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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft

Episode 73B

Our Journey to the East on 28th November 2003

By Paul Batiibwe, MD <>
Nov. 28, 2003

On today's trip to the Tororo District, near Kenya's frontier with Southeast Uganda, we escorted our friend, Sam Okurut, who helped Georg to reconnect with Credo Muttwa in South Africa a month previously, to visit his father's village.

We travelled by road from Kampala in our Secret Supporter's offroad vehicle. Along the way, as usual, we dropped TBs whenever one of us felt like it and we frequently detoured to disable the more remote transmitters. Kakira Sugar Plantation and Refinery, for instance, which lies halfway between Kampala and Tororo, felt real bad, so we tossed several tower busters along the way, after turning north from the tarmac highway toward a large transmitter. As we got closer, we saw that there were several other towers that we hadn't seen and they were all in the middle of a large, depressing settlement that is connected to the big refinery.

The small band of orgonite warriors, including Dr. Kayiwa, Georg, Don and Sam, had spent the night in a hotel in Iganga, just east of Jinja (the large town that lies near the headwaters of the Nile River) and I joined them for the eastward trek the following morning. Seeing that a very few of the more remote transmitters were located on mountaintops which were surely inaccessible to even our intrepid Land Cruiser, we discussed the viability of using large, remote controlled model aircraft in the near future to reach such targets, which Don had already begun tentatively experimenting with at home in the USA.

I offered to chauffer the little squad, though I'm not a fan of 'kick and push' and prefer the comfort and convenience of automatic transmissions. We gifted a stretch of highway in the vicinity of Nakalama, about 5km east of Iganga which had been notorious for motor accidents. Don noted that the exceedingly strong, tall barbed wire fencing on both sides of the road along that stretch was reminiscent of some underground bases in America and is uncharacteristic of any fencing that he'd seen in Uganda and there were some suspicious-looking ponds inside the fenced, apparently deserted areas.

The locals don't know what takes place here. Some villagers say that this property belongs to an internationally well-connected tycoon and was meant to be a horticultural project, whilst some others believe it to be a fish farm. For us, it just felt bad, so we gifted some of the ponds with etheric pipe bombs. There's something very satisfying about hearing that special splash!

From a distance, southeast of Nakalama, we saw some hilltop towers worth neutralising. We made a right turn but couldn't see an obvious route. After a reminder that the truck was designed for cross country we made our way a little thru the bush till we reached a graded gravel road. By passing heaps of dug up murram blockages we reached the furthest tower first. To our surprise there was a much shorter, mean looking tower with enormous drums, entirely painted sky-blue. We hadn't seen this until we got quite close to the more obvious, tall red and white transmitter.. This is one of the lesser known, but gravely heinous GWEN TOWERS! See Ken's website [] for a fuller description. I was so outraged that if I'd had a spud gun I would have 'inadvertently' shot a tower buster right into one of these huge drums!

This monster, along with with two 'cellphone' towers (see Ken's site) were almost sharing the compound with Bugiri District Administration offices and a workshop/residence for handicapped people! These GWEN sites are worth observing for any radiation related illnesses amongst these officers and workers. All we could do was to generously gift the environment here in the interest of healing both the locals and the environment. One of the TBs rolled right in front of the Administrative Office. Hopefully some one has picked it who at best would just throw it into the bush or keep it in a near by house. We often hand these to curious children and ask them to keep them in their homes.

We happily continued to wend our way to the east. The streams running below the highway received gifts irrespective of half naked bathers and onlookers, and so did the many towers. Like in any war, some ammunition didn't hit the target, but there's no such thing as wasted ammo in this campaign.

Kibimba Rice Plantation, a little further east, is a beautiful, private, commercial scheme and was the recipient of several etheric pipe bombs.

All along our route, unique clouds with long, finger-like projections were seen forming in our path and the HAARP whiteout which had previously covered the sky ahead of us, receded farther east as we moved and busted more and more transmitters. Don said that he had not seen this phenomenon until very recently during other long-range tower busting expositions in his own country.

An enormous, solitary rock became visible as we finally approached Tororo town. On top was an array of various types of towers. I was told that a helicopter was used to ferry the construction materials to the top. Georg [orange shirt ;-)] placed an HHG near a hedge at a point as near as we could get to the transmittters on our circuit around the small mountain. As there were some onlookers, we posed for a group photo in order to conceal our intentions there.

We drove along further around the rock and saw a very large cave. Don said that such a cave in a geological feature like this is surely a powerful vortex and must must have been an important ritual site since time immemorial.

Indeed we found inscriptions, apparently quite ancient. Like any good visitors we left a 'gift' or two to honor the place. Don's gifting spot, at the back of the cave, was full of disturbed bats, so he considered it safe to leave something there.

I now agree with Don that Georg is quite energy sensitive, something which Georg does not admit easily. After gifting this huge vortex, Georg experienced pleasant sensations in his feet and legs to the extent that he requested to delay our departure so he could relish it longer. Such sensation are similar to what people feel when about to astral travel. Georg has made and tossed orgonite-based devices at well over one thousand towers in Southern Africa. He is a good friend of Credo Mutwa, the renowned Zulu shaman and historian. For all the good he has done, Georg has come under repeated attack by Illuminati psychic predators in concert with African voodoo practitioners. Thanks, Carol, 'Cbswork,' and Don for seeing this earlier in the year and acting on it before Georg expired!

Immediately after we gifted the cave, large cumulus clouds and swirling, spiral clouds began forming over the mountain, which strongly suggested that our gifts were well-received.

We headed along a rough track to Sam's father's village, 15km further east, near the Kenya frontier. The traditional settings of these scattered agricultural settlements is something not to be missed.

Groups of beautiful, immaculately rounded, well groomed mud wattle huts, built and maintained by the locals, are unfortunately punctuated by corrugated metal roofs and relatively ugly, rectangular houses, belonging to sons of the soil who work in the cities, obtusely demonstrating their relative wealth. Large, extended families, easily accommodated by simply building more huts, are still characteristic of this part of East Africa. They're surprisingly cool, well-ventilated and roomy inside.

We were generously treated to a traditional meal, including some delicioius bread, made from sorghum, millet and cassava. For the first time, Georg ate sugar cane and he opted for the aggressive 'mudugavu' style, while Don chose the less manly mzungu method of cutting the cane into smaller, bite-sized pieces. Don had, of course, often eaten sugar cane in the first half century of his life.

By now, having completely disabled the HAARP, GWEN and enropy transmitter network across the most populous region of Uganda, from the Republic of Congo to Kenya, we returned to our homes in the west in anticipation of returning to Budhagali the following day.

Dr. Paul Batiibwe

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