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Episode 77

What We Did About the US Special Forces 'Visits'

By Don Croft <>
Dec. 19, 2003

Some of us have been experiencing materializations in our homes by aggressors in the past year or so and I think Carol finally got some fairly hard data about this in an interesting way. The day I left for AFrica, she went to Florida with our friend, Linda Kingsbury, for a week or so and one of their activities there was to be a dolphin swim in the Florida Keys. Linda's a psychic who's on Carol's general level, though her technique is a little different. They both felt something wasn't quite right with the fellow who drove the boat out to the reef that day and the confirmation came when he took them to the vicinity of a US Speical Forces base that's used for underwater training.

Aside from the oddity of the fellow's focus, they didn't give it a lot of thought or attention and though the water was too murky for swimming that day, due to previous storms (shark danger) lots of dolphins came up to the boat and interacted with them.

They later visited the Dolphin Research Center which I'd written about almost three years ago when we lived across the road from it on Grassy Key. Linda agreed that the dolphins there are rather using that facility to research humans ;-)

After Carol got home, almost nightly visitations began to occur, even upstairs where our bedroom is, though only once did she see a 3D person. In that case he was at the bottom of the stairwell at the end of the hall. In every case she simply ignored them and blasted them until the visits ended.

Last night we had a hunting session because yesterday morning (we stayed in a motel in Spokane after she picked me up at the airport) we were 'accosted' by a plainclothes government psychic in Denny's Restaurant who was at a nearby table with five or six uniformed Air Force guys, presumably from nearby Fairchild Air Force Base.

Carol was the first to notice him, as my back was turned to that nearby table, so when she told me to look, I did so briefly, then said, 'Watch what happens to the guy,' and blasted him.

She said, 'His face turned red,' and we both had a good laugh.

He stared right at me as we left not long after that, and it was obvious that he wasn't afraid of me. I just figured that he was going to 'show up' later, so I didn't do anything else to him then. I've found that it's sometimes kind of fun to play them and let them think they're getting over on us. Have you tried that? They'd love to make this spiritual conflict as dirty as any other war, but why not have a little fun with it as long as war is unavoidable?

Sure enough, that guy was around astrally, last night, when we decided to go after the Special Forces would-be hitters and we left him alone as we did the rest of the thing, then I chased him down. Carol said he'd split after our first hit and he probably thought he could hide from us ;-)

I think I'm writing this more for the bad guys' sake than for you, as they hate it when anything like this is put into public record. It's just one more fun way of counting coup on erstwhile-hidden enemies of mankind and of life in general.

Carol looked for the top of the food chain in this bunch and of course found a guy in a gray uniform, so we 'put it on the big screen' and in a couple of minutes he was dead on the floor from a weak heart.

Then we focused on the US Army Special Forces Colonel (MK Ultra alumni, of course) who had taken his orders from this chump and then commanded the hitter-wannabees in our house, but all that happened was that he puked, which told us that he hadn't a clue that he was out of line and perhaps honestly believes that we're 'terrorists.' Most MK Old Boys never question their root programming after all, even in the face of their bosses' obvious predatory agenda, and not many folks have much of a conscience these days, anyway.

The five Special Forces visitors were the next targets and they, too, are just MK Ultra warriors who never questioned their objectives, so Carol went to work on them and found one who is psychic. I powered up her efforts and she got him to clearly see his own programming history and to see that we're not only harmless, but are two people who should be protected, not attacked. He then started talking to the other four about it, she told me.

She said that they had been told to exercise extreme caution in our house (!) so all that had happened, so far, was surveillance. She said they'd tried to be very quiet, so it wasn't an effort to simply intimidate her as previous 3D visitors from the Dark Masters had tried to do a year ago after we'd first discovered that we could hurt the people at the top of the predator food chain.

Carol feels that the significance of the tour operator (Special Forces guy) was that they needed to establish a physical link in the vicinity of the underwater base in order for them to get a reliable portal established into our home.

Linda had assumed responsibility for picking a dolphin tour before they left home and that particular business tour company was the only one that came up in an internet search. When they got there, they found lots and lots of established dolphin-tour businesses, so Carol assumes that the CIA was monitoring Linda's computer and ensuring that only this one tour company would show up in a search. I"m sure you've experienced similar hacker infestations by now.

I don't think we'll be bothered by this bunch any more, even without having posted this account, but it was probably leading up to a bloody hit if we didn't pay attention and take some action.

We wasted the latest head of the Homeland Security Abomination for good measure. Since the bad guys are addicted to centralization, this always seems to be a good idea for gumming up their genocide works in North America, at least, and they keep appointing murderous, all-human chumps for some reason, so it's hard to resist, anyway 8-).

Maybe the Illuminati, ever-resourceful, have set up that job as a dumping ground for murderous, bureaucratic incompetents by now. I guess I'm happy to oblige, since in each case these new HSA bosses will no longer be brutalizing and murdering children and other innocents after they come to our attention.

The reason this US Special Forces thing was a curious development for us is that in the past the bad guys mostly sent cold-blooded killers at us, not real soldiers.

The faulty bit of reasoning on their part was that people who aren't outright murderers are still susceptible to the same higher spiritual instincts which you and I are comfortable with, so they're all potential allies, especially as the outright satanic orientation of Homeland Security Abomination becomes more and more blatant to their legbreakers.

Commitment is a curious thing. In our brief history as a network we've seen a few people finally commit to either side of this conflict and once that commitment has been solidified, no amount of outside influence will seem to deflect the individual from his chosen affinity in each case, no matter what had transpired before or what they'd accomplished.

I can say without a trace of cynicism that this experience has been the single most astonishing, enriching teacher of the nature of humanity than anything else I'd ever been involved in.

As far as I can tell, one's capacity for selfless love seems to be the determining factor for remaining free of mind-f---ing entanglements with the other side and that's surely a function of personal faith rather than of any considerations of ethics/morality, the filthy shadow of which is surely 'Political Correctness.'

After we were done, I chased and pummeled that benighted CIA psychic until he was scared $#!+less (Bravado doesn't count for much when you work for the bad guys these days ;-).

Now Carol and I need to focus more effort on getting rid of that damnable Federal Reserve Corporation. There was a setback last month as the primary radionics tower (the secondary is in our backyard and needs a new motor, which I now have) was, after nearly a year of operation, successfully removed by the bad guys, so now it's back to the drawing board to get another vortex-powered device online or to at least generate a vortex in the new location of the primary when it comes to rest pretty soon.

'God's time is the best time,' as the Germans used to say. I never can seem to help grinning at the notion that the bad guys think they're making anything at all happen for themselves and for their way-behind-schedule genocide agendae these days. It all backfires for them, one way or another, as far as I can tell, and by the time they reach the courtrooms and subsequent nooses that await them throughout the planet, they'll be pitifully deflated rather than having gone out with a murderous flourish.

Wanted: Aerial Gifters
Carol just traded her sporty little convertible for a Jeep, as it looks like we won't be getting an airplane soon, as we'd hoped. It would be so cool if somebody with means will use an airplane to 'carpet bomb' big, hard to reach underground bases and the primary mountain top arrays.

We'll focus on taking out underground bases for now with a 4WD vehicle, by default, as that's the bad guys' last redoubt in America. Others can take out the more obvious Entropy and HAARP towers where they live, as far as we're concerned. More and more are apparently doing that, so it's no longer our personal responsibility, as far as I can tell.

The day she drove it home from the dealer last week a cop parked behind it in our driveway (dead end street) and wrote some stuff in his little book. The license plate ('ORGONE6') wasn't even on it yet ;-) and Carol went out and gave the guy the stinkeye, so he drove away, pretending that he was 'just doing his job.' Chump.

The stupider cops here really do think we're terrorists, still. The feds go around to all the local cop shops in North America these days and use mind control protocols to jack up the newly all-black-uniformed cops' paranoia. Goebbels would have wet his pants with envy at this National Socialist achievement, no doubt, and at the apparent ease with which these FBI cretins get the cops to believe that there's a swarthy, turbanned bomb-thrower under every bush in town ;-)

It's a given that the townspeople in our town don't share this neurosis that the cops have. The many Muslims in this college town are treated very well, as they ought to be.

By the way, I found out that the Muslims in Rwanda didn't participate in the bloodbath there a few years ago. Nor, presumably, did the Hindus.

To Uganda's credit, the various religious factions in that country had resolutely decided to stop letting themselves be divided along those lines even before the British hurled Idi Amin at them all in the early 1970s. I dearly love true religious diversity in any culture.

Cbswork can probably round this Special Forces development out with some harder data when he's ready. We'll be visiting him ASAP for some confab, since it's been awhile since we were there and these northern winters are not much fun for us.

Having participated in essentially busting up the Entropy and HAARP nets in an entire African nation in the last month, I'm really eager to put the hurt on the underground base network in the southwestern US now, which isn't far out of our way when we go to Los Angeles.

~Don Croft

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