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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft

Episode 64

Yellowstone/Grand Teton

By Don Croft <>
June 16, 2003

Carol and I had planned to go to Yellowstone on Saturday, June 14, but when Carol saw on the calendar that the full moon was going to occur at 3AM on that day we decided to get there the day before in time to have taken back (on behalf of humanity) the compromised vortices in that National Park before the local satanists would have the opportunity to do their ritual killing there that night.

Melody (D-mello on the forums at offered to come along and suggested that we configure a solar-powered SP to attach to one of her pine-resin orgonite Harmonizers which had the terminals of an internal coil sticking out of it, so I made the device in time for our departure, Thursday afternoon.

We picked Melody up on our way to the Bitteroot Mountains, a north/south range that lies between us and Montana. Most of Yellowstone National Park is just south of Montana in the northwest corner of Wyoming.

Unusual Clouds
Soon after we started east from St. Maries, Idaho and along the St. Joe River into the high, forested Bitteroots we noticed a couple of anomalous clouds to the northeast. We put the top down on the convertible so we could all watch the sky and scenery and those clouds, which resembled the spiral clouds that are sometimes seen over major vortices, stayed ahead of us for hundreds of miles, all the way to Missoula, where they merged with a huge cloud of similar appearance. Other clouds came and went along the way and a couple of times a chemtrail jet flew into the edges of the larger of the two clouds, apparently in an effort to disrupt it. Of course, chemtrails over Northern Idaho never stick very long because we did our homework here. Can you say that about where you live?

Juicing the Spew Boys
That inspired a serendipitous new game: I asked Carol to connect with the pilot telepathically after I juiced him and she said 'He's not in the cockpit right now-he's on the toilet.' According to what she was seeing I'd scared the cr*p out of the guy. I didn't give it a lot of though until yesterday, on our way home, after I did it to two other spewpilots and Carol saw the same result. I'm thinking that we may have initiated a new terror campaign against the terrorists, perhaps even a guerrilla sabotage campaign, if you consider that astronomically higher dry cleaning bills is sabotage. Try it yourself! I'm going to Powerwand ( 1, 2, 3 ) the cra* out of every single spew pilot I see from now on. They're poisoning our atmosphere, which makes them predators, even if they do, in fact, love their mothers.

I tried to get online in Missoula to update the thread I'd started about a possible current nuclear threat to the people in the Los Angeles Basin, but I was unable to get online, so I chalked it up to Someone protecting us from peekers. Logging onto the net with my wireless connection makes it possible for the secret police to find me, after all, and from what Carol could see, the Homeland Security Abomination agents and even their predatory psychics were unaware that we were even on the road by now. That protection protocol tied in with those strange clouds, we discovered later.

Andromedan Sentries
That night we camped about an hour south of Missoula along Interstate Highway 90 at a state park. As we were all bunked under the stars I saw an ephemeral figure off to our left and commented to Carol about it, asking if it was a good or bad guy. She said it was one of those little white Andromedan guys and that there were several others around us, watching out for us. She told us that they also put those clouds in front of us to let us know that they were overseeing this Yellowstone/Grand Teton healing project.

I've often seen their little ships and Carol sees the occupants in 3D, as have some other players in this network. These are the folks who gave Carol the instructions for building the Big Secret, the Cube and they just gave her instructions for another device, which we'll make. It occurred to me that they might have been the ones who gave Karl Welz (and us, by extention) orgonite, as this was quite new to the Lemurians, reptilians, dolphins, Sasquatch and other native earth races when we shared it to them in recent years. Carol quickly confirmed that this is the case. Since the Draconians may be here now in order to make war on these nice little people some other puzzle pieces may be falling into place. And some of us still think this is all about we humans and reptilians ;-)

Friendly Reptilians
Speaking of reptilians, I just heard, indirectly, from a severely paraplegic friend of ours who has been diligently using a Succor Punch for about a year and a half. I basically drafted the young man into service back then and told him that his contributions could be incredibly useful and that his handicap will have no bearing at all on that. He's lately been in frequent contact with native reptilians from that friendly hive that's under Florida and they've been nstructing him about the true nature of the interspecies relationships between humans and reptilians. I'm going to deal with that subject in another thread, but suffice to say that my insistence that not all reptilians are predatory is being well-confirmed by his unsolicited reports. This fellow shows a lot of potential or helping us all advance this network's awareness and effectiveness and since the recent surgical removal of some trick implants that the bad guys had inserted years ago he's shifted into psychic overdrive. We're awfully fortunate that he's accepted my challenge.

The next morning, Melody asked Carol if she would be able to meet the Andromedans and Carol told her to ask them since they were standing right in front of her. She held her finger out, like in the movie, ET, and felt one of them touch the end of it, at which point she got a big heart energy rush.

On the Road Again
Before we reached the point where we'd need to pick which Park entrance we'd use, Carol said there were four fedmobiles waiting for us, mostly around Livingston, Montana, where Elizabeth Claire Prophet's predatory new age hive is located. They focused on that area because we'd mentioned the desire to go there and disable the hive.

Since Ct. St. Germaine still officiates over that group, as he did over the I AM fellowship at Shasta, we figured that we'd done enough damage to the secondary satanic agency and that we'd be better advised to go in by another route. Have you noticed that the I AM Fellowship disavowed their close association with Ms. Prophet's bunch after that scandal erupted around her a few years ago? This is better than any soap opera.

Homeland Psychic Meets Powerwand
Soon after we turned south from the interstate we encounted a Homeland Security Abomination psychic peeker in a shiny new, red Honda sportcar convertible with the top down. I guess she was enjoying the day, as we were. I was just admiring the car, which was in the parking lot of the gas station we had stopped at when I saw her staring intently at us and apparently gloating over her good fortune, so that was pretty fortuitous and I blasted her in time to stop her from reporting us. She stayed at the gas station and didn't follow us. Maybe she had to go to the bathroom or something. Nor did any other agents pick us up until we'd gotten several miles into the park itself. Melody had disguised the car to look like my brother's Subaru station wagon in the eyes of Homeland Security Abomination peepers, a couple of whom passed, but missed seeing us on our way to the Park.

After the encounter with the psychic predator at the gas station, Melody spotted six bald eagles flying in formations of three not far away and we were all pretty spellbound by that, since none of us had ever seen eagles flying in formation in circles before, but we'd all seen an awful lot of eagles over the years.

Forty Fedmobiles
I asked Carol to count the waiting and expectant fedmobiles in the park, after we entered, and she came up with 'four,' but after we made and juiced four of them on the first (short) leg of the trip she said, 'Oops, I guess they were telling me it's forty instead of four!'

There's a big loop of highway inside the park which takes you close to most of the major vortices that needed gifting. Carol had tried to enter the park last winter, but visitors aren't allowed in until after the end of May each year. Since most of the park is above 7,500 feet there's a LOT of snow there from autumn until summer.

Fire as Cover
There was a forest fire in recent years that destroyed most of the timber in that huge, mostly forested park. When you travel through there you realize that no natural fire could have burned this extensively over so many natural barriers so our impression is that many separate fires were set by the felonious feds in order to keep the public out of the area during the summer season for a considerable length of time afterward while they constructed a new underground base. A lot of strange, vehicular traffic during the construction phase would have created quite a bit of commentary and speculation among he public and of course doing that in winter is out of the question at that altitude. These days, I think they just close off large areas and tell people there's forest fire. We encountered that situation in the Califoria Sierras last summer. The wide detour around the cordoned-off area took us downwind into Nevada and we neither saw nor smelled any smoke ;-) I wrote about the anomalous things we did see, though.

HHg Deployment
Carol had dowsed nine locations for HHgs before her first attempt to get into Yellowstone last year and Melody dowsed a fresh map before we entered the park and came up with the same locations. We found a couple more, which accounted for the eleven HHgs we'd brought along. Melody's solar Harmonizer later went to a sunny meadow high up on Grand Teton mountain (and far from the trail) near some fresh bear poop.( I guess bears don't just do it in the woods, after all; so another assumption, 'Do Bears Sh*t in the Woods?!' bites the dust-another icon broken. That bear's karma ran over my dogma. I'll grit my teeth and hold onto my seat next time somebody asks, 'Is the Pope Catholic?!' )

Not to confuse you: we did Grand Teton the day after we did Yellowstone.

Since the Yellowstone vortex targets were around an approximate circle within the National Park made by 115 miles of paved road and since we would be exiting the park from the south, having come in from the west, we feinted south to Old Faithful geyser, then doubled back around to get the rest. We disabled two military transmitters at Old Faithful and buried a HHg as close as possible to the huge hotspring from which the geyser occasionally erupts.

Yellowstone is full of these hotsprings and geysers and we found that most of the dowsed locations were characterized by several of them. Whenever possible we tossed the devices right into the deepest parts of the springs, but walking close to them is quite hazardous and many people have been scalded and acid-burned to death after falling through the thin crust in the vicinity of the springs. Like some men and women, the beauty of some of these springs has a potentially deadly edge to it ;-)

There was one spring which received a HHg that was radiating bright, turquoise-colored light in its white steam even though the sun was behind dark clouds at the time. Carol said that was visible orgone. None of the other springs we saw gave off visible light.

Since all but one of the vortices were in very good shape, they didn't need a lot of help in quickly creating a huge, blue hole in the dark HAARP storm that was sent over the area that day. The hole started opening shortly after we gifted Old Faithful. As we drove along the western, upwind part of the circular route, gifting vortices, the hole got bigger and bigger and extended downwind to the east. We dropped towerbusters in streams and puddles along the road between the vortices (I had brought thirty of them along, five of which I later deployed around the solar Harmonizer to amorphise the orgone field-this is how we hide singular orgonite devices from the peepers, who would otherwise simply focus on the center of the circular energy field and snatch the healing device).

When we got to Mammoth Hot Springs in the northeast part of the circle, near the road that comes south from the north entrance, the sky simply refused to clear and we all got the ominous feeling that's characteristic of a place where ritual killings occur regularly. It wasn't as strong as Ct. St. Germain's favorite baby-killing ground at Pluto Cave near Shasta, but it was unmistakable, so we gifted the area with TBs in addition to leaving an HHg in one of the deep springs.

Ending.. "that voodoo that you do so well..."
A resort/park service housing complex is nearby, about a thousand feet lower in elevation at the junction of the road that comes from Livingston. Carol said that a lot of the practicing satanists who are associated with Elizabeth Clare Prophet/St. Germain live in that compound and that they had already planned to ritually kill somebody later that night. Her impression is that the rituals involve throwing the victims into scalding, acidic water, which has to be a slow, painful death. Another impression is that after a murder site has been gifted, the satanic men no longer are able to achieve erections there, and that without all of the participants (except the victim, of course) having orgasms, the rituals will fail, which carries a penalty for the suppliants. By now they apparently no longer even show up if their sites have been gifted with orgonite because they are, after all, essentially cowards. I wonder who would have been killed hat night.

None of the fedmobiles showed up after we gifted Old Faithful and those military towers, forty miles to the south. We did get into a buffalo jam, though, along the way. In a narrow pass a herd of buffalo, including a lot of calves, ambled by, single file, in the other lane on their way south. That was fun to watch up close. You'll see a LOT of wildlife if you go to Yellowstone. A coyote even walked by our car in the daylight, which is extremely rare, and there are plenty of elk and moose. We didn't see any bears that day but it may have been too early in the season for that.

By the time we were ready to leave Mammoth Hot Springs there were two fedmobiles on our tail. We juiced them and they stopped following us, though we could see that they were pretty angry. They had shown up after we were done, of course ;-)

ECP Offensive
Right after that Carol and I started feeling pretty lousy, physically. Melody didn't seem to be affected, which was instructive. I feel that they didn't expend the effort on her because she was pretty much in an 'observer' capacity on this trip. By the time she did her masterful work on Grand Teton the following day, the surviving members of the local opposition were pretty broken and dispirited, I think ;-)

By the time we left the park, several hours later, I could barely walk due to the pain in my right knee and our necks were feeling like we had spiky, tight dog collars on or something. EC Prophet and twelve of her sycophant adepts were really hammering us by then and St. Germain was giving them all a hand, according to what Carol was clearly seeing, so we dealt with that and the problems went away, leaving us exhausted but otherwise no worse for wear. The sky cleared then, too.

The rest of the gifting was pretty routine after we did Mammoth Hot Springs but while we were in the northeast part of the big circle of highway, in an area that was on a steep mountainside and the highway was broken and patchy (no guardrails, either) the car's electrical system faltered and I suspect that if I didn't juice the snot out of EC Prophet's soiree and a couple of nearby fedmobiles I might not be writing this account and the only reading you'd be doing with our names in it by now would be an obituary. They were obviously pretty mad at us for stopping their fun at Mammoth Hot Springs.

The nice thing about these gifting episodes is that there's no way to predict what we'll find after we take that initial step and put ourselves out there but we always have fun and learn new things.

Around dusk, after we juiced the satanists and Ct. St. Germain (again, just for good measure) we came to Inspiration Point, another gifting location. The roaring river is about 2,000 feet, almost straight down in the narrow Yellowstone Canyon, not far north of the impressive waterfall. I heaved a HHg as hard as I could down toward the water and Carol said it did bounce along the steep slope far below and entered the stream.

By the way, the cynical people at the tops of organizations like the I AM Fellowship and Elizabeth Clare Prophet's bunch of miscreants don't' really care that St. Germain looks like a hairless Yeti in his native form. Fortunately for the masses of duped new agers who were formerly directly connected with this predatory ET, though, they can't 'resonate' with something that's obviously heinous and his stranglehold on them has been broken now that he can no longer show up looking like an Aryan superman ;-) Not to say that he's not still a hell of a charmer among female hairless Yetis, of course (There's no counting for personal taste, as they say).

By the time we got to the penultimate (next-to-last ;-) gifting location it was dark, the moon not having yet risen. I managed to get a HHg into a hot spring's sweet spot by hitting the bubbly part with a good throw. Carol and Melody, who remained in the car as I hobbled to the target and back, said I narrowly missed an encounter with a jackelope ;-)

The very last one turned out to be where the highway passed over the Continental Divide, then we were done and drove all the way (75 miles) to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where we managed to find a motel room at 1AM. I'd never felt so beat up from gifting, but I'd never been assaulted by thirteen experienced ritual satanists and a hairless Yeti before, either.

The next morning Carol and I felt right as rain and after a really good breakfast we made our leisurely way to Grand Teton and did the place, which is a major, major, major energy center for the continent..

We took a back route and it's probably good that we did, even though we didn't sense that the Homeland Security Abomination or EC Prophet's psychic bloodhounds were looking for us. St. Germain was busy with my Doppelganger and Carol's 'Cube' again, so we weren't concerned about him. He may not have to sleep and it may be impossible for any of us to cancel the old rat bastard out, but he can be severely distracted for extended periods, at least. I wonder why he needs to be around? Maybe it's to graphically demonstrate our own vulnerability to us. I know these creepy entities hate it when people laugh at them. If you can make them mad, you essentially own them, though. Remember when these baby killers used to make us impotently furious? Furiously impotent? ;-)

Feathered Salute
Right after we entered Grand Teton National Park from the south we saw a couple hundred white pelicans circling right above the road in front of us at about a thousand feet altitude. Another thousand feet or so higher an osprey (seahawk or water eagle) was circling over the same spot. There was no water nearby, in fact we were among sagebrush, so we just felt grateful for such an impressive sign of-what?-- and tossed out a couple of Towerbusters in appreciation, then drove to the trailhead on the slope of Grand Teton. I was amazed that there was no pain in my knee as I climbed up the steep mountainside and back down again.

We did the deed, taking our sweet time. Right after we put the turbocharged harmonizer on the ground, Melody and Carol got a clear impression of how the energy dynamics had transformed. The clouds immediately disappeared from around the top of the mountain (I saw that, at least) and they both saw energy moving rapidly out from the mountain in many directions at once. Carol saw it as a vertical rotation along each 'spoke.' I don't know if the grid ap we were consulting is valid but this vortex is obviously a central one. When we have a lot more data from our and others' field work regarding earth gridsmaybe I'll be able to have an informed opinion, but you can bet this was important to the world order, based on the unequalled efforts they made to top us on this trip. The experiences we had at Shasta only involved active opposition by the members of the I AM Fellowship and Ct. St. Germain but he feds were in the game in huge numbers this time, so I assume that these vortices were much more essential to the overall predatory agenda than the ones round Shasta were.

Los Angeles is the only other place we've gifted that had this level of opposition. I think that if it weren't for Cbswork's persistent and relentless gifting efforts in and around Los Angeles we might all be pushing up daisies by now and smelling like that spot in Pluto Cave that used to be St. Germain's playground.

SRIC: Special Rat in Charge
When we were about to drive back onto the paved road, after doing the mountain, a white SUV fedmobile with antennae sticking up from the cab drove past us toward the mountain with a very angry looking middle-aged man at the wheel. I smiled and waved at him as though I were a male version of Dinah Shore and then juiced that Homeland Security rat as an afterthought, then we proceeded to Jenny Lake, where Carol and Melody tossed in a ouple of TBs for good measure. A couple of feds waited in the parking lot for them to return but I was eating a snack and didn't bother with them. We did them as we were leaving, though, then two more fedmobiles quickly showed up: a SAIC in another white SUV right on our tail and a red-car psychic by the side of the road. I juiced the Special Rat in Charge and he immediately pulled over, then I juiced the psychic and that was the last we saw of any feds for the rest of our trip. I guess that bunch had a slow learning curve or else nobody warned them about us. I have the impression that these omeland Security Abomination rats aren't very forthcoming with each other.

We stayed at a campground east of Twin Falls, Idaho that night and Carol said the Andromedans were still thick as thieves all around us. The most eventful thing that night was when a little bunny ran past our tent and woke me up.

Jerry & Rhonda Morton
We had a terrific visit with Jerry and Rhonda Morton, our fellow players near Boise, Idaho, that afternoon and Jerry showed us his latest orgone creations. Since I'd met him last summer on my extended 'Southeast. Idaho Towerbuster Evaluation' campaign he'd developed quite an impressive line of
personal orgonite creations and had also made some significant observations about how orgonite and cloudbusters work. He graciously gave us one of he gold-rimmed orgonite/gemstone items that are designed to be placed under the pillow while sleeping and I test drove it last night. I'm very impressed with its ability to help me move through some unresolved issues while in my dreamstate. I hope he sells a LOT of these. I think they're really good for children and others who have night terrors.

In case you don't know, Jerry's the man who wrote the initial article about this network for the IDAHO OBSERVER. I've never met a more perceptive and considerate person than J. Morton and I'm awfully grateful to be his co-worker. His success with uncovering the contrived underlying satanic energy grid in Boise is a watershed. I was inspired to 'undo' Washington, DC, last fall after reading his accounts of the satanic layout of Boise, Idaho and by his resounding victory in undoing that previously secret artifact. 'City Planning' takes on a slightly skewed dimension when we realize what the hidden patterns for most cities in the western world are actually a means through which the putrid old world order have been able to parasitically and perpetually suck energy out of the unwitting inhabitants until now. What a bunch of vampires. Does anyone still believe that these secret orders are even remotely helpful to humanity?

Lemurian Sunset
On the way home, right before sunset, I saw the requisite Lemurian craft, flying slowly along below a ridgetop at the far side of the valley we were driving through at the moment. The craft's light shone off and on at intervals of two or three seconds but when I directed Melody's attention to it the small craft was no longer visible. It's okay-she's seen this stuff before. Carol sees these craft and their occupants without even looking at them.

~Don Croft

"When a resolute young fellow steps up to the great bully, the world [order ;-)], and takes him boldly by the beard, he is often surprised to find it comes off in his hand, and that it was only tied on to scare away the timid adventurers."...Ralph Waldo Emerson

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