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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft

Episode 74

Proud To Be a Mzungu

By Don Croft <>
Dec. 2, 2003

Actually, I'm proud to be an American, but 'mzungu' is the regional term for any Europoid like myself. It's not derogatory at all and apparently the word is used similarly to the way western cultures use the term 'ET.' I love it when little kids here run up to me and say, always genuinely, 'Hello, Mzungu-how are you?' I sort of feel like a visiting spaceman, as not many Mzungus are seen in these parts. A black person is 'mudugavu,' by the way.

I've wanted to visit Uganda for most of my adult life, ever since learning from some expatriot American friends, who lived here before Idi Amin's well-funded rampage, about the gracioius, talented, witty, culturally-rich and resourceful people here. Winston Churchill had named this country 'The Pearl of Africa'during his visit here after World War II, and while he may have been eligible at the time for hanging due to his war crimes, his compliment was right on the mark, I can tell you.

During the course of this monologue in several parts, I'll introduce you to four of my Ugandan friends/teammates who have been instrumental in facilitating these very productive efforts on behalf of orgone and zappers, both preceding and during my too-brief visit to this wonderful country. Certainly not least, you're probably already acquainted with Georg Ritschl, who accompanied us during the first two weeks of this East Africa gifting

Dr. Paul Batiibwe, who has, ten minutes ago, frankly told me that he can't figure out why I'd want to mention him at all (I told him that I'm no more worthy than he is, so 'Please don't worry about it.') may be considered the clinical, overall scientific component of this team and is currently my host and the coordinator of the field-testing work for three crowd zappers. He routinely 'gifts' with Holy Handgrenades, Towerbusters and Etheric Pipe Bombs during his travels whenever he encounters deserving sites and has been working extensively with Kizira, who has reluctantly agreed to let me refer to him as a 'witch doctor.'

I'll have an awful lot to say about Kizira, of course, and the unique working relationship he has with Dr. P. He's one of those very rare individuals who have fully committed to applying a rare, composite gift of healing, high psychism, courage and exemplary spirituality, not to mention a profound knowledge of an extensive regional herbal pharmacopia. Under the circumstances, I was unable to come up with a more descriptive reference for Kizira than 'witch doctor.' My hope is that I'll be able to purge that term of the old Hollywood and dime-novel connotations that incite apprehension ;-) You can't conceive a more gentle soul that Kizira's.

Dr. Rushidie Kayiwa is the fellow who laid the groundwork for our visit and made it possible for us to get right to work. This very well rounded, well-travelled (he's fluent in English, Arabic, Finnish, Swahili and a host of regional African dialects) and well-connected physician has consistently astonished us all with both his resourcefulness and his power of friendly persuasion. Nobody ever, apparently, taught Dr. K that he has limitations.

He was the first to greet Georg and I at Entebbe International Airport after one of his close friends, who prefers to be referred to as our 'Secret Supporter' had us ushered past customs. 'Secret Supporter' had been regaled by Dr. K with tales from 'The Adventures of Don and Carol Croft' on and obviously wanted to see our tricks firsthand. Dr. K had previously given our very open-minded and inquisitive Supporter several zappers, which were subsequently distributed these to trusted associates and relatives in the upper echelons of Uganda's establishment who had then gotten profound healing from diverse maladies in a short time.

Georg Ritschl of graciously joined me for the first sixteen days of our multinational orgonite/zapper initiative and after our first night in Uganda we made for our Secret Supporter a couple of cloudbusters, then we got very busy busting towers the very next day, using our host's sideyard as an orgonite factory for the ensuing two weeks and, of course, keeping him fully updated on our progress..

German Georg is a towerbusting fury on two legs and he also heroically participated in Uganda's mainly-unregulated (by western standards, at least) traffic 'system' throughout. He rather reminds me of the cartoon character, The Tasmanian Devil, in fact, since he rarely stops moving and planning. Thanks to his tireless efforts (and the use of an intrepid 1978 Toyota Landcruiser, compliments of our magnanimous and curious Secret Supporter) we busted essentially all of the HAARP and entropy transmitters from Congo/Rwanda to Kenya in less than two weeks and deposited the two cloudbusters in key positions in Kampala and Kisoro. Kisoro is the district that lies in the southwest corner of the country and includes a small population of gorillas and some borderline-surreal, jungle-clad towering volcanoes and dizzying roadside vistas.

After the final round of busting, last Friday, the equatorial skies over populous Southern Uganda are now uniformly pristine again. It's always refreshing to look at white, billowing cumulus clouds in an azure sky rather than the sad aerial constipation that's come to characterize the skies over most of the world's population centers since the northern hemisphere's autumn of 2001..

There are no chemtrails to speak of in Africa, except the intermittent, half-hearted ones they've lately squirted out over Johannesburg, South Africa, in beleaguered response to the good job that Georg and a few Afrikaaner associates have done to severely insult the extensive HAARP and electronic entropy network throughout much of Southern Africa.

Kampala, the Capital of Uganda, is built on a procession of lush, verdant hills at the north shore of Lake Victoria and on each and every hilltop the disgusting, parasitic World Order has erected HAARP and entropy arrays. If anyone wishes to go to Africa or to any other lovely, remote area in order to escape the debilitating effects of the World Order devil-worshippers' deadening new electronic matrix he would be grievously disappointed (unless he moves to Uganda, of course).

When we got here the skies over Kampala were mostly whited out by local HAARP transmitters, which push atmospheric moisture up above the altitude where rain happens, as we've seen elsewhere. Dr. P's cloudbuster is located a hundred miles west of Kampala and, of course, no cloudbuster is likely to disable the whiteout-we have to bust all of the local HAARP transmitters to get that happy result-but it has been raining sufficiently in Kampala regardless of the parasitic, global scheissvoegel, thanks to his effort .

The nice thing about doing this work in Africa is that there's so much vitality in the land, water and atmosphere that it must surely take two or three times as much energy from these unsavory Illuminati tecchies to get even minimal ugly effects in the sky, and those effects are usually localized, at best, in Africa except around Johannesburg, where there's apparently enough human misery and electronic/industrial molestation to maintain some pretty ugly skies for periods of time, in spite of Georg and friends having busted all or most of the towers in the metropolitan area by now.

My heart surely goes out to Georg, who periodically develops new methods for busting a big, blue hole over Jo'burg, only to see it get covered over again within a few days by the obsequious whiteness as HAARP regroups from his latest assault. Thanks to his efforts, though, we have a new range of orgonite 'weapons' that we can deploy against the enemy of humanity. I'm particularly fond of his 'Stielhandgranate,' which is an etheric pipe bomb whose orgonite end is embedded in a towerbuster, and his prototype Orgone Howitzer, an orgone tecchie's delight.

Many of the lakes and rivers in Uganda are now graced with some of Georg's offerings. The stielhandgranaten feel awfully good to throw, by the way, though one is left with a slightly nagging feeling that it would have been more appropriate to 'pull the pin' first. His 'Orgone Howitzer' may be the proper antidote to the remote HAARP and groundwave transmitters that are still plaguing Jo'burg and Pretoria. Stay tuned to and to for further reports on that, of course.

As in the case of Vancouver, Canada, perhaps, most of this incessant urban whiteout that occurs in spite of extensive gifting of urban HAARP and entropy transmitters may be getting accomplished by a combination of underground facilities (Extremely Low Frequency ground wave transmissions, sans towers) and scalar transmissions from remote HAARP arrays This, in fact, apparently causes the Illuminati to overesxtend their reach in this case, which presents us with some intriguing opportunities if we're willing to exploit them.

Dr Paul Batiibwe had constructed East Africa's first cloudbuster six months previously and that had perhaps forestalled a severe drought and famine which had apparently been slated for this region. Due to the vitality here it only takes a minimal effort to cancel the worst effects of the World Order's atmospheric/electronic rapine and plunder. Dr. P did that on the eve of the equatorial June-July dry season, which then turned into a wet season. When Georg and I landed here in mid-November we were treated to such brilliant hues of green that it came close to hurting our eyes. I'd never encountered this phenomenon, though I'd traveled extensively in tropical regions.

Carol and I had busted all of the new HAARP and entropy transmitters that we encountered during our travels in Namibia two years ago. The Illuminati had then just initiated their ugly, global display at the time, so I' m sure that we were only seeing the first of their efforts in that region and there hadn't been enough of the new transmitters on the ground for them to have established the high-altitude whiteout that you and I have come to know so well where sufficient transmitters are still functioning in close proximity to each other.. I bet you enjoy wiping that hideous crap from the sky as much as we do. Could you have conceived how much fun this would be before you ever heard of towerbusting and cloudbusting?

Another feature of Africa's vitality is the ease with which one can accomplish 'sky sculpting' with an ordinary cloudbuster. We had a chance to play around with that near Kampala in our host's sideyard with the two CBs before we planted one, upright, in his garden and delivered the other one to a garden in Kisoro District.

In this case, I followed Dr. Reich's recommendation to point a CB near an existing cloud in order to draw rainfall from that direction. I did it toward clouds that were in a downwind direction in order to demonstrate that rain can be gotten that way and I kept the other one pointed over Kampala in order to suppress the still-existing whiteout until we finished disabling the nationwide, east/west HAARP network after our visit to Kisoro. Our host was quite impressed and I felt like some kind of wizard, though I slyly didn't let on that this doesn't work as well in my country, where the more-sluggish, ambient orgone matrix still needs a lot of healing and revitalizing.

Before I left home, I got kind of fat because Carol had warned me that East Africa is a place where tasty, nutritious food is scarce. She was right in her assessment, at least, regarding the nearby section of neighboring Kenya, where she'd spent some time in a pestilential area in 2001, demonstrating the crowd zapper in a village clinic.

What she couldn't have known is that the difference between that little area and this country is quite profound. Whereas she was literally restricted to her cramped quarters after sunset due to the prevalence of aggressive, violent, male voodoo terrorists ('night runners') and that locale was generally ravaged by a combination of near-genocide by the World Order, HAARP drought and the residual fear-based magical traditions, an army of homeless, starving AIDS orphans and rampant illiteracy, Uganda, although essentially identical in terms of natural resources and climate, has a longstanding tradition of good family relations, mutual assistance, self-reliance and literacy, which is probably why it has survived a series of British-instigated, bloody dictatorships with general magnanimity and confidence. I've long felt that the Illuminati are jealous of the Ugandans, as they apparently were of the Biafrans, hence the destruction of that progressive Nigerian community by the Illuminati's bloodthirsty, rapacious proxy Nigerian regime there in the early 1960s.

I must say that I've rather been in a glutton's paradise here, because while the traditional foods in Uganda are delicious, varied and filling, I'm actually losing weight without having to exercise. I actually feel bad for Carol and wish I'd had to suffer here at least a little bit for her sake. I'm hoping that my recently acquired taste for fried locusts will get her past some of this. No, they don't taste 'like chicken;' they rather remind me of roasted pumpkin seeds.

By the time Her Royal Highness, the scaly Whore of Babylon, had thrust the similarly canniballistic Idi Amin Dada at the peace-loving Ugandans, gave him a trunk full of blank checks, an unlimited supply of bullets, a huge walk-in freezer for human meat, and a full array of the latest torture implements, the western world, fortunately, was no longer willing to condone genocide in Africa, so that syphillitic, brutal psychotic and former British Army Sergeant Major, was unable to fulfill his genocidal mandate from the City of London.

AIDS, which is, of course, yet another deadly Illuminati bid to reduce the Africans to a 'manageable' population, is far less rampant here than in neighboring Congo and Kenya, by the way.

In frustration, after President Yoweri Museveni's grassroots 'Movement' successfully supplanted the most recent, well-armed and limitlessly financed proxy-monster head of state here in 1986, the banker trolls in The City of London immediately and drastically devalued the Ugandan Shilling in a desperate bid to destroy the Ugandan economy.

Right now, the Illuminati are arming and funding a rebel army in Sudan which is terrorizing the less populous northern part of Uganda and thereby forcing the government to divert funds from infrastructure to defense.

Of course, the resourcefulness of the Ugandan people is pulling them through even this crisis. What I'm witnessing here is an economy that stands teetering on the threshold of rampant prosperity, having absorbed the worst that the out-of-balance World Order has to offer without plunging into the hopelessness, cynicism, self pity and drug addiction that can be seen in so many other nations, including mine.

All we have to do now is disable and imprison the Illuminati and their culpable minions and then the whole world will prosper. It seems like a simple task to me now, sort of like zapping tapeworms into oblivion with microcurrent. There's really no reason for us to fear parasites.

Georg noted that Uganda, like France, has mainly its agriculture on which to base prosperity. As we know, France was nonetheless in a position to defeat the British Empire at the same time that the Americans declared their independence and Great Britain has always based its economic empire, even to the present day, on undermining targetted social structures and then consuming the natural resources of these otherwise-productive economies, just like a tapeworm does inside the human intestinal tract.


I wonder if you can conceive of a capital city that has only two stoplights and requires a four-wheel-drive vehicle to navigate most of the side-streets. Due to an almost complete lack of funds for national infrastructure, there has been very little Public Works construction done here since Museveni ousted the last of the Illuminati's leeches from the Presidential Palace. As with Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Roosevelt, the Illuminati routinely paid for extravagant public works in order to buy loyalty, reminiscent of the Roman hierarchy's use of 'bread and circuses.' The Ugandans didn't buy into that scheme, obviously, and are now paying for their hard-won but precarioius freedom.

What struck me most dramatically about traffic in Kampala is that while cross-town traffic is slow, it nevertheless works and everyone seems to abide by unspoken 'traffic laws' which include a sufficient dose of courtesy, and one will find very few dented fenders and miraculously few wrecked vehicles. I wonder what it would look like here if the Illuminati had been able to addict sufficient numbers of Ugandans to alcohol, heroin, cocaine and pot, as they've been able to do in most other countries.

Dr Kayiwa, who has placed his bid for the Presidency in 2006, laments the lack of traffic signs and cops in the Capital, but I observed an old Persian proverb to him, 'The peacock is always happy because it never looks at its ugly feet.' I hope to convince him that problems like this are mainly symptomatic of a beleaguered economy, not essential ones at all.

He's rightfully proud of his countrymen's resourcefulness and adaptability. There simply isn't much that these craftsmen can't make from available materials and they like to work outdoors, so a ride through town is a treat for the eye and for one's incredulity and an astonishing display of a wide range of fine manufactured products.

I risked catching a lot of flies in my mouth the first few days here as I witnessed the way goods are moved along on locally-manufactured bicycles, which double as taxis and cargo haulers throughout the country. Farmers even get produce to market by alternately pushing heavy loads uphill, then coasting down the other side. I saw one fellow carrying a bed frame on his bike rack. Altogether, the load stood 3 meters high but the fellow weaved in and out of traffic as though he had no load at all. As a fan of the surreal and the near-miraculous, this place is more fun for me than Disneyland.

Another feast of new experiences went along with our tower bursting efforts through the muddy side-streets and hillsides of Kampala as Georg guided the Land Cruiser under the able navigation of Dr. Kayiwa. Everywhere we looked, there were food crops, busy, energetic people, friendly greetings, chickens, goats and even small herds of dignified traditional cattle, which are called 'Nsagala,' which means, 'walks with grace.' I'm going to try to figure out how to get a pair of their horns home. Our American Longhorns would be consumed with antler-envy at the sight of some of these specimens headgear, which rises dynamically up and twist around in a way a little like my treasured kudu horn from Namibia does. The longer horns reach almost two meters in length.

Along the way, Dr K let us know which neighborhoods have reputations for voodoo (human sacrifice, just like what the Illuminati do!) and then we heavily gifted those few areas as well as the ubiquitous HAARP and entropy transmitters. I was happily able to point out to the Doc that actual cell phone transmitters were very small and mounted on inconspicuous poles in strategic spots throughout the city. He had naturally assumed that it required a billion dollars' worth of fancy, new, military-style towers in order to operate the cell network. I bet you did, too ;-)

Thanks to a combination of Providence and Dr. K's fancy footwork (not necessarily in that order) Georg and I were treated to an unending stream of networking connections here for the zappers, which is what half of our visit has been about.

The team's plan for zappers is to establish a demonstrated reputation for this simple tech's easy ability to cure a wide range of endemic diseases, including AIDS, yellow fever and malaria, and to meet the subsequent continent-wide demand for affordable variations of this effective device. Uganda is the natural choice as a starting place in Africa because of it's relatively free press and the innate ability of Ugandans to fend off Illuminati-backed disinformation campaigns and sabotage efforts. I wish we could take full credit for this happy state of affairs but we were obviously all guided into this position by the entities who may be referred to as The Operators (ever standing by ;-) and this is probably just another evidence that 'the meek are inheriting the earth.'

Also, of course, I'm shamelessly fond of saying, 'You heard it here first!'

I need to tell you about the birds here. In Namibia, Carol and I saw what I think is called a 'greast bustard,' which is a crane-like bird that stands about four feet tall and has a wingspan of around 8 feet. When I saw that big creature take off along the road in the Kalahari a couple of years ago I felt like I'd seen a UFO. These giant savengerss fly in flocks above Kampala, riding the updrafts almost to the level of the clouds.

There is also a specie of falcon which resembles one of our peregrines back home but it uses its tail as a rudder and rarely 'banks' during turns, though is very skilled at fast aerobatics when a group of them vie for territory with the big local ravens, which have white 'torsos' here, sort of like they are wearing T-shirts. Along with all that, there are many types of colorful, tropical songbirds, magpies, and swallows which have pointed, instead of split, tailes. You probably noticed that your new cloudbbuster attracted a lot of songbirds and raptors and I invite you to imagine that process tripled here.

Perhaps the most refreshing aspect of Uganda, for me, is that I'm not being dogged by that plethora of anal-retentive MI6 and CIA agents provocateurs and pavement artists. This reminds me that I'm no longer being plagued by the dirty-dozen payrolled dissimulastors who used to footnote all of my comments on the public fora I participated in before Mark Davey courageously set up ' Etheric Freedom Fighters' for us all on last summer. I bet you also got tired of seeing their little bits of excrement every time you went to dip your ladle in the
public punchbowl, so to speak.

As with so many things westerners do these days, this schizophrenic assumption that free public discussion is possible with the participation of paid agents provocateurs is a little like the way fundamentalists assume that they can be holy by 'going to church' while engaging in spiritually-degrading practices during the week. Nothing short of universal censure of bad behavior and resolute refusal to allow espionage and mind control in public fora will stop these agents from destroying viable discussion groups. Do you think that your own courtesy and long-suffering will help them 'see the light?' Has it done that even once in the two and a half years that this network has been growing worldwide?

As with families (if you're in any western country's dysfunctional social millieu you may think I'm speaking Chinese or Navajo by now) dissension and character assassination have to be stopped dead if any group of people is to enjoy free public intercourse and for every agent provocateur that may be induced to leave the fold, there are ten more who are ready to take his/her place who are more clever and resourceful, as we've seen, so it's the principle of discord that must be overcome, not the individual paid, largely witless but persistent chumps that are thrown at us by the.Illuminati.

We're all ready to demonstrate that our emotional ages correspond to our physical ages, don't you think?

Most of the folks around here learned this basic social lesson before they got pubic hair but my own alleged head of state displays the fact that he has the emotional age of a toddler. Even I was shocked to learn that he refers to Africa as a 'country,' by the way ;-)

Don't be abysmally ignorant like him and also, please stop excusing others' bad manners and general sabotage in public discussions! I guarantee that until you do that, these mind-numbing Bazungu will continue to dominate and subvert every single, otherwise worthwhile thread.

I've suggested that Makerere University, a very fine school here in Kampala, send some cultural anthropologists to the USA and the UK to study those cultures and then determine ways to help these beleaguered but mostly well-meaning bazungu to overcome their centuries-old mind control protocols and neurotic prejudices. I already knew that Africans look to the Americans and the British to provide a little historical perspective about political and economic freedom.

Short of that, our own Dr. Kayiwa had spent several years practicing as a physician in the USA, Iraq and Finland and has developed some fine observations which may well contribute to a nationwide synthesis of the best aspects of western, Middle Eastern and East African cultures in his ongoing political/social efforts in Uganda.

Since your internet attention span is probably similar to mine, I'll end this article now, but I haven't done much writing since I got here, due to previously limited computer access, and I've got an awful lot of things to report which will follow shortly, including some rather magical firsthand experiences. My heartfelt thanks go to Dr. Paul for letting me use his laptop this morning while he's at work. I was fairly rupturing from the need to write some of this down before I forgot something essential and my short term memory is not very impressive.

Don Croft

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