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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft

Episode 66

The Bitteroot Mountains Mission

[Editor's Note: In this episode, Carol Croft, for the first time, takes the keyboard away from Don and does a little 'reportage' of her own.]

By Carol Croft <>
July 23, 2003

About 15 years ago, I was sitting in a chiropractor's office waiting for my friend who had an appointment that day. I was bored and thought I may as well read something, so I picked up what I thought was one of those 'Readers Digest' things. I opened it up to a page titled, "Stonehenge of the CoeurDAlenes" [the Coeur d'Alene tribe was prominent in NW Idaho]. I was hooked. Since then, I had been up to that sacred spot in Idaho's Bitteroot Mountains four or five times now looking for those sacred altars.

Don and I, along with our friend, Linda Kingsbury, had made plans a while back to go up there for a weekend to have a look around. It turned out that Don wasn't able to go, as his daughter and her friend came for a visit that weekend. So Linda, who is a gifted psychic and one of my teachers, and me decided that it was very important to get up there that weekend. So we packed our gear and away we went.

We had decided to make a long day of it and start out by going to one of our favorite spots on the way: Hobo Cedar Grove, near Clarkia , Idaho. This place has been a very magickal spot for both of us, ever since we first went there. We like to go there so we can drum down through the giant, ancient cedar trees. There are, or were, a lot of fairies/tree spirits there.

Dark Energy
A man whom Linda had met a month or so ago told her about a huge cedar that was just about 100 yards outside of the protected area. He was trying to get it officially included in the park. So we decided that we would put a Tower Buster next to it to try to help out. We found the tree and put the TB down and immediately saw the orgone boiling up from the bottom of the tree. The whole area changed. We climbed back up the bank and had a snack at a picnic table up on the high ground and then continued down the original trail into the cedar grove. We noticed right away that the tree spirits and fairies weren't there, so we took a look and saw that they were still watching the grove, but from a distance. We wondered at the time what was going on, but we knew that something wasn't right. When we got down to where the loop trail was, there was an arrow directing walkers to go a certain way around the loop. The arrow was pointing in a counter clockwise direction. I immediately got that the government/forest service wanted people to walk through the grove counter clockwise because that would take power away from the vortex (anybody have feed back on this? <>). I am wondering if they often do this in power places? I bet they do!

We, of course, chose to walk in a clockwise direction. Right away we felt that something was not right. As we were walking, I noticed a particular tree that stood out from the rest. The bottom of the tree, near to the ground, was hollow and it looked like someone had carved it out in an intricate way. There were a lot of small chambers and in the middle, it looked just like a face--monkey or dog-like. After taking a close look at this, we proceeded to walk along the trail, drumming. Shortly, we looked up and saw the biggest spider web I have ever seen. The sun was illuminating it as if to tell us, "Over here!"

When we looked in that direction, I noticed that the ferns that were covering the ground were blowing around as if there was a breeze, but there wasn't a breeze. Then we noticed that we weren't alone. There were a group of beings trying to hide from us. So we stood there to figure out what was happening and why they were there. The trees looked like they were very dry next to the ground. I saw that these beings were feeding off the trees' energy, so we decided to surround them. Linda went one way and I went the other.

Linda went back up the trail a short distance and started drumming the heartbeat of the earth. The beings started shrieking and covering their ears. One of them even charged at her, but she simply turned away and kept drumming. After a while, she got really tired and felt like she had to sit down. When she did, she almost lost consciousness. She caught the significance of that (manipulation) and immediately stood up and started coming over to where I was standing.

I found a spot on the other side of the ferns and was using bells to make the same beat as the drum. I could see them looking for a way to get away from us. A few of them came over to where I was standing and were scrutinizing me. That's when I got from them that they were marooned here. I looked at them and I saw that their faces were shaped like a cross between a monkey and a dog. It was the same face that I had seen in the bottom of the tree trunk. That's when it occurred to me that they're from Orion..

At that same moment, I started to feel dizzy, slightly disoriented, and very tired. I looked up and saw Linda coming. We both realized at the same time that we needed to get out of there. But before we left, we put down a HHg right in the middle of the ferns. When I set the Holy Handgrenade, the ground seemed to quiver a bit and then the orgone started bubbling up like crazy. I really like to watch that process!

By the time we got nearly out of the grove, we noticed that the tree spirits and elementals that had moved away were already moving closer to the huge trees. They couldn't be there after the parasitic visitors had taken over their sacred grove. We'll go back there soon to do some follow-up work and to make sure the pitiful Orion guys have left.

By the time we got back to the car, we realized that it was getting late. We had originally wanted to make it up to the Bitteroot site so that we could make camp before dark. We decided to take a gravel-road shortcut that eliminated about 80 miles of travel and we got to Avery, Idaho, near the Bitteroot headwaters of the St. Joe River, in record time.

It was about a 5:30PM by then and we would have plenty of time to get close enough to the archaeological site so that we could hike in and make camp before dark, or so we thought. What should have only taken about 45 mins to walk along that gravel US Forest Service road, took 3 and a half hours.

None of the roads that were on our map were there when we got to them (the roads had been changed around since my last visit, five years ago). You would not believe some of the places I had to take my sporty little red convertible! (I was mortified. ;-) We finally found a suitable parking place. Our plan was to hike in about 2 miles and make camp right on the sacred spot. It was dark when we got there, so we made camp right where we parked. The genuine Powers That Be were looking out for us, I guess, because they did not want us to camp up near the stones. We found out why the next day.

Pre Dawn Discovery
We got up early the following morning because we wanted to get over to the site to see where the sunrise shone on the spot. We left the car with a few snacks, water, brush cutters and my 9mm Glock pistol. 200 yards up the trail we came across a campsite. There was garbage everywhere; a bear had been there and tore things up. There were 2 sleeping bags there which, to both Linda and I, looked like there were bodies in them. We both sensed death there..We looked at the mayhem, looked at each other and decided that we knew if we discovered dead bodies in the bags that we probably wouldn't go on.

I agreed that when we came out I would see if the bodies were real, then we proceeded along the path. You can imagine that we were both pretty freaked out by what we had just seen. We stopped and did some centering exercises to to calm ourselves and that helped.

We started down the hill. The site was on the other side of a saddle, on top of a round knoll. One of the abandoned Monitor Copper Mine's main entrances was at the bottom of that saddle and the last time that I was there, the entrance was just a rough hole in the ground around which the Forest Service had placed some of that plastic, fluorescent orange fence material to keep people from falling into the deep, vertical mineshaft. When we got to the old mineshaft this itme, it was covered by a thick metal grid that was probably about 10 feet square. There use to be trees surrounding it, but they had been removed. The rest of the trees in the area were still standing. The path this far in had been cleared considerably since I was here 4 or 5 years ago..Is there something new underground there? Are they using this old mine for something other than mining? (I Think Sooooo! ;-)

We continued up the knoll on the other side of the mineshaft where the path was overgrown. The brush was a lot denser than I had remembered. I brought my pistol because of the bears and cougars in the area. Just over the divide in Montana, there are a lot of Grizzlies. On my last trip there with Melody (D-mello on the cloudbusters forum) and our witch friend Barbara, we saw and smelled fresh Grizzly Bear urine in our path. The higher huckleberries were in season then (August) and bears love to eat them.

Milt Turley
The first time I came to this spot was with an old logger from St. Maries, Idaho, named Milt Turley. Milt had been looking for these stones for thirty years, which is a lot longer than I have. He'd parked in a spot and had us look over the side and there, just a few miles away, we could see the Grizzlies in a meadow at the bottom of the ravine. Anyway, I would never go into this spot without a gun. So as I walked, I was trying to familiarize Linda with my pistol just in case something happened to me and I dropped it.

As we were clearing a spot in the trail, I caught a smell that was all too familiar to me: a strong scent of urine. A cougar will tend to over-mark his or her territory this way. A couar and her cub had made their home for eight months in my magickal circle (in the tall grass behind my yard) when I lived in St.Maries, ID, so I knew that strong, unique scent.

Right before I smelled it, Linda told me that she had the impression that we were being followed. When I smelled it, I told her that she was right- we weren't alone. We were being stalked by a cougar. Whenever we had stopped, we could hear it in the underbrush. She was a little frightened by this and asked me what to do if we actually saw it. I told her to be sure not to run and not to look at it; just stand still and look at the ground.

We decided not to linger there much longer and moved on up the trail. At one point we felt the ground move and Linda said: "What was that?" (Linda's a city girl) There was a herd of elk close by. They're so big, that when they jump over fallen trees, they shake the ground when landing. We started seeing a lot of elk droppings after that, so apparently the sacred knoll is their territory.

Deathbed Confession
When we got near the ancient site, we both started dowsing for the location of the stones. We were using dowsing rods to find the burial site. The man who owned the mine and sacred site had confessed on his deathbed to Milt Turley that he knew that if someone was to see the sacred alters, that they would have shut his mine down to protect the site. So in 1949, he had bulldozed the stones into a trench and covered them. He told Milt that he was ashamed of what he had done and had to tell someone before he died.

The last time I was here, right before it was time to go, I decided (out of frustration) to just go with my gut instinct and see where it led me. I found a spot on the top of the eastern slope that I was sure was the right spot. When I had arrived home two nights later, I had a lucid dream about the stone circle. In the dream, it was right where I thought it was..

Back to the story.

Our dowsing led us over towards that area, but not quite. It was hard to get my bearings because the undergrowth had gotten a lot heavier and taller than it was on my previous visit. Our dowsing led us in an arc just below the spot I had visited before. I kept telling Linda that the site was on top the hill, not down where we were being led. But we went where we were guided and after a while we decided that we were going too far down so we both checked, by dowsing, if we needed to leave the Lemurian-crystal HHg that Don had made for the site in this spot. We both got a strong, clear 'Yes.'

I found a twin tree to leave it by and we started back up the hill. We were leaving the HHg there because we knew that it would open up this spot and do what was needed to help the stones get uncovered again and it would clear the way for the next time that we'll return (soon I think). We're already planning another visit this fall, afer Melody and I get back from Ireland. This is a strange, disorienting place these days, so when you hike in, you have to mark your way to avoid getting lost. Every time I come into this area, it is completely different. This is characteristic of any very large, artificially distorted vortex.

Five Black Robes
When we got to the top, we started back along the way we came, both feeling like we had missed something. Shortly, we knew why we had that feeling: In a certain spot, we both felt like there was someone watching so we stopped to check it out and nearby, hiding behind the trees, were 5 people dressed in black robes. We took a closer look psychically and found that these black-clad people were Jesuit ghosts who were ritually confined to that site.

The Jesuit missionaries (or whatever) went by wagon train to Mullan,ID and then did a sort of a pilgrimage south along the west side of the Continental Divide to this sacred site. In the beginning, they were led by Indians. The Jesuits, being the first occult archaeologists of the present era, apparently already knew the significance of these ancient artifacts and of this particular earth-energy vortex and they clearly wanted to exploit both. This was a common practice of the Jesuits throughout the world whenever they were given license to plunder. The Jesuits arrived in the early 1800s and set up Cataldo Mission to the north of the site. This was generations before there were many white settlers in this region. During that period, they seemed more interested in keeping other whites out, rather than preparing the way for settlement. Anyone who knows the history of the Jesuits, realizes that they had little altruistic motive on behalf of the natives, whom the Jesuits exploited as well.

These five ghosts were there to guard the site and to try to keep people away. I imagine that this practice is similar to the storied Pirates' practice of killing men at treasure burial sites for the same purpose. Don encountered pirate ghosts like that in the Caribbean. They wouldn't let us get close to the stones and were apparently able to induce cougars and bears to attack people there. We had been led to find a safe perimeter of the site. As we were watching them, we were trying to get them to understand that what we wanted to do was to restore the site to what it was. As we were visualizing what we wanted them to see, we could see another gentleman arguing with the black-clad men. He wanted them to let us do what we came to do, but the black robes didn't want us there. We tried to get the black robes to leave, but soon felt, again, the urgency to get on the path and get out of there. We could feel very strongly the impending danger if we didn't leave as soon as possible.

At that moment we heard a bear nearby and we sat down and tried to be as quiet as we could be but, again, something told us we needed to get going, NOW! I got my gun out of the holster and made sure that Linda remembered what I had told her about how to use it and we started walking quickly out of there. For some distance we could still hear the bear behind us in the brush and it frightened us both a bit. I fell down an incline and turned my ankle and as I was assessing the situation I caught another strong whiff of cougar urine. It was so strong, in fact, that it irritated my eyes and I'm sure the big cat was only a few feet away from my head. Linda reached me, pulled me up by my arm and said, 'We gotta GO!

By now both of our hearts were beating like mad, of course. We hurried out as fast as we could and didn't slow down until we got to the top of the next hill. From there we looked back and saw the Black Robes at the bottom of the hill, glaring at us. Behind them, though, we saw some elks that shifted into images of ancient Celts with elk horns on their we turned around to see the Black Robed people down at the bottom of the hill watching us. And behind them we saw the, what we thought were elk, fade and turn into Celts with horns on their heads. I know I risk appearing like a lunatic but Linda and I both saw this and for psychics this sort of encounter is no more unusual than if you were to see Chinese people in the Appalachians. We know that they were the ghosts of Celts or were ancient time and/or astral travelers from that place who wanted to help us find the artifacts so that they could be restored to their correct positions in order to help restore the health of the earthgrid. The Jesuits have always been dedicated to exploiting and destroying that timeless and vibrant global. These black robed-bandits are the ultimate rat bastards of humanity and the worst part is that they do their filthy, evil work in Jesus' Name. Thanks for showing us the perimeter of that site, Celtic brothers! Seeing you was quite a rush!

After that exhilarating confirmation we began to worry a bit about what we were about to find and the molested campsite that we'd seen on the way in. when we got close we both realized that something had changed there. The bags didn't look 'occupied' any more and were strewn around instead of lying beside each other. I went, as promised, to check it out and they were empty, without a trace of blood. Bears are very messy killers/flesh-eaters, so there would have been a lot of blood.. As you can imagine we were both relieved but also baffled. We both felt sure that there had been dead bodies in those sleeping bags before, in fact we were so certain that we we wanted to wait till we were on our way out before we investigated the potential horror of it.. Did some Homeland Security Abomination Sh*tbirds set up this site to frighten us from proceeding to the sacred site? After all, the old world order and their despicable secret police agencies are founded on the ritual Satanism that the Jesuits also practice and in fact there's no real distinction among any of these predatory/parasitic groups.

When we returned to the car we found a pile of fresh Grizzly poop near the driver side door. This whole adventure had been like a Stephen King movie. I'm still wondering about everything we experienced that weekend. Don and I have encountered this high weirdness of the old world order fairly regularly but this was Linda's initiation ;-)

Cataldo Mission
As were driving back down the rough logging road from the old Dominion Mine we both were inspired to visit Cataldo Mission, which was way out of our way, just to see if we could find a historical reference about the connection between the mission and the Celtic site. The old Jesuit mission was one the few sources that I didn't check a few years ago when I was gathering information. We also knew that Melody was there selling her hand-made baskets at the market place on the grounds. The mission had become a popular tourist spot and Melody's a genuine Mountain Woman, after all.

Fortunately, we arrived at the Mission before Melody and her husband, Jim (Don's older brother) left. Melody said we should go inside the Mission and take a look and she brought along one of her superb tree-resin Harmonizers (she doesn't like the term, 'Holy Handgrenade.'). She left one in the confessional booth for awhile to transmute some of the dead orgone that confessions produce and to help some of the faithful ghosts that were trapped there to get released. I suddenly got a bright idea, inspired by that, and left a HHg up inside the church at an undisclosed location.

Linda helped to conceal me from the tourists and astral spies while I placed it in that strategic place and then we caught up with Melody at the door. On our way out, Melody said: "Where are we going to put it?" I told her not to worry; I already did it. She wanted to know how I did it with all those people around and I said, "I told you, I could be invisible!" We all had a good laugh at the Satanists' expense.

Don had left a couple of Tower Busters on the mission grounds when he was gifting across Northern Idaho last fall and I think that may have taken enough of the bad juju wind out of the 5 etheric blackrobes to keep Linda and I from getting eaten by wild animals earlier that day. I'm sure now that Cataldo Mission had been the occult power base for the Jesuits' previously-powerful exploitation of the sacred site and powerful earth vortex at Dominion Mine.

As we were walking away from the church, we felt the bad-energy plug being pulled up there on the mountain where the stones are and I saw the 5 dead Jesuits go down the drain and back to the Mission. We then knew exactly, why we were led along all these strange paths for the last couple of days.

It is SO IMPORTANT to follow our gut feelings when we initiate adventures like this one! We trust and have faith that there is a good reason for everything we're led to do, no matter how strange or weird it seems at the moment, and so should you! It always becomes clear in the end, so just hang in there and follow your instincts, as we do. We're all pretty excited to return to that sacred site and see what develops next. We'll do what we can to initiate the process of restoration there and I'm sure the doors will open for that when the time is right.

~Carol Croft

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