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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft

Episode 72

The Universal Nature of This Project & New Opportunities/Insights

By Don Croft <>
Oct. 28, 2003

We're finding that there are health benefits which go along with the 'preventive maintenance' of hitting predators who insinuate themselves into our field of vision, both physical and pschic. After we started busting up their new entropy transmitters a couple of years ago we began getting poisoned whenever we left town and at times even when we were at home. I think this is how they gradually eliminate their enemies these days so that it doesn't look like murder. If you look at the uncharacteristic obesity and pallor of folks like Phil Schneider and Preston Nichols I think you're seeing the effects of the poisoning. Of course, those guys didn't know about zappers. Any zapper on the market will mostly disable these poisons, apparently, which is why we wear them constantly when we're on missions.

The terrific liver/kidney/immune tinctures we got from Doc von Peters take the cake for blasting that stuff into oblivion, though. We'd been searching for years for some boosters like this because, between early 1999 and the middle of last year every breathing person in North America, Europe, Australia/New Zealand and South America was grievously poisoned by mycoplasma from chemtrails; not once but almost daily. This gradually wrecked the kidneys/livers/immune responses of millions of people; hence the 'fibromyalgia,' 'chronic fatigue,' and various other new endemics of chronic illness.

When the number of cloudbusters apparently reached critical mass in these regions the chemtrails' bioweapon components apparently stopped working and most people spontaneously recovered a reasonable level of health soon afterward. The ones who didn't recover can now recover by getting any zapper on the market and by using these tinctures, or something equivalent, in order to get their kidneys, livers and immune responses back up to snuff again and therefore stop suffering. There are lots of claims for healing products out there, but in fact the bottom line, for us, seems to be to kill the pathogenic organisms with electricity while re-establishing the healthy functions of the kidneys and liver, mainly, at least in relation to the massive poisoning that we all experienced from chemtrails' biological weaponry for at least three years. There are other causes of illness, of course.

Apparently, 'phase two' of the biological warfare component of the chemtrail program was to have been the genocide kicker because without beating down the immune responses of the masses of people in these regions, most would only get a mild dose from these otherwise deadly diseases in phase two, which will now never happen. Notice that the media whores aren't talking about anthrax, smallpox or any other of their master's biological weapons any more. They're not talking about it because they've abandoned that agenda. Nor did the engineered 'epidemic' that started in Toronto [SARS] ever spread as promised. There are lots and lots of encouraging signs of failed Illuminati agendae now, and more coming shortly.

Doc von Peters (, our intrepid cloudbuster associate in Chattanooga, Tennesse, probably has a better understanding of how the secret police's poisons work on gifters, but why not just make them leave you alone instead? We found out that as soon as we started hurting the feds who came into our purview (The Operators seem to want us all to notice these sneaky bastards) we started getting healthier and had more vital energy. They can't poison us if they can't get close, after all. We'd been injected (in crowds) and sprayed, even on the highway, more times that we could count. We don't even go into a theater, shop, restaurant or terminal any more without first looking for the fed stalkers and hurting them. A stitch in time saves nine and it's kind of fun-like hide and seek..

A nice feature of having an orgonite device on the body all the time is that the psychics can't access you easily and they then have to get you into their physical sight first in order to get into your head. It gets pretty easy to make a predatory psychic in a crowd. It's kind of like smelling farts, but a little more subtle. Steeve and Celine in Montreal are really good at this, as are many others in this informal network. Jesse, in California, can make them twice as well as I can and I do so more than adequately.

Messiahmews may wish to comment on her recent progress toward vital health at some point, as this also relates to applying a firm hand to the secret police psychic interlopers.

Part of the safety that Carol and I enjoy is very likely due to the reputation we're apparently earning among the unlawful federal police and espionage agencies. I call them all Homeland Security Abomination, but in fact they're all still separate agencies, having completely failed to learn to love each other as they were all ordered to do by the Illuminati.. The CIA and FBI, after all, have traditionally engaged in bloody pogroms against each other since WWII, having derived from two different factions within this unlawful US Gov't. I think the US Treasury Department is the only federal agency that's lawfully allowed to have police, but of course we no longer have a functioning US Treasury Department.

Wanted: Executive Director (fabulous retirement plan included)
Our intel shows that the latest deadline for merging all of these horrible organizations into the Arch-Horror, the fascist, would-be bloody Homeland Security Administration, is next March. This was supposed to have been accomplished over a year ago but Carol and I, and apparently others, keep erasing the appointed bosses of HSA. We did another one last night. This is why you keep hearing new names for that position, folks.

They're always human, by the way. Rumsfeld, the WWII Nazi General's clone in the White House, who at one point was spoken of as the 'new boss' of HSA, was, in fact, not the boss and he's a figurehead/puppet on a short leash and not entirely human, apparently. See how quickly they shift the pieces on their board when nobody's looking? The media whores are generally lying more than ever before and they don't even bother to transition from one lie to the following, contradicting one any more. Am I the only person who sees this? What can one say about somebody like that, who probably also cheats at chess? ;)

For all the talk about the 'reptilian menace' the obvious is rarely stated, which is that no reptoid can seem to master human behavior and they certainly can't understand the human psyche. How is it possible for anyone like that to so thoroughly brainwash so many unpredictable humans? This probably explains why Carol and I always find reptiles like Bush, Queen Elizabeth and Idi Amin in subsidiary positions in the predatory world order. They're more like guard dogs which get to eat the victims of their masters as a reward for their obediance.

The Draconians are a lot smarter and seem to know us, but of course they can't participate in the slaughter directly until/unless the world regime manages to desertify the planet. The entropy matrix needs to be a lot stronger in order for the Draconians and other predatory species to even exist here in 3D and they seem to know that they've already lost their bid.

As we can all see, the trend toward desertification has been reversed and as more and more people make and buy cloudbusters, this healing trend will increase. The meek are inheriting the earth, finally, and it's not even being done in an 'organized' way at all, which is the sweetest feature of this grassroots effort. Any bit of organization can be influenced, still, by the world regime.

Here's something to think about: after the imminent fall of this regime, the internet will no longer be overrun with disinformation agents and agent provocateurs. All of them are on the payroll and there are thousands of them-mostly paranoid potheads who feed on doubt and anger from others. The reason I don't get exercised by the anathema and slander that gets aimed at Carol and I from other forums (we don't allow that on EFF) is that it's all free advertising. 'The meek' are characterized by refined personal discernment. Truly humble, responsible people feel instinctively repulsed by agent provocateurs and these are the balanced folks we want to associate with, not the still-sleeping, politically correct PJ minions who actually believe that this incessant slanderous flatulence is 'opinion.' As I said, watch these deluded, unhappy fools run for the hills or turn into decent, sober human beings as soon as they no longer get their drug money from the International Monetary Fund.

New York, Los Angeles, & a German Grayshirt with Riding Boots
While we were busting up predators last night, Carol took a peek at possible upcoming federal terrorist campaigns in November and saw one being hatched in New York City again. She said they were planning, yet again, to hit Los Angeles, but that there's no longer enough of a entropy matrix left in LA to pull it off, thanks to Cbswork and associates. Without all that dead orgone entropy to slow people's minds down and instill paranoia 'the masses' simply can't be manipulated into accepting martial law. The regime knows that if they can establish martial law very well in one big city they can quickly spread it to throughout the planet. They also know, though, that this is no longer likely to happen now that our network has disabled many, many thousands of their entropy transmitters around the world. They just don't have enough thugs or trick, non-nuclear mass-destruction weaponry to engage in a global guerrilla war. They need to keep the atmosphere reasonably healthy in order to even live underground so they won't nuke us all. I'm sure you've noticed that all their underground facilities depend on surface infrastructure.

The entropy zone that envelops NYC is still largely untouched, though. Carol saw that the latest histrionics around Rush Limbaugh are essential components to a planned mass murder event there in a few weeks but we can't figure out how, unless it relates somehow to Rush's fascist image. I sent a blast to and through Rush and Carol saw it go to a draconian, an SS general and a gray-uniformed UN would-be military bigwig with riding pants and boots, which she'd never seen before. She told me that these two guys were Germans at the top end of the Illuminati dungheap, so that tells me that the world regime is now desparate to initiate martial law/genocide, which right now would only mean a long guerrilla war which they'd eventually lose. Always, before, when they wanted to blow up a lot of innocent people, like in Oklahoma City, Waco, Kuwait, Panama and New York they left these plans to their chump US military and secret police lackeys.

We stopped the nancy-boy SS General's heart with only a couple of blasts and the UN guy went down a little easier, but I tried something new on the Draconian:

Squid/Spider Parasites
When we first got busy last night we needed to get those squid/spider parasites to leave the body of a teenager whom we know whose life was being ruined by them. This is the first time I got a clear psychic image of these creatures. Since they had no animus toward me (they really seem to hate Carol because of what she did to them in Ireland) I invited them into my own body and all three of them left the teen and entered through my breath. I don't think anyone's ever invited them in before ;-).

I sent one one each to a couple of the human predators last night--I don't remember which ones--and the last one to the Draconian. These squid creatures seem to have their own agenda apart from the predators in the world order. Carol says they relate to an almost arthritic condition in some of the earth's tectonic plates' junctures and were around long before humans and reptilians were. Lately they've been interfering with a few people who are healing the earth grid, which is probably why we're even aware of them.

Energized Water
What we're seeing now is that Laozu Kelly's discovery of the use of energized water in orgonite may be the key to dislodging these ancient parasites and blasting the entire earthgrid into total vitality and fluidity in the process. What we're all seeing is that only a certain number of grid points may need to be gifted with these special devices in order to release the entire grid from the parasites. I think the human parasites, including the Illuminati, are the main problem, still. Until a few months ago, I'd never even heard of this squid/spider species but several psychics around the world spontaneously reported interacting with them since August, when Carol first angered them in Ireland.

Kelly had told us that he'd boosted Steptoe Butte's vortex to maximum vitality with one of his treated towerbusters, but Carol was gone then and I don't sense energy well enough to see that confirmation. Kelly is energy sensitive and we've found him to have integrity when it comes to doing this work, so I didn't doubt his claim. A week later, he put similar devices on nearby Moscow Mountain in two vortices and the next day a huge, anomalous thunderstorm formed right over those two spots and was gone two hours later. It was surrounded by blue sky and obviously formed from the center outward. There was my visual confirmation for Kelly's claim ;-)

A couple of days ago we drove past Steptoe Butte on the way to see my kids in Seattle and Carol said that what Kelly was seeing there is entirely accurate. The energy from the vortex went out so far that she couldn't see the end of the field. We'd busted the massived array and also the nearby nuke that powered it and the vortex reached a pretty good state of health after that but what Kelly did was exponentially more powerful. It remains to be seen whether a water/orgonite device, alone, will achieve those effects because, so far, all of the vortices that Kelly did this for were ones that were previously gifted by ordinary orgonite. This includes Mt. Rainier, Mt Shasta and Sedona, by the way. Kelly puts his money where his mouth is; in fact he does a whole lot more than he says, unlike me ;-)

When Kelly and I were gifting the local satanists' last remaining murder ritual site on Tomer Butte last week we could see Steptoe Butte on the way to and from the vortex and Kelly had a hard time looking in that direction because it was so 'bright.' He'd seen the new dead orgone field on Tomer Butte a few days before that and we got some help getting onto the private property there to do the deed. They had cleared some forest near the top of the butte, on the far side from town so that nobody would see the bonfire, and there's a huge burn pile in the center of the clearing which Carol says contains the bones of several victims. Kelly, who grew up on a dairy farm, noted that clearings are never made for grazing unless at least one end is open because otherwise the cows would wander off into the woods. Also, there was no fence around the clearing as there were around the pastures, lower on the butte, that we crossed in order to get to the pine-forested vortex near the top.

Kelly and I had recently driven up to the German Illuminati mansion not far from Tomer Butte to see what was happening there and they'd all left. The only vehicles we saw in the fancy drive were a farm tractor and a jalopy.

I guarantee that the Satanists in your town are killing innocents and otherwise helping the world regime with their plans to kill us all off. You really ought to go stop their fun, as we did here.

The marvelous part of this, for me, is that anyone can produce these water/orgonite devices. He had experimented with a variety of energized waters and found out that simply passing a teaspoon or so of distilled water through a crude, copper coiled tube, then mixing it with the water-based resin produces results that are just as dynamic as when he used some very proprietary water for which some incessant, unfounded claims had been made in another venue.

In the short term, I want to get this proposition out so that we can do some global experimenting. I'm taking a few of his treated HHgs to Africa shortly for the major grid points that we'll be able to access in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Lake Victoria.. We'd been quietly experimenting with the use of energized water for several months and Kelly's the one who made the breakthrough.

I never mentioned this, but when I first met Kelly back in April he offered to do some healing work on my lower abdomen. I demured a bit until I got to know him a little better because his completely unaffected behavior puzzled me at first. Kelly's redefined spontaneity for me.

The fact that he lives ten miles away clearly indicates the fine hand of the Operators to Carol and I.

I agreed to the healing and sat in a chair in the middle of my living room while he danced around is a sort of tai ch'i fashion, spoke and sang in a language I'd never heard before and gesticulated toward my lower abdomen off and on. It felt pretty good and this certainly kept my attention but I didn't have a clue what he was doing. Carol wasn't around that day. Kelly told me he didn't fully understand what was going on, either, but he was obviously conversing with other entities during the session.

From that day, though, my colon has been operating as God intended and that hadn't happened since early childhood.

The Andromedan Connection
Kelly and I took some of Linda Kingsbury's classes and this was his introduction to a lot of the metaphysical basics for understanding and working with the body's own subtle energy fields. Before he met us, his only brush with western metaphysics was a brief stint in freemasonry several years before. I think he was astonished to find that there is something, after all, to all that mumbo jumbo in the Lodge ;-)

In one of the classes, Linda was discussing how channeling only occurs through the throat charka, which is why there's no discernment or participation for the channeler, and Kelly said, 'What do you think of this?' and began rapidly speaking the language I'd heard him speak during my healing session.

Linda told him that, when he did that, golden energy was pouring straight down into the top of his head and coming out through his throat. She felt that he was expressing a higher aspect of his own soul. Right then, I said, 'Kelly-do this when Carol's around; I want her to translate!' and he did that a few days later at our dining room table.

Carol said his higher aspect is Andromedan and that he was then giving himself instructions for building a device that will help him more fully integrate his heart and mind. A week later, Carol had left for Ireland and Kelly and I drove to Spokane to start getting the special materials for the device. I'll leave it to him to expound on that.

Laozu ('grandfather') Kelly had told us that some Chinese students had befriended him when he was a young mathematics instructor at the University of Washington in the 1970s and that he's made several trips to China with them since then in relation to their own enquiry into energy work. I met one of these friends when he came to visit Kelly and of course this man has a cloudbuster now from Kelly's hand. They like to have him along on their trips to Asia because he can sense the energy so well and at one point, in Taiwan, he had the opportunity to spend several months with a master healer. That's when he discovered that the language he'd always spontaneously spoken was also spoken by some of the adepts connected to that institution in Taiwan. One woman who had been a popular movie actress, but had given that up to devote her life to healing and service engaged Kelly in a long discussion in this language. She spoke it consciously.

I keep coming back to the universal nature of this project we're all engaged in. I'm going to Africa again shortly because I feel strongly that the nature of the energy we're all working with will find a fuller expression there and Carol and I no longer have any doubt that the Andromedan race has given us orgonite and inpired the development of the related technology until now and they seem to resonate particularly with Asians, though the initial impetus for disseminating this information is obviously in the purview of the white race.

For three years, Carol and I have been trying to get to Yucatan because on the first day of our 'mission' the day before the fall equinox, 2000, we got clear instructions to visit the coast of Yucatan within a short distance of where I'd gone aground and disabled my sailboat right after the hurricane there in October, 1996. There's no way to get there without having a boat, as it's many miles from the nearest road. The first thing I did after that initiation in 2000 was to get my ocean boat up to snuff in Texas and Florida so I could get to Yucatan again but it clearly wasn't supposed to happen then, as I had another nautical misfortune while attempting to heal the wounded vortex east of Bimini, in the Bahamas. We made the first orgonite cloudbuster right after my failed attempt to get there by sea.

I'm only now starting to see why-that's the last piece of the puzzle rather than the first one. The red race's role in this unfolding global project?

Did you think that all I cared about was stopping murderous predators' hearts? ;-)

Gifting Mission
Now that we're discussing the Bahamas again I want to announce that Kenny Rudzinsky, who just got a job on a cruise ship that plies the waters of the Bermuda Triangle between the Bahamas and Bermuda, wants very much to gift the entire area, including the accessible vortices, and he's given me permission to announce his intentions and also his inability, under the circumstances, to make the devices in a timely way. This is my formal call for donations of towerbusters and holy handgrenades, which Kenny will dutifully place in designated spots on land and at sea along the route through the wounded energy triangle. See how the Operators work when they want a certain job to get done expeditiously? Our only responsibility is to respond to our instincts, as Kenny did when he offered to do this and as I hope you will when you send him the devices.

Contact me at if you want to contribute materially to this project and I'll connect you with Kenny, okay? The orgonite vendors will get full, appreciative public credit for their donations, of course, from Carol and I. This is a really big earth-healing opportunity, because the Illuminati seem to have a lot invested in keeping this area messed up. One of their top fake gurus led a group of new age chumps to that Bimini vortex shortly before I went there and while their announced intention was to heal it the result was obviously that the chaotic, destructive energy there was a lot worse than before they had done their crystal ministrations at the behest of this fake holy man. Since new agers and other brainwashed masses can't discern their way out of a wet paper bag, generally, they probably sincerely believed that they were helping ;-)

~Don Croft

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