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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft

Episode 73C

Kizira at Budhagali

By Paul Batiibwe, MD <>
Nov. 29, 2003

The gifting adventures made one of the rarest, incredible experiences for me since Don and Georg's arrival.. For some few months I had been working with a reputable psychic and healer, named Kizira. I was introduced to this unassuming man in a village, 12 kms from my workplace, by a female patient who had cancer of the breast, stage III. Kazira's wife was astonished at how he trusted me to the extent of sharing his own writings of his experience. These had been typewritten in anticipation of publishing a book.

Prayer is the foundation of his healing and psychic work and he feels strongly that we ought to pray directly to the Creator and not to or through Prophets, such as Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha, etc. If not, he jokes, "You get less than what you bargained for!".

Kizira heals while reciting prayers and says this ought to be adequate, but he's also a top-seed, well seasoned herbalist.

I have referred infertile couples, who had failed to conceive with conventional medical treatment, to him and. I have proved them pregnant after just words of prayer, exorcising entities, and touch healing. I have seen sickly people flourish from these ministrations; I have watched drama unfold as he casts away demons from psychiatric cases whom we've declared incurable. I have, indeed.

He communicates with trespassing entities and casts out demons while praying to the Creator. He's been looking forward to working with good entities to harmonise the earth. He calls them thru mediums, announces his intentions to them and helps them with some of their requirements.

If you've personally known a mature, competent psychic, you'll see that Kizira's abilities are very real. he is one. Don, who has known and worked closely with several powerful psychics, says that Kizira is 'world class.'

Kizira first establishes contact by either holding your hand, or touching the sick area. Sometimes he just raises his hand above you. He emanates a heat sensation from his hands, which tremble during healing sessions.Today, as intended two months ago, we escorted him to visit Budhagali, which is actually the name of the ancient entity who is responsible for the falls.

Kayiwa, Georg, Don, Kizira (with entourage) and I met in Jinja town and headed to Budhagali Falls.

At the entrance to the park, I asked the gatekeeper where Mandwa Budhagali, the 'official' priest for the site, could be found and was told that he uses an island in the middle of the falls to conduct his rituals but that he rarely goes there any more. Mandwa Budhagali has a national reputation as a Satanist, by the way, and is the center of a very large scandal involving human sacrifice deep under the falls themselves, involving many of the nations wealthy people, which has lent a new twist to the term, 'nouveau riche.' inquired where mandwa Budhagali (the 'official' priest) could be found. I was told that rarely does he ever go to the island, a place where the previous priests used to perform the rituals. I was further told that the priest now works from home, a walled off compound with a dark green gate which we had just passed.

Meanwhile Kizira had 'asked' and was told that we should just proceed to the island and get to work.. Don and Kizira felt that the Mandwa was not actually important and is rather just used by more powerful, hidden people as window dressing.

At the entrance to the area, which is a National Park, we were requested to pay for the two bazungu (Don and Georg) and six badugavu (the rest of us) before we were allowed to visit this sacred natural site.

We got into large, hired canoe in turns of threes as there were only that many lifejackets, then took turns crossing to the ritual site: a small island in the middle of the turbulent Nile, just downstream from the lower falls.

Two of Kizira's sons and a daughter brought along drums and Nabikokola, who volunteered to be the medium, had brought along her little grand daughter from her home near Entebbe. Don volunteered to hold the baby during the session.

We all climbed the island's path to a small clearing, where a round, traditional wattle and thatch hut was built to accommodate rituals.

Kizira prayed to God.

"Praise be to the almighty Creator of the universe! I categorically affirm that nothing in this world is greater than You. Hear and answer my prayer; let Budhagali come thru so we can talk".Pause...He repeated the prayer while raising his hand in the air.Pause. "Budhagali, it is me summoning you.. Hurry up and come and tell us where you are and how you have been. Budhagali? Budhagali, where are you?. We are your visitors!" .pause.

"Boys let do some drumming while we praise the Creator."

Amid singing praise songs and drumming, Kizira roared, "Budhagali I hereby command you to appear here, NOW!"


The body to be used by the entity remained occupied by its owner, Nabikokola, unchanged.

Kizira's eyes roved around as if he were searching for something, then he looked straight at Georg, waved his finger and said, "I cannot detect the entity. It seems that he's no longer here!" Georg wondered aloud if our previous gifting had expelled Budhagali from the place, but I told him that Buchagali is a good entity and that something else had caused him to flee.

We all agreed that Kizira should hide a Holy Handgrenade on the premises and then try to contact Budhagali again. After doing so, Kizira restarted the prayer and requested the entity to come through Karikokola.

Within a minute of praying the body started performing a welcome dance to the rhythm of the drumming, but decided to keep silent, as though he were unsure about us. He walked away with Kizira following, trying to inquire what is wrong. He returned, fell to the ground and started sobbing with emotion. After a time, Kizira asked if any of us had done wrong. To this he replied, 'No.' To me this was wonderful; an endorsement that what we are
doing is right.

Kizira inquired about his current location.

"I stay far away in the hills." He answered.

"Where, exactly?" Kizira sought for a clarification.

No answer...

"Tell us where exactly you are located so that we can come and visit you whenever we feel like it."

Kizira assured him that we had come to his rescue and asked Budhagali who had been doing harm to him and to suggest other sites where evil was being done in Uganda.

"I don't think you will be able to fight my many enemies," Budhagali said with profound sadness.

We reaffirmed our commitment to help. Kizira then allowed him to return to the hills and asked him to come whenever called or else allow us to visit him in the nearby hills.

He then called Nabikokolo back to her body. She came back and cheerfully joined the game Don was playing with her little grand daughter.

Suddenly I saw Kizir lift his foot as if to pick off some biting insects and he exclaimed, "Ho! there are jiggers here" Nearly everybody except Don and Georg scattered to find a safe place to remove our sandals and pick off the jiggers. falling short of scatter, checked their feet and removed these insects.

Tunga Penetrans (jiggers) have to get into an animal's skin, preferably a human's, to complete their lifecycle wherein. The fertilised females' bodies then swell and burst, releasing hundreds of eggs. While in the skin they irritate and cause discomfort to the host. We carefully eject those using safety pins. Goerg, who wore a pair of closed shoes, claimed a zapper can do away with them. Well knowing how much discomfort they caused I didn't want to experiment on myself. Kizira's children helped Don with the removal and he asked them to help their 'Auntie,' Nabikokolo, who was then sitting down. But she withdrew her feet covering them with her traditional inner garment. She wore this sad, elderly stare.

I then realised that Budhagali and Nabikokolo were now sharing the body at intervals.


We helped 'him' walk to the beach and into the boat. While our ferrymen paddled the canoe across the powerful current, Budhagali kept looking around like someone who hadn't been there in a very long time. We helped him to disembark at the riverbank, and then helped him into the Land Cruiser, which was brought very near. There, the grand daughter did not recognise the grandmother, though she sat on her lap!

After paying the boat men for their services, I engaged them in a conversation to find out what they know about Budhagali. They said all they know is Budhagali was compensated by the government agents planning to construct the dam here and that the entity had relocated with the 'priest' to his home near the road junction to the falls, where he practices.

Kizira shook each of boatmen's hands in thanks and said, "Each of you will know, by tomorrow morning, precisely what happened here today."

Before we set off Kizira requested that we pray. Budhagali tried to get out of the vehicle to join the prayer, but I advised him to participate while seated.

At the end, Kizira blessed everyone who was present while raising his hand and then, while holding our hands in turn, he asked us each to 'Obey God,' and asked the Creator that each of us get whatever we ask for.

I bade farewell to my dear friend, Georg Ritschl, who flew back to his family and career in South Africa the following day. He had asked me to shorten our farewell, as he becomes quite sentimental.

I asked Don, "What next?"

He replied "Well, I'm going to go to Kiboga and hang out with Kizira for awhile!"

I was picked up in Jinja by my wife and daughter and we returned to our eastern home in nearby Iganga, where I have carefully resorted to not telling this story to any one, lest I pass for a lunatic.

By Dr. Paul Batiibwe

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