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Episode 84 

Soothing Mother Earth and then CUTting to the Chase in Paradise Valley

From Don Croft <>
October 12, 2004

Carol and I went back to Yellowstone this weekend because she felt that the huge caldera there was getting ready to blow up. That would probably fill the earth's atmosphere with so much ash that we'd all be propelled back into the stone age, at least those of us who were unlucky enough to survive.

In fact, the CUT people (Church Universal and Triumphant, centered at the Royal Teton Ranch in Corwin Springs, 7.5 miles north of the national park entrance) who have extensive underground facilities near the threshold of Yellowstone National Park's north entrance were apparently counting on surviving such an eruption while the occult/corporate pavement artists who normally dog our footsteps (and control that luciferic organization, of
course) were conspicuously absent on this trip, perhaps due to the fact that they have a vested interest in our success in gifting the caldera adequately. Carol has the impression that they've mostly abandoned their own underground facilities in the park, which she feels physically connects to the CUT undergound facilities.

We only encountered three fed peepers in the park but may narrowly have missed getting murdered by a National Park Ranger whom Carol told me was intending to run us off the mountain road with his pickup-a sort of would-be kamikaze like the FBI guys who had tried to run some of the etheric warriors off the road (including Carol and I) a few months ago. She has the impression that about a third of the park's employees belong to
that anthill (oops-read: church).

In fact, we had just entered the Nat'l Park from the north and had put down three of the 15 earthpipes designated to surround the caldera (a 97-mile loop around perhaps the most volcanically unstable area on the continent) and Carol noted that the elementals and departed Indian elders/healers were expressing their approval and encouragement when we had to stop to let a small herd of buffalo pass along the road from up ahead.

Soon after we began to move again, the car's electrical system started misbehaving and I had to pull over and shut off the ignition. For about five seconds the lights flashed on the dashboard and all the needles moved back and forth. On our previous visit, not long after we gifted the I AM killing field within the park boundary on the northwest edge of the caldera some of their ritual energy manipulators apparently managed to turn off our car's electrical system for a moment. There isn't a lot of traffic in that section of the park, so it's not an area we wanted to get stranded in.

The I AMers at the cattle-less ranch (the paying devotees call themselves 'chela' which is a Sanskrit word for 'slave,' which is a word for 'chattel,' so maybe it is a ranch of sorts, after all) use a practice they call 'decreeing' to deal etherically with their enemies. This is a group focused activity, heightened by rapid chanting. Beyond what the paying chattel do, of course, are apparently some more skilled psi ministrations by the Great White Brotherhood trained staff members but there's no substitute for the raw power that can be generated by any group that's willing to focus their energy on something. This is something we've experienced a few times, recently, in the chat function of, though of course we're nobody's chattel as far as I can tell, and there's no secrecy or hierarchy among us. We don't chant, either.

The motor of our year-old Jeep started again, only on the second try, after which everything was working right except the odometer, which we were using to count off the miles for gifting. The 'trip' feature on our digital odometer can be set to zero and we'd counted off about 20 miles, having deposited four earth pipes every six miles by then. The clock was fine and was telling the right time after the mishap.

Just after we had experienced the electronic anomaly a park ranger in a pickup who was giving us a nasty look as he passed us in the opposite direction pulled abruptly off the road behind us, as though to turn around, but we didn't see him following us after that.

I mention the clock because I monitored the time between when we arrived in the park (around 11AM) and the time we left (around 4:30PM) which is how much time one would expect to have spent 'on the job' including driving for 180 rural, mostly mountainous miles and pounding in 15 earthpipes.

As we were leaving the park at the end of the 5+-hour excursion I wanted to get a photo of an emerging Sylph cloud above where we'd caused the oppressive cloudcover to break apart above the gifted area, which is what anyone can expect from deploying that many earthpipes around a pirated area or a huge underground base. I asked Carol why the Sylph cloud was pink and she just felt that being in high mountains did funny things to sunlight in the late afternoon, though of course this was a couple hours before sunset, according to our car's clock. I looked at my watch, though, and it was nearly 7PM. Her watch indicated the same time.

From what she could gather (according to the thoughts/intentions Carol read in the guy's head) the CUT-devotee Park Ranger had quickly turned around with the intention of following us, then pushing us off the road (there are no guardrails in that part of the Park) but we had apparently vanished to him, picked up by a Lemurian ship (according to Carol's estimation), where we were hosted for 2.5 hours, then deposited in the same spot without having been aware that we'd been shifted around in time and space.

Of course I have no other evidence whether or not this is what happened but Carol and I have both lost and gained time in dicey situations before (as have some of the people we know and trust) and she's pretty good at isolating the moment it happens, at least in my estimation. As with all the supernormal stuff, I'm just offering an explanation that seems plausible to us. Proof may or may not come later on.

She feels that one reason our rescuers didn't change the time on the car's clock is that they wanted us to focus on the job at hand completely. We look at that clock instead of our watches when we're in the car. Also, Carol felt that the Lemurians wanted to toss me a bone, since I'm not energy sensitive and couldn't follow the dynamics of the expedition the way Carol could, so I'm passing the bone along to you if you're like me. A similar scenario happened to Carol when she was gifting new death towers in Namibia, three years ago.

The only other weird experience we had that day was when a fedmobile, on the far side of the loop, pulled over in front of where we were parked and the driver apparently vanished. We pulled up beside that one, close, as we were leaving and Carol rolled down her window and took a couple of digital pictures. The only other time this happened in my experience was when Ryan, Marty, Josh and I were pounding in the last earthpipe around Ft Lewis, Washington, in May and a fedmobile drove up and parked on the opposite side of the road about fifty yards ahead of us. Since Ryan was off pounding the EP in the ground in a hidden spot (he's really good at finding spots that have no hidden rocks ;-)) the rest of us were acutely aware of the fedmobile and were blasting the cr@p out of the occupant(s). Marty even got out, stood in front of Marty's SUV and aimed his Powerwand at the fedmobile. When we drove slowly by, after collecting Ryan, we saw nobody inside. The NSA & perhaps the CIA have some pretty tricky cloaking tech, apparently. Did they get it from the Klingons? ;-)

Other than gifting whatever's under the I AMer's purview the next day, this was the easiest critical gifting run we've ever made.

We'd thoroughly gifted the dozen or so accessible major vortices within the caldera in June of last year and two other gifters, at least, had gifted in the Park since then. Carol says that groups of 3D Indian healers and others have regularly been going to Yellowstone to sort of petition the caldera not to blow up and end human civilization. When Mt St Helens burped last week and we saw brown clouds and unpredicted rainfall where we live, a couple hundred miles downwind of that volcano, we felt confirmed in our plan to visit Yellowstone with earth pipes the following weekend.

The caldera has been sacred to all the major and minor tribes in the region for centuries or millennia, of course, and those unrestricted native herds of elk, buffalo and moose don't seem to want to leave. It feels wonderful there and also throughout Paradise Valley, the course of the Yellowstone River which leads to the Park's north entrance, but for two or three miles around the Royal Teton Ranch it felt oppressive to us and sort of lifeless.

The sky above the chattel ranch was the very last of the low, oppressive regional cloudcover to break up from our gifting efforts and that only happened as we were driving away after gifting the cult's HQ on the day after we EP'd the caldera.

Cesco Soggiu in Norway had sent us ten of his unique, powerful coils which he had configured for earthpipes in this case, so we featured these in our excursion, making nine EPs with Cesco's coils and 13 'plain' EPs with the requisite, ordinary cone-spiral coils. I put a pinch of tobacco in each pipe's orgonite plug after Jody, our gifting compadre in Moscow (our Idaho town), had brought over an HHg made with tobacco for Carol to assess. Carol added some of her dried menstrual blood to each, too. We already found out that putting a little menstrual blood in orgonite makes it a lot more effective for healing pirated vortices and for putting the hurt on the patriarchal occult/corporate world order, too. Others, we knew, had done this in Salt Lake City and Buenos Aires and I suspect a whole lot more have done this without telling us about it.

There's a huge, whitewashed statue of Mary overlooking Butte, Montana, which is on the route we took from our home in Idaho to Yellowstone. It's carved from the granite of a ridge top, not far from a HAARP array. Richard in Reno was there a couple of months ago and busted all the towers, so the HAARP array wasn't doing much but Carol brought along some extra orgonite in case we were able to get up to the statue, which is a DOR spigot in spite of its exalted theme. The access road to the statue and HAARP array is now gated and locked, of course, due to the presence of so many terrorists in America. The agencies who erect and lock gates across public roads now are the terrorists, of course. Across the valley is a huge, ugly strip mine that's very, very deep. Carol calls it 'Montana's Butte Hole.'

This kind of ties into the CUT notion because Elizabeth Clare Prophet, who set up the digs beside Yellowstone in the 1980s likes her chattel to call her 'Mother of the World.'

As far as I can tell, when the Babylonian civilization began vigorously supplanting the older, more balanced cultures with exploitive patriarchy they deified the female principle. That's a common smokescreen tactic, sort of like how the criminals in Washington, DC, erected 'Mother's Day' in the early 1900s in an attempt to stop women from demanding suffrage. This ersatz deification may explain why western cultures have such an unbalanced attitude about women, alternating between seeing any given female as a saint or a bitch. Men, especially, are deeply programmed to be blind to the fact that women are essentially equal spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and physically, to men, with slight variations to make it interesting. In real terms, male and female complementary characteristics carry a lot of potential synergy, which is why a good marriage works so well. The fact that good marriages are as plentiful as hen's teeth in western cultures indicates how deeply and effectively we've all been programmed.

The parasitic occult/corporate world order has clearly put most of its subterfuge efforts into controlling the white race, shaping it into its favored engine of global exploitation in recent centuries. This is why the prominent cults, mostly developed in the mid to late 1800s (CUT came directly out of Theosophy, est. 1875) are mainly made up of white people, for instance, as are all of the obvious and hidden hierarchies connected to the old world order. Some have bought into the notion that this is due to some intrinsic superiority of the white race but it's becoming clear, finally, that whites are simply easier to brainwash and control than are people of color, which is why the old Babylonian families eventually picked England ('Rule Britannia!') as their vehicle for global conquest and domination.

Semeramis, Nimrod's mom, was deified, and the Isis cult was apparently the Egyptian version of the 'Mother of God' idea which later moved from Mithraism (the Roman soldier-religion-a synthesis of Babylonian and Egyptian cult practices and dogmae) into Christianity, intact. How else could someone like Lucretia Borgia become a pope's incestuous mistress and even determine who was going to be the next pope, and the next, and the next?

By the way, I personally believe in the Divinity of Christ. No amount of sleazy engineering by patriarchic hierarchies or by their tag-along baby-eating cults has been able to obscure that Sun of Righteousness as far as I'm concerned and I'm not even a Christian. By the way, when we drove past the substantial but un-manned guard shack and into the Church Universal and Triumphant's headquarters compound Carol was kind of shocked to find a life-sized, whitewashed stature of Jesus tucked away between a couple of church buildings ;-) and it reminded me of the whitewashed Mary statue above Butte.

Historically, Jesus' mother was apparently a real Jewish princess, highly honored in her society as a lineal descendent of David and quite wealthy in her own right. Joseph of Aramethea, her uncle, is known to have been one of the wealthiest traders in the Roman empire. I personally believe in the Immaculate Conception, too, but Mary wasn't likely a virgin when she conceived Jesus, nor do I believe that Jesus died on the cross, nor is there any indication that the cross, which was sacred to pagans before the Christian era, is a valid symbol for Christianity, nor is the fish.

The Pope's ceremonial mitre (tall hat) shows the open mouth of a fish and in Sumerian times, carried through Roman practices, it was the habit, so to speak, of the Pontius Maximus ('greatest bridge' between lowly humanity and whatever divinity) wore a robe and hat to resemble the scaly skin of a fish and the open-mouthed fish head on the PM's own head.

There are some good books about the direct transference of Babylonian/Egyptian/Roman religious symbolism and practices into early Christian ideology and if you're one of the billions who have confused this with the person and teachings of the historical Christ I recommend that you look into this. If you're Jewish it's a good idea to get open-mindedly nto Zechariah Sitchin's revealing, supportable writings about the pre-Abraham origins of the Jewish culture, though one need not agree with his unfounded assertions about the true nature of the Jewish Religion, of course, and I don't support irrationalism in any form, whether it's the Creationism ideology of Christian fundamentalism or the idea that some cynical lizards created homo sapiens a few millennia ago.

Muslims, who hold to the Divinity of Jesus and Moses as dearly as Christians and Jews do, have known these simple truths for almost 1400 years, which may be one reason the occult/world order has been trying so hard to subvert, then erase Islamic cultures since the mid-1800s. Not that Muslims in general have a slate that's much cleaner than anyone else's, of course. Since religion is the foundation of all western cultures we need to come to terms with it so we can move out from under the ancient brainwash protocols that were facilitated by clergy, pedants and theologians who were and are on the payroll of the occult/corporate world order. That's the only thing I'm driving at. I don't care whether you believe in God. The world order itself came out of these religion-based cultures, though, after all. This ersatz spirituality ('irrationalism' is the term that Theosophy bases its approach on) is simply a newer expression of the insistent parasitic hegemony that apparently originated in Sumeria 6,000 or so years ago and parasitically glommed onto each succeeding phase of western history, from Babylon up through the House of Windsor.

Post-mortem deification/sanctification/mystification is how the patriarchic occult/corporate world order has dealt with all of the would-be effective people in the world, actually, who are real or potent threats to the persistent parasitic hegemony. For instance, most of the Chistian saints were first killed by the Church as heretics, then elevated to 'sainthood,' sometimes pretty fast. Martin Luther King, Jr., was betrayed by friends, then murdered, then a major thoroughfare in the black neighborhoods in every city in America was named after him, not long after the 'civil rights movement' was brought by the betrayers to a grinding halt. Gandhi couldn't be touched by London's assassin until after London fomented the rebellion in Pakistan, then biographers swarmed the memory of the man and attempted to whitewash him as something other than the etheric warrior that he truly was. George Washington was apparently poisoned by Masonic doctors (look at his last portrait to see what look to me like the obvious wasting effects of slow poison) then sanctified and memorialized by the Masons. I have the impression that the London-affiliated Masonic hierarchy in Virginia just didn't want Washington to speak out about Jefferson's betrayal (Jefferson had immediately named Gallatin, a Swiss/British banker, as US Treasurer when Aaron Burr murdered Hamilton).

This is the time for women to assume their position of equality in the world's affairs and that's taking some adjusting all around, no less for females who have bought into the tired old saint/bitch female paradigm. Women are generally better than men at some things and vice versa but why not see this in terms of potentially synergy rather than strictly as competition? For instance women are more naturally skilled at sharing information in a constructive way and men are more naturally skilled at detached judgement. At least this is how it seems to me at the moment. I have to struggle with the gender brainwash protocols as much as anyone these days but I think it's a worthy struggle.

Applied information, which is what etheric warfare and healing are all about, favors a well-functioning, fairly detached mind and very present involvement. Judgement requires that one acknowledge and come to terms with emotional processes, sort of 'outside of time.' Women have always known that most men can easily be manipulated through their emotions and men have always known that most women can easily be manipulated through their minds (beliefs/paradigms). The object is for both to stop manipulating, of course, and to facilitate more and more spontaneous synergy between the genders. In a lower expression, women naturally want to protect territory and men naturally want to take territory. These aren't mutually exclusive urges and both can be applied to higher purposes.

Of course, I'm mentioning these generalities for consideration and discussion. Really, there are some men who are better at the mental stuff than most women and there are some women who are better at navigating the emotional sea better than most men. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that it's time for us to studiously erase the effects of gender prejudice, avoid the pitfalls of those awful pendulum swings to extreme attitudes in the process and just continue to move forward so that following generations will be burdened less and less with these ancient prejudices.

You might have noticed that your own kids are less prejudiced this way than you were at their age. We don't have to control this process; we only need to foster it within ourselves now and watch the wonderful effect that's having on our own lives and on those around us.

One of the oldest scams I know, probably connected to the angel/bitch con, has people believing that men are mainly intellectual and women are mainly emotional. The reverse is true, of course. Old Dorothy the Druid taught me that and it holds up well under scrutiny. Both ways of relating to the world are needed for a person to be balanced, of course.

The day in Yellowstone was overall the most uneventful gifting run for us since we started gifting over four years ago. When you're out on your gifting missions, you've probably noticed lately that the surveillance isn't as heavy or overt as it was even six months ago. We believe that this is so because the luciferic occult/corporate agencies are losing so many of their psychics by attrition in this spiritual war and also that their concerted efforts to slow us down, misdirect us, get us to distrust and even fight each other and generally do what any other parasite would do in the circumstances to protect it's hegemony within the host is becoming more and more counterproductive for them.

In my correspondence I'm more often seeing that whereas before, when one came to realize that this actually IS a war and that it's being waged against humanity in general, one has had a strong tendency to withdraw, lately, more and more people are taking this unsought realization as a confirmation that they're finally achieving genuine empowerment through their own intelligent efforts.

I've been pretty rough on newagers since this network started over three years ago. I recognize that more than half the people who are now gifting have been enamored of the luciferic principles that underly what I call the newage movement. Last week that was sort of driven home for me when I got a note from someone who challenged me (yet again) on the issue of 'talking about love but also talking about blasting feds, etc.,' and I gave him the standard response about how folks who talk about love cite Jesus as the example of that & that Jesus opened up a can of Whoop@$$ on the usurers at one point and was quite aggressive and unforgiving toward some entities, otherwise.

That didn't satisfy the guy, so I asked him (facetiously, I admit) whether he should be the arbiter for us of just when the line might be crossed. We both ended up laughing about the issue, actually, and that helped me see the practical function of the luciferic doctrine movements in a fresher light. CUT is the ugly sister of the newage movement, of course, because of EC Prophet's blatant con but in fact the sweetest spinners of the Big Lie are the more insidious misguiders, in my view because PJ folks are thoroughly programmed to look at the words rather than at the deeds and hidden agendae of the sweeter talkers in that movement. Carol and I talk about this a lot because, of course, she came through that movement on her path to empowerment. The fact that I never bathed in that alleged light on my way to the present is that I never could stomach blind acceptance of dogmae. Most folks, especially females, don't really care about issues like that and, honestly, I emphasize it too much.

In fact, only a tiny fraction of white people who get disgusted with institutionalized religion will likely look anywhere but into the standard default ideology, which is luciferianism (institutionalized enlightenment based on 'works' rather than on 'grace'-the old Cain/Abel metaphor). The cruel joke, of course, is that the same occult/corporate agencies who created Theosophy, Masonry, Rosicrucianism, Golden Dawn, OTO, Scientology, Ascended Masters, Great White Brotherhood, ad nauseum, from which the newage movement sprung and still gets its sustenance, also created the luciferic church doctrines,very long ago, and religious fundamentalism more recently. 'World Order' isn't a new concept: it took millennia for these ancient families and agencies to arrive at the present threshold of overt global domination. Subterfuge and the clever art of erecting ersatz 'higher/hidden reality' facades and related hierarchies have been their primary engines of exploitation right along but that's all based on the assumption that the individual can only progress spiritually by his/her own efforts, not through grace and virtue.

Virtue is the urge to live according to the dictates of one's conscience, of course, and grace is something that's freely given, not earned. I'm not about to dictate any ideology in my writing but in fact the people who have done a lot of gifting work are finding that it's easier to have some personal faith and hope now, in spite of worldly trends in the other direction. This isn't a religious development but every religion has guidelines that can be used to develop personal faith. Empowerment is part of faith and gifting is very empowering, also a selfless effort. Selfless service causes us to grow spiritually.

These façade erectors are the same exploitive agencies who caused their own perverted forms of Hinduism, Buddhism and even Islam to be main instruments of cultural decay in the West, East and Near East in recent centuries. They induce people to abandon traditional forms of mind control in favor of these newer, 'empowering' ideologies and the more insightful seekers of truth sooner or later come to realize that they just can't fake empowerment and enlightenment, so they start looking, yet again, for something in this world that's genuinely capable of helping them unlock their human potential.

Most of us realize that this isn't likely to happen just by our own efforts so we look for people who are already doing it. Lao tse said, succinctly, 'There's something ponderous and one-sided about the learning of the self-taught,' and we instinctively know that in order for us to find away out of the occasional personal rut we're likely to need a little outside, objective help or examples and that, by extension, each of us are another's potential teacher and exemplar.

This isn't just another attempt to get you to look to the internet as the instrument of our salvation but in fact in this context, how otherwise do you reckon that so many like-minded potential teachers and students have found each other in the past few years? ;-)

How many people do you know, aside from those of us you know through the internet, with whom you're capable of having this conversation? Let's face it: most nice folks will cling to their PJs until they're pried from stiff, lifeless fingers ;-)

Let's just face it and move forward from there. How's your gifting campaign coming along, by the way? Gifting is the best, cheapest shortcut I know for experiencing genuine empowerment. It requires absolutely no blind acceptance of dogma or obeissance to erectile protoplasm or principalities.

The more gifting you do, the more clearly you'll see the outline of the hidden parasitic hegemony who messed up your town's atmosphere in the first place.

All parasites must first deplete the vitality of a part of the host (Liver? Brain? Joints? Heart?) before it can be 'secure' and a parasite's raisson d'etre is to extend its territory (are parasites mostly males?) and increase its own influence and progeny gradually until the host is entirely depleted. When 'parasite' is mentioned one naturally thinks of worms but in fact there are many kinds of parasites: fungi, bacteria, viruses, slime molds, secret handshake societies, medical practitioners, London bankers, institutionalized academicians, telephone solicitors, etc.

I found out by experiment and observation in April, 1996 that all parasites in the body can be killed easily by mild, painless (to the host) electrocution. Dr Clark was making the claim but I needed to verify it before I could accept it and then promote it. I found out more recently that 'gifting' an area with orgonite deprives bi-pedal parasitic entities of their safety and security, thus exposing them to scrutiny and lawful justice. By extension, sending very focused, amplified life force to the more voracious bipedal parasites (serial killers in the government and their related 'NGOs') deprives them of existence in 3D. That's a little bit like the ionization process which kills internal parasites while boosting the vitality of the host. How is that not a loving process? A healer can be fairly described as vicious from the point of view of the pathogen but the person who's suffering sees the healer as a loving friend.

The main reason I use provocative rhetoric in the first place is that it gives me an advantage in the fight to anger my opponents. Etheric street fighting is my forte, after all, and I enjoy it. It's a service, too, since I'm preventing others (the host in this case) from being harmed by these senseless, incorrigible, bloodthirsty predators.

The parasite has a fundamentally schizoid purpose, of course, but all white (now: western democratic liberal) cultures are characterized by schizoid ideologies now and the white race has been the vehicle for global exploitation for the past few centuries, so is deserving of this special scrutiny.

Carol's got some Blackfoot Nation relatives in Northwestern Montana but she hasn't seen them since she was a child. Even so, she distinctly remembers that the Indians relatives and friends she met as a child were entirely human, unlike where we live now, where the Coeur d'Alene tribe were heavily infiltrated by reptilian ancestry after the Jesuits established a mission there in the 1840s, as are the older white communities in and around that reservation, just north of us.

This is why she was surprised to learn that Steve 'Dr Freedom' Smith and Laura 'Dooney' Weise had been so beset by reptiles in Stevensville, Montana, not far south of where Carol's grandfather's Indian family live. Stevensville is about a hundred miles south of the the Flathead (Blackfoot) Indian Reservation. The Salish Indians who lived in that valley were moved north to the Blackfoot Tribe's traditional home around Flathead Lake in the late 1800s. We're examining the possible relationship of the arrival of the Jesuits with the increase in reptilian DNA in native populations but it's too soon to say much except to note that the Jesuit mission near the Smith's place and their recent gifting excursion with us to a Jesuit ritual site not far to the west of them may have some direct bearing on their ongoing trouble with reptilians where they live.

When I write stuff like this I usually forget that this seems pretty strange to people who haven't encountered the reality that reptoids and reptiles live among us. I hope you'll get one of DB's Reptoid Repellents, walk into any MalWart, a favorite haunt of all who have reptilian DNA, and watch the reactions of some of the employees and customers when you get in their 'energy bubble.' Be sure to notice changes in the eyes and also behavior. 'Nuff said ;-) but if you're in Southern California your main challenge will be to find some social venue where reptiles and reptoids don't predominate. The reason I like Toronto so much, I discovered, is that there aren't many reptoids there and I'm not particularly specie-prejudiced, especially since Carol and I encountered some nice reptilians in Florida during the time we were making and testing our first cloudbuster and meeting with Al Bielek.

The deadly Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is apparently a biological weapon that originated very close to the Smiths and they lately earthpiped the newly expanded underground corporate biological 'testing lab' in nearby Hamilton, Montana where somebody else's orgonite was recently found and mentioned in Missoula's prominent newspaper. I didn't read that article but I was told that an FBI 'spokesman' told in the interviewer who wrote the article that more information about the harmless, though dangerous-looking, object is on I love free advertising.

On Friday we got a late start and drove only as far as Missoula, not far north of Stevensville in the same valley, and stayed in a RV campground in our little pop-up camp trailer so that we could visit with our friends, Steve and Dooney, in the morning. They had joined us last June, as I mentioned, to thoroughly gift the old Jesuits' ritual killing site in the nearby Bitteroot Mountains at the ruins of an ancient Celtic standing stone site and amphitheatre.

Since they arrived in Stevensville a few years before they'd been beset by reptilian interference with their healing business, mainly centered around the activities of a middle-aged matriarch, and it wasn't until they learned about gifting and related etheric warfare technology that they were able to put this bizarre fact of life into perspective and to start countering the manipulation and energy attacks from this woman and her 'family.'

When we saw them a few months ago they were in the worst of their travails, I think, and were in the early stage of turning the tide. Three months and over a thousand TBs and HHgs later they looked a lot more robust and resolute than before and Dooney was poised to do a final gifting run in the vicinity of their oppressor's own home.

Effective spiritual warfare has a distinct street-fighting aspect.

We knew the local reptile association was upset about our planned visit with Dr Steve and Dooney because the previous night, in the campground, we barely slept for all the disturbance, including the waking impression (both of us experienced this) that some little bipedal Chihuahuas were walking all over our sleeping bag several times. Carol woke up with a long scratch on her upper lip that looked and felt like it was made by a tiny, dirty claw. I guess one of the little buggers stepped on her face. We'd never encountered that before.

Dr Steve gave us both a chiropractic tuneup to die for and showed us, graphically, how most DCs seem to be unaware that the feet and ankles need to be the first area of treatment if the rest of the joints on up the line are to remain in balance. To illustrate the point for me, he touched a dozen or so extremely painful joints from my feet to my skull, adjusted my ankles, then touched them again. The second round was only a fraction as painful as the first and as he worked his way up from the feet that all got sorted out.

By the way, when any of us are successfully attacked it always happens through displaced joints-have you noticed? The reptiles had given Carol a whopping heacache but when Steve adjusted her atlas the headache went away; the attacker were deprived of an opening. Her atlas has nearly always been out of aligment but it hasn't usually caused a headache, by the way.

My mid thoracic area's been sore for several years (the psionic assailants get at me through my heart region; they get at Carol through her head) and now, three days after his tuneup, it's still pain-free. I'd visited about thirty chiropractors, some extensively, and none of them had been able to heal my upper back because none of them thought to look at my ankles. A Napropath in Belize taught me how to prevent my lumbar vertebrae from ever again causing me to assume the horizontal position during work hours. In that case, it was a simple exercise to stretch the quadriceps muscles, which shorten on many folks, especially tall people like me, and rotate the pelvis forward. That was ten years ago. Before that, I used to spend several painful days per year on my back after doing a little improper lifting.

I recognized as soon as he demonstrated the significance of the ankles (foundation) as the Logical starting point for chiropractic care that the entire profession of chiropractic needs to be overhauled and that chiropractors need to overcome their MalWart mass-production mentality and start earning an honest living at last. This is a major, fundamental realization for these would-be healers that would help them all to be genuine servants of humanity rather than merely opportunists and temporary fixers.

I really hope he and Dooney will publish a book about this simple, liberating approach. Do you know any doctors who truly have a social conscience? I've met only a handful, including Steve, and I'm in contact with a LOT of doctors in my business.

He explained all of this very well, in an entertaining way, to me and that if I can understand it, anyone can.

By the way, he uses a triangle analogy for health: the bottom edge is 'structural integrity,' one side is 'emotional, mental, spiritual balance,' and the other is 'proper nutrition.'

I like triangle analogies and the one I enjoy using a lot relates to discernment. In that case, in order to discern properly, one has to stay in the middle of a triangle whose points are belief, denial and judgement.

Carol's had trouble with her ankles all her life but the adjustment Steve gave her in June still held. He fixed me up so well that the walk I took yesterday morning in Livingston, Montana felt as envigorating as walking used to feel when I was a raw-foodist, sixty pounds lighter and thirty years ago. That noted, if I'd had an opportunity, even way back when, to eat one of Dooney's mushroom/bleu-cheese omelettes I'd have broken any diet regimen ;-)

Lots of things are coming to light now which genuinely empower and liberate us-have you noticed? When one has tasted this one generally loses that sense of titillation that goes along with the endorphin rushes which one often attends luciferic workshops, again and again, to experience. When enlightenment seeking has become an addiction, it's time to re-evaluate one's path, I think.

The reason more and more people are abandoning institutional paradigms like churchianity and luciferic false-enlightenment dogmae and adopting genuinely new ways of being, instead, is that we all got tired of false promises of empowerment and liberation and decided to take this process into our own hands with each others' help and encouragement and with a whole lot of information sharing. The curious part of that is that we're now expending more genuine effort than before toward our spiritual growth but are more conscious of the function of grace in the process.

Steve and Dooney made an extra long cloudbuster with the notion of doing a little 'moonbusting' and it was tied upright to a tree that day. While Carol was getting her tuneup Dooney agreed to let me aim it at the notch between two mountains to the west where a strong wind was originating and pretty soon the oppressive wind slowed down to a strong, invigorating breeze and the dark DOR that was seen in the mountains, past that notch, was exchanged for some bright atmosphere.

When we were all camping in the Bitteroots in June (Ryan McGinty met us there, by the way) there was still a lot of snow at our high ridgecrest campsite and it was pretty windy. We'd brought along our little mini CB, which I pointed into the prevailing wind, and the wind stopped. It remained calm for the duration of our stay. Most folks who have CBs don't usually think to point them into the wind when the weather turns unpleasant. Consistently stopping strong wind with an ordinary orgonite CB was one of our earliest successful experiments.

I guess 'ordinary' is an arbitrary term. Most of us don't consider it extraordinary any more to 'fix' the weather where we live, any more than we consider it extraordinary to see MalWart mavens'eyes turn to slits or go all black. Others might still complain about the weather but we do something about it ;-) and so, of course, can you for around a hundred bucks' worth of ordinary materials. As long as you're spending the money, why not get one of DB's trick Reptile Repellents and go have some fun in MalWart for a change instead of dragging yourself through that dense DOR? I came across some article about the Chinese People's Army's Intelligence Corps' active involvement with MalWart, by the way, but I didn't read it. I hope it pops up again.

There isn't much left to tell about the weekend. When we got up on Monday morning we hadn't given any thought to where we needed to put the seven remaining earthpipes to cancel the I AMer baby eaters in the area, so we left the camper in a truckstop parking lot, looked in the phone book for a funny-name church (we didn't know what they called their organization, I'm embarrassed to admit) and dowsed that the Church Universal and Triumphant, listed as having a Post Office Box in Gardiner, Montana (the north entry of Yellowstone Nat'l Park) and a toll free phone number, was the right one.

We'd noticed a big, cheap looking metal building with a big, cheap, pseudo-Celtic cross nearby in a Jones Town style compound of temporary buildings and house trailers on the other side of the Yellowstone river from the highway, on our way to Yellowstone the previous day. It was in the middle of that five mile or so stretch along Paradise Valley that actually felt bad, so we figured that this was the right place and dowsing confirmed it for us. Carol had the impression that this was the visible tip of the underground 'iceberg' and felt that a huge underground facility extended from the caldera fifty miles north to this spot. We went back into the national park and I pounded three EPs in a suitable spot a few miles into Yellowstone NP, then another EP halfway to the chattel ranch, then three more on the CUT property as Carol was driving along the road overlooking the compound to distract their pavement artists. Both the CUT folks and the I AMers at Shasta have a huge intel and surveillance network that mimics their parent organization, the CIA.

She then circled back to pick me up, diagonally flanked by one of their psychics in a car, and we drove into the compound, through the unoccupied guard shack, tossing out towerbusters along he way in and out of there. Another couple of their psychics, one of whom smiled at us beatifically, drove past and checked us out from the other direction as we were driving out from behind that big church or whatever it is. Otherwise, we didn't see anyone in that big compound. Maybe they were all busy decreeing at us at the moment ;-).

There are no signs on the property, other than an old one on the highway side of the river, at the entrance to another very plain looking compound, which reads, 'Royal Teton Ranch.' There's a pretty cool old hacienda in that smaller compound, so maybe it was an actual ranch before the luciferic baby eaters bought it and move their chattel into those cheap trailers and barracks. This morning I did some homework on the internet and confirmed that we'd gifted the right place ;-)

As I was hammering the last three earthpipes into the ground on the other side of the bridge on the property I got an attack similar to Moctezuma's Revenge (I think some underground chattel were enthusiastically 'decreeing' me on behalf of their herders at the time ;-)) and barely made it to a toilet in time, down the road. Altogether I think we came out on top in that etheric battle, my temporary discomfort notwithstanding.

It will be fun to see what transpires with the Church Universal and Triumphant and 'The Mother of the World,' in coming days.

Carol said she was told by the departed Indian elders, as we were leaving the caldera, that our efforts will assuage the earth if it's meant to be and that the eruption may have been successfully averted. Of course what we did can only be seen as part of a greater effort to help the earth heal from the transgressions committed by the minions of this ancient parasitic world order and their brainwashed billions. Some idea of just how powerful predatory/parasitic human energy can be is evident, at least to veteran gifters, in how much orgonite it takes for us to cancel the effects of the more prolific human DOR sources relative to how much it takes to disable predatory technology and even to heal pirated earthgrid vortices.

Carol was skeptical about stopping the eruption at Yellowstone before that but was willing to try. She said, when I asked after we finished the caldera, that they clearly told her that busting up the baby eaters' underground stuff wasn't at all essential to stopping the eruption. I think that extraneous gifting run was just good clean fun-icing on the cake for us. Both of us get pretty irritated by the saccharine shenanigans of fake prophets and their heart-dead chattel.

I was hoping to get some usable observational data for Cesco's coils but since those EPs were mixed in with the others my wish wasn't granted this time. I like to get repeatable results before I'm comfortable promoting any new inventions. I'm confident enough in Carol's and Kelly's analyses of the extraordinary effects of these coil creations, though, to recommend that people buy them and do some experimenting in their gifting excursions and watch for special effects. I did feel a distinct vortex-boosting effect when I put an ordinary TB that Kelly had put a Cesco coil into (no crystals are in that TB, by the way!) in the rotating octahedron aperture in our backyard pyramid, at least.

Watch the 'Vendors' section for Cesco's upcoming website. I'm personally pleased that someone has finally come up with a powerful new static coil form in addition to the two basic coil designs that Linda Kingsury spontaneously suggested to Carol in June, 01, before this global, grassroot effort got started (ignited?).

~Don Croft

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