, every time she did so. Carol said they were specifically sent by the I AM hierarchy to keep very close tabs on us.

I didn't feel that they were a threat, but on the other hand, I didn't want them to know where we were going. I talked to them about the Castle Dome trail, which forks to the right near to the base of the crags, though we would be taking a left turn which leads to Indian Springs.

I may come across as a blabbermouth and tell-all in my writing, but in fact, when the chips are down, I play my cards Very Close to my chest ;-) in a style worthy of W. C. Fields.

Sure enough, though they stayed just out of sight ahead of us, they did take the turn to the right. I sure as hell didn't want these folks to know where we were going because she was an awfully sharp psychic.

After that couple passed us, Carol was getting more and more debilitated by the backward spinning vortex and was also getting a bit of remote interference from the black robed crowd, who apparently wanted to keep that energy spinning the wrong way. I juiced them with the Shiva from time to time, but it wasn't having much effect. She felt some relief when the trail went through the small ravines because the energy was moving over the surface. When she sat down on a log at one point, I sensed the presence of some Lemurians and she told me there were three of them there, giving her some encouragement and taking most of the pain from her legs. She mentioned that the Indian Spring vortex is only one of the openings to their hyperdimensional city and that they very much appreciate what we were doing. I didn't give much thought about whether they'd show up and give us a nice experience at the Spring because doing this stuff is reward enough for me, as it probably is for you, too.

We were able to move a little faster after that and when it seemed like we were getting close to the fork in the trail, I asked Carol if the Borgcouple had gone past it. She said they were waiting along the right hand trail to see what we would do, so I roared as loudly as I could several times in their direction and sent the woman a forceful image of myself, enraged and looking for them with a gun in my hand ;-)

Carol said they scooted farther up the trail then and hid, their imaginations keeping them from wanting to dwell on our personal business for the time being.

Shortly after that, we came to the fork and went toward the spring along a (thankfully) fairly level and extremely scenic path. We met a middle aged couple coming from the spring, but didn't chat beyond saying 'Hi.' I could tell they were part of the Borg, too. Carol said they weren't particularly looking for us, but that they recognized us from some mugshots that the members had gotten shortly before our arrival in the area and I saw their looks change from friendly to suspicious as we passed them.

The chance of meeting Borg people on the paths to any of the sacred sites in the region is about the same as meeting devout Southern Baptists on a walk through any Wheeling, West Virginia, city park..

We did our business at the spring, overgifting because of the interference we experienced getting there, and another couple showed up. These weren't Borg, which was nice for a change. They warned us that a couple of people (you guessed it: the first Borg couple) whom they'd just passed on the way back from Castle Crag told them they'd spotted a bear near the fork in the trail. Carol told me that the bear had shown up to discourage the first Borg couple from going to the spring at all.

We found bear s**t on the trail a little later. Carol recognized it from her own outdoor experiences on Mt. Spokane, where she grew up. I'd never seen black s**t before.

Path Beyond the Spring
She told me, the next day, that a path appeared beyond the spring, but that she didn't want the hiking couple to see us on it, so she didn't mention it to me at the time and she temporarily forgot it after that.

On the way back down the mountain Carol told me to tell her when I perceived that the energy flow of the spring-centered vortex began moving the right way and I was pleased to find that I was able to sense that change right after it happened. She told me that sometimes when a raped vortex gets healed, the direction change is so sudden that it knocks her on her butt because she had adjusted her bearing to compensate for the energy moving the other way. That happened on our first visit to Bohemian Grove, two years ago. After Greg put the HHg in the tree in a primary vortex then, thousands of dragonflies suddenly appeared around us and Carol fell right over ;-)

The first Borg couple passed us again halfway down the trail. They didn't even say hello this time and by the time we got to the parking lot they were gone. The second Borg couple were still there, though, and they wouldn't return our friendly greeting or smile at us. They steadily glared at us as we were leaving.

Right after we spun the Shiva energy at the psychic on the trail, it occurred to me that it might be prudent to spin it at whoever was getting her to watch us, so Carol saw a circle of psychics around St. Germain who were using the woman on the path to watch us. The harder I spun the energy at him, the bigger he got, according to Carol, so I soon quit doing that. She said he was still being pestered by my doppelgange,r but that it no longer completely kept him from doing his work.

I sure didn't relish the thought of going into Pluto's Cave while this guy had access to most of his human resources. As I may have mentioned, the mostly-well-intentioned (though heavily programmed) local Borg centered around this jerk was all he had to work with, since the CIA had washed their hands of us during our excursion to Shasta.

The little CIA team that was assigned to St. Germain was out of action, though we did see one of its members waiting for us to get off at the highway exit after we finished our breakfast a couple of blocks up the street that morning. We were driving back onto the highway to go to Castle Crags when we waved to him ;-)

Carol told me that some of the local psychics in the Borg are already questioning their affiliation because they're completely unable to stop us, see what we're doing, or even slow us down. They know that if we were up to no good, it would be fairly easy for them to stop us and I'm sure they're studiously unaware of the lower level thuggery that exists in their organization for those times when the nicer Borg members are unable to deal with situations like this. Once a psychic gets a good look at the full team roster, there's no going back to the rosey way things were perceived before, no matter how schizoid she/he may be.

We drove immediately to McCloud Falls, not far from the town of McCloud (the third town that's on the base of Mt. Shasta-this one's on the south part) which was the nearest point on the dwindling list of gifting targets, and peppered the upper and middle falls area with TBs and a Lemurian HHg went into the pool of the upper falls, which are the main energy centers.

We're told that the pirated energy of these falls empowered the satanic activities in Sacramento (California's Capital) and Redding, so we wanted to get it done well. We didn't encounter anyone there, as Carol said the Borg was getting discouraged and throwing up its hands by then, having lost two of its most cherished locations and a couple of lesser ones. Since most of these folks operate mainly out of their heads, I'm not holding out much hope that the wonderful healing energy that now comes out of the vortices that we gifted will be seen as remarkable by very many of them. Most humans are not predators or parasites, but when our delusional personal belief paradigms are challenged, we humans can be quite aggressive and even destructive.

You may have noticed that while new age devotees are militant pacifists they fairly cheer when any element of society which represents a challenge to their programming gets brutalized by the regime, as the events around the media setup and the subsequent mass murder of that community in Waco demonstrated. Heavy mental programming is always characterized by schizophrenic belief paradigms and complacent arrogance.

We drove up to pristine Castle Lake, which is on the other side of Castle Crags from the spring, reachable from the town of Mt. Shasta, and I buried a Lemurian HHg in the snow on the ice of the lake. I tossed a couple of TBs out nearby after that and right after I turned toward the car to leave a black SUV showed up and three thuggish-looking fellows, one with a shaved head, gave us that predator look as they scrambled out of the vehicle and ran toward the frozen lake. Carol said they wanted to find the HHg, but of course, I'd taken precautions to get it to a spot that wasn't obvious and these crack addicts probably couldn't find birds**t if it dropped on their pointy little heads.

We left several more TBs along a stretch of the 8-mile long highway where Carol felt some strong, sick energy and as she was about to toss the last one out, the black SUV went barreling past us on the way back to town. Carol said they were frustrated and angry and that the bald guy was a black robe ceremonial participant in the seamier side of the Mt. Shasta Borg. I bet he was recruited from a prison somewhere. He looks like any of the armed robbery and murder aficionados I'd encountered when I was a psychiatric aide in a facility for the criminally insane for a brief period in 1972.

We couldn't make it to Heart Lake, another reputed entry point to the Lemurian city that has been pirated by the Great White Brotherhood, because the trail was covered with snow. If it weren't a steep trail, we might have attempted it. It's on the other side of Castle Crags from Indian Springs. We trudged through a few miles of deep snow a year ago on Moscow Mountain in order to neutralize the nasty array there which was hammering us but we were on a roadway, not a steep mountain trail. When we drove back into town even I could tell that the Borg there was losing heart already and was no longer intensely interested in stopping or even tracking us.

We went 8 miles up Everritt Highway onto the mountain to leave a Lemurian HHg at the vista point that was listed as one of the target sites and has a terrific view of Castle Crags, across a big valley, then went back to Weed, where we spent another night. Right now we're still in the motel and I'm writing this while it's still fresh in my memory.

Last night, we put the icosahedron/crystal device (Carol got the plans for this from the same little alien dwarfs who gave us the Big Secret plans-I need to publish the plans so you can make your own or sell them, but I have to wait for Carol's okay) on top of the Shiva and Carol set the apparatus onto St,. Germain. She said his belly swelled up immediately and by the time we were done watching a movie, she said he looked like an inflated balloon ;-) This is the technique she used to waste the reptilian queen in Los Angeles earlier this year.

Maybe now we can safely go to Pluto's Caves. When Carol wakes up we'll make our gameplan.

By the way, we recently rented a good movie which illustrates our approach to business. It's called MY FIRST TWENTY MILLION and the title is very misleading because it's about some young entrepreneurs who disable a treacherous Bill Gates character (played by Tim Robbins) by giving away the programming and plans for setting up a $99 holographic computer based entirely on the internet. They were then in line to get rich from consulting fees. That film graphically backs up my assertion that the only thing in this world that has true value right now is information and that intelligently but generously sharing the information is the real fountain of prosperity right now, not hoarding and exploiting it.

Don Croft

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