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Episode 67

German Illuminati's Idaho 'Safehouse' Gets Busted

By Don Croft <>
August 5, 2003

August 4, 2003
Carol and I went hunting for it; found it; and busted it. I posed near the front door after we drove through the arched entrance and up the long, private driveway. It's right on the other side of Paradise Ridge, a short distance from our home in the valley. The ridgetop is the one location in our exploits from which all the orgonite devices had been removed (the second batch was buried and is still unrecovered). That was a hell of a nasty array on top of that ridge and the local satanists are apprently the ones who were recruited to comb the pine forest there to find our spudgun-launched TBs last winter. No doubt the local baby killers feel quite honored that some top level German Illumninati sh*tbirds came to stay for awhile in that castle.

Boy, are those occultists mad and surprised (can you say, 'contumely?')! It's okay, because challenges build character and since they have no character to speak of, I probably did them all a huge potential favor.

Carol tells me that the German Illuminati showed up here several months ago because the Homeland Security Abomination just aren't up to the task of 'dealing' with us both. The former Homeland Security Abomination 'safehouse' at 812 Blaine Street, which we gifted last year and blasted a few times a day just for fun, has been deserted for a week or so ;-)

The Germans picked a lovely mansion, I must say, though it felt pretty yucky there in spite of all the orgonite that had been left there last week by our friend, Sarah. We dropped quite a bit on the property today, too ;-)

The picture of me in front of the entrance to the mansion is in my public files on . It looks like they'd just built a barracks farther back on the grounds (Army of Darkness?). The truth I'm proving to you, the reader (if you care to experiment with my approach), is that the most powerful agency on the planet is powerless to stop a fearless person from simply doing as one's intuition dictates.

I fully guarantee that I'll be out walking around long after these sorry bastards have all been tossed into their own prisons or executed for their capital crimes. I think it's exquisite that they'll be changing places with all those millions of innocent people of color, innocuous potheads, and political prisoners in American jails. I guess we don't have too many prisons, after all!

Note that we were led to our discovery and exposure of this plot due to a friend's timely dream. It's a good idea to take dreams seriously and to act on what our intuition gets from via these 'training films.' If Carol and I hadn't committed to following our intuition faithfully, together, three years ago, we wouldn't be having all these marvellous experiences and insights.

August 5, 2003
I didn't know the pic was blurry. I first looked at it this morning. I'll get Carol to take a better pic when she gets back from Ireland, don't worry. We'll enjoy going back there, really. It's just another mansion, folks. NOTE that nobody's shot me or turned me into a toad. I figure they'll either be gone or will have put up a 'Trespassers Will Be Violated' sign if they've got any smarts at all. I'll be sure to let you know.

I'm pushing the envelope a bit, but that's my job, after all. I've found that some people tell me they're concerned for my safety now, but I tell them that, really, they're concerned that I'm demonstrating that the bad guys are actually weak and ineffective; not invincible at all and that threatens the 'concerned' people's paradigm, which may be a fate worse than death to folks who feel the need to control their environment and others.

Another CB is going to Linda Kingsbury's place (which is just beyond the Illuminati's property from where we live) in a couple of days. That ought to put the squeeze on those filthy birds, eh?

She's got her medicine wheel and herb-garden maze in full operation, by the way. I expect the CB will go in the middle of the medicine wheel. For what it's worth, our vortex is a whole lot more powerful than what the wheel is generating and the herbal sun tea we make under the rotating octahedron is a real power punch--much more elivening than coffee!

The skies are gorgeous, again, and there's been a lot of nice, gratuitous rainfall since we broke HAARP's back (okay, they broke their own stinking back by overextending) last week. We didn't do that, that is to say we didn't do anything in particular lately. The vortex in our backyard can't be seen to be responsible for all this. To believe otherwise would be a delusion. I'm not faking humility. Believe me, if I thought I was responsible for this victory over HAARP, I'd claim it ;-) I'm not one of those anti-science folks who get a little bit of confirmation for an effort and extrapolate that in to an assumption that they've destroyed the old world order, all alone. Maybe somebody can make up a virtual tickertape parade program, sort of like StarTrek's holodeck, for these folks so that they can at least feel like the world applauds and worships them, eh?

Now that I've wrapped a super mobius around the Trinity Wand that Laozu Kelly made for us, Carols' gone, so we'll only get his assessment. Linda will be gone by the weekend so won't be piping up about it (she's an excellent energy assessor). I want to send it to that woman in Great Falls, Montana, who has a CB and grows hay and has told me that the drought there has been devastating since late spring. Using a Trinity Wand in a place like this, which maintains a fairly pristine atmosphere now, may not be an adequate test. I'd like to induce her to put the Trinity Wand in a vortex and see what transpires. I don't know if the good weather here went east, past the Rockies to where she is. If you're reading this, Montana Woman, please send me an email at, okay?

Carol noted that the mobius coil is extraneous (only marginally better than no mobius and the coil effect is only good for a very short range without a frequency pulse generator, at best) on this device unless there's a current getting pulsed through it. I'll furnish a frequency box and solar panel to whoever lives in a desert and would like to put this thing in a vortex and leave it in a safe place (assure me that you can do it without the Peekers seeing you, okay?), though this thing technically belongs to Kelly and I may be sticking my neck out a bit. We can talk, at least. Doesn't somebody in Southern Arizona or New Mexico want to put one of these in a desert vortex?

Meanwhile, we're field testing some PIPE BOMBS, which is what I'm calling my Greg-Brown-inspired watergifting device that's simply a copper pipe that's half-filled with orgonite & half empty, with the end open. Carol's taking three of those to sacred springs in Ireland (I shined the copper and sprayed gold pain on the closed ends in order not to terrify the Gestapo at the American airports who will no doubt savage her luggage a couple of times) and will monitor the effects. I've made two of those with the Phi ratio of 1 unit internal diameter to 1.68 unit length.

Resonant cavities may be our next Big Step, since that's apparently the principle that Dr. Grebbenikov used to create his flying paint box and create an envigorating chair. I think that's how the Lemurians get around (I don't mean on paintboxes and chairs, of course).

That's, right, I said PIPE BOMBS! Gee, do you think that will p*ss off the jack-booted secret police goofballs who are reading this post? ;-)


For the benefit of our other-than-American networkers, please excuse our current, apparent Turrets Syndrome epidemic/endemic among the American operatives in this network. It's just that when one is in the heat of battle it's hard not to use some expletives. Maybe you can learn to talk that way as you incite your own murderous secret police organizations to a frenzy of frustration and impotent rage with some extensive, successful gifting at their sancta sanctora.

I note that a few of our Australian brothers and sisters have already succumbed to this American contagion, but some of our European, African, and South American co-workers may simply be too refined to become susceptible to this G****mned malady.

Who else is seeing the masses of light lenticular clouds now? After HAARP sh*t the bed last week in the American Pacific Northwest, there was a massive victory parade of gorgeous lenticulars past here for a half a day. It's fun to watch them forming and if you keep looking up you're likely to see one of their ships in 3D. Be patient and stay in an alpha state if you can. This attracts their attention and they seem to enjoy putting on little
shows for us.

I've already started packing for Uganda/Rwanda ;-) and will go after Carol and I have gotten reacquainted when she and D-mellow gets back from Europe. We need to get back up to the mountains, with Linda and D-Mellow, and put the finishing touches on that old, previously-perpetual black-magic/Jesuit molestation of the Celtic altar-stones/amphitheater site during the fall Equinox and maybe-just maybe-we'll get some pictorial evidence of the amphitheater, at least, then, and generate some archaeological interest so that the US Forest Service will back off and let somebody dig up those six alter/pyramids that the miner buried in 1949..

Those two brave Doctors in Uganda, Kayiwa and Batiibwe, are setting up an internet forum for viable, alternative AIDS remedies with Dr. Cary in India. This is a historic effort on par with what you and I are doing here, I think. I'm hoping Georg in Jo'burg can let Muttwa know about this so that the old man will take heart about Black Africans spearheading such a courageous and far-reaching effort. What the heck, maybe I can visit a bit with Georg on the way. I think we owe it to ourselves to find ways to support, acknowledge and encourage brave people like Credo Muttwa who have sacrificed much of their lifeblood on behalf of freedom and of enlightening the masses (including you and I).

I guess I'm using this post for an update.

The vortex created by the kinetic pyramid/octahedron device has been restored here, three days after I got the new motor going--did I say that? Slower rotation, in fact, is not a limiting factor. During the four days it took me to replace the motor the vortex had dwindled considerably. Carol feels that if it had disappeared it may have been a lot harder to get it created and spinning again.

Typical of what we're all doing, a little tiny bit of effort has gotten a huge result. It truly feels to me that the Federal Reserve Corporation is losing vitality and substance daily now and the rate is accelerating. I heard that Greenspan is acting nice lately to his creatures in Congress, perhaps in an effort to keep his foot in the door. That NESARA silliness was generated for rearguard action, by the way--note how the Illuminati always try to make their parasitic/predatory agenda appear to be our salvation ;-) Do you fancy inviting a pedophile into your home to watch your children while you're gone? Why in God's Name would anyone trust these gangsters to manage our economy, especially after they openly stole all the gold from Ft. Knox and put it in their vaults in New York City? The fact that their position is essentially untenable is what is making it so easy for us all to kick their scabby, scurvy legs out from under them now.

I think NESARA is just about fully discredited by now, especially since a public access TV personality has openly challenged the protagonists to an open debate on his program. Mark Davey at has aired that challenge on the net.

I've told Sherry Swinney that my fond hope is that Alan Greenspon will end up in the same cell in a South Alabama prison with Warden Bullock, the fellow who's attempting to persecute our brave Patrick Swinney right now on behalf of the warden's federal druglord employers. I wonder if they pay the warden in heroin. Guess which one would be the bitch? ;-) Did Greenspan subsidize the tobacco industry just in case he'll be needing some currency (cigarettes) in prison someday?

~Don Croft

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