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Episode 82

I Wanna Defect!

From Don Croft <>
July 19, 2004

What the hey, if thousands of CIA employees found asylum in Canada, why can’t I? I get pretty sick of these murderous FBI cretins in our town. Two nights ago, one of them tried to murder my stepdaughter and now we’re slogging through the process of retribution. I get so sick of this stuff.

Local update: As soon as I left for my little vacation on June 30 the FBI bought a house three doors away from our home in Moscow, Idaho, and Carol saw them installing a bunch of cameras and other spy gear. We found out that they had also bought a larger house around the corner, which was the staging area for the murder attempt on Jenny, by the way.

Carol was proactive and thoroughly gifted both properties and, with our good friend, Linda, who is a psychic on par with Carol, began gathering intel on these cretins. They had already beefed up the basement entrance of the nearer house and covered the windows and Linda, while standing in the alley, had a waking vision of the cretins taking a person out of a van, in a wheelchair, who was blindfolded and obviously drugged, and wheeling that person into the basement entrance. The shape of things to come? Fortunately not but the potential was probably very real. These thugs all need to be arrested and imprisoned, but meanwhile we’ll do what needs to be done to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

When I was walking home from the bus depot last week, I walked through a group of three very grumpy FBI guys around the sidewalk in front of that house. They all failed to return my friendly greeting. Carol had already told me the score, of course. I think they already knew they had to leave, otherwise they’d have had the customary FBI smirks on their criminal faces and yesterday, Carol and I saw that the house is for sale again ;-)

Yesterday afternoon, too, we rode over on Carol’s motor scooter and stood in front of the other house, sizing up the opponents, if you will. One of the FBI cretins stood in the driveway and engaged me in a staring contest, which he lost, and the fellow who tried to murder Jenny then drove up on his motorcycle, so we goosed him, too. That night we blasted the snot out of six people in that house who had been involved in the murder attempt and tonight we’ll do the coup de gras, probably around twilight, from behind the property. I like to telegraph my punches sometimes because it earns me some points and terrorizes the terrorists better. You should try this if your not a pothead. Most of those cretins use pot and coke, so they’re already paranoid a hell and easy meat for Hellboy. Carol talked me out of taking along my pistol with the teflon-coated bullets ;-)

We had driven the feds out of the previous ‘command center’ in town last summer about this time. I guess it’s not over ‘til it’s over, as the Yogi says.

Think globally, act locally.

Okay, enough about that—what I really want to tell you about is our vacations!

We all get a little stressed now and then and until June 30 I honestly never understood the function of vacations. I’m 55, so I guess I’m kind of slow that way. Like the guy who takes along a fishing pole in order to justify just sitting on a boat in the water, I planned to make the trip pay off by networking. It was still very pleasant and uplifting, of course, because I absolutely adore my fellow warriors and look forward to every opportunity to meet more of them.

What triggered my urge to travel this time was that some orgone warriors in Canada had been contacted by three alleged ‘final companions’ of Wilhelm Reich and I thought, ‘My God, if they contacted any of us, the CIA will suicide them shortly!’ so I figured that I’d sneak over to Pennsylvania and Ontario and make contact with them and publish it for their safety, after some initial contact from our friends there. The CIA had recently killed my good friend, Wilhelm Muller, in British Columbia, so I was genuinely concerned.

The three turned out to be ringers, of course, sent in to defuse what Steeve Richard and Steve Baron had initiated so well and thoroughly. One of the oldsters is appaerently Waffen SS, in fact ;-)

Well, it was clear to Carol and I that I needed a break. I considered hitchhiking for the sake of solitude but Linda fairly had a fit, as she could clearly see me getting picked up and tortured to death by some CIA-sponsored satanists, so I went by bus, instead.

Of course the FBI was present on the buses and in Spokane the US Border Patrol was checking everyone’s US Citizen identification, which is a horrid violation of privacy. I don’t have any standard ID but luckily my native tribal ID card worked for them and that was worth knowing. The guy who checked it came up to me in the bus station in Spokane a couple weeks later and cleverly questioned me, which was kind of cute and fun, as he’s an Indian, too. I think he’s a genuine person, though has bought into the myth that there are terrorists outside the US who are not employed by the US or Her Majesty’s alleged governments.

I got to Bismark, North Dakota, the next morning and spent the day there, visiting with Carol Two Eagle. She told me a bunch of stuff that she didn’t feel comfortable sharing in email and I came away from the visit with a greater appreciation of just how profoundly corrupt and murderous the FBI are. Carol had spent a lot of years at Pine Ridge, helping the folks cope with the massive, repetitive assaults there by the FBI and one of those jerks, a regional boss agent, had tried several times to frame her and get her into prison. When he realized that she was just too powerful, he pointed his pistol in her face and threatened to blow her head off. It gets pretty overt for people of color in the US these days who wish to exercise their birthright. You’ll be hearing a lot more about and perhaps from Carol Two Eagle, as my Carol and I will be working closely with her to defeat the FBI, finally.

There’s a fellow in Bismark who’s a 33d degree mason and appoints all of the ‘elected’ officials in that state. He was courting Carol Two Eagle’s support with promises of wealth and ‘power,’ until she approached him in the State Capitol building during a legislative session and said, ‘Hey, Mr (I forgot the jerk’s name), this is for you!’ and she kissed her hand, then turned around and slapped her own butt, just like my own Carol would have done. It’s easy to make friends when one fights the occult world order in the open.

I don’t mind (much) having the FBI around as long as they’re not in the process of planning my murder but in Michigan, I got that feeling that someone was peeking more aggressively than usual, so I sent out a massive, non-directed Hellboy blast and the guy across the aisle puked, then keeled over. He was hauled off the bus, still unconscious but breathing, by paramedics and his FBI chum got off at the next rural stop after giving me a strange look. I think they’re all too chicken not to travel in pairs or groups these days. After all, nobody likes them except their dope dealers.

When I got to Detroit, though, the cops were waiting at 1AM and giving me ‘that look’ so I figured the Canadian border cops, on the other side of the tunnel in Windsor, Ontario, had been warned by the FBI not to let me, Idaho’s Number One Terrorist, into their nice country.

Although I was pretty hot to get to Toronto and help Steve Baron jumpstart the final, dramatic gifting campaign there, I was also a little relieved, as it gave me an excuse to visit my friend, John Kilroy, in Boston. My plan was to sneak across one of the New England border crossings into Canada where the FBI wouldn’t think to send somebody to poison the border guards against me. The cops in Canada aren’t as reliant on computers as the ones here are, fortunately, and I don’t think I warranted a national All Points Bulletin there at any rate. They suspect that the alleged US Gov’t are the only terrorists in the world, I think, but they’re likely to believe the lies the FBI tells about me if they’re approached individually.

It used to be pretty tough to escape the NSA’s dragnet (impossible before we figured out what the Succor Punch can do to their gear) but I can usually avoid the FBI skunks without even a Succor Punch and their psychics are the ones that the NSA and CIA didn’t want, so they’re easy meat.

I brought along a tent and small sleeping bag because I’m kind of like the turtle, though I’d slept in a couple of motels on the way. I wanted to lose a few pounds by walking and carrying a pack helps with that. It took me a couple of hours to find the Kilroy residence on Nantasket Peninsula, south of Boston, but when I got there it felt just like home, which didn’t surprise me, and after John told me that his granddad used to host the Three Stooges in that house when they were performing nearby, it occurred to me that I may fairly brag that I slept in the same bed as the Three Stooges. I know that’s a stretch, as it’s probably a different bed, but close enough, eh?

My tummy got a good workout when it wasn’t full of Adele’s delectables during that visit because both of them are so full of funny stories and impromptu, raucous humor that those muscles got a hell of a workout. If you want a taste of that, check out , noting that he’s one of the finest portrait artists you’re likely to encounter and his music is the kind of stuff you may want to have playing in the background to help you through your long, tedious day.

We all like to hang out with geniuses like Genghis Kilroy because it makes us feel smarter, too. He’s a kind soul whose main concern is everyone else’s welfare, which is a rare quality among the more intelligent of our specie.

Adele shared some insights about the history of the region which tied up some loose ends for me. If you want a good laugh and some useful information, take a look at Genghis Kilroy’s current postings on

One of the reasons, I figured out, that I was sort of pulled over to Boston is that John was poisoned by CIA operatives, ten years ago (and periodically ever since) in an attempt to cause him to die under non-suspicious circumstances. Before that, he had been happily indoctrinating his art students and patrons among the Boston Brahmin (Illuminati families) in the artful study of conspiracy history. For the final judgement, he was brought to Washington, DC, where he was introduced to Chainsaw Cheney in one of the hidden offices in the upper level of the US Capitol Building. He told me that was a pretty creepy experience. It’s always creepy to experience direct, physical contact with a predatory reptilian, of course.

These days, we’re seeing that the world around us has taken on some fairly surreal characteristics and you may wonder, at times, whether we’re really just inmates of an asylum, but in fact if you’ll always seek balance, you’ll easily see that our side is winning this war against tyranny and the bad guys will all be gone or rightly dealt with, then the nightmare part of our existence will be mostly over. I think that will happen pretty soon but if you’re not busting the new death towers in your town it will happen later for you than otherwise.

There are two kinds of innocence: innate, as with children, and acquired, or re-acquired. The innocence of children is vulnerable and corruptible; the innocence one gains from self discipline and spiritual striving is solid and incorruptible. I’m inviting you to strain yourself to get rid of all the stuff that ties you to the disappearing paradigm because the only way we’re going to navigate the present global rebirth process, which seems kind of chaotic at times, is to strive toward innocence and detachment.

I don’t mean abandon your farm and stand on the hill with white robes and open arms, of course (that actually happened in America in the spring and summer of 1844;-) Detachment isn’t like that. It’s an inside process. We’re still responsible to take care of our wonderful bodies and our earthly obligations, of course. That’s as much a part of our spiritual progress as any meditation technique or belief system (or lack of same ;-) is.

We gathered materials for orgonite the next day and that night we made up a batch.

The following morning, the plan was to initiate a gifting campaign as a misdirect, then sneak over to the border in Vermont, a five hour drive from Boston. I’d planned to take my chances on a bus from someplace like Concord New Hampshire, but John and Adele very graciously offered to take me all the way to Montreal, instead.

As we got near Burlington, Vermont, Adele sensed that the feds had found us, so John dowsed an alternate route, which took us across the northern part of Lake Champlain to the border crossing in New York State, instead. The guard there obviously wasn’t looking for me and John schmoozed her thoroughly enough that she didn’t even check Adele’s or my IDs. I really wanted to get over to Toronto and to support Steeve’s presentation in Ottawa on the following Saturday. This was Tuesday.

The short ride through Quebec was kind of raucous, beginning with those two singing the Canadian National Anthem in French and some liberal comments about a sign in a restaurant window that read, ‘Menu Enfants.’ They dropped me off at a nice hotel, which almost felt like I was in Europe, and we all saw that the Sylphs were having a wild time over the island city itself, but not seen much in the surrounding area. That, along with the complete absence of smog, plus the requisite disappearing chemtrails, was the finest tribute I could imagine to Steeve & Celine Richard, Denis Couture, and the other Canadiennes who had so thoroughly gifted that beautiful city. I look forward to spending time with the French cohorts in the fall, when Carol and I hope to witness the victcories in Eastern Canda, personally and together. Right now we have to focus on paying off the debts accumulated from our former travels ;-), hence my shoestring journey.

There are enough cloudbusters in the Eastern region of North America that the chemtrails won’t generally stick for more than a few minutes, anywhere. West of Cleveland, the situation is much brighter, at least in the US. I get the sense that there are people busting the death towers just about everywhere now, though most folks only do a few, then quit. The reason I felt compelled to support the Toronto effort is that several folks there have been chipping away at the thousands of towers in that metro area for over two years but Steve Baron has committed to sponsoring the final victory effort now and that kind of commitment fairly demands a supporting visit by at least me.

When I got to the Toronto bus station on Wednesday afternoon I was unable to connect with Steve on the phone. I got a map and found his street, which runs along Lake Ontario, west of the city. The address, 2679, indicated that I’d need to walk about 3 miles, so I headed out. It ended up being closer to ten miles, but I wanted the exercise and to get the bird’s eye lowdown on how Toronto felt and looked. How better than by foot? I could have taken a trolley to his door but this was my vacation, after all.

As I was approaching his address, a white cat came out and greeted me on the sidewalk and I recognized that this was a special creature. We walked to the front door and when I saw a bench, loaded with tower busters, on the porch, I knew it was the right place. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Cards of Destiny but Carol practices that art and it’s how we met, seven years ago. I’m an ace of spades, the Death Card, according to my May 5 birthday, which is why I’m comfortable living on the cutting fringe. John Kilroy is a nine of clubs, the Psycho Card, which accounts for his wild but disciplined creativity and his heartfelt appreciation of the bizarre and ironic. Steve Baron’s a nine of spades, the same as Linda Kingsbury, and it’s characterized by constant rebirth/death, which is why they’re drawn to arcane information and personal awareness ‘systems.’

We stayed up pretty late discussing all manner of things and Steve was surprised to find another soul who has a well-functioning bull$#!+ meter. Many of the folks he associates with in his quest for arcania aren’t well endowed that way but I assured him that there are plenty of folks like he and I; they simply aren’t generally found in newage workshops and seminars ;-)

I think this effort is pulling a lot of like minded people together in Toronto, also some well meaning new agers who, after all, are showing their true worth now by busting towers and shutting down underground bases with orgonite rather than trying to do it all with chanting, group hugs, conformity and rituals. What I’ve seen, after all, is that the comraderie that’s generated by gifting far surpasses any ideological considerations and this is what I continually stress.

I should note that Facel, the nice white cat, was attacked and poisoned during the first nitght of my visit, and it happened inside the house. Carol said it was the NSA who did that and the spooks who later showed up around the lecture in Ottawa were also NSA, she said. Ann and the kids spotted them while we were looking for the lecture hall.

After some zapping and a vet visit, Facel was on the road to recovery, thank God, and I got to smack down some NSA thugs after that—always a treat! It made Steve pretty mad, too, which was probably just the opposite result of what these jerks intended for him ;-)

Actually, it was getting acquainted with Steve that caused me to realize that Canada is actually a nicer place to live than America is. Before that, I had assumed that National Socialism had pretty much rotted that country from the inside out but I learned that the black market is alive and well there, as it is here, and that I could do well there, not least because the US sewer rat agencies have a difficult time operating in Canada these days. Canada, despite the obvious corruption of its government, has exercised genuine national sovereignty, way beyond what I’ve seen in America, by standing against the predatory agendae of the Whore of Babylon (the London trolls who hide under QEII’s ample skirts). The US military and espionage agencies happily go about being London’s planetary legbreakers, though I’m striving mightily to get our benighted military to just stop being London’s wise guys and arrest the damn traitors in DC, instead. They can go instantly from being Zee-ros to being Hee-ros ;-)

Having said that, I do feel committed to stay in my native land and fight these murderous federal agency rats until we finally win the war. I can’t do it as well from Canada, as that would make me a hypocrite, I think. I’m a lot more interested, right now, in freedom than safety, as you ought to be, too. When just a few more people take this attitude, the war will be won and these murderous, poisonous cretins and their masters will finally face courts of law.

Here’s an interesting development: We on EFF always help anyone who asks for it but it’s gotten to be sort of like in ancient Greece, when the Spartans were asked to send military aid. In that case, the Spartans just sent one soldier. In our case we’re taking care of business in most cases, individually, without having to generate group support, so we’ve become sort of like the Spartans.

When the FBI set up two very expensive task forces in our neighborhood last month in order to facilitate our final demise, we didn’t think in terms of self defense, though I’ve sprayed some bullets in my assault rifle with Teflon, in case they totally lose it and bust down our doors some night. I bet they wouldn’t even do that unless there were around a hundred of them. They used 200 to take the little Arab here, on charges of ‘credit card fraud’ last year ;-)

You can bet I’m not going out with a sigh if it comes to that. I’m not afraid to die but I don’t think it will come to that, because, after all, I’m not afraid to die ;-) and all of them are merely bullies, i.e. cowards.

Carol and I went after these local FBI bastards before they had a chance to organize a cogent plan. This is the only way to oppose blatant tyranny. Nobody wins a chess game from a defensive position and life’s just like a chess game that way, especially when one has committed to defeating tyranny.

Police Chief Billy calls us from time to time just to let us know that the FBI no longer harass him or Lt Carl, thanks to EFF’s intervention last February. You may remember that the FBI had tried to frame those two courageous men and railroad them into prison (a death sentence for any cop) because they’d stood up against the Homeland Security Abomination. Remember the HSA? I haven’t heard them mentioned in months—have you? I think all that Gestapo crap has devolved upon the FBI, who have a long history of breaking the heads of people of color and anyone else who won’t toe the line, politically, in America.

The newspapers in Toronto note that the pollution problem and even the E. coli contamination on the beaches has disappeared suddenly. They didn’t mention that it was because Steve Baron gifted those waters last year but I guess it’s because nobody told them yet ;-) The Sunday paper had a story about some divers who visited a shipwreck southeast of Toronto, expecting to have to use powerful lights to photograph it. They were astounded to find that the light from the surface, in the now very clear water, was adequate and that they were able to see the entire wreck rather than just a piece of it, as before when it was murky.

The first day of the resin pouring marathon, there were thousands of waterfowl, sort of camped just beyond the rocks by Steve’s lakefront home. At one point, around a thousand cormorants swooped and landed right offshore, then shot up with the sound of a large waterfall. The swans from miles around have taken up their trolling activity close by. When you stand on the shore you can see for a couple of miles in each direction but the swans are nowhere but within a few hundred yards of Steve’s house. None of us were feeding them.

Of course, the sylphs were cavorting right over Steve’s CBs, one of which is a replica of Galaero Aurelius’ ‘hurricane’ configuration. I like to call that one ‘The Texas Big Hair CB’ and it was nice to finally see and feel one of those in operation. There are several reputable inventors in this network who are improving on our basic designs and coming up with entirely new devices, I’m very happy to report.

Steve’s a magnet (Kilroy told me I’m a cajoler). Each day, more and more people came to participate in the orgonite manufacturing process and each one left with a pile of devices and an assigned or assumed area to bust towers in and otherwise heal the land, water and sky in and around Toronto with orgonite. His unconditional generosity and effulgent spirit has everyone feeling like he/she is an integral part of this effort, which in fact is true.

Kim Smith, who posts as ‘many crows’ on EFF, was there and very pleased to see that all her hard work in the past has come to fruition in the form of large scale, committed involvement by others in the area. I was wearing my tee shirt that has a lot of crows on it, so of course gave it to her as a token of my appreciation. Fortunately, I’d brought my loud Hawaiian shirt along, so I could still be recognized as an American. Kim’s been with this network since the beginning, three years ago, and was one of the first on the planet to build an orgonite cloudbuster. Actually, there are very few people who have stayed with this from the beginning year, and to me people like Kim Smith, Jerry Morten and precious few others are entitled to some special appreciation and recognition, aside from giving them the shirt off my back.

I finally met Tom Wloka, who has a very large mailing list to whom he sends out breaking news stories and reports of what’s happening in the personal sovereignty movement. He brought along some other interesting and interested folks and we made some fine connections that will likely lead to some interesting developments down the road.

As Kilroy notes in his posts on EFF, the first thing I do when I encounter a new group of allies is to offer to find and bust all of their electronic and nasty-etheric implants. There was a truckload of little implants among that Toronto bunch, so that had me pretty busy for two days straight. Everyone noticed the energy boost they got from having their implants disabled and when this is done in an already friendly and dynamic setting the effects are pretty astounding. How much happiness and empowerment can YOU stand? ;-)

Anne came to this network a few months ago because she instantly recognized that she’s supposed to be doing this work. After some struggle, she’s managed to arrange her affairs to devote a lot of time to this effort and what particularly pleases us is that she’s able to consistently see the DOR energy signatures that the towers and underground bases put out. Actually, I found this out when she and her two older kids, Jennifer and Kevin, were escorting me to Ottowa. On a hunch, I asked her to look at the towers we were passing and tell me what the energy looked like around them. What she was describing was just like what Carol describes. On the final leg to Ottawa, she saw that most of the towers weren’t putting off much DOR, so I realized they’d been gifted.

The day before, I’d told Steve Baron that he needs to have a reliable energy sensitive on hand who can tell him what areas have been covered and which are still giving off DOR, so now those two are working together to coordinate and evaluate the regional gifting work.

Jennifer, 17, is turning into a genuine asset to the Toronto effort, too, as is Kevin, 10. They attended Steeve Richard’s four hour presentation and were engaged and interested, which you probably realize is remarkable and a testimonial for Ann’s mothering skill, as well as to the capacity of the two younger ones..

We got to Steeve’s lecture a little late, as we were unfamiliar with the campus. Steeve was invited by Dr. Rudi and Patti Verspoor, who operate a school and clinic that trains physicians to become homeopaths. Rudi bases his work on Hahnemann’s, Reich’s and Steiner’s teachings and he’s quite reputable, according to our own Dr von Peters, who is a renowned homeopath in his own right ( and the formulator of Chembuster, the homeopathic/herbal remedy which Carol and I are promoting now.

The Verspoors have a cloudbuster and they’ve both been busting towers in and around Ottawa recently. They invited Steeve Richard of Quebec to give a presentation to around a hundred visiting physicians during a seminar/conference. These people came from Europe, North America and Asia and were a receptive and supportive audience, which is certainly a credit to Heilkunst, which is what Dr Rudi calls his approach. You can find out more about this by visiting

The old-school natural healers are the ones that should be patronized, by the way, because they understand the causes and cures of disease and also understand the process of healing. These fine folks make ordinary pill pushers and even ersatz naturopaths look like the hacks that they truly are.

We came in late, as I mentioned, and burdened with bags of towerbusters, which Steve Baron had characteristically donated to the effort. Our plan had been to gift the campus and put a couple in the lecture hall but our lateness prevented that. Kevin and I distributed them (with Steeve’s permission), instead, to the attendees, most of whom got one and that turned them into a captive audience, since many of them are energy sensitives ;-)

I was as spellbound as the rest to hear Steeve Richard’s presentation and I was particularly pleased to see that he has a fine grasp and a no-nonsense, working knowledge of the energy dynamics involved with orgonite. In fact, his offered explanation of how orgonite works is the best I’ve heard, so far. After the break (half time) he invited me to participate with him in answering questions and comments from the audience, which lasted a couple of hours and was awfully fun for me. I had hoped to spend more time with Steeve and Celine after the meet but they had to get back to their experimental farm in Quebec right away. Steeve facilitates the French language forum on and sells fine products from that site.

The potluck dinner after the presentation was just as high and lively as the meeting was and Patti told me later that Steeve’s presentation was a highlight of the conference and the subject of a lot of disussion for the remainder of it. Rudi treated me to an short dissertation on his unique approach to healing and
curing—what a fascinating man! Most folks only meet one or two creative geniuses in their lives but on my little bus trip back east I encountered several!

The next day, I got on the bus to come home and that trip was pretty uneventful, except for a brief flurry of activity at the border crossing in Detroit. The border cop who checked my ID didn’t give it a second glance but as I was standing in line to have my bags checked out, four of them suddenly turned to look at me after conferring together briefly, so I knew that the FBI had spoken with at least one of them about me just then. The fellow who checked my baggage sort of rushed through the routine without looking inside and when I was on the bus, they all kept glancing at me. I wonder if they were thinking, ‘So THIS is what the FBI is calling a terrorist now, eh? Hardy har har!’

You may have heard that I’m a kind of non-descript, unassuming guy who smiles sweetly a lot.

On the trip east, the only chemtrails I saw were over the largest cities and those were disappearing fast, due to the presence of cloudbusters and the activities of the folks who bust the towers. On the way west from Detroit to Spokane (almost the west coast) I saw not a single spewplane and the skies were gorgeous, with plenty of Sylph clouds here and there, even over the cities.

That told me that there are actually only a token number of spewplanes flying these days. In fact, Steve Baron told me that the spew assault on Toronto was so massive for three days after I left that I wondered if all the spewplanes in North America were ordered to go squirt Toronto then ;-)

Of course, tactics like this only make the Toronto Tornados more committed and determined to wipe the orgone slate clean in that region forever.



A word about the miraculous recent proliferation of evidence of the Sylphs in our skies: Well, two words: they connect with us through our hearts, not through our eyes and they absolutely don’t need anyone to be their spokesman, any more than God does. Also, the NSA and MI6 has contrived to make fake sylph clouds, apparently, and send out some disinformation specialists to tell you ‘all about Sylphs and what they want from us.’ so DB’s prediction about that has come true. 99% of what anyone will be telling you about sylphs is pure horse $#!+, please consider. Discernment is a heavy burden but it’s inescapable these days, folks, and the Sylphs are absolutely real and want to help us.

Okay, the third word is that the Sylphs are non-physical entities. They’re not clouds but they often use clouds to show us stuff, the same way you might use a painting to communicate something. Otherwise, they come to us through our hearts, the way dolphins and whales do, and sometimes they come right down and envelop us. You’ll know that’s happening because everything around you seems brighter and more vivid and everyone around you acts content and happy for the duration. I hope that you’ll experience all of this directly and if anyone wants to pretend to preach on behalf of the Sylphs, please don’t do it to me, okay? I, like you, have had personal contact with these heavenly creatures, so let’s keep it real, okay?


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