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An Alien Presence Beyond Moscow Mountain

By Don Croft <>
Oct. 3, 2003

October 1, 2003
I was wondering why everything seems so peaceful around here, assuming that just becasue the German Illuminati scheissvoegel who were planning our demise have left our town it doesn't mean that The Old Villain has conceded victory to Carol and I, locally ;-)

By the way, Laozu Kelly and I drove up to the mansion/barracks last week to check up on them and, sure enough, the only vehicles we saw were a tractor and an old car, which probably belong to the caretaker. Generally, extremely wealthy people don't allow a tractor or a junker to be parked beside a mansion.

Homeland Red Cars
Two months ago they had a fleet of brand new, red SUVs. By the way, if you're in the US you may find that the Homeland Security Abominations who follow you around on your 'gifting' missions in red cars are the psychics. These turd knockers all seem to think they're invincible.

Don't let any of those rats follow you, by the way. If you havent' stopped them doing that by now, why not? Make them afraid of you! It's the only way to get their respect.

A huge military convoy converged on Laird State Park last week, so we're going to go disable the new underground base there today. That park is located just beyond Moscow Mountain, which is actually a long, very high, east-west ridge at the end of the Palouse Range that forms the northern boundary of the valley we're in. I bet they thought we wouldn't hear about their activities there but I overheard one of the postal clerks saying that there were helicopters flying all around her house, which is close to Laird State Park, and the only places they can stick these bases is under land that will never be excavated or mined privately. The State Park is surrounded by the St. Joe National Forest.

Carol's daughter encountered the military convoy during the time the postal clerk reported seeing all those helicopters, so we simply put two and two together and Carol paid an astral visit to the new underground base last night.

Think globally, Act locally
Some alien reptiles had established their own little underground base in Emida, north of there, apparently in the late 1800s, before the whites even got here en masse, and Emida has a reputation for weirdness that can only be explained by an inordinate level of reptilian DNA in the locals' blood. The nearby Coeur d'Alene Indian tribe nearby also has a lot of lizards in it.

Carol and I boxed the predatory reptilians and their huge ship underground a couple of years ago, soon after which most of them chose to join the nice reptilians in Florida (we removed the HHg temporarily to let them out) but the Homeland Security Abomination lately expropriated the HHg that we'd put in their surface portal and those witless jerks have apparently made a pact with the now-liberated alien predators not dissimilar to the way the American OSS liberated the mafiosi in Sicily in 1944 in order to make the Mafia work for the CIA a little bit later on. Mussolini was about to execute them all, which is why Patton went to strategically-useless Sicily first instead of invading Italy.

Carol and I assume that they set up that new base in order to have an operational center dedicated to erasing her and I. It feels nice to be wanted.

She and her two grown kids drove fifty miles to Emida last night, armed, and found that the HHg that we hid there had been removed after some feds were seen riding around in white SUVs with blacked out windows in that area lately. She laid a lot of TBs around there but we need to get back there and especially to the new underground base and kick some Homeland Security Abomination and alien A$$ shortly.

I clearly saw one of the reptiles last year there, by the way, after I'd removed the HHg to let some more of them out. They move REALLY fast! After we shut them underground some of them wanted to abandon the predatory lifestyle, so we arranged for the nice reptilians in Florida/Bahamas/Cuba/Yucatan to take them in. There were only a few incorrigibles left, so we just left them underground, cut off from their food source (animals and people).

I love this stuff. I wasn't at the point where I was getting bored, but I was pining for a little 3D action.

I'll let you know what transpires.

October 3, 2003

Yesterday, I took over fifty Towerbusters and four holy handgrenades, plus a bag of thirteen TB flubs (some of the resin was improperly catalyzed ) to the stretch from Potlatch, Idaho (north of Moscow Mountain) through Emida to finish what Carol and I started two years ago.

Since I wrote the first part of this piece earlier this week Carol went to Emida to lay a line of TBs along the road by which the old alien ship had been secreted. She put one down ever mile for a distance of 13 miles from the Indian Reservation, ending at Emida. The ship had moved after the feds removed the holy handgrenade that trapped it under ground, so this was designed to create an initial energy barrier.

She visited the home at the end of that road in Emida who are the unconscious conduits for some of the trouble we've been getting. I'm not going to mention specifics in this case but suffice to say that one of Carol's family members have been compromised by this family's activities.

The mother in this family is often seen in two places at once and is overheard speaking with her sons even when the sons are at work and in school. The sons are heard to participate in this discussion, which is actually telepathic but heard physically by bystanders. Reptilians typically communicate this way and many people in Emida have enough reptilian DNA that they don't apparently think twice about doing this.

Another common feature in Emida is that they often enter a house without opening the door. This is the feature that allows reptilians to move their ships through hyperdimensional portals which you and I would not see even sense standing on those spots. The portals are difficult to create, which is why closing their native hive portals takes them out of action for so long.

The Sound of Silence
The village's commercial center is a single café. Linda Kingsbury, Carol's close local friend, fellow reputable professional psychic and confidant and her son once stopped at that café a few years ago and were astonished when the occupants became silent when they entered and remained silent until after they'd closed the door behind them. Before and after, they could hear a lot of voices through the closed door. She and Carol, not long after that, independently found the portal that the big ship was getting in and out of its cavern through and a couple of years after that, Carol and I closed that portal.

Everyone in the area considers Emida exceptionally weird. The general assumption is that this strange behavior is from inbreeding but in fact it's because of the inordinate number of near-purebred reptilians among the population.

Anyone who's traveled a bit probably has been to a small town or village where inbreeding has handicapped a lot of people. You might see some six-fingered hands and tiny adult heads in that case but NOT any evidence of widespread high psychism and psychokinesis, as is commonly seen among the people in Emida.

The strangest part, to me, is that these folks consider all of that normal and obviously don't even consider that the rest of the population is not like them.

Carols' ex in nearby St. Maries, Idaho went to high school with the mother of that household and never mentioned her to Carol, who moved to St. Maries when she was already an adult. The high school in St. Maries is small enough that every student knows every other one. The kids from Emida were pretty well ostracized by the rest, so it's not surprising that their 'gifts' would not be appreciated instead of feared in the overall madness that characterizes the social dynamics in most public education institutions in America.

Laird State Park
Last weekend, when Carol's daughter encountered the large military convoy entering Laird State Park, just north of Moscow Mountain, we weren't aware that this had anything at all to do with the presence of that big ship under Emida and lately I've been assuming that they were setting up a new base of operations to take Carol and I out. I wasn't being egocentric; the regime have been making one plot after another to kill us since we first made a cloudbuster almost three years ago, which is why I started publishing my reports in the first place. Notoriety on the internet, even on a very small scale, is one's best protection these days.

Carol went to Emida, which is twice as far from here as Laird SP, on a sort of reconnaissance mission three days ago, with a HHg for the reptilian mom (she graciously accepted it) and some gifts along the road for the reptilian controllers.

Local Reptilians
The modus operendi of the local reptilians is mainly to feed on the life force of the locals. This is a gradual, parasitic process so Carol wasn't in any danger. They regularly abduct others in order to implant devices that will ensure closer access to the person's energy.

It's SO important not to hate any of these entities! I can't stress that enough. I'm a little distressed at the 'new xenophobia' centered on native reptilians. We're all like Marco Polo now among the Mandarins these days, folks. Just like with 100% humans it's advisable to exercise a little discernment and realize that no sentient specie is intrinsically bad and all are potentially capable, at least, of spiritual progress toward our common Maker.

For example, when Muhammad appeared among the Arabs it was common for people to slay an infant daughter and throw the body into the foundation of a new house as a 'blessing,' and mobs could easily be incited to commit mayhem through a little 'media' influence (clever, recited poetry). With a little guidance and exemplary behavior of the Prophet and His followers these Arabs very soon became the planet's civilizing force, restoring ancient knowledge and personal freedom/responsibility and subsequently even bringing poor Europe out of its Dark Age. One of the reasons I stress the importance of personal faith (religious or otherwise) is that it's through faith that 'Satanic strengh' is 'transformed into Heavenly Power.' This is a scientific/spiritual process and in the emerging paradigm one may no longer distinguish science from spirituality. Dr. Reich knew that but in his day it was still impossible to express this simple truth without paying a heavy penalty to The Old Villain.

As I mentioned, most of the crew of that ship turned out to be friendly after we drew some clear boundaries with them.

Nobody, human or otherwise, is likely to 'give' you respect because most sentient beings, certainly including humans, don't have a conscience. We have to demand respect when disrespect has been demonstrated. We do that by drawing boundaries. This can take a rather proactive form, which is why we've had to develop the Powerwand and other devices.

If you're a person who has a conscience you're going to have to work smart if you wish to exercise it's expression because The Old Villain, who's an interplanetary 'entity,' (thoughtform) by the way, is mandated to destroy people of conscience whenever they express their convictions. The trick, folks, is to enjoy the tussle. I bet nobody ever told you that. When we consider that all such struggles are for the benefit of our spiritual growth, we may stop seeing them as threatening or repugnant. Here's where personal faith plays an integral role. Any fool can be 'good' as a hermit but the real challenge these days is to express one's goodness publicly and confidently.

Back to yesterday:

I asked Carol where the four HHgs should go. I dowsed the number using a pendulum in one hand and a Succor Punch in the other, as usual, so I had no doubt that I was taking the right number. She said to put two by Laird State Park, which is the a surface entry for the new base under Harvard Hill, and one at the top of the pass over Harvard Hill, and one past Emida, which is at the bottom on the other side of Harvard Hill (it's actually 6,000' Bald Mountain, in the St. Joe National Forest). She said to put the sticky TBs in the bag in the Palouse River next to where her daughter saw that bunch of camo-clad feds get out of their white SUV fedmobile last week. It's a couple of miles downstream from Laird SP.

The Federal Bureau of Brazil Boys
I didn't encounter any feds until near the end of the gifting mission that day. On the way to and from Laird from the highway (two miles) there was only one house and in front of that, across the road, was a boss fedmobile with the characteristic array of little antennae sticking up from the roof of the cab (they're quite thin and small, so you need to get pretty close to see them), but nobody was about in the vehicle or outside the house. The state park had been closed for a week or so and a locked gate was across the entrance. The large Boy Scout camp next to it was also abandoned.

On the way north from that side trip, I stopped at the requisite spot and tossed the sticky TBs into the little river and then the HHg, at the pass six miles further uphill. No feds drove by from either direction, so they obviously didn't even know I was there yet.

I continued laying Towerbusters every mile along the highway, past Emida, and tossed a couple into a very polluted pond beside the road by the village itself. We'll monitor the status of that pond. We cleared a the similarly polluted stream that runs through our town with a few TBs last summer-it took two months in this case to turn the water transparent. I took the first right hand turn after that and drove along a gravel logging (US Forest Service) road, leaving TBs every mile, until I got to a locked gate six miles ahead, on a ridge overlooking Emida from the south, and left the remaining HHg there.

The first fed accosted me as I turned off the paved highway and onto that road. Carol told me that he instantly recognized me right off and was quite angry. That's why he shouted at me, I guess. There was no other traffic on that road. Generally, you take your life in your own hands if you venture onto a logging road while there's any logging going on because those log-truck drivers drive like they're possessed and there's only one lane. It's more like a train track than a road on those days ;-)

Carol had told me that when she left her body to look at what she'd done with that line of TBs around Emida a few days before, she saw a huge, predatory (to the bad guys) orgone serpent rising up from that little pathway, so I was making a sort of orgone Medusa's head for the reptiles and the feds that day.

In the receding paradigm, shifting alliances allowed inveterate enemies to temporarily join together to destroy a common enemy. What we're finding is that this is no longer feasible or even necessary. Carol, after astrally visiting the new underground base, learned that they'd been planning that one for a year and it was designed to be an outpost for monitoring the old reptile 'colony' in Emida, not to snuff her and I, though the latter had lately become a secondary agenda for them. My purpose yesterday was to disable both of those factions' ability to do harm to humanity. Are you familiar with Phil Schneidler's story about the time he guided a Delta Force contingent to a similar underground base? He was the only human survivor of that assault and was left there by the fleeing offworlders to die. I have the video in which he poses with the hand with the missing fingers over the huge scar in the center of his chest where one of the reptiles shot him with an energy weapon.

Isn't it nice that none of us have to encounter the bad guys quite like that? We don't have a clue about why the feds took away our HHg that was holding the ship and the remaining crew trapped, but of course it's always an exercise in madness to try to get into the head of any predator, human or otherwise, so I'm content to leave that riddle alone for now. The only problem that caused for us was some personal disruption, which is why Carol and I made those little trips this week.

After I did that logging road, I did one more with my remaining six towerbusters. This one led directly out of the village itself, toward Bald Mountain, which sports a huge new deathforce array, by the way. No doubt my ministrations yesterday have neutralized all those towers. Why do you suppose it is that The Old Villain insists on marking most of its underground facilities for us with these obtuse erections? ;-) Priapus has nothing on The Old Villain.

Not surprisingly, the very last towerbuster got tossed at mile six, which was marked by a locked gate across the road.

Let In The Clowns
Right after I got back to the village I was tailed by a fedmobile. This must have been a newbie because he was stupid enough for me to easily see him. After I pulled over to force him to pass me, I used Doc von Peters' global cloudbuster artillery barrage on him through my Succor Punch, which I always leave turned on when I'm on a mission. He raced ahead, out of sight around a turn, then I saw his empty vehicle parked by the road just after that. He was either lying down in the white SUV or was in the bushes, making a mess ;-)

On the way over the Harvard Hill pass I encountered six or seven more fedmobiles, each of which got a friendly wave and a complementary artillery blast from me.

The last fed, and the most persistent, tried to follow me onto US95 on the way south to Moscow Mountain's pass and then home. I made him pass me and then immediately blasted him, after which he pulled right over to let me go by, then stupidly tried to follow me again. A mile later, when I got to the US95 intersection, I indicated a right turn. He put his left turn signal on and when I turned left in front of him, he turned left after that and immediately parked by the side of the road ;-) His face looked kind of funny, I thought. I guess he hadn't heard about my little highway pastime. This is a lot more fun than counting Volkswagen Beetles on road trips, folks. You should try it! You'll have the opportunity if you go disable some deathforce towers. I've been in rural areas on my gifting missions at times and seen three fedmobiles with me in Four Way Stop intersections. Really! Back then, I didn't know how to blast them. Now that I can do that I rarely see them nearby any more unless they're particularly frustrated and angry.

I forgot to mention that I saw four reptiles yesterday: three in Emida and one on the other side of the mountain. I saw them as fast-moving uncharacteristic shadows in the sunlight. I know they were mad as hell, but because I had my Harmonic Protector on I didn't feel any of their animosity. The mother in that household is often seen moving about that way. Carol and her son saw her do that when they were in her house a few days ago. They can't attack you if you're not afraid of them, at any rate. All predators are that way.

~Don Croft


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