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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft

Episode 69

Ireland Gets an Earth Energy Boost

By Carol Croft <>
Sept 5, 2003

Melody and I arrived in Dublin on Thursday, the 7th of August. Both of my suitcases and one of Melody's had been opened and searched by the American Gestapo--what a pain! I never lock my luggage; why bother?

We got a taxi to our motel and rested, then took the train downtown to find out about our tour to New Grange the next day. On our way to the tourist office, we saw this huge (about 150-200 ft. tall) spire. A big chrome spire in the middle of a group of old buildings and, boy, did it look out of place! There was no place to gift really close. Everything there is concrete, so we walked down about a half a block and I found the perfect spot. There were a bunch of cab drivers there waiting for their next fare. Melody was worried they might see what I was doing, but I could tell that they were just looking for their next mark. I asked if it was O.K. to put it down and I got a 'yes'.

Friday, August 8
On Friday morning, we hurried through breakfast as we were both pretty excited about the New Grange Tour. We caught the train and made our way back downtown to the tourist office to catch our bus. We were accompanied on the bus by two agents. I had this tour reserved for a couple of months now, so they knew when we were coming.

['New Grange is considered to be the central 'burgh' or 'mound' of ancient Irish mythology with its legends of heroic deeds and romantic stories probably reaching back in to the Bronze Age community that lived around it. It is also the center one of three enormous cairns covering an area dotted with different Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age structures that chronologically overlap each other. The cairn is carefully positioned over a complex inter-connecting water/energy flows.' ~Michael Poynder. The Golden Mean arc was delineated there from early times with large stone markers and it's located close to where the 'main line' that also goes through Giza enters Ireland. The features are too numerous to go into here but the SE 'wall,' in the center of which is the entrance to the underground chamber, is largely quartz. It's an unbelievably intricate structure, though it looks like a pile of dirt to the uninformed ;-) Most of the sacred sites that Carol and Melody gifted in Ireland are on the line between Dublin and Sligo ~Don]

When we arrived at New Grange, the two agents were soon joined by three more. A man and woman and three young adults [MI6 rookies?]. We were going through the big display in the Visitor Center when Melody asked if there was anyone else. A little voice told me to turn around and when I did, I came face to face with an older female psychic. She was really angry when I turned around to face her and she didn't have a chance to get away from me. I just stood there and stared at her. Boy, was she angry! I got that she wanted me to be afraid, but she got back: 'I Don't Think So!'...All together, there were six agents.

We went down the stairs to wait for the guide. We were standing there, wondering where to sit, when I looked up and saw the group of five agents standing nearby. I overheard the older gentlemen say: "It's OK, they don't have a clue who we are." At that same moment, he glanced back and saw that I was standing right behind him. He looked as if I could have knocked him over with a feather. All the color left his face. He immediately turned away and went to sit at a table nearby. Melody marched over there and sat at the table right next to him with his "family", as in 'We'll see who can intimidate whom.'

We had a look in the gift shop there. In the book section, Melody found a great book called "PI in the Sky" by Michael Poynder. The book shows a leyline from the Great Pyramid in Giza- that happens runs right through the middle of Ireland. It crosses Stonehenge, then New Grange, and leaves Ireland on the west coast at Sligo.This was another sign of where we needed to go next. It was no coincidence that we found that book, so I knew that our next step had to be Sligo. I've always been one to follow such obvious signs.

We proceeded up to New Grange with our tour group. The tour guide separated us into two groups, as the big group was too large for all to go in at once. Melody and I were in the second group. However, all the agents, except one, ended up in the first group. Somehow, I don't think that this was a part of their plan ;-) -again, we being looked after. They went in first and we had 10-15 minutes to do a little exploring around the exterior of the Cairn/Mound. We both got that we should probably gift the outside of it, just in case there wasn't a spot inside. So we gifted while the agents were on the inside. Then, while we were on the inside, they were on the outside! I bet they were going nuts, knowing that they couldn't see where we had done the gifting ;-).

We got back on the bus for Dublin. After returning, Melody and I were walking down a main street, but as we were walking, Melody was getting ahead of me. I was trying to catch up when suddenly- a man stepped out of a doorway. He was obviously intending to follow her, but I hurried to catch up with him. When I did, I looked right into his eyes and said "Excuse me!" He stopped dead in his tracks. He had the silliest look on his face, like a kid who just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He knew exactly who I was. After I got past him a little, I turned around, but he had disappeared from sight.

Shortly after that, we found Molesworth Street, which is where the Masonic Temple is located. As we were walking up the street, we noticed that there was a policeman (or security guard) coming up behind us. He crossed over and walked up the other side of the street toward the Parliament building which faces the street that the Masonic Temple is on. When we got close to the temple, I scoped it out and saw there was no place to gift. Everything was concrete. Melody walked over to talk to the guard at the Parliament building. She wanted to keep him busy while I looked for a spot. I got up next to the door and looked over the edge to see if I could see a suitable spot, but no luck. When I looked up, I saw a camera pointing at me, so I waved at whoever was on the other side and I rang the doorbell just for kicks. What a disappointment that no one came to answer the door ;-)

I walked over to join Melody. As we were walking down the street, two guards came up behind us really fast. We looked at each other and just knew it concerned us, but they passed us by. They did that for effect, I'm sure, but we didn't give up. We found out that we could get a tour of the Masonic Temple during the week, so we decided we that could come back for another fly-by. We were scheduled to come back through Dublin in two weeks.

Saturday, August 9
On Saturday morning, we got our rental car and started out for Lingo, located on the north western coast, opposite that of Dublin. It happened that we were going to be very close to Uisnech. Mide, the national center of Ireland, was conceived as a point where an umbilical cord attached the island to the womb of the gods, who endlessly created and sustained its existence from above and below. Mide is a real place, namely the Hill of Uisnech, now in County Westmeath. This place is the center point of the four provinces. I knew we had to take care of it, but it's a very tough spot to find.

For one thing, the sign points in the wrong direction! This spot is barely marked. It took two trips to a local pub just to figure out just where it was! I could feel the energy, but it was very erratic. We had to go through a gate that said "Beware Raging Bulls and Suckling Cows- Do Not Enter" We went in anyway because we didn't see any cows. We went through the field and up the hill. About three quarters up the hill was the cap stone. Myth has it that the goddess Eire is buried there. Melody was sitting on the ground when I got there. I walked over to the stone, sat on it, and shut my eyes. I wanted to get a picture of the energy. The energy was very confined and erratic, but subdued. As I was sitting there, I saw an enormous vortex at the very top of the hill. Melody decided to stay near the cap stone and soak up the energy from it while I made my way up to the top of the hill where I found the cows that the sign was warning us about! I determined that it I was close enough and buried my gift.

As I was making my way back down the hill, I was almost overwhelmed by the energy surge. When I looked down the hill at the cap stone where Melody was sitting, I felt both a great sorrow and joy from that ancient site. WOW...

Sunday, August 10
The next day we were in Boyle. We stayed at a wonderful Bed & Breakfast whose owners were trying to help us locate Michael Poynder, the author of the book we had found at New Grange, PI in The Sky. I really wanted to meet this guy and tell him about the cloudbusters. the forum, and what we were all doing. We heard that he had been living close to Boyle at Lough Arrow, near Carrowkeel, and had done a lot of research there for his ook.We went into Boyle to the Visitor Center, but it was closed.

Not far from Boyle, we saw a sign for Lough Arrow. We turned and went to the local grocery/pub to ask about Michael Poynder. The woman told us he wasn't in the area anymore. She thought he was somewhere in County Mayo. She wanted to know where we were going next, so we told her that we wanted to go to Carrowkeel, but that we couldn't find any info on the site. She suggested that we go to Carrowmore first. They had a Visitor's Center with maps and other info. So that's what we did.

Carrowmore is a burial Cairn circle. There is an outside circle of cairns which face the very large one in the center. The center cairn is the one that we gifted. These are dated almost 2000 years older than New Grange, about 4500 BC. While on the tour, the guide told us to look at the surrounding mountains and there were little points on many of them which were obviously cairns. One of those hilltop cairns is the oldest in Ireland.

The guide said that Maebe's Tomb, also known as Knocknarea, looming over this site in the distance, was facing the oldest cairn in Ireland. I knew immediately that doing Knocknarea would take care of this oldest ritual site. In addition, Knocknarea is right on the main leyline going through Ireland. So after we finished with Carrowmore, we drove over to Maebes Tomb/Knocknarea. It is on the very top of the mountain. We parked at the bottom and hiked right up the side of the mountain. It is a long way up the mountain; steep too. It took a couple of hours to hike up there. When we got to the top, the energy looked like one of those electricity spheres, where you put your hand on it and the sparks follow your hand. The area was sparking out in every direction, but not very high. The cairn was right on the the very top. We were sitting there- and sure enough- we had been followed. There was a man in an overly-neat hiking outfit, sitting with his back to us. I went ahead and found a spot near the cairn to gift. Melody brought some of her garnets to gift this spot. She walked around the cairn clockwise sprinkling her garnets.

Legend has it that Queen Maebe had requested to be buried standing up in all her warrior regalia. When I put the gift on the ground I could see her look up and smile. It was like she sucked it right into the ground. I'd like to see them find that one! I said a little prayer for her and Ireland.

As we were walking away, we noticed that the whole top of the mountain had 'opened up.' It was a huge vortex. It grew very big, very fast. About that time, a plane that was looking for us flew over. Just like in America- always late and never on time! Later we looked over in the direction of the vortex and saw white lenticular clouds over the vortex. What a nice confirmation!

Monday, August 11
What a better way to start off the week than to take a trip to Purgatory? St. Patrick's Purgatory, that is, Lough Durg. We couldn't let this opportunity pass us by. We gifted the lake. It's said that Saint Patrick came here to slay Durg; the Corra, the Serpent Goddess. She was a representation of the Triple Goddess. Legend has it that when he was trying to slay her she swallowed him whole. It took 3 days for him to find his way out. When he finally made his way out, he killed her by slashing her in the stomach, 'cutting off' the three lower chakras which represent survival, control, fear, passion, aggression, and the connection with the earth (mother).

After we gifted the lake, Melody and I sat down to watch what was going to happen. The lake, which had been very black and still, slowly began to come alive. I saw four big fish jump. Then I noticed something on the bottom that looked like a giant snake. The eyes slowly opened and it started to move a bit. Then it stood up. Durg resembled the snake which represents the Kundalini symbol, Universal Life. She got bigger and bigger. When I went around the departure building, I could see her watching us. She smiled and gave us a delightfully devilish wink. I wonder what she had up her sleeve? The annual pilgrimage to the Island was taking place the same week that we were there and I wondered if those people felt it, too? As we were leaving, I offered a little prayer that, when I needed to, I might draw a bit of her Warrior Energy. I then said goodbye to Durg.

Not far from Lough Durg is Donegal. There is a line from Uisnich which runs through there so we gifted the most ancient site we could find, Castle Donegal. There was an agent waiting for us when we came out. He was pretending to talk on his cell phone, but he was paying way to much attention to what we were doing. So far, the agents we had come across were pretty inept. Maybe they're just aren't used to having people spying back on them.

Tuesday, August 12
The next day, after I spent a little time at an internet café, I decided to put the orgone pipebomb that I had with me in the Shannon River. This river is the largest river in Ireland. I put it in a discreet place near a bridge. As we were driving away, I felt the ripple of energy, but very subtle energy. I don't feel like that they work as well as the HHgs. The HHgs are much stronger in water. It was a very small orgone pipebomb, though. I left the larger ones in my car back home because they look too menacing, even though Don shined them and painted the closed ends with gold.

We next visited Tinacarra Dolmen, which has some connection with Carrowkeel, on our way back, . We had an appointment the next day at noon with a guide for Carrowkeel.

Wednesday, August 13
We got up early the next day and went down to the Abbey in Boyle The energy in the Abbey is set up like the chakra system. It was easy to activate it. Things there are really Lightening up.Everywhere we go, people keep telling us how 'lucky' we are to have such good weather for our stay. It is always rainy and gray in Ireland, apparently, but thanks to our gifting, we didn't have to experience that. I believe that they manipulate the weather in Ireland to keep the people there subdued and depressed.

We went to get our new friend Brenda and her daughter. Brenda is the owner of one of the B&Bs we stayed at. Her husband and daughter came along too. We also stopped to pick up another friend, Loretta. We had an appointment with Martin Byrne, our guide for Carrowkeel, at noon. We were supposed to meet him at the Donkey Sanctuary which is a sort of base for the site. We got there and went up to Martin's house. His wife was called away that morning and he needed to watch over the wee ones, so he gave us directions to where we needed to be. He told us to open the gate and drive right up to the top; otherwise, it is quite a hike. We all got out and started up to the first big Cairn. You can go inside this one. It is a bit small inside, but very cool. I took out our gift. Not far in front of this location is a place they call the Sun Spot, which is occulted or hidden. There is no marker for it. It's the place where the light of this sacred site comes out of the ground and ascends to the stars. I dowsed for the correct location. The heather on this mound of mounds is quite thick, so it was easy to conceal the little gift that I left.

The Carrowkeel Star follows the layout of our solar system in miniature. The size of the Star has a diameter of about 1600 yards, which shows that it is a man-made star. Each cairn is associated with a particular planet. The layout of the cairns, stones, and ring forts also mark the annual events of the Sun's travels from solstice to equinox to solstice and the maximum and minimum rise and set of the Sun..

There is a spot there called The Pollnagotum. This spot is very important as it is sits directly on a major strata fault line which runs between all of the major cairns of this site. The central line of cairns was sited on a direct north/south line in a star layout. The cairns were placed over the configuration of the fault line to build up the energy. There is a huge open hole south of the center line of cairns which is an opening to the fault line. I had to climb down into that hole. Surprisingly, I found a small trail down to the bottom and into the hole. I climbed way down because I knew I had to place my little gift as far down as possible.

At the lowest part, right near the opening of the bottomless pit, I found a very good spot; but I had to reach into the hole to place it. I knew someone was watching me and that they were very close. So close that I felt something grab for my arm when I reached inside to gift. I quickly pulled my arm out. It really spooked me.

I had to reach back in again to place it. What a creepy feeling! Then it tipped over and I had to reach in a third time to set it upright. As I was reaching in, I felt something crawling up my arm (It reminded me of the scene in the Matrix when Neo touched the mirror and the silver climbed up his arm and enveloped him and took to the next reality). This was one of the worst experiences I've had while placing a HHg [she usually has me do it ;-) ~Don]. I really had to work at keeping myself calm enough to get the job done. I then started climbing up and out of the hole. I felt an urgency to get out of there quickly. It felt explosive.

When I got out, Melody was waiting for me at the top. She felt it too, so she was doing what she could to hold the energy back. This fault line is where the energy is built up and then forced through the Sun Spot. That's the reason this was such an important location to gift.

We then made our way back to the car, where we met some people who were friends of Michael Poynder. They'd heard that he was in West Port on the coast near Galway. He was preceding us through Ireland. On our way back to Doyle, we stopped to gift Lough Arrow, which is another important spot along Ireland's earthstar line. It is a beautiful lake with Lough Eire close by. It is really pretty there.

We went back to Boyle and did readings for some people. Anne, a friend whose acquaintance we'd made at the Tourism office, was setting these readings up. She wants to be our manager and is really a kick..We later went out to dinner with Anne and her co-worker, Emma. Emma invited us to stay the night at her house. After we visited for a while, we turned in.

When I turned off the light and got into bed, I could see that I was not alone in the room.

The visitors were shadow people, which startled me. I turned on the light and tried to figure out what was going on. I quickly got that these things live deeper in the earth than even the reptilians and had followed me from the hole at Carrowkeel. I tried to find out what they wanted, but they wouldn't communicate with me; so I shut off the light and settled back into bed.

But not long after laying down, they were there again. There were eight of them standing on both sides of the bed. I tried to use the Shiva on them, but it didn't seem to phase them. They were grabbing my arms and pulling on my wrists. I knew that they wanted to take me back to that hole in the ground to do something for them. There was no way I was going with them and I related that to them as plainly as I could, but they wouldn't leave me alone. I finally remembered that I had my succor punch with me, so I turned on the light, got it out of my bag and put it in bed with me. They backed away, but they still wouldn't leave.

I was afraid to go to sleep as I didn't know if I would still be there in the morning, but I guess I eventually fell off. I woke up in the morning with sore and visibly bruised wrists. I don't know what they did after I fell asleep, but it makes me really uncomfortable to even think about it (They still come to visit me after returning back home. They come about every other night. Don and Kelly are helping me with it).

Thursday, August 14
We drove down to look at a mound where they crowned the kings and queens of Rathmore. We decided to gift this spot because it's the center of one of the four quarters (counties) of Ireland. After that, we decided to go see the largest Fairy Hill in Ireland. We needed a break and this was a wonderful experience. We had to climb up a small hill to get to the large mound. It was so cool! At the top of the mound, there are a bunch of little fairy houses built into the rim. One of them almost looks like a castle. I brought them each a little piece of crystal and I left a little bit of my hair because I wanted them to remember me there. What a magickal place it was! You could shut your eyes and feel them all around you, flitting here and there. It was beautiful. What a nice refresher after everything else.

Friday, August 15
On Friday, we went to Crough Patrick which is a very important pilgrimage mountains for the Christians. It is a very large mountain, but we didn't want to hike to the top as we were both weary from all of our previous treks. So we decided to gift just a little way up. I got a very creepy feeling there. At the bottom of the mountain, near the bay, is a grisly memorial black sailing boat festooned with human skeletons. Apparently it memorializes the Illuminati's genocidal famines. It was horrible. How can these people get on with their lives if they are constantly reminded of that horrible past? That, along with day after day of dark, wet weather, thanks to HAARP and ancient Illuminati juju- YIKES!

The weather has been very beautiful since we started gifting almost 2 weeks ago. Everyone we come in contact with mentions how nice it has been! Just don't ask them about the historical stuff. One nice thing we saw: Irish people frequently pull down the new deathforce transmitters these days. Somebody climes up to tie on a big rope and a whole crowd just pulls until it falls down. Why can't everyone do that?

We saw more towers in Ireland than anywhere else. I guess the old world order fear the Irish people more than the rest of us.

Saturday, August 16
As we were making our way to the west coast, I noticed a castle out in a field and I knew I had to go see it. We stopped and asked some kids how to get there. They told us to go down the lane and take a right and the next road. We did and there was a man on a bike, so we asked him and he said to go to the farm house on the right and that they would let us in. We proceeded to the old farm house and was met by a wonderful little Irish woman. She was so sweet. She gave us a key and told us to walk through all the gates that said Do Not Enter. She was great.

She showed us to the first gate and we proceeded from there. When we got to the Castle wall, we had to unlock a really old gate and then we walked into the courtyard. This castle was so cool. And we had it all to ourselves! You could tell that there were very few visitors there. This is by far my favorite of the castles that we saw. It is located on R460 right before you go into Gort. We found the spiral staircase and went up the stairs to the upper levels. We found two huge owl nests, but. no babies. It was too late in the season for that. It seemed like a treasure hunt with all the beautiful feathers.

We went up to the top floor and I looked out the window. The window had a divider so that there was a top half and a bottom half of the window. I looked through the bottom half of the window and could see all the scenes and people of the past centuries and what their lives were like. It was all very serene. Then I looked through the top half of the window. What a contrast! There were death towers on the horizon in the distance. YUK! It made me really sad. I wish I had this treasure in my back yard at home. We started back to the farm house.

When we got back, the little Irish woman invited us in for a drink of water and some wonderful conversation. She was very aware of the history of the castle. Most people there don't have a clue what they have in their own back yards. It was so refreshing to talk to this lady and her husband. We had a very nice time with them. We stayed near Saint Bridget's Well in Clare that night. It is a very nice shrine. The energy there felt really nice.

Sunday, August 17
W e stopped at King John's Castle What a horrible, horrible man he was! Mercifully, we went on and found a wonderful stone circle in Lough Gur. WOW, that was neat! I could definitely see myself there in times past.

Monday, August 18
On Monday, we went to see Kildare (on the way to Kildare we saw an enormous HAARP array near Shannon Airport-if you're going to be near there, please knock it out with a couple of 12oz HHgs, okay? Do your bit to help the Irish get past all that Illuminati-induced gloom! We'd only brought 19 small gifts, so we couldn't use them on transmitters). Saint Bridget's Cathedral is here. It is a beautiful church. There are 2 nuns here still keeping the
flame lit for Bridget. As we were walking in, above the entry is a skull and bones and other masonic markings that I couldn't quite make out. That part was pretty creepy.

Tuesday, August 19
We headed for Dublin on Tuesday morning to return the rental car and make arrangements for traveling to Wales. While driving along the highway, I noticed a SUV following us. All of the SUV's windows were tinted, as is usually the case with Boss Spook vehicles. We had stopped at little out-of-the-way spots along the way and then got back on the highway, but only to see him there again-in the rear view mirror. So I finally pulled over really fast, forcing him to pass us and we Powerwanded the c*** out of him. I got into his alleged brain and learned that he was suppose to keep track of us and report our whereabouts at all times. They are really trying to keep track of us as we get closer to Dublin as there are four or five spots left in Dublin that they are really worried about. We next stopped to see the Hill of Tara.

Tara was the capital of the four realms of old Ireland: Ulster, Munster, Leinster and Connaught. It was there that the late Bronze Age Bards, Ovates, and Druids, assembled every year for the major festivals before the kings of the late centuries of the first millennium BC and on into the Iron Age. It was chosen as the capital because it's a hill that, although not very high, commands a view all around for many miles. There was a curse put on Tara by an early Christian priest/sorcerer who was so incensed by the misuse of power by the (then) King of Tara, that he extinguished the 1,500 year old ritual fires of Tara. The ritual fires of Tara was the psychic fires of the Earth energies that activated the layout of Tara. So in order to cut off Tara from it's energy, the curse took the form of a Christian stone ('plug') being set at the corner of the tiny original church within the graveyard and right over the inflow energy. By doing this, the priest effectively put in a barrier, just like putting a large boulder in the middle of a stream. The water is disupted and is forced to part and flow around it. Tara was immobilized as a sacred site and after that, its effectiveness as a place of magical power was lost. This was a deliberate act of energy manipulation performed with full knowledge of the effects. Since then, the history of Ireland has been predictable and the people of that Island have suffered for it ever since.

We gifted this site for the sake of healing the past. We walked around the site a bit and then I placed the gift in a perfect spot. The Hill of Tara is right on the main leyline from Giza. Right after I placed the gift, a big flock of ravens- at least 100 of them- flew right over our heads making a loud racket; so we knew we were right on target. About the same time, a plane looking for us had flown over the area low. We went to the old church and graveyard that was close by. As we were entering the graveyard, a big owl started hooting at us. The owl has always been one of my totem animals, so it seemed to be another confirmation. I guess we did a good job there.

When we arrived in Dublin, we made travel arrangements to go to Wales that night and returned the rental car. We also booked a tour of the Grand Masonic Lodge of Ireland for 2:30 that afternoon. After finishing our travel plans for Wales, we proceeded downtown on a bus.

We found our way back to the Masonic Temple and as we were walking up to the front of it, we noticed a Gestapo-looking guy on the front steps looking around like crazy. He was definitely watching for someone. Gee, I wonder who that could be?

By the time we got to the door, he was staring at us. The front door was open. He greeted us (if you could call it that) and when we told him we were there for the tour, he disappeared and returned a few moments later and told us to wait at the end of the hall. After going to the restroom, we found a really good place to leave our little present. We started to leave, but he blocked our exit. I told him that we didn't have time to wait around for the tour as we had to catch the ferry for Wales. He insisted that they had someone who could take just the two of us on a tour. The guide appeared and led us up the big stair case. This guy seemed really nice and Melody hit it off with him right away. So she talked with him extensively.

He took us down a little hall where he opened a big door and directly behind that was another door. There was less than a foot-wide gap between the doors. Behind the second door was the Temple Room where he started his rap. He kept repeating that the Masons were not a religious order and performed no hocus pocus. I asked why the pentagram there was right side up because the ones in the States are all upside down, but he had nothing to say about that and instead repeated that masonry has absolutely no connection with paganism. He wanted to make that point abundantly clear, but of course, the place was chock full of pagan symbolism ;-)

I went around and around the room, acting as if I was looking for a spot to leave something. I knew they were watching us very closely through their cameras and I really wanted to give them something for their time. I was making the guy a little nervous I think, because I kept moving around, looking behind the drapes, at the back of the room, under the seats, behind the pictures- the whole bit. He was funny seeing him jerk his head around trying to keep track of me while at the same time engaging Melody in a long conversation. Then he said: "When do you ladies catch your ferry? Do you have time to see the Arch Hall?" We said, "Sure, why not?" So he showed us out and along another hall. The light fixtures in that hall were very ornate. They were designed with the Masonic compass as the focal point of the light. The hall definitely looked like some sort of processional way. Then he opened a door to a very dark room and flipped on the lights.

The whole room was Egyptian. When you went into that long room you had to pass through four curtains: the first one was light blue, the second one was dark purple, the third one was red, and the fourth was white. Up near the head of the room was the altar, with a different symbol on each side of it. There was a pyramid with the All Seeing Eye, and on another side was what looked like an upside down trident. Another side had some Masonic symbols which I wasn't familiar with, and then a skull and crossbones. In front of the altar there was a trap door on the floor. Behind the altar, there were 3 throne chairs, the one in the middle being much larger than the ones flanking it. This room gave me the creeps- Big Time- and it actually felt dangerous. The man said that a lot of laughter went on in this room, but I could hardly believe that. Melody piped up and said: "Well if they don't laugh here, they gotta cry!" I was very proud of her.

He started talking about 'the broken person,' and how we are more than this physical body. Weird, I wonder what breaks when that trap door opens below the feet of the Unworthy? What I could have done there with a bunch of little Towerbusters. Oh MAN!

That night, we took a ferry from Dublin port over to Wales.

August 20-21
We spent two nights in Holyhead. There just happened to be a lady staying at the same B&B as we were, who lived in the town just next to Mark Davey's village. She said she could give us a ride the next day. This is what I call fate! So I called Mark Davey and set it up. I thought we could go there and spend one night, visit with Mark, and then go to Manchester and catch a train or bus down to southwestern England. We had made plans to spend a few days with Dominic's Mum, who lives in Holsworth, but at the last minute Melody called Mark and told him we weren't coming. So we ended up taking a bus over to Bangor in Wales. We couldn't catch another bus and had to take a train the rest of the way down to Exeter which is within an hour of Dominic's mum's house. Melody called her when we got there and she came to get us. She is a really wonderful person. We visited for a little while and then got some much needed rest.

Friday, August 22
The next day I was upset because I wanted to rent a car. I had planned to make it to Avebury, Glastonbury, and Stonehenge. It just didn't work out! We had so much of fun, though, with Jennifer, Dom's mum. On the first night, Jennifer had given us some old books and I found Carn Brea in one of them.

I had assumed it was in Wales, but it's in Cornwall, Southern England, about two hours from Jennifer's house. So off we went on our quest for Carn Brea. Carn Brea is on a ley line that is refered to as 'The Saint Michael's Line.' The site is on the edge of a little town called Redruth, Cornwall. Cornwall is known as "The Land of Merlyn."

Jennifer parked the car near the trail up the hill. She waited at the bottom for Melody and I and we proceeded up the hill. Melody went on ahead and I made my way up more slowly. I had to stop and rest three or four times. I felt really light headed because of the high energy there. When I finally got to the top, there was no sign of Melody. I dowsed for the best spot was to put my little gift.

Carn Brea is where they would light the first fire of the Summer Solstice. Once it was lit there, they would continue lighting fires on hilltops across the region. There is a lot of activity on top of this little hill. I walked around the big stone cairn and it was really cool. Very big. Then I noticed I was being watched.

I looked up the hill and sure enough, there were two MI5 agents, a man and a woman, near the huge Celtic Cross on the top of the hill. The man had a pair of binoculars and the woman had a telephoto camera. They were both looking down at me with their binoculars and camera. I walked around and pretended to place my gift in at least 10 places. Then I looked back up the hill and they were still watching. So I turned around and stared back and them and then I waved up at them. Then they turned and walked down the back side of the hill. After they were gone I placed my Holy Handgrenade.They were there ahead of us, so they knew we were coming. That only happened there and at the Masonic Temple. Everywhere else, they came after the fact, just like the Homeland Security Abominations in America...

Jennifer took us to Roseworthy where her family's home is. We found it and she was very excited about it. She then gave us a tour of the moors. It is so beautiful up there! She had seen a stone circle in that area and she wanted to show it to us. We finally found it and it was wonderful. In the middle of this ancient circle was a stone with a candle and flowers. Some had been there not long before us and had done a spell. It was really nice.

Saturday, August 23
The next day, we went out to the moors east of Jennifer's house. Morte [French for "Death"] Point is out there and Dominic wanted us to check it out. WOW, what an experience that was!

Morte Point is located just outside of Mortehoe in County Devon. This hill has an evil portal. We got there and it was still fogged in at 1P.M. in the afternoon. The fog usually lifts by 11:00A.M. or noon. Jennifer went to look at her Aunt's grave while we walked up the path to Morte Point. It was so foggy, I was thinking to myself that there must be a lot of people who get lost here. By the time we got to the third rise, after entering this place, I started picking up on something very big and evil. I looked up the next rise and there it was-a huge, black hole/portal. WOW!..I walked up close to it and bent over to place the HHg on the ground right at the opening. When I was bent over, I could feel something brush up against me. I looked up and I saw what looked like a bunch of thin blackish arms or snakelike things reaching out at me. As you can imagine, I took a really big step back. This hole smelled like rotten meat, like death or vultures. I could tell that these things were carrion eaters. YUK, what a smell!

When I took that giant step backward, I noticed that there were not just one portal, but three. I looked 'down' the one on my right and I could see- as plain as day- Montauk. I knew what it looked like because Don and I were there a couple of years ago. On my left was the third portal. I looked down that one and I couldn't see the end. It was very dark, like the middle one. I got immediately that this was one of the places the World Order hierarchy bring people that they want to get rid of without actually murdering them, per se.. They bring them here and throw them into the center black hole. I bet a lot of people have gone missing from this location. This place is literally dripping with death..As we were leaving, up drove the MI5/6 agents- right on cue. Jennifer said that lots and lots of folks wind up missing on Morte Point and their remains are never found. These snaky carnivorous people are the same ones that accosted me after I put a HHg in the hole at Carrrowkeel. We'd never even read or heard about this predatory, non-humanoid species, but they're obviously in cahoots with the Illuminati..

We did some tourist stuff and then headed back to Jennifer's. On our way back, we came across a huge, very new, weather ball. It is located just North of South Morton. It is very close to a crossroad if that helps. I didn't have an extra HHg to leave there. It is really hard to drive by something like that and not gift it, so if you're out that way, please have your way with that weatherball! They are heinous.

Sunday, August 24
Jennifer took us to a spot called The Hurlers. What a neat place it was. It had three stone circles and a lot of other interesting stuff. Wonderful energy there! We noticed that the earth energy in Ireland responded much faster than ii did in England when we did our gifting there. We had a picnic and really enjoyed ourselves.

Monday, August 25
The next morning, Jennifer took us to the airport for our trip back to Dublin. After we landed in Dublin, I made up my mind that I had to gift the last spot on my list. So we caught the bus downtown from the airport. The tourism guy helped us find the street that the The Theological Society was on and away we went. It is so hard to gift downtown Dublin because there are very few places to hide a HHg. Anyway, when we got to the Theological Society, but again, there was no place to gift, so I started looking around. I found a spot that was within about 100 yards from their front door. They were not expecting us this time. And as they say: 'The third time is the charmer.'

We gifted this place simply because 'Cbswork' told us it was an important target and apparently closely related to the Illuminati's predatory efforts in Ireland. It seemed like a fitting place for our last Holy Handgrenade.

We flew home the next day. All in all, it was quite a trip!

Carol Croft

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