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Episode 81  

McGinty's Report: Busting Underground Bases in the Seattle Area

{Editor's Note: Ryan McGinty is a university student who recently moved to Moscow, Idaho, not far from Don & Carol Croft. Ryan built a unique modification of the Powerwand which he named McGinty's Canon. Don was very impressed with the power of McGinty's Canon and wrote about it in this Feb. 10 report. This is Ryan's first journal entry reported here, at the national archives of Don & Carol Croft...Ken Adachi]

From Don Croft <>
March 26, 2004

The problem with reporting the earthpipe deployments is that it's impossible to get much sensory confirmation, aside from the obvious Sylph activiy that typically, lately, follows in the skies over the busted areas. We rely on Etheric Freedom Fighter's (EFF) reputable psychics for those confirmations but that's not something we can hold up as 'proof' to anyone who's not directly involved, of course. You need to bear this in mind as you read the following.

I can say that if you're a psychic and sincerely want to fight tyrants, EFF is a very comfortable, supportive place for you to be, no matter how much I hammer those damned, lukewarm, brainwashed newage Nazis whom you may have had to associate with by default up til now.

Here's Ryan's report, followed by some of my comments:

McGinty's Report:
Part 1 of Underground Bases Busted Seattle Area
By Ryan McGinty

Well this weekend Marty, Josh, Don and I busted the Tacoma and Seattle, Washington areas' main underground bases.

Don and I arrived about 11am at Josh's home--what a wonderful family he has! One of the most balanced families I have seen in a while. Marty arrived about a half hour later. After greetings and getting to know each other, we headed out to take out some bases.

Southern Tacoma has two large military bases side by side, each of them covered in thick forest hiding what's inside. You can't hide DOR though; you could feel it from the highway. As we approached the bases, we were scouting out towers in the area. Less than every quarter mile there's a tower. Where that individual tower is, there are two more right beside it, hiding. Marty and Josh have done an amazing amount of busting for such a huge amount of area. They give a new meaning to carpet bombing.

Our plan was to necklace each base. I was the DOR sensor. Don put me on duty for it. It's a lot of pressure, but I did my best. One tricky part to gifting with earth pipes was discerning above ground DOR to underground DOR. I learned that when my hands ache, that means above ground DOR. When my head hurts, that's below ground DOR. So far, this method seems pretty accurate. We drove all around on the back roads, never getting lost, taking advantage of new, untouched areas.

While gifting one area, a Red Jeep pulled over the same time we did, 100 yard ahead on the opposite side of the road. I gifted and then the guys told me about the Jeep. As we drove by, there was nobody in the car. Don and the guys have been watching the car, nobody left the vehicle. I took a photo as we drove by in order to radionic them later on. Sure enough, an empty car. Don figured that they used an invisibility device to hide themselves. Carol later confirmed this. It was a very odd feeling knowing two psychic spy were in that car. After we passed the jeep, we sent them a ton of energy. Knocked them for a loop. They never knew what hit them.

Ramtha headquarters was located in the area we were passing through. Marty showed us the location. Something helped guide us to that location for gifting. We gifted near a school. Not more than a minute later, seven Ramtha cars tried blocking us in the parking lot. It was strange. The business office we were near was closed, yet they were lining up to the drive through. I took more photographs for radionic fun if needed. Next, we did the final gifting for Ramtha, close to their back yard. Josh notice a huge energy release. We both saw the Insect alien shrivel up and die. Their mind control will be no more.

We finished up the military bases, then headed north for Sea Tac. Every hotel had at least four to ten cell antennas on them. I coundn't believe how many were on just one block! That's about five hotels with close to thirty antennas on them. We also placed a necklace of gifts around the airport. Up in the skies, we could see Sylphs fighting a battle of their own. There were sure beautiful to see. While driving back, we saw a rainbow form in the clouds near where we gifted. It was facing the opposite direction to the sun, just amazing.

We all had a great time together. Met new friends, and busted a ton of area.

Thursday, March 18
Don was busy creating earth pipes and TBs taking him nearly 8 hours of nonstop work to build our weapons. While Carol and I were on duty for creating two new addition for the Croft Home Protection plan, McGinty Cannon's. We were up late having fun pouring at the same time. It felt good that we created such a large arsenal, those underground monkeys never knew what was coming for them.

Friday morning , March 19
Don and I started out on our long journey. The clouds looked like giant cottonballs floating along as we crossed into Washington. Don and I chatting about orgone and how it's changing lives. Both sharing our opservations. The drive from Moscow, ID to Seatle, WA about 300 miles. I set the car for go, no need for stopping.

While driving along I took notes where we needed earth pipes for the return trip. One area between the Washington boarder and the town of Sprague had an underground base. This was confirmed by a convoy of four dark color, black window American SUV's traveling down distant dirt road. They were only 30 feet behind eachother basically in the middle of nowhere. That was the first time I have seen a confirmation like this.

As we crossed the Columbia Gourge Don decided to deminstrate his medatating skills. He was doing it so well I think he was medatating for the both of us. ;)

We reached the Seattle area mid-afternoon. It was the first time for me being in this area. I was surprised how many houses were stacked on top of each other. It was very beautiful, but to cramped for me. If you had to take a leak, your neighbor would be standing there right beside you watching. On top of that cell towers were on every hillside, every large building, every lull in the roud, and school yard. I didn't look at my cell phone to see if all of those towers help reception, most likely not.

Our first target was on the opposite, west side of the sound from Seattle, a navel base. As we approached, I immediately knew there was some heavy stuff happening here. My hands and head began hurting as if I was having a migraine. Once we spotted the base, Don told me it was time for me to go into action. It's always fun being the DOR finder. You have a ton of pressure on you from the DOR plus the pressure of finding the most effective gifting spot. I was ready, no turning back.

Our first gifting spot was near a housing development. Once the gift was placed immediately I could feel a relief from the DOR. Not after a few 100 yards I could feel a wave of DOR again. So that lead me to our next spot and so on. It was as if we were putting dents into the base. We necklace the base with four gifts. Then set out to get the entrance points to the base. I kept seeing tunnels going under the water comimg up on the pennisulla sides. We worked our way up it. My head felt a lot better after gifting. We had a couple curious watchers taking notes. We sent them energy and for a loop. They just needed a healthy dosage of orgone love. One gentleman came driving down a dirt road while we were gifting. Being a photographer, I instinctively showed my camera. Nice. Cameras can let you go anywhere.;) Trust Me. He drove off quickly and we sent him love.

Finally, we were done for that area. It was time to head up north to stay with family. We crossed the Sound on a Ferry, my first time ever too. It was a lot fun, felt like a roller coaster to me. It was a long first day for us and we both had a ton of fun seeing new places.


Don's comments:

I used the word, 'meditation' instead of 'catching flies in one's mouth' or 'napping,' though of course, daydreaming is how most of us come up with our inventions, so there's no shame in it ;-)

Hondas are so comfortable. I lived in one for a couple of years, so it felt like 'coming home' to take a ride in Ryan's.

In case anyone's interested to know why, I don't try very hard to develop my psychic ability. Here's a case in point: if you had a choice to take Ryan's or my job on that run, which would you prefer? ;-)

I had assumed that most of the EPs [Earth Pipes] for the west side of Puget Sound would be for the Bremerton Sub Base, but in fact only one was needed there after we did the Bremerton Navy Base and nearby (linking) U/G [underground base] facilities, which we did first. When Ryan's head doesn't hurt any more, the UGB is fried, we've found.

You did a wonderful job, by the way, Ryan! Thanks a lot for taking me over there and for getting us together with Josh and Marty!

Marty, by the way, has found an interesting way to make his job easy: he's a superintendent for a large contracting company and right now he supervises five work crews on very big construction projects around Puget Sound, which requires a lot of driving. The first thing he does at a new site is thoroughly gift the town and especially the neighborhood of the site, so that by the time his crews get to work, they're already happy and focused, so they actually require very little from him and he has more time for gifting or 'meditation.' ;-)

Josh is the resourceful fellow who thoroughly gifted the HQs of the naturopathic organizations in Seattle and Portland who were lining up to ruin Dr. von Peters in front of a federal hearing in Washington, DC, last fall. Thanks largely to Marty's timely and selfless campaign on his behalf the Doc came through with flying colors and those fake, scheming naturopaths got the stinkeye from the feds, instead. I think Doc made history then.

Have you noticed that we get our best victories by taking the battle to the enemy instead of 'defending' ourselves? Everyone else wrongly believes that they can effectively protect themseles without attacking the enemy, but we know otherwise. I think these incessant assaults, which now mostly come from offworlders, by the way, at least in the US, are The Operators' incentives to get us to fight smarter rather than harder and taking the battle to the bad guys forces them to watch their own backs for a change. This is what I'm hoping AZ's psychic consortium will accomplish shortly, as it will negate having to do it all with gifting runs.

By the way, Carol and I have 'token-gifted' the NSA and CIA hindquarters in Maryland and Virginia and brave Mark has done that to the MI5/6 hindquarters in London, but somebody needs to go there with some earthpipes to finish the job. If we can do it, you can too, of course.

I particularly enjoyed ruining Ramtha's unlawful fun, much more than I enjoyed busting whatever the hell was under those military bases, though of course the Ramsters are (mostly) unwitting affiliates of the base under Ft Lewis, which is right next door. Marty, who had busted all of the towers around Ft. Lewis last year, by the way (that perimeter is almost a hundred miles) treated us to reports about the way those benighted chumps are manipulated by that faker who 'channels' what turns out to be just another CIA-affiliated, ugly offworld predator like 'St Germain.' What we did was better than shooting that Big Bug with RAID or BLACK FLAG insecticide, by the way. All of us felt the huge surge of energy that came when Ryan pushed that earth pipe into the ground right on the Ramsters' high-fenced HQ property in Yelm. AZ and affiliates had fried the Big Bug under the Rosicrucian hindquarters in San Jose a couple of weeks earlier and Laozu Kelly and 'Dogwoman' gifted that compound not long after that. Kudos to Denis in Quebec who psychicly located the Rosicrucians' insectoid underground psychic power source, by the way!

I could picture those two CIA chumps in the red jeep who got concerted blasts from Marty, Josh and I as Ryan was whacking that EP into the ground. I knew they wished they hadn't seen us by the time we all 'had gave them the Eye.' [~Zappa]. Josh, who's learning to trust his considerable latent psychic gift, got out of the car and aimed his Powerwand right at the jerks ;-)

It was right after that when we got to the Ramsters' hive, by the way, and that was an interesting transition. To witness those dead-eyed ramsters swarming around us was extremely creepy, I'm sure the others will agree, and they had the unmistakable spiritual patina of CIA affiliation the way the I AM pavement artists and would-be assassins around Shasta did when Carol and I busted up their stomping grounds last May. By now, 'Mother' Theresa, who lives on Mt. Shasta, has gotten a healthy dose of their incessant surveillance and psychic predations, too. Sour grapes for those jerks, of course, because the deed's been long done and nobody's seen or heard from 'St Germain' in almost a year. It's impossible to underestimate the standards of belief to which many people will subscribe wholeheartedly to, don't you think? 'Sieg, Heil!' ;-)

They're still really mad at her for delivering the coup de gras during one of their highest (sic) annual ceremonies, a month or so after our visit and right under their snobby noses, at that ;-)

I agree with Mark that the pic of that Ramster's little boy shouldn't be posted, Ryan, but I know your intentions were good. Marty noted that while grownups need to pay thousands of dollars to get an audience with that Ramtha charlatan with the fake Gipsy accent, 'kids always get in free,' which is so creepy that it's hard for me to contemplate. That little boy in the child's carseat couldn't have been more than four, but he evinced pure, adult malevolence when he looked at us. I guess he was 'channeling Ramtha,' too, eh? ;-) Yikes.

Wouldn't it be fun to toss the entire horde of self-seeking, cynical newage-sewage promoters, corporate executives, unelected gov't officials, charismatic preachers/pedophiles, Great White Brotherhood, CIA/NSA/MI6 gangsters, satanists, unlawful judges/lawyers and serial killers (MD agents of the global dope/butchery cartel), naked, into a big pit and watch them all 'express' their world order on each other?

Our effort would be kind of like 'the natives' sending learned emmissaries to study anthropoligists in their natal habitat.

We could give the old 'bread and circus' concept a whole new meaning, I think. I guess we could throw in a few of their starved reptilian stooges, since it's technically underground and the reptoids wouldn't have to disguise themselves. That would be sort of like putting lions in there, right? Would HBO show that on pay-per-view? Probably not, since the HBO execs would be in the pit.

~Don Croft

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