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Episode 73A

The Source of the Nile and Budhagali Falls

[Editor's Note: Episodes 73A-C were written by Dr. Paul Batiibwe who accompanied Don Croft & Georg Ritschl on their adventures in Uganda. According to Don, this is Dr. Batiibwe's Internet posting debut and considering the caliber of these narratives, I think he should become our regular contributor & correspondent from Uganda. What's your opinion?..Ken Adachi]

Episode 73B: Our Journey to the East on 28th November 2003
Episode 73C: Kizira at Budhagali

By Paul Batiibwe, MD <>
Nov. 19, 2003

19 November, 2003

The day after their arrival in Uganda on 16 November, Don and Georg had swung into action. Each felt they should visit the source of the Nile ASAP, so I joined them in nearby Jinja in company of Dr. Rashid Kayiwa and we rode to the spot at the edge of Nakabule (Lake Victoria). The wide, swift river abruptly fell 500m from the lake to begin its 4900km journey to the Mediterranean Sea. The falls were mostly submerged when Owen Falls Dam was constructed a few decades ago. Unlike other major rivers, the Nile is very wide and fast-moving at its source.

My father remembers hearing the rumbling sound of the mighty falls in Jinja, 6km away, more so at night. A rainbow had spanned this entire area for most of the day.

Not far downstream a bridge and, later, the dam were built. When the bridge was constructed in the 1950s a large herd of hippos were destroyed before the project was completed It's said that a lot of human sacrifices had traditionally taken place there as well. Don and Georg had thrown a few Etheric Pipe Bombs from the bridge, which is just upstream from the dam.

Owen Falls Dam is responsible for submerging a very large spring near the previous waterfall at the edge of the lake. The dam, which is just north of the bridge, is responsible for the near-total submergence of the falls.

The actual starting point of the river is a little debatable. Very close to an island in the middle of the stream is a large, now-submerged spring, hence the debate. Burundi, which lies along the lake's southeast shore, is also said to be the location of the true source of the Nile before it empties into this inland sea.

We hired a large, motor driven canoe to take us all through the fast current to the small island which lies at the lake-edge source of the Nile. Georg gifted this site with a 'stielhandgranate,' which is an etheric pipe bomb stuck into a towerbuster.

Immediately, we all felt changes ranging from a slight unexplained dizzy spell, in my case, to a full surge of energy in Don. "This is a very powerful spot, very powerful!" Don declared. Kayiwa and I tossed etheric pipe bombs downstream as we went back over the swirling water.

Close to where we landed is a commemorative bust of Mohandes Gandhi. Some of his ashes had been cast into the Nile at this spot in 1948.

Don felt that the Illuminati and voodoo societies were thereby exploiting this good man's legacy and personal energy, so he dowsed for an appropriate response, then threw one of Laozu Kelly's uniquely powerful, energized-water HHgs into the river not far away.

We then proceeded 6km downstream to Budhagali Falls.

Budhagali has always been a primary ritual site in Uganda's magical traditions and my wife, Hilda, and I had also celebrated the first birthdays of our two children here. One of nature's most useful moulds can be found here, incidentally.

The Nile calmly spreads quite wide before accelerating to a violent speed over the beautiful falls.

The government of Uganda is now bent on submerging these falls in the name of development, by constructing a dam. Damn! The last time I was here with my family I had come to take as many startling still photos as possible in case the dam is to be constructed and I have to say goodbye to this mother of all creations.

Don insisted that I choose the locations to gift and we walked first towards the upper part of the falls. I had Don toss one of his etheric pipe bombs in and within five minutes, thousands of bats flew up from the nearby bushes. He intimated that perhaps the spirits of sacrificed people had been released by the upsurge of lifeforce from the gift and that the bats were an outward symbol and a confirmation of our success and of course we, the less 'superstitious,' bought that half - half

At these falls are young men who earn a living by swimming into the rapids. Another man, a cripple, dances while ascending a vertical, freestanding wooden pole about 6metres high. I must say watching them can be breath taking.

Kintu, one of the swimmers, offered us a show for a few dollars. As we were unable to throw an etheric pipe bomb suffienetly far into the stream, we hired him to carry it to the middle of the lower falls and release it at a certain spot.

The moment he dived into the upper falls, Don told me that he has sensed earth spirits near the place I'd chosen to have the EPB released. By now, Kintu was in the lower falls, raised his arms and threw the healing device into the water, somersaulted and began swimming to the rocky riverbank.

Lo and behold, the same bats, which had returned to their sleeping places, again flew out over the falls en masse. This was no longer a coincidence or superstition. A psychic ought to tell us what happened, because I have noted Don is still quite unsure, most times, about his own abilities.

Another confirmation occurred. For the first time I appreciated the changes in the skies that can happen after some significant gifting. . A huge cumulus cloud formed and, atop the billowing mass, white, horizontal fumes were being released by what Don said is a typical Lemurian space ship. Other unique cloud formations were seen, too. Some almost formed Dr. Reich's orgone symbol.

Paul Batiibwe

Episode 73B: Our Journey to the East on 28th November 2003
Episode 73C: Kizira at Budhagali

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