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Episode 7
Road Warriors of Sorts
Part 2

By Don Croft <>
May-June 2001

Ark. Angel
We needed to visit Jack O’Brien,  a successful inventor/engineer, and Sue Potter, who had kindly been circulating our stories on many internet lists, in Arkansas.  They have been working together for years, applying their skills as psychics to heal and balance the planet.  They most often work alone but have often worked with others, even in extended groups, to focus on different aspects of energetic healing for the planet and humanity.

Carol and I are encouraged when we see other people spontaneously doing this work.  We feel that we are all being invited and guided to participate in an orchestrated, unified healing process for mankind and the earth.  In accordance with the new paradigm, anyone can participate according to his/her talent, inclination, expertise and commitment. The only prerequisite seems to be to follow one’s intuition.  On one level, we’re all skilled physicians and intrepid warriors in the spiritual realm, though at times we may be seen as and/or feel like the walking wounded and a leaderless mob.  The shining moments are what drive us forward.  Lots of people know what I’m talking about.

Also in accordance with the new paradigm, this has nothing at all to do with institutions or formal training but has everything to do with faith, commitment, humility, and the desire to develop our discernment and effectiveness. It’s so apparent to Carol and I that the shots are all being called from the unseen realm. That’s where the generals are.  Their orders come as intuitive promptings and the pattern of their inspiration shows the underlying unity of our race. Only by acting and seeing the fruits of our actions can we start to see the unifying principle behind them. Fearlessness is the standard for our acts.

After we checked into a motel, we had a terrific dinner at Sue’s with Jack and their friend, Karen, who often does healing work with them. After dinner Jack and Sue began doing psychic stuff and Carol looked at it all.  She was able to confirm that most of what they did was having a good effect, and the entities they were interacting with could be clearly seen by Carol.  I believe that the Wingmakers prefer that we work together, and there’s probably an optimal number of people for the effective completion of each project.

No matter how many times we humans drop the ball, opportunities still come up for us to shine.

Before I’d met Carol, I’d been frustrated by the level of fear present in people I’d been trying to work with. Her fearlessness has been very healing and inspiring to me in the past year. In our travels, we’ve met others who are also not afraid to do this work, such as Sue and Jack, Steven, K and T (I respect the wishes of others to remain anonymous—it’s not necessary to be a tell-all like me to be effective)

It’s not time to talk about what Jack is doing with us yet, but rest assured it has potentially far-reaching implications and is in line with his successful career and my confrontational stand regarding the alleged world order’s exploitation and oppression.

Sue introduced us through email to Gladys Bridges, an Arkansas crystal dealer, who has graciously agreed to supply crystals at a fair price to anyone who wants to make holy handgrenades and cloudbusters.  Her email address is  She’s a very nice person to boot.

Strangely, although the sky cleared immediately after we parked the Zapporium at the motel, dead orgone began to gather in the valley, reducing visibility to about 3 miles.  There’s no heavy industry in the valley and not a lot of cars and trucks, so it couldn’t be mistaken for ‘smog.’  There are no large cities within a hundred miles.

The Succor Punch is Born
I was inspired to make a mobius coil around an old quartz generator crystal and put it between the pipes of the cloudbuster with a 15Hz frequency circuit from a zapper.  It had been remarked by many people that this crystal just wasn’t special, but I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for ugly ducklings.  I asked Carol to watch the effects as I assembled the apparatus. As soon as the crystal/coil was sitting between the pipes in the upright cloudbuster, she saw the dead orgone begin to rotate and visibly ‘drain’ into the ends of the pipes.  When I put the electrodes of the circuit onto the ends of the coil, the activity speeded up by 50%. My ugly duckling crystal was turning into a swan now [we later dubbed this a Succor Punch].

Carol told me that she could see that a confederation of ET’s and humans were directing a great deal of energy and technology to neutralize the cloudbuster with massive quantities of dead orgone. They all seem kind of stupid to me, since any balanced person would have known after these few months that increasing the amount of dead orgone in the vicinity of any orgone generator makes it work better and faster, like when Hercules threw Prometheus on the ground in the myth,  and there’s simply no possible way to ‘overwhelm’ one this way.

I find it interesting that the Venusians, who inspired Tesla to design and build such miraculous devices, were unaware of the orgone generator. The only entities we know of who seem familiar with it are the Wingmakers (whoever they are) and the off-world Pleiadians.  The dolphins had been unaware of it, though receptive to it. We didn’t stick around to see how long it would take to neutralize the dead orgone field this time, as we had a schedule to keep.

So, who is Ark.Angel?  Sue started signing her email’s  ‘BerZerkiel’ right after our visit. She had suggested that she might start channelling information from the angel, ‘BerZerkiel,’ so now we’re hanging on every word of her emails.

We’d put mobius coils and 15Hz circuits on a couple of generator crystals for Sue and Jack to use during their daily planetary healing sessions.  I had suggested that this would sharpen their psychic perception and provide additional protection from errant entities and Sue has told me that I was correct and she expressed their appreciation. The crystal on the cloudbuster, which had been cloudy, Is now clear on the end from being in the strong orgone field. This seems to be a standard result.

Vortex Fixin' , The DIA, & Strange 'Smog'
We drove through Tulsa and north into Kansas on our way to Denver, where we were scheduled to put a HHg in the vortex at the new, eight billion dollar Denver International  ‘airport’ with its multilevel underground facilities not apparently related to flying.

We had been directed to put one in the vortex located at a Mormon Temple in North Kansas City, but a fellow metaphysician had done that for us. That one belonged to the Reorganized Latter Day Saints Church and the vortex there has been described to me as a time portal.  The original Mormon Church headquarters remained in Independence, Missouri when Brigham Young took the majority of church followers to Utah long ago. Our take is that the Mormons are the first western organization in modern times to exercise the knowledge of placing sacred structures on natural vortices. This was traditionally done through the middle ages by the Masonic orders which built the cathedrals in Europe.

Washington, DC, was laid out on an extended Pentagram, with the Mall and White House in particular symbolizing the Isis/Osiris cosmology, by American Masons in the early 1800’s, before the advent of Joseph Smith’s influence. There are no natural vortices in any of these locations, except the Washington Monument. The Pentagon and  NSA Headquarters, which were placed and built in the 20th century, are on natural vortices.

 It’s well known that Mormons are sought by the secret police agencies in America because of their loyalty, Masonic connections, and their ability to keep secrets.  I suspect that the Pentagon’s construction had something to do with that, too, but don’t know what the connection is.  The general who oversaw the construction of the Pentagon also managed the Manhattan project.  Maybe he was a Mormon.  Nobody but the Russian government knew what the Manhattan Project was about until after the Americans nuked the non-combatant populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Like Dresden, which was firebombed, these two cities were clearly not engaged in war-related industries. Nagasaki held the Roman Catholic headquarters for the country. Truman wanted to nuke Kyoto, but the Secretary of War, who was supposed to decide where to commit that war crime, had spent his honeymoon in Kyoto and was feeling a little too nostalgic to obliterate it.

As usual, the overcast skies in front of us parted as we drove through Oklahoma and Kansas.  We drove through clear conditions the rest of the way to Denver.

Having driven perhaps a million miles in the US over the decades, I’ve noticed in just the past couple of years that there is ‘smog’ nearly everywhere now, sometimes as dense as light fog, but darker, of course. On this trip we also saw chemtrails over all of the populated areas.  The only place we saw no smog or chemtrails at all was in Utah—some thoughts on that in a bit…

We drove to the Denver airport, but didn’t see any ground or gardens in which to put the HHg, so Carol asked the Wingmakers for some direction.  They told her it would be obvious, so she got out of the car and they told her, ‘Look up.’ She saw a small rabbit sitting on some rocks on an embankment.  The rabbit immediately hopped around a column & Carol went there and put the HHg into a hole among the large rocks where it wouldn’t be noticed.  We didn’t see any vegetation near there that would interest a rabbit.  That vortex had been compressed toward the ground, but was gradually released back to it’s healthy state.

There was a Draconian ship above the complex, and a couple of B Sirian ships, so it took awhile before they gave up trying to maintain the distorted form of the vortex.  They’d gotten there right after we did, though we had been openly discussing our intention to go there.  By this time the parasitic ET’s had become fairly incompetent at monitoring us. Carol says that this is partly because the Wingmakers are making us invisible to them more often and because the parasite/predotor ETs are just too busy trying to fix what we’ve been doing.  Also, the Draconian who had been involved with us is apparently getting interested in other matters.  I guess the thrill is gone from being a parasite now that he is getting in touch with his emotional body, perhaps for the first time. Kundalini activation can be such a bitch, as we all know.

The Salt Lake City Run & Nighttime Visitors
It was early enough in the day to get to a place close enough to Salt Lake City to leave the Zapporium while we did the deed there early the next morning, so after a very beautiful, but uneventful drive across the Rockies, we parked at a highway rest stop on I-70, near US 89, which we’d be taking south. Salt Lake City was 120 miles northwest of there, easy for me to get to and back before Carol got up if I left around 2AM.

There was a single truck parked at the rest stop when we arrived. When I got back, Carol said she had an eventful night, as the truck was occupied by non-native reptilians who were surveilling us. The truck was still there when we left—the Zapporium was there over twelve hours. Carol heard them outside the Zapproium walking around during the night.

Meanwhile, I had slept for four hours or so and left for Salt Lake City in the car.  I’ve always enjoyed the landscape around Utah, which is the most surreal in the country.  I arrived in the city a little after 4AM and had to drive most of the way through town off the freeway, which was closed.  After about 15 minutes, I saw a bright flash to my left. I only saw a quick upward movement & knew it was an antigravity craft, as it made no noise.  The streets were nearly empty at that hour (I later asked Carol  who was in the craft that I saw in the city, and was told it was one of the Venusian ones that had just begun observing us).

I felt an uncustomary sense of trepidation and a strong impression that I was not welcome as I approached the Mormon Temple downtown.  As I stood in front, preparing to place the HHg in the ground, I noticed a person on the edge of the plaza in a baggy suit who looked like a detective. Though nobody else was present except a street sweeper, the man in the suit didn’t seem to see me.  I buried the HHg this time so that nobody would find and remove it and the feeling of foreboding and alienation immediately dissipated.  My watch said 4:44AM. Carol woke up in the instant I did that, 120 miles away.  Both of us felt a very strong release of suppressed earth energy.

Though there was no wind, and no other vehicles came to the rest area during the time I was gone, Carol said that several times the Zapporium was roughly shaken by reptilians from the truck near the Zapproium in attempts to get her to go outside to investigate. This was not unusual, so she didn’t give it much thought..

We noticed on the trip south through the state that the people we met were very relaxed and friendly.  I must say that I had always dreaded driving through Utah, though it’s very beautiful country.  I had been put off by the feeling of alienation I had there, being a naturally gregarious person.  I had the feeling that there was some mind control, almost hive-mind activity going on among the believers/citizens, which was based on the application of a combination of corrupted earth energy, intention, and sacred geometry.  The elongated tetrahedron steeples of the churches and temples always looked like transceivers to me.  I know that Mormons had been extremely aggressive in the West, at least, in acquiring cellphone communication networks and a friend of mine in Canada,  whose phone had been tapped, was able to get the tap traced to a junction box on the property of the local Mormon church.  He had been critical of the alleged world order in his phone conversations.  There is no mandated free speech in Canada. I personally think that no religion has the right to interfere with the birthrights of its members, let alone the non-believing public.

Carol said that the Wingmakers told her that it would take up to a week for the mind control apparatus of the Mormon Church to disintegrate completely, and that the reason no chemtrails had been sprayed over Utah was that they had already been sufficiently controlled without having to subject them to endemic illness and debilitation, nor was there any plans to kill off large parts of the population there as there are throughout the rest of the world..

It occurred to us both that the Mormon believers are potentially an unstoppable force if they decide to reclaim their birthrights and may yet be shining examples for the rest of the world this way.  I know that individual Mormons have done heroic and exemplary work in the fields of tax reform, common law, new paradigm science and healing.

I had once heard someone use the term, ‘grinning like a Mormon’ to describe someone who was acting in a superior, up-to-something way with a little self-righteousness mixed in.  That’s the way I used to see Utah people whenever I traveled through their state before.  The day following the HHg episode in Salt Lake City, I found that the people I encountered in Utah were suddenly open, cordial, and more thoroughly human than I had experienced in my previous trips through the state..

Truthfully, the members of any religion you could name most often display identical grins when dealing with ‘non-believers.’  This in no way relates to the principles on which these religions are founded, and I’m not one to blame God for the shortcomings of people who constantly drop his Name.  Two phrases come to mind: (1)  Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die  (2) Ever’body talkin’ ‘bout heaven ain’t goin’ there (I believe heaven is open to anyone inclined to go there, but the phrase is good hyperbole).

We’d do well to concern ourselves personally with the 1% or so of any organization who have a clue about individual responsibility and freedom.  Old ways of politicking simply don’t work any more, thank Grid.

Don Croft

Episode 8, Road Warriors Part 3

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