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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft

Episode 75

Busting It All Up From Kampala to Kisoro

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By Don Croft <>
Dec. 7, 2003

I realize that the following report is out of sequence, since I started writing about my Uganda experience in the middle of it, so please bear with me.

As Dr. Batiibwe and I mentioned in his illustrated article, Georg and I didn't waste any time getting to work when we got here in the middle of November. Every other time I'd visited a tropical country before it was with the understanding that everything was going to go slower than what we're used to in the west, so I was surprised to find that the opposite was true here. Not only were we given immediate, enthusiastic support by our host, Secret Supporter, but Dr. Kayiwa personally ushered us around Kampala the following day to expedite getting materials for the clouduster and both he and Dr. B arranged logistics and provided new opportunities for us, with generous support from The Operators, of course.

There are no Home Depot stores or even department stores in Kampala and whatever you need comes mainly from wholesale merchants who have the means to import goods through neighboring Kenya by truck. It's definitely a seller's market here.For the cloudbusters' materials, we paid three times the cost I'm used to paying in the USA.It costs a hundred bucks to fill a gas tank here, too, so all the driving around that Georg and I did pretty well made up for the fact that our lodging was usually provided and restaurant meals are inexpensive.

Here's what happened in the two weeks between our arrival and the events along the Nile, a few days later, that Dr. B and I recounted a few days ago:

I left Spokane, Washington, the same day Carol and Linda did on their way to Florida, but my next two nights were spent in the Salt Lake City airport and on the South African Airlines plane from New York to Johannesburg, via Cote Ivoire. A year before, after busting Washington, DC's satanic grid with a hundred pounds of BBs, resin and WalMart crystals, I'd spent the night in Baltimore's airport, where some long couches are provided for weary travellers, so I was a little miffed to see that SLC only provided uncomfortable seats that seemed to me like pews with chastity belts. I did manage to steal some sleep, though, in both situations and being in Africa again was so exhilarating for me that the jetlag (it was 11 time zones away from home) didn't slow me down too much.

Georg Ritschl met me at the airport in Jo'burg and though we'd seen each other's pictures it took us a few minutes of standing and looking around before we recognized each other. I think he changed his glasses and he'd thought I was shorter ;-)

Foiled Snatch
Right before that, while retrieving my luggage, I'd naturally assumed that the secret police would be fooling with at least the cardboard box full of aluminium particles, crystals, knives (gifts that I'd traded for from Dennie the Swordmaster) Laozu Kelly's exquisitely boosted water-resin Holy Handgrenades and a blanket. Miraculously, the box had apparently been unopened by the American Gestapo.

Sure enough, I looked around while I was waiting beside the luggage carousel and spotted the box about 50 meters away. Someone was in a fast-moving line, trying to check it in at an airline ticket counter. I walked over and told the fellow that this was my box and he vigorously protested. I said, 'Hold on-I'll show you my luggage ticket stub,' but while I was rummaging through my shoulder bag he'd disappeared. I knew it was mine, of course, because it was well-bound with a characteristic rope which was tied in a Gestapo-discouraging Gorgon's knot and they'd even put
a shiny sticker on the lid in Spokane which noted that it was approved by the TSA. I had assumed that the American Gestapo were simply told not to mess with the box because it was to be stolen at the other end. Georg had already planned to bring plenty of metal and crystals to Uganda, just in case.

Orgone & Metal Detectors
I assume that you have as much fun walking through metal detectors as I do these days. If you've been using a Terminator zapper or worn a Harmonic Protector for any length of time you, too, will be able to walk through them with all your metal on without setting them off. . The orgonite in these 'worn' devices turns your body into a sort of orgone capacitor and strong orgone temporarily disables those walk-thru metal detectors. I love the looks on the Gestapo faces when I do that and it makes the requisite, formerly humiliating body search with a hand scanner worthwhile. Carol and I always get our tickets marked with the 'POSSIBLE TERRORIST' stamp, of course, so whenever we show up the Gestapo feel like they're finally earning their pay. I bet they otherwise feel like the TV 'Maytag repairman,' since there are no terrorists in America except the CIA and other unlawful alphabet soup cabals. I'm sure you know that they never stand in line at airports.

Georg and Friederike provided some gracious hospitality in their suburban home and we all stayed up way too late but we made it to the early flight to Entebbe in the morning with time to spare.

Lake Victoria looks pretty small when you see it on a map of Africa but when we were flying over the middle of it, I was wondering, 'How come we're flying over the Indian Ocean?' I swear there's so much to Africa that it might qualify as a planet.

Entebbe Airport, Secret Supporter, & Dr. Kayiwa
Right after we were whisked past Customs at Entebbe and ushered into the Executive Lounge to meet our Secret Supporter, we walked past Dr. Kayiwa, whom I instantly recognized and hugged. I hadn't seen his picture but there was something about that big smile of his that left no doubt at all in my mind ;-) I don't know if you personally know any enigmas but Dr. K will always remind me of the Great Sphinx-more about that later, of course. A day with him is bound to expand anyone's personal horizons. If it weren't for his resourcefulness, networking skill, and logistical help, I probably wouldn't even be here. 'Multifaceted' falls short as an adjective in describing this complex character, as you'll see.

If you haven't dragged out your dusty World Atlas by now, shame on you! Uganda lies along the north and northwest shore of Lake Victoria. The rest of the lake is bordered, clockwise, by Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda.

Most of the urban population of Uganda lies within a few miles of the lakeshore, so that's where most of the HAARP and entropy towers are, which is why we got such tremendous results from plowing through them along the highway. If HAARP was really a beneficial global program to 'save the environment,' they would have built the arrays uniformly throughout the planet, including the oceans, instead of putting them mainly in densely populated areas and a few atmosphere-moisture choke points, don't you think?

Remember, though, that the bad guys always overbuild, so it's not a bad idea to overgift.

The most pressing need at first was to bust all of the towers in Kampala, so Georg and I got busy with that on the third day. We'd done some sky sculpture for Secret Supporter right after we made the two CBs, which absolutely delighted him, and while we were doing the dirty resin work we also made a bunch of 3oz towerbusters for town. I'd brought along four WalMart muffin pans for that, which I'm leaving with Dr. Paul Batiibwe, the resident, already accomplished, orgonite flinger. Who can account for what may be considered precious in any culture? Those muffin pans are worth an awful lot to us here.

My first few nights in Africa were a bit of a challenge because my jet lag pretty much forced me to go to bed before ten o'clock and our host loves to stay up late and converse. I had never experienced a midnight dinner before I came here. Fortunately, Georg only moved across one time zone and he's a gregarious, pleasant and very intelligent fellow.

On day three, Dr. Kayiwa joined Georg and I and guided us through the deeply rutted side streets of Kampala in order to reach the city's successive hilltop arrays. Georg marked every single disabled tower on his GPS, just like he's done throughout Southern Africa on his gifting campaigns. He'd told me about that in an email but until he showed me a printed image of a map of his region with all the busted towers, I didn't realize how impressive that recording method could be.

Unlike in America, where most of the hilltop arrays don't have any powerlines going to them and underground nukes' characterisitic dual cooling ponds are apparent wherever you are, when you go to these Ugandan arrays, you usually hear big generators running in the fortified shacks inside the barbed wire compounds around the towers.. A few of them have massive powerlines feeding them from the commercial grid itself, which I'd never seen in North America, except when the occasional urban entropy transmitters are located on the high tension power transmission line towers themselves. Judging by the bundles of massive shielded cables at each tower site, these transmitters use a LOT of electricity, sort of like having one world-class radio station transmitter for every couple of thousand people. Doesn't this strain your credulity as much as it does mine? Cell phone towers, indeed!

In Kampala, the biggest arrays were in the middle of hilltop military installations. In these cases we simply 'vectored' the gifts around the perimeter of the bases. The ease with which we all neutralize even the most fortified, hidden deadly paraphernalia reminds us that the world order is actually quite defenceless in this emerging paradigm. Why not exploit the opportunity and just insist on having these Illuminati gangsters and their wise guys arrested right now? Your county Sherriff has that authority and you probably elected him in the first place. These gangsters' criminal records are clear as a bell, thanks to the typical criminal's penchant for wanting others to know of his exploits..

Where I live, the Illuminati like to put their entropy towers on the grounds of schools, hospitals, office buildings and similar places where a lot of people, especially children, are close by. I don't think the Illuminati like kids, unless they're 'properly cooked,' as W.C. Fields said.

We had most of Kampala 'liberated' in a day but the skies further east, over the source of the Nile and the adjoining jungle area, were still whited out, perhaps mainly by rampant voodoo activity, and we were to shortly see that there was some apparently scalar effort from remote HAARP arrays to mess up Kampala's skies again. That only cleared up for good when we finished off the remaining HAARP arrays to the east and west.

We'd made two CBs at Secret Supporter's because one of them was to be delivered to Kisoro, where an important person wanted to see some sky sculpture firsthand and we jumped at the chance to get a regional CB network set up. Dr. Batiibwe's CB in Kiboga and Secret Supporter's in Kampal would soon be part of a triangular network

Smog wasn't a major problem in Kampala, as it is in Nairobi, even though many of the vehicles throughout East Africa are smoky diesels and nearly everyone cooks on outdoor charcoal or wood braziers. Carol told me that the smog in Nairobi, which is on a plain, is even thicker than Los Angeles' was prior to Cbswork's and a few others' Herculean gifting efforts in and around the LA Basin. I just figure that Nairobi's an unhappy place compared to Kampala. Human misery generates dead orgone, therefore smog, and I don't see a lot of misery in Kampala. Even the goats and the lovely, traditional Nsagala cattle grazing in the neighbourhoods look content and robust.

The Road to Kisoro
We travelled to Kisoro and had the opportunity to have share halfway there with a Ugandan resort owner and architect, which was nice for Georg, who is also an architect and was impressed with the fellow's artistry, skill and style.

Going west from Kampala, which is pretty much in the center of the stretch from Zaire (Congo) to Kenya, one sees a variety of environments relative to the changes in altitude. Until very recently, the region midway from Kampala to Zaire (pronounced, 'Za-EE-ray,' here by the way) was quite arid, but now is looks as green as the formerly desert hillsides around Los Angeles had become by last winter and spring.

After that, one goes back down to an altitude that supports the lush vegetation that Kampala enjoys. Lake Victoria is over a thousand meters in altitude.

The real jaw dropper, for us, was meandering along the dirt highway on the near-vertical mounatain sides as we approached Kisoro, which lies in the southwest corner of Uganda in the presence of G'hinga, the soaring, live volcano whose top is usually concealed in a gorgeous, ever-morphing lenticular cloud, far above the level of the drifting cumuli.

If I were a fan of Wall Street, I'd buy stock in a Surreal Tourism agency because as soon as curiosity seekers learn how rich this country is in unusual, mind-boggling sights they're going to stampede to get here ASAP ;-) I suppose I could buy and sell Surreal Estate here if I had any money.

The mind falters, too, at the sight of the terraced fields that extend thousands of feet up the sides of these mountains, most of which are very, very far from the nearest road. I'm told that much of bordering Rwanda resembles Kisoro.

Dor Vibes
I must say that on the way to Kisoro we encountered our first hostility in Uganda. We noticed that a few of the folks by the roadside in a small area gave us dirty looks and a young boy actually threw a rock at the car before fleeing into jungle, unsuccessfully pursued by the driver. That simply reminded Georg and I that we'd need to do a little roadside gifting through that area on the way back, which we did.

There is a neighbourhood in Kampala which has a reputation for human sacrifice rituals, Dr. K told us during a towerbusting excursion there, and, sure enough, we saw some pretty unhappy folks there and so flung out several TBs. Dr. B told us about a similar area along the road to his western home in Kiboga, but we'd already gifted that area because it felt so crummy. His car engine had simply stopped in that area a couple of times, though there was nothing mechanically wrong with it. The only time Carol and I experienced that phenomenon was on a remote road in Yellowstone National Park right after we'd neutralized one of the I AM Fellowship's human sacrifice sites. It's pretty creepy when that happens but at least we all know that we're getting the job done.

Sky Sculpting
When we got to our Kisoro host's place, we immediately planted the CB in his garden and started watching the sky, which had been partially whited out by HAARP rape. Immediately, a blue hole formed overhead and an immense, proper lenticular cloud appeared on the edge of the hole, right next to G'hinga. Whether you believe, as I do, that these phenomenal clouds almost always accompany and conceal Lemurian and Andromedan ships, they're nonetheless a common sight that commemorates anyone's orgonite expositions.

Gorilla Tours
There are a string of very green volcanoes in an east-west line here. G'hinga is the easternmost and also the largest. Rwanda owns the southern half of that one and Uganda owns the northern half. Most of volcanoes further west are in Zaire. There are some mountain gorillas who live in that region. While we were in nearby Kabale a few days later, we saw a big, rugged open truck with some tourists in it who were heading for some social intercourse with gorillas. For $200 you can go meet a gorilla family, which is a pretty good deal, I think. At some point maybe somebody will arrange foreign tours for the gorillas. I'd love to show them around Idaho.

The East Africans are fond of the big TATA trucks from India. These last about twenty years on rough roads and are affordable & have a lot of carrying capacity.

After an evening of very pleasant company with our Kisoro host, a son of a chief, who also prefers to remain anonymous, and his raconteur friend, Father Joe, a delightful Ugandan priest who had travelled a lot, Georg and I rested in preparation for a shoeleather tour of Kisoro the following day.

There are some lakes in that region which we wanted to gift but most of them are inaccessible with a vehicle. Six kilometers from our host's place we were able to toss a couple of etheric pipebombs into the end of one of those lakes, though, and it was fun meeting and talking to folks along the way and shaking hands with a hundred or so curious children who greeted us with, 'Hello, Bazungu-how are you?' which was likely the only English they knew prior to going to school. We hiked about twelve kilometers that day.

That evening we were introduced to some of the local doctors, who were keenly interested in having a clinical crowd zapper, thanks to our hosts' glowing reports. I arranged for one to be delivered there the following week.

The Kabale 'Bitch'
The next day, Georg and I went to Kabale to do some intense gifting in an effort to neutralixe 'The Bitch,' who had been making plans to erase me for about a month.

Kabale is also near the Rwandan border and it's where the road to Kisoro branches off from the paved, main highway. Big trucks from Mombassa, Kenya's seaport, go through Kisoro to get to Zaire. Most of those are flatbeds, carrying metal containers from the ships themselves.

A month or so before I left, 'Cbswork' had warned me that the Illuminati dung-hoarders had already arranged for me to be killed in Uganda. Their plan was centered around the efforts of a Ugandan woman with salt-and-pepper hair whom Cbs had clearly seen astrally. Carol saw that this witch had a lot of support from British MI6 and we got busy with the problem. Oddly, Carol learned that this witch, though very competent, never saw my hits coming. We apparently erased the two male Ugandan killers she had enlisted and also several murderous British and UN espionage middlemen but none of the mayhem we caused among these killers would weaken The Bitch's resolve. This was clearly her project and it was mainly perceived as a territorial struggle by her, apparently, rather than a powerplay, which is what usually motivates the Illuminati themselves.

I continued to slam here periodically [Powerwand], right up to the time we went to Kabale, which we came to assume was her operational base and present location when we were there Nothing at all seemed to slow her down, though she obviously had a long history of killing in her resume.

We stayed in a hotel on the edge of town and the following morning Georg and I walked up to gift a hillside array in that part of town (on a college campus) and to generally get our bearings. There were two more arrays in town which we could see from this elevation and a lake not far away. After lunch, Georg rented a small motorcycle to get them all expeditiously in preparation for going after The Bitch, both of us assuming that she was getting a lot of energy from these transmitters. We both had a sense of trepidation and the fact that President Musaveni was to visit Kabale and deliver a speech the next day sort of reinforced our impression that The Bitch was here. The Operators usually work this way, moving us gifters around like chess pieces and if you've ever gotten a sense for this on your own orgonite expeditions, you know exactly what I'm talking about and can more easily relate to this bizarre account. If you can't relate to what I'm telling you, just read this as a fantasy if you like. I don't mind.

Georg is a very level-headed guy, not at all anxious by nature, who keeps a healthy dose of scepticism but he told me that as he was coming down from the last, highest array in town, which was spread out along the ridge of the tallest mountain there, he felt distinct trepidation, which probably accounted for a fall from the bike that resulted in a pretty gruesome 'road rash' along his left arm and left knee. I have to say that I wasn't too surprised when he then showed up in our hotel room looking like he was 'in the wars.'

He washed and dressed the wounds, but quickly left again to toss some stielhandgranaten into the lake, four kilometers away, while he still had the rented motorcycle. He was pretty tired when he got back, partly because the motorbike stopped working halfway there and he had to walk the rest of the way. The level of gas in the tank was low enough that driving up a steep hill halfway to the lake had left the fuel intake exposed juju in this case ;-). He did rightly have a sense of accomplishment, though, and of course he used one of his zappers after that to prevent infection.

Trailing the Mzungu Signal
The day after that, President Musaveni was in town and there were armed soldiers everywhere. We determined to look for The Bitch and gift her into oblivion if possible and as we were getting ready to go, the electricity fortuitously went off in town. I grabbed my zapchecker and turned around until I got a signal, hoping that wherever she was might be giving off a strong signal. Georg's view of her gray uniform led me to assume that she worked around some powerful electronic stuff that was powered off the grid. Of course, a modern satanic practitioner in Africa (or anywhere else) is likely to make use of evil mzungu magic, which is based largely on electronics. We'd busted all of the HAARP and entropy towers, so nothing else in town should have been putting out a signal.

It turned out that I got a consistent signal from exactly the same direction that my pendulum had indicated a little earlier. It was coming from a part of town that we hadn't visited yet (right after that, the power came back on) so we headed off in that direction, having to take quite a few turns along the way, guided mainly by my pendulum at this point.

We walked past a large boarding school and the pendulum indicated that the source was right on or under the grounds of that walled facility. Soldiers were stopping everyone who walked through the gate in order to check for weapons, so this was apparently where the President would be speaking and people were lined up there, waiting to get in. We'd just gifted a rectangular pond, by the way, which seemed like it could be used for an underground nuke. We were later told that there are a lot of caverns under Kabale.

Assuming we would have to gift the perimeter of the large schoolgrounds, we walked on, but when we turned the corner, we saw that a gate had been left open futher down the street, so we walked through that one and continued to follow the pendulum and zapchecker. In the middle of the facility was a spot that was over the center of the energy field, according to both the zapchecker and pendulum, so was perhaps directly above The Bitch may
have been the Ugandan witch that Credo Muttwa had told Georg was controlling Zimbabwe's President and, perhaps, several other African dictators.

I'd already learned that the most gruesome satanic stuff in Uganda takes place underground, probably on account of the reptilians' involvement.

We then walked out past the guards at the front gate, who were still busy scanning for weapons. I bet they'd have had a hard time wrapping their brains around our orgonite weapons if we'd tried to take them in that way ;-)

Operator Cover
Georg and I immediately felt a sense of relief (after I got an intimation that The Bitch had sent more killers to look for us the previous night, I locked the hotel room's door). We found an internet café later in the day and I'd gotten a note from Carol expressing concern about not being able to locate me the night before and I told her that the Operators were probably concealing us then, for our own protection. We experienced something like that a year before, when we eluded the NSA for the first time on our way from Seattle to pick up the CLOUDS OF DEATH video from Cbswork in Los Angeles. That was the only time Cbs didn't 'see' us coming. I don't think he'd ever experienced such a gap in his super-psychic skills before, but of couse when The Operators want to hide us, they hide us from everyone, not just from the otherwise omniscient NSA, with their army of top psychics, satellites and spy networks.

'I'll Be Back'
Carol later confirmed that The Bitch was dead at that point, but the reptilians or somebody apparently reconstructed her not long after that. It was an awfully good coup, regardless.

By the way, the day before, Georg and I had a visualization session and he saw her in a gray uniform (typical secret-UN/Homeland Security Abomination costume these days) and also saw a tall Egyptian man in an expensive business suit with her. It was apparently easy for us to erase the Egyptian, so he must have been an all-human ritual killer, perhaps directly involved because of what we'd done at the headwaters of the Nile. There's a prominent Egyptian bank in Kampala, so maybe he was somehow connected with that.

I think The Bitch is part reptilian. She's awfully durable. I got the instinct impression that we can at least terrify her now, which means that as long as I'm breathing, I'm winning. Carol and I will get busy with her when I go home; meanwhile, I've asked Doppelgangster and Mr. Skull to pay her a courtesy call.
A couple of days ago, I asked Kizira to look at the situation and he told me that I won't have any more trouble in Uganda, even if I go to the war torn north. He's a really good psychic.

Georg rented the bike because we didn't drive from Kampala. We did manage to get rides from new friends to Kisoro, Kabale and back and, having marked and gifted most of the locations of the HAARP and entropy transmitters along the way, we gifted the ones we missed on the way back.

It's a good thing we didn't have to ride buses, since they really pack you into these African buses and it would have been hard to do much proper gifting that way.Have you given any thought to how these countless thousands of towers can be used after they've all been dismantled by proper governments pretty soon, as the Russians apparently already did in their country?

In the next article, I'm going to tell about my visits with Kizira in his village and to relay some of his personal accounts of visions and circumstances that led to his present career.

Don Croft

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