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Episode 79  

That Vril Buffoon and Other Instruments

By Don Croft <>
Jan. 29, 2004

Everyone who goes to Africa these days sort of gets captivated in one way or another and if you haven't been there you're probably hoping to know what I'm talking about. I'll try to share a glimpse of that phenomenon with you now in a roundabout way.I was sorry to leave that continent last time but some pressing things at home demanded my attention/participation and at least I knew that my visit to Uganda was part of a wonderful process, involving our network, which began before Georg and I arrived and is still unfolding there.

Last week, I found out that Carol's second and my first visit to Africa, that time to Namibia (mainly to support and extend the orgonite and cloudbuster efforts that were started some months earlier there by Gert Botha), paid off handsomely in the form of abundant, soaking rain across the entire Kalahari and Namib Deserts for the first time in living memory and perhaps much, much longer. Georg in Jo'burg, of , my recent travel companion, is mostly responsible for this happy development, though he's been helped considerably by Andy in Botswana and Trevor, also in Johannesburg, not to mention several people in South Africa, Zimbabawe, Lesotho, Namibia and Mozambique who have at least erected cloudbusters on their properties.

After a couple of years of laying groundwork with a dozens of cloudbusters, especially by Andy throughout Botswana (the Kalahari region), Georg and Trevor traveled to South Africa's Indian Ocean coast and disabled all of the HAARP arrays along the entire length of it in two separate journeys in December. That's obviously what opened the way for the moisture from the Indian Ocean to finally breach the former electronic barrier and reach all the way across the southern part of that continent to the Atlantic at long last, assisted along the way by all those cloudbusters. Having turned those massive arrays into orgone generators with some intelligent distribution of orgonite, the resulting rain was likely a lot more dramatic and pervasive than might have occurred if the HAARP arrays had never been erected. This phenomenon of turning the parasitic machinery of the world order into our assets has been characteristic of this network since its inception 2 ½ years ago.

Before they did that, the Vril creep that I'd mentioned had been inciting genocide among the leadership of the newly elected communist government in Namibia. Enter 'Georg II' in that country, who asked the Etheric Freedom Fighters for help and support in his desire to prevent looting and massacre where he lives and now the world order's war against the people of Namibia is being undermined on two fronts: the new rain will bring prosperity to a drought-ridden land and orgonite will decimate the predatory thoughtform that's lately been generated by a brand new, Vril-inspired and London-financed murder machine..

'Vril' is the ancient, mostly German secret society who is apparently more hidden and more powerful than the Illuminati. Since there's next to nothing about them in public record most of what Carol and I, and a few others, are finding out about them is through astral investigation, but please bear with me and keep an open mind because I invite you to take a peek through our eyes at this in the context of a much larger pattern/trend.

We're operating under the educated assumption that the Vril facilitated the rise and fall of Hitler (Addy Hitler was the primary impetus for socializing/enslaving Europe & North America and for creating the Zionist State), created and maintained the Montauk facility and other assets throughout North America and Europe, have very old underground bases and antigravity technology, even in Namibia and Antarctica and are likely an integral part of the Great White Brotherhood itself, which is apparently mostly Asian and Middle Eastern, otherwise. If you get a chance to read THE HITLER BOOK, some of the documented information in that book may make more sense when considered in this light, especially, perhaps, the SS' affinity for Islamic cultures. That book is a compilation of essays by reputable German research journalists on the phenomena surrounding Hitler and the continuity of some of these phenomena from the 1800s to the present day. Some of the German personnel throughout World War II at Montauk and in related programs are known to have worked for both the American military and the German military and, though the secret society which finances and operates Montauk has never been named publicly before, we feel sure that they are the Vril. This simple fact, demonstrated circumstantially by eyewitness accounts of reputable people, negates any patriotic or ideological considerations as 'causes' in that closely managed global calamity.

Since the CIA runs MK Ultra, the pevasive mind control program initiated at Montauk in the 1950s, one may safely assume that the Vril are a guiding hand, at least, to the CIA.

Until the same weeks in January in which all of that rain was soaking into the soil in the Kalahari and Namib the Vril were considered with awe by nearly everyone who knew the name. Surely that reputation was the integral part of how this pale, insipid German fellow was able to enthrall the leadership cadre of the predatory South West African People's Organization and convince them to do his bidding. Of course all communist organizations on the planet are only ever just one or two steps away from committing genocide and plunder, so I doubt they needed a lot of convincing. He probably relied almost entirely on the vestiges of awe that some Black Africans still have for European magic and apparent temporal might. After all, most folks in Namibia, black and white, have probably seen or heard about those shiny Vril flying saucers that emerge from under Spitzkoppe in the Namib near the highway that runs from Windhoek to the sea at Swakopmund. I can assure you that these craft were harmless to us when we were there, even after we dropped some holy handgrenades on that underground base, though they were slightly annoying and deprived us of some sleep the following night..

Since the EFFers went to work on this jerk the SWAPO cadre, which is a creature/instrument of the City of London and so has no real leadership, have lost that sense of fascination because they can see that he's not only as humanly weak as they are, but has perhaps become laughably so since we've been hitting him with orgone. Right now, Georg II in Namibia is about to receive a shipment of orgonite devices from Georg I in Jo'burg and please keep sending him energy to steel his resolve, as he'll be in a position to thoroughly gift the regional SWAPO headquarters where he lives and that will likely start the domino-effect reduction of SWAPO that will show the people of Namibia just how absurd and outdated these foolish thugs are.

Along with those two trends in Africa, I became aware that 'Secret Supporter,' to whose gracious hospitality, wit, and vast experience Georg I and I were privy in Uganda for a couple of weeks, has come under considerable occult attack. I can't give you any details without breaking his confidence but be assured that he's not in physical danger. His cloudbuster base has been demolished and he's become the focus for some directed-energy retaliation that rightly should have been aimed at Georg and I if the parasitic enemy had any personal integrity. Secret Supporter wasn't deflected from hosting us even in the face of at least two other, much more heinous and graphic threats while we were there, so I'm quite sure that this hasn't done more than cause him a little dismay. Please send him energy in your special way now, through me if you have a hard time visualizing him. Otherwise, he draws on a considerably powerful organization for his own personal safety.

There are enough cloudbusters in Uganda to keep the very nice weather and ambience going and nobody will likely get to bust those up, of course, especially the one at Kizira's plantation ;-)

The fourth African trend in this context has affected Carol and I personally but I'm not even sure I'd call it a problem, at least for us. Somebody I love and respect gave me an object when I was there and along with the object came an entity and several 'trapped' spirits. The presence in our home was so subtle at first that we didn't catch it until Carol's psychic teenage daughter opened the top of the lovely basket and burst into tears. She told me that the emotion she felt was grief but that she didn't know why.

Carol and Linda looked more closely at the basket and saw a rather profound curse which was accompanied by a very powerful entity. Inside are the trapped spirits of several people who are apparently zombies somewhere in East Africa. The spirits are apparently being used to energize the curse, similar to the way that people are ritually slain during sexual orgies here in America, especially in the Bible Belt, to ensure that sort of continuity. I hadn't heard of zombie magic happening outside of Haiti but of course Haiti has a culture that is pretty much unadulterated West African, except for some political overlays from French freemasonry in their more nefarious occult networks. The present Bantu cultures of East Africa were brought directly across equatorial Zaire by West Africans many centuries ago.

Last week, after some of the EFFers started blasting the Vril jerk in Namibia, poltergeist activity started up in our house related to that object and Carol stuck the basket in the cold garage and tried various means to free the trapped spirits and invite the entity to leave. It even yanked an earring out of her ear during sleep after one of those episodes, which woke her up, and the ear bled a bit. This afternoon, after I had a sort of epiphany and then mailed the object to the CIA Research and Development Department at Langley, Virginia, it even opened the garage door all the way ;-)

I'm the only one around here who had a feeling that the entity connected to the basket isn't necessarily bad. I rather felt a sort of kinship with it, though 'kinship' isn't an accurate word to describe my feeling. It's a little like my personal relationship with Mr. Skull, the quartz skull with mobius headband which I keep running all year on a 12v battery on a shelf in a closet for radionics exercises and odd jobs. Andy's making these on in case you're curious.

Some people talk ad nauseum about 'karma,' and while I never doubted that actions, words and even thoughts generate consequences for better or worse I never quite liked the way that word has been used in western culture since it was introduced by British Intelligence's Theosophical mind control apparatus almost a century ago. It seems like 'karma' has supplanted the notion of 'grace,' and people who use that term gratuitously are pretty much guaranteed to have bought into an anti-passionate, off-kilter and faux-detached notion of how universal law actually works. I personally feel that the present, widespread use of this Sanskrit term is a brainwashing coup of the CIA/MI6, based on 'what worked' in the cultural conquest of India in the late 1700s by the City of London's agents there. How else could a few Limeys with muskets and bayonets in the noon-day sun have subdued an entire subcontinent?

This simply points up the parasitic way that relatively few Europeans were able to subdue so many indigenous cultures from that time until the early 1900s. It's obviously now time for all parasites to be exposed to scrutiny, which is why you and I aren't lying in mass graves with bullets in our heads now, culled on account of our simple inquisitiveness into the present, not-so-hidden-any-more global tyranny. Even ten years ago you and I wouldn't have been allowed to develop this discussion publicly. People were being 'suicided' then by the CIA and their minions for doing what we're doing now.

I say, 'Thank God for the chemtrails and for the new HAARP and Entropy towers!' because without these very blatant expressions of biological warfare, rain suppression and mind control you and I would likely never have met and discussed, and even participated in, the end of tyranny altogether. I doubt that you and I would have otherwise had a glimpse at what personal sovereignty is really about, either. Anyone who easily destroys chemtrails in the sky and disables these horrible new transmitters can experience this personal sense of power and responsibility. The best part is that anyone can do these things.

For all the time I'd been saying that Africa holds some keys to our freedom I just had the strong feeling without actually knowing exactly why or how that will manifest but now I'm getting a clearer picture, based on what's transpired in the last two weeks or so.

Mainly, the Africans are going to show the rest of the world the true value of human emotion, simply stated. The reason that the world order has opted to murder them rather than to brainwash them is the fact that their minds are too closely connected to their hearts for brainwashing to have much effect, and the human heart has always been the bane of control freaks. This is why the Blacks in America are being subdued with institutional prejudice & the destruction of families by social workers, extortion by police and courts, hard drugs (sales rather than addiction, per se-they sell the dope mostly to whites who are rarely prosecuteds) and institutional violence now instead of the political correctness, pot addiction, bread & circus, CIA-regulated popular music and newage sewage protocols that have worked so well for neutralizing and enslaving most white people until now with massive brainwashing.

Carol's European/Native-American/Gypsy style of magic is very good. Without breaking some confidences I can't tell you some of the more remarkable stuff she's done (all good and within the law, of course) but I was awfully impressed that nothing she did would budge the entity connected to that lovely basket and the more she did, the more the entity 'acted out' in our environment and against her, personally.

Both of us felt that it sort of ended up here accidentally, or at least not intentionally by the originator of the curse. It may have been intended for the person who gave me the basket or for whomever had the basket before that person did. That part's still unclear and I don't know if we're even supposed to have those details but the fact is that there's an awful lot of power behind it. We haven't encountered that much power even from the dark masters themselves in Asia who own the finance, insurance, gold, diamond and dope empires operated by their lackeys in the City of London. By the way, the gold and diamond bits of that cartel are mostly dependent on mines in Africa, which is yet another interesting connection that might figure prominently in the imminent downfall of the City of London and, by extension, global tyranny.

In Haiti people are chosen for zombification based on their past and present crimes. The witch doctor (they do much more than merely 'practice' ;-) is approached by representatives of a community and asked to deal with an allegedly culpable person this way. That witch doctor has to consider the consequences of natural law if an innocent person is zombified, so he does his best to determine whether the candidate is indeed culpable. The whole process actually approximates a lawful trial much more closely than do the far more corrupted court procedures in the United States under the Federal Reserve Corporation's present hegemony.

This sort of witch doctor may be more pleasant company than the average, duplicitous and parasitic American lawyer but he's probably not someone for you to consider inviting to your dinner party because he's sort of, well, 'raw.' The magic practitioners whom you and I know in North America, Europe, South America, Asia and Africa will only do clean work because they're motivated by whatever they can do to help people live happier, more productive lives, not just by fear of retribution for breaking natural laws. If you think that's a subtle point, you probably ought to keep your day job and not try to do magic responsibly.

When Carol first told me about the entity, I immediately thought, 'I wonder how we're supposed to use this opportunity to deflect this curse onto the bad guys?' She was aghast that I'd even consider something like that because she assumed that I'd collect some consequences, so I was content to let it ride. The poltergeist activity stepped up some more and I saw that she wasn't making it go away. I sort of instinctively knew that blasting this one wasn't going to do anything but make it stronger, so I just waited for an epiphany.

That happened for me yesterday. I woke up early with a knowing that the basket should go to the CIA at Langley. The delicious parts are that the CIA won't destroy something it can't comprehend (such as what you and I are doing) and that the visiting entity is perhaps hungry as hell for payback and perhaps even white meat right now ;-)

I see in that basket (in perhaps holographic form) the pent up rage of an entire continent at having been deceived by white exploiters, for over a century, into believing that white man's magic is more powerful than black man's magic. The Black Man's passion-based stuff is a great deal more powerful than the tired old stuff from Europe (the brand the CIA uses to deceive and hurt people, by the way), I can tell you. I knew that even before I met old Ouma Lahia in Namibia two years ago, so when I met Kizira I was already acquainted with the raw power of Mother Africa. Both of those lovely people are examples of the higher expressions of that unspeakably ancient form of emotion-based magic.

Right now, the blacks in America are still living under that old stigma of subservience to the weaker, white man's culture, which is why our earnest black associated in Atlanta were so easily intimidated by the brutal, out-of-control FBI into dissociating with us last March (they took home plenty of orgonite which they'd made in our classes, at least). I wonder if these dark-skinned Americans will claim their birthright (personal sovereignty) only after a significant portion of the black population of Africa has done so. I rather hope that the Americans will show Africans the road to personal freedom and responsibility, instead. This would effectively end centuries of lingering slave consciousness here and my black friends in Atlanta were very clear in knowing that 'Blacks are the wildcard in America,' so I know that anything's possible with them.

After the Blacks assume their freedom, the Whites throughout the world surely will follow their example.

The elite of the white race and their self-policing, brainwashed minions (characterized best by their fanatical adherence to newage sewage protocols and by political correctness, I must say) fear passion, simply stated, and the only way you can get them to experience passion is to adroitly and kindly force them past that fake, smiling approximation of 'loving concern' and make them angry at you. To a control freak, anger is the only natural expression when any emotional response at all is awakened. A few of them can then learn the finer expressions and thereby progress spiritually from the infantilism that characterizes their form of leadership and conformity. We're actually experiencing this as an entire culture now in Europe and especially North America. Orgonite is a good vehicle for facilitating this process. If you consider that orgonite showed up right now because we're ready to move up in emotional awareness and in 'civilization,' itself it's not hard to see that other new technologies, including the internet and free energy, are also going to continue to play integral roles in eroding the old bastions of 'emotional plague' that characterize the receding world order.

I forgot to mention in the last letter that Messiahmews, Gaea and Roninyuki have formed a sort of triad arrangement for blasting targets and sending healing energy. They're using AOL Instant Messenger and all of them are developing confidence in their energy sensitivity and pschic abilities this way. I can't stress enough that the very best work any of us are doing is when we're able to synergistically combine our individual efforts with f other people and three is a powerful number for this work.

I really like the informal but effective nature of their interactions and I hope to hear about and from more and more people who have spontaneously formed these independent, cordial 'cell' alliances. Carol and I regularly work with Linda Kingsbury and Laozu Kelly this way, and now McGinty has joined us, bringing all of his innate skill and fabulous insights to the table. Since we all live within a small area we can get together often, which is terrific, but the internet allows such alliances to form from all over the planet and gives us all a fairly rapid way to disseminate information and stay in touch with each other.

That round letter in my name wasn't sent around to English speakers, by the way. It was sent around to people in Germany who have expressed interest in this work, I found out. Since British MI6 has dominated the German intel community since WWII, I assume that they're the ones doing this dirty work. It certainly fits their sleazy and stinky modus operendi. Please work on developing your etheric olphactory so you can more readily distinguish the stench of their fakery from the fragrance of actual communication from bona fide EFFers, okay? I'm glad I asked.

Stonetor and I will establish a dialog on Etheric Freedom Fighters designed to dispel any of the lingering sabotage that's lately been caused by MI6 agents, emailing to people in members' names in a concerted effort to sow suspicion and doubt. If you've gotten any of these ersatz letters, Stonetor and I hope to show you that it's not difficult to tell those from the real thing. For instance, I very rarely initiate correspondence (except for these mass mailings, which are always long enough to have obviously been written by me) and I never threaten or bully individuals, obviously, no matter how merciless I might be with a very few folks' persisitent proselytizing of their divisive ideologies and dogmas..

The nice part of this unfortunate development is that the secret police rats in England who are mandated to shut down EFF are showing their hand more clearly now. This form of exposure is potentially fatal to parasites within the human body (zap the slimy little bastards into harmless proteins!) and a similar process awaits these criminals-in-government when the public clearly sees what they're doing ;-)

Similarly, Kizira let us know that an image of me showed up in front of one of his wives a couple of weeks ago and he knew it wasn't me. He told his wife to ask the image a question next time and if the image answers, then it's my astral form, not a fake ;-)

You can use a similar process if you ever get an email that you suspect isn't from me, of course. Parasites are as parasites do, please remember. By the way, I've been blasting these scheitvogels in my dreams-have you? We call this, 'working for the man every night and day,' (thanks, Ike and Tina) and I want you to consider that some of your dreams are more than just dreams now, especially when you 'feel' in them. Lucid dreaming is one of the happy results of sleeping near orgonite. Kristina Schepps is the one who made the first orgonite devices specifically tailored to enhance lucid dreaming and astral travel, in case you're interested in developing those talents.

Carol's going to monitor what happens with that basket from now on and I'll give you updates. I added 'Delivery Confirmation' to the package, so the wonderful, dedicated postal workers we have in the US probably won't let even the CIA take that box before it gets delivered to those vapid, passionless scheitvogels at Langley ;-) We know that FedEx, UPS and Airborne Express would be eager to prostrate themselves before their corporate masters, the CIA, and hand that box to them before it even left town if I'd chosen them. I never use commercial carriers for that reason unless I have no other option. There was a CIA guy standing beside me at the counter at the Post Office before we'd even finished the transaction ;-) because the P.O. is in the little federal building here in town and every time we go there (we have a mail order business) somebody gets alerted by the guys watching the monitors. I made him first, then Carol recognized him.

One of the postal clerks is a big fan of and follows our adventures there. The others wished me well in Africa when I left. One of them wears a Harmonic Protector. The feds hate the fact that the postal workers like us ;-)

I somehow knew that the African entity would have to go with the basket. He didn't want to leave and when I asked Carol to look at a sudden small pain in my back after we got home from the P.O., she said it was a cord thrown by the entity in his last effort to anchor himself in our home. I patted the spot and said, 'There, there-It's going to be okay and you'll have plenty of fun at Langley with your new playmates,' then the pain stopped. If the CIA scheitvogels freak out and burn the basket, I win! If that entity turns a respectable number of those baby-killing Satanists into shuffling, drooling, heavily-sedated schizophrenics or even stops their miserable hearts, I win! I'm betting that they'll remain true to form and not destroy something this potent before they can encompass it. Those bloodless, skulking satanic relics of Europe's ersatz past glory will NEVER understand African magic, of course.

On another note: Police Chief B. and his crew are kicking FBI butt now and cleaning up their town with orgonite already. Thanks so much for helping them out at such a crucial time! Those two local FBI pukes' Homeland Security Abomination masters were lining them up for some pretty heinous stuff. We just found out that Chief B's primary offense was to create a friendly and mutually supportive relationship between his police force and the community. The feds want all cops to consider the community their enemy and vice versa and the feds pay most of the bills for local police forces. His standing up to the federal baby eaters came later and was apparently the last straw for them ;-)

The chief and his lieutenant, along with their families, have now disabled their implants and are zapping away the effects of the latest biological aerial assault and will be doing that for the rest of the police force shortly. They've all got Harmonic Protectors now, too. I need to interest them in setting up a cloudbuster, as they're not within range of any of those in terms of destroying the biological weaponry in the chemtrails. There aren't many places like that left in North America because the range of a CB for this is quite far.

~Don Croft

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