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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft

Episode 6
Road Warriors of Sorts
Part 1

By Don Croft <>
May 2001

When we returned to Grassy Key, Florida the weather was seasonally warm and breezy and the perpetual smog had gone, thanks to the cloudbuster.  Carol had the impression that the humans, and especially the ET’s in the undergroud base at Homestead AFB were at their wits end trying to get their technology back online.  I wish I knew why a cloudbuster neutralizes weather manipulation equipment.

We’d noticed that for several days after we left, the weather map on CNN showed perpetual thunderstorms directly over the base but not anywhere else in the vicinity.  That had stopped when we returned and the atmosphere above Homestead was clear of smog.

Apparently, the ‘secret’ base had been built at a time when the telltale mountain of excavated soil and rock was not considered noticeable by the public.  Now, I think they move it to other locations when they build the underground bases—kind of like the prisoners of war in that movie with Steve McQueen and Charls Bronson from the sixties who were tunneling out of the Nazi POW camp.

Parasites rely on the host not knowing of their presence and there’s been enough public discussion of underground bases in recent years to cause them to be more discreet, I  believe.

Can anyone tell me why some people don’t want to confront evil and call it by its name?  In my version of a perfect world, everyone takes a stand to either confront evil or assist it.  It’s hard for me to have respect for anyone who does neither.  I don’t own a gun or advocate harming evildoers except to stop them from harming others.

Bohemian Grove
For instance, while the world’s  ‘leaders’ are engaging in pedophelia outside Guernyville, California, why doesn’t the local sheriff exercise his obligation and arrest them all?  Many locals know they do it every year around the summer solstice and busloads of young children are seen arriving there  before, and leaving after the ceremonies (at least, the surviving ones leave by bus).  The county and state courts would be obligated to convict them based on the testimony of multiple witnesses, no doubt. It really isn’t complicated.  That sheriff has more actual power than all of the pedophiles and their minions combined.

I guess the lukewarm fence sitters who believe that reality is a big gray area really do believe that those silly politicians who blather on the TV, in Congress and the Oval Office, ad nauseum,  really do run the show.  May God grant that their fences may all become electrified.  That will get a little passion into them, at least.

These dried up old parasites get together for the Bilderberger meetings, Council on Foreign Relations meetings, International Monetary Fund meetings,   World Bank meetings, UN Secruity Council meetings, US Presidential cabinet meetings, etc., but only at Bohemian Grove do they openly commit predatory acts immediately punishable by law.  Maybe next year somebody will do something constructive about it.  Some might argue that these oddities are so shut down, emotionally, that they have to molest and ritually murder children and infants in order to actually feel any strong emotion, but I think even the most resolute fence-sitter will agree that this is no excuse.

 The Sherriff would be an international hero overnight if even just the internet covered the event.  No doubt ABC, NBC, CNN, BBC, NPR, and CBS will be discussing the latest trivia instead of reporting the event beyond a brief mention around 3AM, before the censors have had their cappuccinos.  Don’t you know that these criminals not only wish to continue harming us, but are deathly afraid of exposure?

Nuremburg was aborted by the lawyers’ and Dr. Jung’s machinations, I believe (the ‘collective guilt of the Germans’ myth was Jung’s gift to the postwar Nazis) despite the gallant efforts of Whittaker Chambers and the American Jewish Congress, but this would be cleaner, with less muss and fuss.  You don’t have to say anything—just think about it.

The sherriff’s deputies could be polite and even use padded handcuffs on them—maybe Greyhound buses instead of  schoolbuses or cattle trucks, to take them to jail.  I think 30 Billion dollars bail each would keep most of them locked up until the trial, at least..

I’m way ahead of myself here, since the Bohemian Grove was the last of our US projects, on this trip, at least.  I’ve read the witness reports, victims’ testimonies, and many documented works by writers concerning the criminal activites of the alleged new world order.  For you to believe me, you would have to see the same material.  I guess I’ll have to be satisfied by expressing my opinion, though I dearly wish to convince everyone that this is true.  If I were to keep all the books, videos and articles that I’ve read and studied on this subject, I’d need to haul a third trailer, so I’m opting for the shorthand method in hopes that the thoughts I’ve expressed will resonate with a critical mass of readers.  I might copy Taylor Caldwell’s bibliography, which is mainly made up of contemporary documentation from mainstream publications, though I favor the black and Jewish authors who publish under LaRouche’s banner and some of the John Birch Society literature (they backed a black presidential candidate, Alan Keyes).  Eustace Mullins is a particularly vigorous documentor.

Acknowledging The Predators
Just as catharsis is a healing process for someone directly involved in these criminal activities, so is the acknowledgment that they exist good for the soul of the citizens of the planet.  I wish I knew for sure why white Americans are the demographic group which is most resistant to considering this information.  Is it because they feel that their unequivocal economic hegemony may be threatened by exposing these ‘benefactors?’  Food for thought…Is loss of credit more unthinkable to them than the establishement of a true world commonwealth based on individual freedom and responsibility?  Under that paradigm, they’ll be even more prosperous, since there will be no predatory agencies laying traps for taking their wealth.  Is any group more worthy of the twisted assessments of such a malignant mind controller as Sigmund Freud than the  pale-skinned purveyors of western democratic liberalism?  Yikes.

Al Bielek told us that the combined militaries of the planet did get together to divert Hale-Bopp from hitting the planet (it was guided from the Draconian ship that was seen behind it intermittently) so there’s already some infrastructure for a united world in addition to the internet.

The internet was set up by the military, and I believe a faction of them are protecting it from being usurped by the felonious feds and the international Gestapo. I’m sure I’m expressing thoughts that many people have but are unwilling to share publicly.  I think you’ll find that there’s no retribution waiting for anyone that openly speaks about this on the internet. You sure as hell won’t hear them expressed in an objective way on any of the media owned by the celebrants at the Bohemian Grove debauchery—yes, including NPR, which gets most of its money from the Rockefellers, Carnegie-Mellon, et al.  They admittedly only get 3% of their budget from the ‘public’ in their fund drives.

We started driving north on Overseas Highway in the Florida Keys around 9PM on May 22, 2001.  About five minutes into the journey, a UFO slowly flew across the road in front of the Zapporium at about 100 feet altitude.  When I first saw its flashing light I thought it was a helicopter, but when it was very close, I could see that the bottom was very flat and exgtended for about a 20 foot radius.  Carol later told me (she was following in the car) that they were from the ‘secret’ base and wanted to be sure we were leaving (no doubt!). That night we slept in a highway rest area south of Ft. Pierce.

I woke with a start at 3AM and noticed a very bright light in the southeast.  It was much brighter than any star or planet I’d seen, so I went outside to see if there were other stars visible.  There weren’t, but when the sun rose, Venus was in the position I’d seen the light in.  I’m hesitant to say this was a ship, though Carol later told me that we’d gotten the attention of the Venusians that inspired NicolaTesla.  She says they’re nerdy, technical types.

When she was under Wright-Patterson, a creature with very long arms and a look that reminds her of Jaja Big of the latest STAR WARS movie noticed her.  She later saw some of these fellows under Homestead AFB.  She now says that the ones involved with the alleged government here are renegades, not of the group that worked with Tesla and are observing us.  She says the bunch that guided Tesla enjoy watching some of our movies, including Matrix, Johnny Mnemonic, Mystery Men, etc.  They don’t care for X-Files for some reason.

The Terminator, AIDS, and B Sirians
We drove to Atlanta to see our good friend, Steven White, who had arranged our visit with Al Bielek.   Al couldn’t meet with us this time, as he was getting ready for a trip, but we spent a very pleasant evening with Steven and his family.  Steven has begun to promote the Terminator to black civic and church groups in Atlanta, as it’s a sure cure for AIDS. We send zappers to our African friend in Namibia for distribution among AIDS sufferers there and he’s having 100% success. There’s something else you probably won’t hear about on NPR ;-) since their corporate sponsors are actively trying to depopulate Africa with bioweapons, including AIDS, all of which are neutralized in the body by any zapper on the market.

The cloudbuster was set up to point above and ahead of us. It was cold, blustery and overcast when we got to Tennessee and stopped for the night. By morning it was sunny and breezy, contrary to the predictions of meteorologists. This has happened repeatedly since then. The next day there were a couple of  very large lenticular clouds nearby (uncharacteristic for that area) which Carol said were hiding some very large B Sirian craft. They were gone a few minutes later as we began driving toward St. Louis.

Luna Mound, St. Louis
On the way through Kentucky we could see the dark clouds part ahead of us as we drove, though is remained fairly cold and windy.  This kept up all day until we got within 30 miles of St. Louis.

We saw a line of thunderheads, arranged from north to south, from horizon to horizon, 20 miles east of St. Louis.  There were no breaks between them and they had an artificial look.  I’d read that this is characteristic of weather control technology which uses standing electromagnetic waves to contain and direct weather fronts.  If you remember seeing the satellite photos of the weather during the flooding of the Midwest in 1991, this was obvious.  Natural weather fronts are curved every time.

As we approached the stormfront, an opening appeared ahead of us. The storm line was only about 3 miles wide, though there were very tall, but square,  cumulonimbus clouds in the center.  Having plowed an opening through the dense cloud cover with the cloudbuster, I stopped to take a picture for posterity. Carol was anxious to tell me that the clouds were full of B Sirian craft who were actively engaged in mutilating farm animals and pets in the surrounding countryside, and would I mind shooting at them with the cloudbuster?  She learned telepathically that this was  preparatory work for a planned invasion of countless thousands, perhaps millions of B Sirians, who would then begin eating us—all in conformity with their agreement with the fellows at Bohemian Grove that I mentioned earlier.  Am I getting anyone’s attention?

This time they didn’t shoot out into space but lost control of their craft and collided with each other.  They weren’t brought down but they had to stop what they were doing.  Carol told me that the Draconian that was attached to our cord was laughing at them.  Laughter is a sign that emotions are being expressed, so I took this as a good omen. The sun would soon set, so we decided to spend the night near Cahokia Mounds, east of St. Louis.

The largest mound, named Luna, is shaped like the base of a pyramid.  I’d seen a display in the interpretive center there, based on excavations, that showed a village with houses made of papyrus, identical to the ones the Marsh Arabs still build near the mouth of the Tigris River.  Thor Heyerdahl had proven decades ago that Mesopotamians had populated Easter Island prior to the arrival of the Polynesians, though of course the human history of Easter Island was more likely begun many millennia before that..

Ancient Settlers
Professor Barry Fell, an oceanographer at Harvard, had later proven that the population of North America, from coast to coast, included Egyptians, Phoenicians, North Africans and Celts from Spain and Portugal.  This proof was finalized partly by the analysis of runic inscriptions found in stone throughout the continent, which gave the names of the people present and the dates of the carvings.

 There was no date found later than 1300BC.  Velikovsky claimed that a worldwide catastrophe at that time effectively ended the Egyptian empire.  There are Egyptian hieroglyphics carved in stone near Mt. Shasta, though they could be Atlantean, as they created the ancient Egyptian culture, I believe. Copper ingots, identical to the ones from Egyptian mines, have been unearthed near Chicago, and there are countless Egyptian artifacts in caves near the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. The sacred languages of some of the Southwest Native American tribes are found verbatim in sacred texts found in Libya and other North African nations.

Dr. Fell first discovered the remains of Egyptian culture in Polynesia, in the same places that Heyerdahl began his quest.  When I stayed in Western Samoa I was struck by the similarity there of ceremonial dress and people’s names to Egyptian illustrations and names.  I was given Barry Fell’s book shortly after that.

‘Missouri’ is said to mean ‘people of the long wooden ships’ in the native language, and Cahokia was known to be a trading center that predated the Indian culture there. The Jesuits set up headquarters on Luna Mound in the 1700’s. I naturally assume that they already knew something about the pre-Columbian activities there, considering their mandate to know everything there is to know about everything. There were plenty of other, more suitable places in the area for them to set up shop.

I asked Carol to look at the energy at the mound and she said it was a vortex created artificially by an Atlantean  device buried under the base of the mound, similar to what we found at the Oregon Vortex, at the huge tree on the coast near Corpus Christi, the extensive vortex east of Bimini, and at the blue holes. We haven’t looked at how the mound vortex lines up with those and other sites, but we soon will.

I suppose it goes without saying that the B Sirians were siphoning the energy of that vortex.  We have the impression that they won’t be able to operate efficiently on our level until they’ve absorbed sufficient earth energy from these vortices, and they seem to be concentrating their efforts within the United States, perhaps because of some deal they made with the Bush (both) and Clinton administrations. Their treasonous deals with the communist Chinese would be misdemeanors compared to this.

Though this wasn’t on our initial list of 13 vortices to apply HHg’s to, Carol was instructed to put on on the mound and also  to ‘shoot the moon’ one more time.  As it was late and we were being surveilled by some park security people, I simply put the base of the CB on the ground and held the pipes in position while Carol directed me to move it until she could feel the effect was accomplished on the moon.  We kept this up for a half hour or so, and loaded the CB back into the Zapporium.  Carol also told me that the park personnel were being used by ET’s to watch us up close.  I’m glad she has a sense for this, since it came in handy later.  Just as shamans can look through the eyes of animals, ET’s can do so through susceptible humans (most white Americans can be used this way because of the resounding success of the brainwashing program directed at them).  Anyone who is drunk or stoned has no control over being used this way by ET’s or shamans..  Humans aren’t as proficient at using other humans this way, as far as we know, but agents are able to direct people who have been successfully subjected to the CIA’s MK Ultra Program.

When I started the Zapporoium steam came out the exhaust.  The B Sirians had broken my head gaskets, which were less than a year old.  This is the only time we’ve gotten any retribution for stopping their fun.  I drove to a mechanic in Missouri the next day, having gone through about 6 gallons of water in the radiator to get there. As it was the day before Memorial Day weekend, we had to wait four days before the mechanic could work on the engine.

My mom, sister and stepfather live in the St. Louis area, as do my old friends, T and K, who helped me get started in the zapper business 5 years earlier by getting lots of very sick people to use zappers and subsequently get well quickly,  and they’re also in the metaphysical healing trade now.

Being a naturally antsy person, I wouldn’t likely have spent quality time with any of them if the engine hadn’t broken down that way.  Here’s another example of Wingmaker assistance (intervention?).  They used the retribution of the B Sirians to everyone’s advantage, since T and I made a cloudbuster and it’s clearing the weather and smog in the whole St. Louis metropolitan area and surrounding countryside now  [this is the one which was first discovered to destroy chemtrails, for which cloudbusters are primarily used throughout North America and Europe now, March 2002].

We spent some time with my family, too, which was very nice for all of us.

Manipulated Meteorology & Metaphysics
The cloudy, cold and windy weather cleared within hours of our arrival at Luna Mound, of course, and remained pleasant and warm, though it rained off and on for days.  There had been a drought before that, of sorts. That is to say it was overcast a great deal, but hadn’t rained.  This is a sure sign of weather manipulation.  In the earth’s fashion, when it gets cloudy, it rains, then it clears up. Strong winds are also not a normal feature of our planet’s balanced weather. There was no strong wind during our visit but as we drove southwest after leaving St. Louis,  we encountered a lot of wind and overcast skies. The wind was blowing toward St. Louis, but K has kept me updated by email and that wind never reached them.

I was amused to hear that K and T’s neighbors, who normally ask them about everything they do outdoors, studiously avoided mentioning the cloudbuster, which was set up in the front yard next to the Zapporium. I’d think the Zapporium, at least, would have drawn some comment or question. I wonder if both were invisible to the neighbors. The ones next door were town officials.  I suggested that even if K had explained it all to them it may have sounded to them like she was speaking Chinese.  People reading this on metaphysical lists will know exactly what I mean.

In fairness, when I first met James Hughes, he talked to me about metaphysical things, mainly energy, and it sounded a little like gibberish, though I was spellbound.  Only after He and Rose Mary had worked with me on their grid, activating my kundalini, did I begin to understand what he was talking about.  This was even after I’d spent a year with my second wife making flower essences, having almost daily visions, and hearing  stories of her interaction with elementals and ET’s.  I wonder how far out it would have seemed if I hadn’t encountered her before meeting James.  I’m not using the names of people who wouldn’t appreciate scrutiny as a result of my writing. It fascinates me that I started marching along a metaphysical path right after I cured my life-long depression in 12 hours with my first zapper in 1996.

Don Croft

Episode 7, Road Warriors Part 2

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