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Episode 76

Hanging with The Witch Doctor

By Don Croft <>
Dec. 7, 2003

Dr. B and I already wrote about the experience with Kizira at Budhagali Falls, but I've visited K three other times and learned a few things, both by observation and from his instruction. I want to show you just how universal human faith and spiritual guidance are and to share a glimpse of a bit of Uganda's spiritual tradition.

I first met Kizira when I was still at home in the USA. I clearly sensed his presence while I was working in my garage one day in October, a few weeks before I came to Africa. Dr. Batiibwe had told me by email that Kizira was in the process of checking me out. His own initial contact with Kizira came right after Carol and I had suggested that he look for a reputable traditional healer in order to expand his own resources as a medical doctor who applies alternative healing methods. Dr. B had long been interested in alternative medicine and had adopted many of these modes, including electromedicine, colloidal silver, nutrition, herbs and ozone therapy, in his capacity as chief physician at Kiboga District Hospital.

His initial meeting with Kizira last July came through a personal introduction by a patient of his in a distant village who had cancer and had been to see the healer. Sadly, that woman died not long afterward because her husband forbade her to get the treatment she needed.

Kizira gave me a bottle of his herbal cancer cure, by the way, which I'm going to pass along to William von Peters, the cloudbuster network's very reputable naturopathic physician and homeopath, for his consideration when I get back. One of the things I hope to see developing from my visit here is a close collaboration between my Ugandan healer friends and von Peters.

After several visits with K, Dr. B became better acquainted with his own spirituality/sensitivity and also was able to witness Kizira's skill and range of knowledge in the use of healing herbs and foods, which he uses as an adjunct to his ability to heal with prayer and touch.

Many doctors here talk about working alongside traditional healers, but Batiibwe was never satisfied with just talking, which is probably why we've come to be such good friends in a short time.

During his 44 years, Kizira had attended a Muslim primary school, been a fishmonger, a guerrilla fighter (under the command of now-President Musaveni) and a furniture maker but in 1995 he began his present career after asking God, in desperation, to indicate the path to his own destiny. The next morning he woke to find a small, intricate diagram on his forearm, in a pattern suggestive, to me, of a Chinese calligram or crop circle. The marking was very light compared to his surrounding, pigmented skin.

A series of visions followed and, perhaps not wishing to be considered insane by his neighbors, he moved to Kenya to begin practicing his new healing art. His mother was a traditional healer, so he was no stranger to herbal and psycho/spiritual practices but she disowned him after he rejected her traditional reliance on local deities in favour of a reliance on one Creator. The first thing he tells visitors is to stop praying to anyone but the Creator of the Universe, as reliance on anyone else guarantees a diminished return for one's efforts.

Things didn't feel right for him in Kenya, though, and he recognized this as a sign that he needed to take a more difficult path, so he returned to Uganda, where he was guided to buy his present plantation, about 12 km from Kiboga near the highway to Kampala, After he moved there, he had series of visions that confirmed his decision.

During these waking visions, the surroundings disappeared and he got clear instructions about how he was to conduct his affairs.

After healing a few locals, rumors began to spread about him, most of which were unfriendly, and at one point someone from the government approached him with an offer to pay him for his psychic abilities on their behalf, which he apparently declined.

As you probably know, at least from my accounts of my work with similar psychics/healers in the US, the spiritual struggles of gifted people are essentially no different from yours and mine and they're perhaps even more tightly bound by Universal Law since they work closer to it while they're in the supernormal state, so reward and retribution, which are the universal means of assisting spiritual growth, are a little more immediate for them..

Kizira is wise enough (unlike me) to realize that it was only a matter of time before his genuine love for people would dispel these rumors and that's mostly come to pass by now, though some gov't people seem to feel a little suspicious, still, which is to be expected, I suppose. Fortunately for Kizira, the gov't here isn't much aligned with the Illuminati and, while their intelligence-gathering ability is quite impressive, the intent of their policing isn't the complete eradication of personal freedom, as it mostly is in America and some other formerly-free countries, sad to say.

Georg and I met Kizira on an overnight trip to Kiboga during our first week in Uganda. Dr. Batiibwe went with us to make the introductions and told us that before he (Dr. B) knew that George would also be coming to Uganda, Kizira had seen us both arriving in a vision, referring to Georg, then, as a younger, taller man, which he is.

Dr. B was a little trepidatious about the meeting, as Kizira had never had a pleasant experience with a mzungu before. That apprehension was quickly dispelled after the introductions, though, and K was his usual, gregarious, confident and outrageous self in no time.

After sampling some of his herbal concoctions (nothing he makes is harmful) and a fine dinner of fresh beans and sweet potatoes, two of Kizira's young sons began playing drums, his wives and other children arranged themselves in a chorus and Kizira led some songs which he'd received in visions. After the proper atmosphere had been established, he went in turn from Georg, myself, Drs. K and B and Dr. B's father (a retired national gov't official), who was visiting Kiboga, and held our hands, then our foreheads and told us a bit about our destinies. It's probably not appropriate for me to mention anyone else's message, but he told me that I need to work on using the power of my utterance to defeat my enemies, which are quite numerous in America and desparately want to kill me these days. It's been quite a vacation here for me, I must say, and all those Illumiati dungbeetles and their murderous Homeland Security Abomination flunkies seem far away right now. I think I needed a little break from those jerks.

While Kizira's in his psychic mode, his hand trembles. This now also happens to Dr. B when the process is happening. K always praises the Creator and asks for his help before attempting any psychic efforts, which I think is awfully nice.

After our Budhagali trip, he explained some of the energy dynamics that were involved there. According to his reckoning, there were extraordinary, individual humans in ancient times who came to be identified, after a period of integration in the next world following their physical deaths, with certain power spots and people came to call these places by the deceased, extraordinary individuals' names and propitiated their memories according to the exemplary lives that they had led, so in places like Budhagali Falls where the 'guardian spirit' was a benevolent individual, rituals were performed which honoured that aspect. In places where the namesake's lifework was essentially evil, evil acts were performed to perpetuate their living example.

The reason we performed the ritual on the island in the Nile by the falls is that in recent years, the site had been subverted by murderous voodoo practitioners, in conjunction with government/corporate plans to build a hydroelectric plant a little further downstream. Apparently, the bad guys knew that they needed to banish Budhagali from the falls before they could gather the power to submerge the falls with the new dam. It remains to be seen whether they'll now be able to construct the dam, of couse. If more electricity is needed, there are surely other sites along the Nile that can be as easily dammed if the gov't rather insists on not using existing free energy tech and the further downstream one goes, the fewer people will be displaced by a project like that.

By the way, several 'developing world' governments, including Costa Rica, have made tentative plans to establish free energy technology but I think everyone's just waiting for the first one to demonstrate that his/her nation won't get peremptorily nuked by the City of London's legbreaker, the US, for having the courage to put this already-developed technology to work on a national scale. Of course when that happens, the trolls in London won't have a leg to stand on any more, so to speak, since all of their hegemony is now based on already-obsolete petroleum. I personally hope that this pioneer tech will emerge in Uganda. I notice that the CIA and MI6, the only terrorist organizations on the planet, don't have much of a stranglehold on this gov't as they still do in Costa Rica and also in the rest of Africa.

To say that African culture is characterized by any specific practice or belief system is misleading. As a reputable anthropologist once pointed out, this continent is a veritable cornucopia that can be used to prove or disprove anything at all based on the practices of a given culture or subgroup and calling it 'African.' Hence the plethora of anthropologists who visit here to substantiate their own particular personal dogma and philosophy.

To illustrate his point, the author had visited two African cultures, which I believe are in Uganda, to document two societal extremes and take the wind out of the sails of the small army of fake-science western antrhopologists. The folks in one culture are intensely impoverished, selfish and abusive and the author noted seeing a blind man, who had snatched a piece of rotting meat from a carcass that some jackals were dining on, being then overwhelmed by people who fought each other for the putrid scrap, leaving the poor guy in a bruised heap. He gave another example of a nearby culture in which everyone seems to share responsibility for the community's overall material and emotional wellbeing and where everyone was happy to look after the needs of children, no matter which family they belonged to. I think most African cultures fall somewhere in between those extremes.

Kizira had asked me to teach him to do some that our network do, so I took him a crowd zapper, a Terminator, some of Carol's Harmonic Protectors and one of her prototype Crystal Harmonizers. I made a cloudbuster for him there and while I was working, he told me some more about his life and work. By the way, I'm in Kampala now, at Dr. Kayiwa's house, and last night it began raining heavily here around midnight and continued, more lightly, until 2PM, an hour ago. There was some lightning in the beginning of the storm but no wind, which shows that the cloudbuster on the other side of town is doing its job in Secret Supporter's garden. The previous rainstorm, a few days ago, was briefly accompanied by a strong, localized wind, which of course is typical of any thunderstorm where a CB isn't present or up to speed.

As I was riding to town from Kiboga with Dr. B in the hospital van yesterday, we both felt a little dismayed by what looked like some HAARP whiteout all the way here but what we were apparently seeing was some intense orgone buildup in the atmosphere in advance of this phenomenal rain. I hope to find out if it rained similarly in Tororo, by the Kenya frontier, as it had been quite dry there when we visited last week.

I want to find out if Kizira's CB had something to do with this phenomenal rainfall. I suspect that what we thought might be HAARP whiteout was rather just the complete saturation of the region's atmosphere with moisture-bearing orgone, instead. As I've said before, orgonite gets a lot more bang for the buck here in Africa.

As we were driving through K'la on the way to Dr. Kayiwa's house, Dr. B candidly admitted to me that he'd felt discouraged after reading some of the material from our detractors, but that after that, he decided to just go ahead and make a cloudbuster anyway last May. I let him know that the two popular websites he mentioned are strictly CIA efforts, after all, and that a good way to test whether a site is for disinformation is to check our energy after visiting it, compared to our energy level after reading bonafide, informative websites. Invariably, we feel discouraged and even hopeless after absorbing some of the disinformation while we feel buoyed and inspired when we've read the real stuff. Of course, if the disinfo sites didn't pepper their efforts with liberal amounts of factual, even cutting edge information, you wouln't be interested in them in the first place. The CIA has plenty of news we can use.

Since Kizira's CB is apparently in a vortex and only 12km from East Africa's very first CB, in Doc Batiibwe's Kiboga backyard, we may have just experienced some turbo-boosted rainmaking. I had a hunch that K would take to cloudbusting quite easily and perhaps show us a few tricks, as Cbswork in Los Angeles regularly has. I felt a little bad for all those Kampala craftsmen who weren't able to put their wares outdoors this morning, especially the guys who make all those stuffed, upholstered couches and chairs which they perhaps display by the roadside partly in order to have room to work.

I can easily relate to Kizira's cosmology but I have to admit that my mind failed to grasp the benefits of polygamy that he tried to convey and he seems to want to have a following, which I feel is contrary to a mandate of service. I chalk that stuff up to human nature, though, and meanwhile he's doing a lot of people good and is a gracious host.

I, too, have had three wives, after all. I just didn't do it all at once and it's always felt that, to me, it was enough of a challenge to do justice to one woman. Fortunately, I finally found Carol, who loves me because of myself, rather than in spite of myself and doesn't freak out every time I express myself but rather seems to actually enjoy my cutting fringe orientation. I surely do love her back the same way.

Considering the realities of female sexuality, it would be more logical for women to have multiple husbands, as Mark Twain pointed out (that book could only be published posthumously-another case of a fellow ahead of his time ;-), using Catherine the Great, with her regiment-sized bed, as an illustration. There's a really cute Brazilian movie about a peasant woman who came to have three husbands that you might enjoy seeing. I forgot the name of it.

Of Kizira's thirteen kids, several of them are energy sensitive and/or psychic (as are two of his wives) and the rest seem to be well-adjusted (that's an awfully queer term, now that I see it on paper) and they're definitely friendly and confident around strangers.

I got a guided tour of his plantation, which he'd managed to get to a state where much of the family's food is simply picked from trees and vines. This region's got a fruit, for instance, that you'd need to pick up correctly in order not to dislocate your back. It's called a jackfruit and grows in a towering, gorgeous, broad-leafed tree and resembles breadfruit, of Captain Bligh fame.

It weighs about thirty pounds, though, and, unlike starchy, bland breadfruit, is filled with bite-sized pieces of tasty orange, sort of waxy, fruit that reminds me a bit of tangerines and apples.

Some folks who know him are perhaps justifiably disturbed by K's polygamy and his disinterest in money, but I have confidence that none of this will stand in his way very much, since his main focus is on developing his healing and psychic gifts. More money and living space will probably smooth over the difficulties he and his wives are now experiencing and both are on the horizon, apparently.

What I've discovered from my own network-building efforts is that some people expect me to be their version of perfect and a few of those get pretty nasty with me when I don't meet their expectations. To hell with them, of course; I'm not doing this to get anyone's approval, nor do I want a personal following (here, the humor of the Operators is obvious, since I've got a near-neurotic hatred of sycophancy and I prefer to spend most of my time with my wife and alone rather than relating to people in 3D) and I've noticed that my most vigorous detractors are not doing much to refine their own characters at any rate, nor am I making any personal claims. . I wish there were some way I could detach these few lazy but noisy louts from our network and attach them to some of our Hitler-wannabee detractors instead ;-) Maybe I can do that with utterance, as Kizira promised I will be able to do.

I think that everyone who craves leadership should immediately get saddled with a dozen or so of these backstabbing sycophants, don't you? There are many ways to make this world a brighter place, we're finding, and these methods don't all have to be pretty.

Life really isn't like a Disney movie. When one assumes a level of commitment the way Kizira, Kayiwa, Batiibwe and I have one gets fairly swarmed by reactionary people who feel that their personal, lukewarm paradigm is threatened. The nether reaches of human nature dictate that having our personal paradigm challenged can be more severe than even a threat to our physical bodies.

Dr. K was nearly killed when a motorist ran him down a month and a half ago and Dr B was repeatedly sickened by energy attacks since he started advocating electromedicine. I had assumed that Dr B's attacks were poisoning. Some may have been but the latest one, which delayed our Kiboga visit by a day last week, were, according to Kizira, the result of a personal energy attack. I talked to him on the phone when he called to say he was too sick with 'flu' to travel the next day but after I blasted his attacker through him he recovered quite quickly. I then administered Dr. von Peters' excellent 'Drainage Clear' homeopathic formula and Dr. P's symptoms were gone entirely shortly after that.

Kizira is curious about how he might be viewed by Americans and he told me that African's minds are behind Americans' because Africa is less modern. The fact that he rarely sees TV or movies and doesn't read much American or European literature shows me how pervasive this misconception is here. I told him that, actually, any child in Africa can quickly absorb modernization but the minds of western people are actually retarded because
they mostly don't know anything about their true, spiritual natures, which Africans generally understand better. He seemed to get it, because he grabbed my arm, held it to his chest and laughed uproariously.

Dr. Kayiwa has the TV on as I'm writing this and it's on a station which plays a lot of MTV-style music videos from Kenya, which is pretty cool, as it has a lot of traditional dancing mixed in with African pop music. People often fall to the ground in trances even in these party situations. I may be taken to a regional initiation ceremony this week, by the way, in which mediums are used, so stay tuned ;-)

The night that Georg and I got here, both Drs. B and K showed up at our host's house and they wanted to know what our agenda would be, so that they could know better how to assist us. We told them that, aside from busting up the HAARP and entropy network and making a few CBs, we'd rather just have them arrange an appropriate agenda for us, instead, since they'd already been doing famously without us, after all. They've done very, very well with that task since then, as you can see.

If you've ever watched movies or videos of mainly African, Latin-American magic rituals from Brazil, Haiti, Cuba, etc., you see the use of mediums who go into convulsions after dancing to drums and chanting and this seems to be characteristic aound here. It's not seen as unusual at all and I don't think anyone's faking. My expectation that African spirituality relates mainly to emotion (water) has been abundantly confirmed.

By the way, Kizira told me the other day that Budhagali is doing just fine now, which surely must have surprised K. I might sound a bit like a crazy man right now by confidently saying that Africans will be at the forefront of this orgonite work and related, soon-to-come free energy tech because you probably never heard anyone talk about Africa that way, but please remember that you heard it here first. I was rather shocked to find that many Africans have bought into the notion that 'progress' is still associated with 'white.'

There's an old Persian adage that the folks on the mountaintop are the first ones to see the dawn. Convincing the folks in the valley has always been a challenge. Or maybe I'm just fooling myself. We'll see. You must admit that I've at least put my money where my mouth is, since I'm here mainly to see whether my hunch is correct and it's not cheap to come here, nor can we easily afford it right now..

There are two English-language newspapers in Kampala. I was astonished to find that not only does the press here appear to be genuinely free, but that the psycho/spiritual stuff is reported along with the political and business news. On the day we arrived, there was a front-page story of the intense voodoo activity under Budhagali Falls, for instance, which is how we 'knew' that the falls would have to be a primary target.

The reason I never read newspapers in America (except THE IDAHO OBSERVER, and a few other alternative publications) is that they're clearly simply formats for mind control protocols and lies.

If I were addicted to sensationalism, I'd focus more on a recent article that described the successful disruption of a courtroom by two poisonous snakes and a bird. It was a trial of a district official, charged with corruption, and the consensus was that he'd arranged for some voodoo intervention on his behalf.

I watched a political scandal unfold here in which some cabinet officials were being accused of corruption. Yesterday, President Musaveni contributed an article in which he not only agreed that the accused official was culpable but that the accused had lied about his active participation in the Resistance, which Musaveni had led since 1971 until their victory in 1986. I had wondered whether the President's main challenge, after his military victory, was to find enough trustworthy people to conduct a proper national government and to move Uganda toward its first Constitution-based regime since its colonial days. The simple fact that he doesn't have his public critics assassinated, as is done in the USA, weighs heavily in his favour, as far as I'm concerned.

As I get to know Dr Kayiwa better, I'm feeling more and more confident that he represents the emerging political paradigm here. Though he's known wealth and privelege and has travelled extensively in the world, he lives quite humbly and loves to talk to everyone he meets. I've known some rare individuals who only reveal their accomplishments as conversational footnotes rather than waving them like banners and you need to be with
these people over an extended time before you get a clear picture of their past accomplishments because they basically don't like to talk about themselves. This is how Drs Kayiwa and Batiibwe both are.

Kizira, by contrast, is sort of like a peacock. As an African psychic healer and teacher, he has to exhibit confidence and even aggression and this is in order for him, certainly. He's engaged and defeated enemies astrally just like Carol and I do, by the way, though he doesn't focus on that the way we do. I found out that his enemies here are not as murderous as ours are at home, though, as he said, 'My enemies are your enemies.'.

I guess I'm still absorbing the implications of how 'politically moribund and spiritually bankrupt' our western cultures have become, based on the prevalence of profound mind control, organized murder and mayhem that western governments now foster and/or allow. It seems to me like the US, Russia, England, Italy and Germany, under whose collective political shadow all the other nations essentially found themselves by then, sort of got flushed down the toilet of cultural viability by the middle of the twentieth century. Since nature hates a vacuum, I'm looking to Africa to pick up civilization's torch now. This can be done without a struggle.

Arguably, Russia may be in the process of escaping this stigma, and perhaps China by extension, but as far as I'm concerned the jury's going to remain out on their case until it's obvious that they won't be suitcase-nuking those heinous financial trolls in the City of London in their own joint bid for some quick world hegemony. I don't believe that one form of tyranny is any better than another and neither Russia nor China are in a position to demonstrate the virtues of a Constitutional government yet.

So, you might ask why I'm moving all over the map when this article is about an African witch doctor. I guess the only thing I can tell you is that Kizira represents, to me, a global trend of general awakening and I'm doing my best to show you that. We're working on a scheme to take him to meet Credo Muttwa and perhaps to visit Carol and I in the US, since travel is a unique form of education and his innate intelligence will easily assimilate foreign experiences to everyone's subsequent benefit.

When Dr. B met Kizira the latter expressed, sadly, that he'd often felt very alone on account of his gift and he at least knows, now, that there are other folks around the world who, appreciate and value him, know what he knows and share his personal challenges and experiences and that has seemed to buoy his spirits and stimulate his voracious curiosity.

Don Croft

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