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Episode 78


By Don Croft <>
Jan. 20, 2004

Having talked and talked, for weeks, about using earthpipes to disable an underground base, Kelly, Carol and I finally put our money where my mouth is on Sunday, Jan 18, at Joseph, Oregon. Kelly (Laozu on the boards) graciously agreed to make the Earthpipe prototypes [instructions to build an Earthpipe at bottom of this page...Ken] with Carol and I on Saturday in his terrific, heated shop in Pullman, Washington, and to accompany us to Joseph, Oregon, for the first field experiment the next morning..I'd mentioned that base a few times before and one of Kelly's friends had told us that he watched Air Force One come in for a landing there recently.

Really, the little runway in that narrow Oregon valley might accommodate a Learjet with a drag chute, but not a larger plane. We're assuming that the fellow rather saw one of those UFOs that are disguised as a big jet. After all, Carol and I have seen that happen several times where we live and these low altitude, silent, slow, steeply banking Big Jets with their landing gear extended couldn't have stayed in the air at such a low altitude, nor are there any adequate landing strips within thirty miles of here.

The DOR was quite dense, though, and the little tourist town near Hell's Canyon couldn't account for that. Eval (Knieval) was evident at one time there, but we didn't see much evidence of surface evil. The most obvious DOR characteristic was dense fog at odd altitudes against the surrounding mountains, which are gorgeous, by the way. Oregon's got a LOT of hidden treasures like the pine-forested Wallowa Mountains.

We sort of left it up to Kelly to call the shots. He'd never been to Joseph, though his late father, a professor at WU in Seattle in later years but a dairy farmer and populist in Western Washington before that, had been born in that little town. I sensed that his dad's spirit was present and Carol said he had more or less directed us to Joseph and wanted to help Kelly find the right places to put the six earthpipes. Kelly's friend had told us, last summer, that he saw Air Force One coming in for a landing around Enterprise, which is five miles upstream from Joseph, so we sort of assumed that the base was close to that town, but Kelly and Carol weren't seeing much DOR around Enterprise. As we approached Joseph, the DOR increased dramatically, then we saw the dense fog and we were 'In The $#!+.'

We took the long way to get there from here. As it turns out, I had assumed that it was the only logical way to go and Kelly and Carol (who knew better) had simply chosen not to disagree with me. It took five hours and I kept saying to Carol, 'Is anyone peeking?' and she kept saying, 'No.' Carol only told me later that she wondered why I had insisted on taking the long way. I told her that I didn't know there was another way. Here's a prime example of the way my stupidity often turns into an asset: After we did the deed, Carol said a whole string of NSA skunks had been positioned along the shorter route to report our progress to the waiting stalkers in Joseph, but the NSA assumed that we weren't stupid enough to take the long route; so they didn't put any of their skunks along that much longer highway through Walla Walla.

A few days prior to that, one of Kelly's friends, Mike, had spotted a fed boss agent tailing Kelly in traffic. The agent was obvious to Mike because there were several tiny antennae sticking out of the big SUV's roof and all of the windows, including the windshield, were blacked out. NONE of those fed skunks are bold enough, any more, to follow Carol and I, so they didn't know which highway we were on as we were leaving Kelly's town. None of their psychics even tried to find us. They had to rely on a few non-descript pavement artists along the assumed route.

We probably would have been pretty naked to the NSA in and around Joseph if we'd driven the logical route, as none of our gifting locations had much cover around them. Of course, the little Succor Punch that we keep going in the car, 24/7, plugged into the cigarette lighter, stops the NSA from getting a non-visual electronic fix on us, even from satellites, and we savagely beat up any of their psychics who stumble into our path. Carol asked me if I ever feel bad for trashing these psychic predators and other fake-government skunks. I thought about it a little bit and told her, 'NO!' ;-)

So, we drove into Joseph without any of these NSA jerks knowing we were there at all. We went around, driving the 2 foot long, 1 ¼" thick earthpipes into the nearly frozen turf wherever Kelly saw the densest DOR emerging from the ground and we never got spotted by a spook until we'd driven over to the airport to insert the last one. One of them was stationed there, of course, and there was only one paved road into the area.

He didn't see where we put it because we made him want to get to a toilet really fast as soon as we spotted him, but as we were turning onto the highway a few minutes later, having just finished the project, the local boss NSA spook cut us off, slowly drove around the front of our car and gave Carol (the driver) a smug look and a wave, then drove back to town the way he'd come. Carol had dreamt, the previous night, of possible danger for us there, so I was going to bring my pistol, but we had forgotten to buy bullets after our last shooting match. I figured that if we were going to get it they would probably be using a helicopter gunship or something, anyway ;-) as they'd have to put diapers on their benighted fat ninjas in order to get them close to us without embarrassing themselves.

Meanwhile, both Carol and Kelly saw that bright streams of orgone were shooting up from the locations of each of the earthpipes and the sky overhead was developing that characteristic blue hole in the dense DOR fog in several places.

We had a nice dinner in a Chinese restaurant in nearby Enterprise, Oregon, in preparation for the (three hours, it turned out, as opposed to five hours going there ;-) ride back home and the only surveillance in Enterprise was from a local cop who drove slowly by without recognizing our car in the restarurant's small parking lot. He looked pretty nervous, so I guess the feds had been screaming at him. Kelly had a nice chat in Mandarin with one of the owners, though the folks were from near Canton. It's fun going to Chinese restaurants with Laozu Kelly.

Analyzing the look on the boss skunk's face as he drove around our car a little earlier, I got the impression that he assumed that we'd failed this time and that he felt pretty pleased. Normally, after we bust up an underground base, the effects are so immediate, dramatic and comprehensive, that the feds all look fit to be tied right afterward. In Nevada last July, for instance, a boss NSA guy who looked like a weightlifter on PCP, even sat beside me, flexed his muscles and glared right at me in order to frighten me. Since I had a Harmonic Protector on I wasn't even aware that he was present. Ordinarily, I'd sense somebody like that from across the room even if my back was turned. Carol was sitting across the aisle and was astonished that I didn't notice him. She only told me about him as we were walking out of there, so I put our calling card on his brand new, white Lincoln Towncar's windshield as we left the building. That pugnacious, murderous jerk had parked in a 'Handicapped Parking Only' spot, of course, right by the entrance. 'Arrest that man, officer!' ;-)

Kelly, a long-time fan of German culture, told us that there are a couple of distinctively German kinds of humor: gallows humor and 'Treppenwitz.' 'Treppen' means 'stairs,' and 'witz' means 'joke.' The implication is that this sort of joke is usually gotten only after one has reached the bottom of the staircase.

The reason for the title of this article is that 'the joke' on the feds is that the underground base has most likely been completely disabled by now, two days after we did the deed, but they didn't see it coming until long after we'd left the area.

Kelly's going back to Joseph in a few days to make his own assessment. I'm not going to announce success, even though Carol's remote impression is that this has been achieved, because I want to get Kelly's regarded analysis of the relative level of DOR in Joseph before I can recommend earthpipes as a viable alternative to TBs and HHgs for busting up underground bases. Carol and I dowsed the parameters for the devices and also the number on Saturday. My hope is that this will be proven to work, since we need to bust a LOT of underground facilities in order to ensure that the Homeland Security Abomination will have no place to hide after we arrest the federal government for treason and get them to real, newly Constitutional courts of law throughout the land.

It took Richard (Dodeca) and ourselves about thirty gallons of resin during several sorties to disable two big, particularly heinous underground bases around Fallon, Nevada last summer. What we're seeing, based on last weekend's experience, is that we might have been able to do that with a couple of gallons of resin and forty or fifty Earthpipes and all in a day or two.

As soon as this new approach is found to be feasible, or as soon as a modified approach has been proven, Carol and I intend to get to Dulce, NewMexico and disable the primary underground complex west of the Mississippi, perhaps 'doing' a few other major bases in that interconnected network along the way.

Some predatory ETs were so upset by the strong effects of Kelly's first field deployment of an Earthpipe a few weeks ago that they broke the laws of nature and flipped his pickup truck right over on the way home. That's the thing that got my attention, by the way. Endorsements come in many forms in this network's campaigns, after all. Thanks, ET!

Underground facilities put out a lot of deadly orgone radiation (DOR). If there's no DOR, it simply means that nothing's happening any more down there. Homeland Security Abominations essentially 'can't breathe' without plenty of DOR around them. That's going to be their ultimate downfall-no place left for them to hide. Want to deprive these walking horrors-in-waiting of their sustenance right now instead of after they get a chance to attempt genocide?

It's easy and fun to do! There are no risks or obligations and no salesman will call!

Instructions for Making an Earthpipe

Here's how we made them, though the parameters are adjustable:

A two foot long section of 1 ¼" diameter copper pipe-be sure to allow one end to be clean-cut, otherwise the little flange that gets made by a pipe cutter will not allow the close-fitting orgonite plug to be inserted.

Get a quartz crystal that's at least an inch and a half long and about a half inch thick and coil a bare, 13"-long copper wire (should be thick enough to hold the shape of the coil) from the broken end of the crystal, which is the bottom end, in a clockwise direction, opening it out in a cone-shaped, upward spiral for the last few turns. The crystal should have a point on the top end.

Put some Saran Wrap (clear plastic polyester food wrap) loosely down into a 4" long piece of the same pipe. Press the wrap into the inside surface of the pipe so that you can get the maximum amount of orgonite into the mold.

Drop some metal in the bottom inch or so of the pipe, add the crystal/coil, then fill the pipe with metal, shaking it to get the metal to distribute evenly. Be sure to use metal [shavings] through which the resin will saturate, or else you'll need to mix resin and metal first and spoon it into the mold.

Pour the catalyzed resin [fiberglass resin to which the liquid hardener has already been added] slowly into the mold until it's full. When it's hardened and cooled, just pull out the orgonite plug and insert it into the 2' pipe, paying attention so that the top of the plug will be toward the top end of the pipe. We had to saw off a little bit of the cut ends of several pipes so the plug would easily drop in.

Hammer the pipe down into the ground in a place where it won't likely be seen. Kelly likes to hammer it all the way down so nobody can later see it or pull it out. Use a board between the hammer and the pipe, of course, so the top end of the pipe won't get distorted.

Both Kelly and Carol saw massive streams of DOR coming into the experimental earthpipes by his shop. It can only have come from deep underground. I think we absolutely have a winner here and that it will join the Towerbuster, Holy Handgrenade and Cloudbuster as a primary weapon in the orgonite arsenal, easily replicated and deployed by just about anyone on the planet.

~Don Croft

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