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Episode 68

Laozu Kelly vs. Moscow Mountain

By Don Croft <>
August 22, 2003

I was doing a virtual Hitler-style victory jig when Kelly and I saw that rapidly-forming rainstorm over Moscow Mountain a couple of days ago.

I live ten miles closer to the mountain than he does and have generally been involved with the thing since May, 2002, when Carol and I trudged thru deep snow for over two hours to largely disable a huge tower array on the next lowest peak from which we and the rest of the valley were being electronically savaged 24/7.

Carol and I had been meaning to get back up there and finish the job. We weren't even aware of the status of the vortices at the two highest peaks, so when Kelly brought it to my attention last week, I asked him to try some of his new, watered orgonite jive up there and handed him a Latah County map.

Really, it's like navigating through a can of spaghetti to get to the peaks, but since I'd been there, it wasn't too daunting to point out the main route. (An aside: the reason I'm going to tell you the following freely is that you know I'm not trying to sell you anything.) Several years ago Linda Kingsbury, Carol's long-time psychic associate, had an apartment not far from where we live now and from her front window had a clear view of most of Moscow Mountain. She had been quite troubled for sometime after moving in there by the presence, not far from her, of a heinous, predatory thoughtform, so she did what she could to banish it. It then went to the big transmitter array on the lesser peak of Moscow Mountain. Carol and I simply assumed this was generated by the considerably large community of satanists here who mainly affiliate with the primary church in town, but also directly served the NSA/CIA, the Homeland Security Abomination, and lately the German Illuminists who moved into the mansion/barracks on the other side of Paradise Ridge (which borders the other side of the valley from Moscow Mountain).

When Carol and I arrived at the vicinity of the towers (we couldn't see them through the trees, so she gauged their presence by triangulating their energy), we both felt like we'd been swooped by a very ugly energy/entity and Carol immediately put down the first HHg and said: "Incredible--that big, nasty thoughtform just got sucked into the HHg!"

That happened again a few months later to a similar thoughtform when we gifted the Mormon Temple and a nearby major transmitter array near Spokane. We spent another half hour setting two more HHgs in a crescent pattern around that peak. The snow got deeper the higher we went and by now, we kept sinking in up to our knees. I'd thought we would be able to just drive to the top because the dense tree cover hid the snow from view from a distance. Since there had obviously been no vehicles along that forest service road for a long time, we assumed that the dung beetles who put up the array and maintain it (these take a lot of maintenance, I'm told) get there from underground. Ever after we did that job, Carol saw some DOR shooting up and out from the backside of that array, toward the wildnerness, so we didn't feel much of an urge to get back there after the snow melted.

After we took out the underground nuke along US95 highway, where it goes down the other side of the pass near the west edge of Moscow Mountain's ridgeline, she saw that the electronic component of the DOR at that site stopped shooting out, so we assumed that this nuke was mainly set up to power that array.

We completely disabled a similar array a few months earlier on top of Steptoe Butte, which is about 30 miles north of Pullman. The first nuke ponds we found were about ten miles from the butte and Carol noticed that as soon as we tossed a couple of HHgs in one of the ponds, not only did the other pond fill up within an hour, but the big array on Steptoe Butte stopped pulsating altogether. Kelly's first experiment with his new orgonite/water devices was to put one on Steptoe Butte to heal the vortex, which by now--a year and a half after we busted the array--was still not in good shape. There were no weather phenomena to confirm that, as far as I know (I can't see that from where I live), but I do accept his evaluation hat his device had healed the vortex and that it was spinning the right way now and gaining momentum and strength. My feeling about that was doubly confirmed by what I witnessed the day after Kelly finished placing the devices in the vortices on Moscow Mountain.

Laozu has a particular gift for sensing chi, which is apparently the reason he's often invited to China and Taiwan to associate with some of the master healers there. Since he's got that characteristic Teutonic modesty, he'll never mention that to you, but since it's such a big part of his consciousness, we speak freely about it when he's working with us. He sort of reminds me of Spiderman in that the folks in Pullman who know him as that unassuming guy who builds and rents gorgeous apartments on a hilltop and who used to be a math teacher, are entirely unaware of his supernormal abilities.

I particularly like to watch Carol and Kelly interact when they're analyzing energy or interpreting what Kelly's getting directly from the Andromedans through his crown chakra. More on that, later, as it unfolds, but he's working on a rather unique device which requires a component which he'll have to visit Chinatown in San Francisco to find. When he and I were in Spokane a couple of weeks ago getting some of his other components, we went to a Chinese restaurant and I swear that every time any of the female staff came near our table, they started giggling. I know it wasn't on account of me, even though I'm strikingly handsome, charming, witty and urbane ;-)

Every day around here this summer has been pretty much like any other: clear blue skies punctuated by occasional rain, but the day after Kelly put his experimental devices on Moscow Mountain, I noticed that the sky over the valley was in a kind of good-natured turmoil, obviously centered over the mountain. I thought at the time, 'Well there's my evidence that Kelly's things have changed the energy dynamics more than what we'd done there fifteen months ago--we certainly didn't see results like this!'

He arrived at 4PM, as agreed, to help me get some plywood cut up in his nice, big shop over in Pullman, ten miles away. Within five minutes of his arrival, the sky got darker in the vicinity of Moscow Mountain and by the time we'd driven through town to the lumberyard, it was raining hard on the mountain itself with occasional lightning strikes. Rain was being dumped from fast-formed cumulonimbus clouds and we even got pelted with a little hail from an arm of the storm that was forming into the prevailing breeze. There was NO strong wind accompanying this phenomenon, which would cause any meteorologist's brain to fart, no doubt.

There was a secondary storm centered in the vicinity of the Illuminati mansion south of Paradise Ridge and I made the mental note that this was probably a sympathetic response of Paradise Ridge's already healed vortex to the two envigorated ones on Moscow Mountain, across the valley. The valley is about 8 miles wide, so the display was in easy view from anywhere in the vicinity. I might add that after I spudgunned a half dozen TBs into the dense woods near the HAARP and drum array (sounds kind of like 'fife and drum,' eh, Bmosely? ;-) on Paradise Ridge from the window of our speeding Chrysler a year ago, the local army of satanists apparently combed the area and removed them because Carol and Melody saw that the array was suddenly on line again last winter and they had to go there and bury a suitable HHg to take it out again. They were closely followed to the array, of course, and only got it done on the second pass. These satanists are really persistent and, until we figured out how to make them behave with a Powerwand last January, had often thrust themselves into our field of vision and glared when we went on our daily errands.

I don't know if you're familiar with the difference between these schmucks and payrolled NSA/CIA Homeland Security Abominations, but it's quite distinct and the satanists obviously take our work more to heart than the fake-gov't nine-to-fivers do. We got to look at this storm from several angles as we drove to and from the lumberyard and Pullman that afternoon. The sky all around the double storm was clear blue, peppered with lazy cumuluus clouds, exactly the same as I'd seen happen in south Idaho last summer after I'd busted all the towers in each succeeding town along the interstate.

It's also what our compadre in Australia's Outback sees regularly over his CB and other energy contrivances. I have a feeling lots of folks reading this, who have CBs, have seen this phenomenon lately, but perhaps not taken much notice. After all, how can one person really affect the weather, eh? Come on, now--aren't we too insignificant to do something like that? Don't you at least have to go up there in a plane and drop some silver iodide crystals in the clouds? ;-)

It didn't take long to do the shopwork and as we were standing outside afterward, I asked Kelly to comment on what was happening in a strange, lovely spiral cloud not far from us. As we watched in the next two minutes, more appendages appeared in the spiral and he said it was like two spinning 'S's. I said, "You mean kind of like a swastika?" and he said "yes". By then, half of it had become a cumulus cloud.

I've been harping, so to speak, on the presence of these strange amorphous cloud formations, which I'd never seen before late 1999. I've watched them, many times, since we made our first CB in March, 2001, turn into soaking rainstorms and the rain then is very gentle, but substantial, with no accompanying wind. I know that a few folks in our network, when they see these gorgeous new forms snaking rapidly out across the sky, behave like Chicken Little and post emphatically that HAARP and the spewplanes are molesting them again ;-)

Actually, it's not a new phenomenon. It was so rare before, though, that a well-known photographer in the early 1930s went to a remote location along the coast of Maine to take pictures of these clouds as they formed overhead from a source, probably a vortex, out over the ocean. The perspective view of these is quite astonishing. Why not start looking up more often so you can experience the joy we feel whenever we see this process? I use the appearance of these clouds as one of the visual confirmations that our gifting missions have been successful because they simply can't form in the presence of DOR. I know that many of us have seen both small and large, white lenticulars form and remain while this process is taking place and it's one of the most encouraging things I've seen.

We went to Kelly's house not far away to pick up that curious coil he got from one of our associates in Iceland who is an artist. It's a small lotus shape contrived around a pulled-up SBB spiral, all made from one piece of bare copper wire. Kelly wanted me to take it home for Carol to study after she gets back from Ireland next week because he sees a lovely, bright synergy of dynamic and static chi around that device. He's made a CB on the principle of a toroid's core and added a coil around it to enhance the energy flow. Once Carol had said during their Andromedan sessions, that one of Kelly's jobs in this network is to show us how to improve a basic CB's performance with the addition of an easily-made device. That's certainly in line with the essence of our approach, which is to directly involve as many people in this empowering work as is humanly possible. The swastika cloud we'd seen was more directly over this CB, so when I realized that I said, "Well, of course!"

The edge of Moscow Mountain's storm had approached Pullman, upwind, I might add, but as we were driving back to Moscow, we watched in utter astonishment as every speck of sky that had contained that very tall storm system became a big, blue hole in the sky within fifteen minutes. It didn't move off and dissipate downwind- it disappeared! Would I believe this if somebody else had reported it?

I couldn't say, but both of us watched it happen. As we were standing in my backyard by the pyramid, turning round and round and looking with our mouths open (figuratively speaking,) a quiet helicopter arrived and began circling around the property-just out of range of my pellet rifle. It felt kind of like it was trying to dance with us ;-) In two years of living here, no helicopter has ever circled our place. A drop duster circled over the house, out of range of my rifle, the day after I started the device in the pyramid spinning. I said to Kelly: "Watch this!" and started beaming the schmucks in the chopper with every ounce of my energy. A few seconds later it erratically ducked behind the hill nearby, then came back up and shot over toward the helipad on the street by the bigger Mormon Church, about a mile and a half toward Paradise Ridge. Actually it made a beeline for a closer grove of tall trees then quickly ducked down behind them to begin the approach to the church's helipad. I'd never seen that happen before in a populated area ;-)

When he had picked me up that afternoon, he came inside while I got ready to go and noted that an entity had induced him to feel some anxiety. Since he's not a naturally anxious person, he wondered how that could be, so he looked for, and found, a couple of visiting psiops astral agents. I said, "Want to see how I handle them?" and he said, "Go ahead."

I imagined bombing and strafing them from my virtual P-51 as they ran in vain for cover across an open field, then said, "Problem solved, right?" He said, "Yes, they're gone--What did you do?" Right after that, another one showed up in the living room, he noted, so I said, "Okay watch this time," and I drew the visitor into my lungs then slowly breathed him out through a long tube and into a virtual furnace. Usually I don't feel their discomfort until most of the breath is gone. Kelly told me that this predatory entity left in a hurry, too. This is fun, folks! Try it!

The Illuminati dung beetles get awfully antsy (sorry ;-) whenever anyone in this network who gifts, gets together with any other gifting member. There's only one other big vortex in our area (besides the one we made in the backyard ;-) and Kelly's agreed to do another experiment there because even though we all finally finished taking out the huge undergound base there, the vortex, though no longer showing any DOR, is still not spinning yet.. I'll wait for him to post about that experiment, too, before I comment about it.

You can do this work, you know. What's stopping you? Do you think you're not worthy or something? Do get a life, if that's how you think, please! Arise from your La-Z-Boy and start moving your feet.

'HEEEEAA-UH-LLL!' as that no-neck televangelist would say.

~Don Croft


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