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Episode 86

Mission Freedom for Africa

By Dr Rushidie Kayiwa
October 21, 2005

Dear Don,

Find the full report on Mission Freedom for Africa.

First of all, thank you for enabling Mr Kizira and I to begin this mission by availing us funds which gave us a big push in this adventure and I extend our gratitude to the friends that contributed to this noble course of setting Africa free from disease, and to put back the smiles on the faces of Africans.

Most of the time one can have enough will, but the will needs the means to reach its destination.

The Mission

It all started when we received funds from Jeff McKinley [Jeff wired this to the Doc on behalf of a generous but anonymous donor outside the US. ~D].

When that came, I went to work right away. We bought materials and we started making the tower busters. We made over a thousand of them. We intended to distribute them in both Uganda and Kenya but due to political and customs obstacles we decided to distribute them only in Uganda and leave Kenya and Tanzania for the next mission.

We set off in our Mitsubishi Pajero to Southwest Uganda and we distributed our ‘bombs’ and met many curious people, whom we were happy to inform. They had no trouble understanding our mission and we got a lot of encouragement.

We finished the Southwest in about a week’s time and the people we met at our lodgings were very interested to know about what we were doing. We also gave them health counseling and Kizira, with his spiritual powers, also told people their hidden secrets. Some were shocked to meet a man who can tell what a stranger is thinking.

We visited hospitals in that area. Many people there are sick and we told them about the bad energy which is produced by the new towers around the hospitals and schools. They were shocked to hear that, and expressed anger at the government for allowing these near the hospitals and schools.

As we were coming back through the area we visited a few hospitals and most patients were soon discharged from the hospitals due to the quick recovery they had after we had planted the tower busters around the ‘telephone’ towers and the hospitals, themselves.

When we returned to Kampala, our base, we rested for a week and then we set off to the Northwest.

That is part of Uganda that Don knows about [Western Uganda has the majority of major vortices in Uganda and Kizira’s main interest with orgonite has been in healing these energy centers and restoring the ancient, benevolent entities’ presence in them. ~D]. We drove west from Kruma Falls to Nebbi District and Moyo, near the border of Congo.

The people there liked what we were doing, after they learnt about our Mission but they don’t support the government at all. It is the birth place of the former president whom most people call a dictator: Idi Amin Dada.

I believe he was a great man but that he was taken advantage of by the colonialists because he was uneducated.

What he did to develop the country and the infastracture he put in place there was not equaled by any President after him but when I become President I will do more than they all have done.

We visited a hospital and talked to the patients and, to our surprise, when we returned there on our last day of the Northwest mission most of them had been discharged.

Bad energy can keep people from recovering in hospital. The patients just feel weak and it’s sometimes impossible for doctors to understand what the patient is suffering from in that case.

Kizira enjoyed meeting a large number of people on that mission and they were happy to have a man of his capacity and talent in their midst who could answer their questions.

Some of them have since come to visit Kizira and I in Kampala and we’ve taught them all about zappers and herbal remedies as the solution to their health problems.

We spent two weeks in the Northwest and are now resting in Kampala in preparation for our mission to Kenya and Tanzania.

Let me tell you that people in Africa are very open minded and enjoy hearing what we have to say. We will succeed as long as we can keep the fire burning. We feel proud that it is part of us to heal the land.

I hope that many Americans will come to Uganda to experience this work with us and to see with their own eyes. Ugandans are quite happy about the work.

Thank you, Don and Carol and the rest of the team! You are doing a great job when you stand with Africans for healing and to make us feel that we have you as partners in this mission.

I remain

Your friend at work,

Dr Rushidie Kayiwa

From Don Croft <>

Another benefit of joining forces with these two remarkable men, as Georg Ritschl ( and I have done, is to get some experiences and insights that are entirely unavailable to the Western tourists, scholars, relief workers and others who visit the Dark Continent.

You’ve likely already experienced the power of orgonite to transform the environment and ‘jolly up’ the PJ citizenry in your own town enough to move them powerfully but gently away from the destructive mass hysteria and paranoia induced by the death towers and the What To Think Network, so Dr K and I invite you to jump up to the next level and know what it’s like to be in a country where everyone already understands the magical dynamic of living in the world and, not least, are unafraid to talk to strangers ;-)

When you go, take some money to pay for another mission. A thousand bucks gets an awful lot done and half of that will probably be spent on gasoline, which is costly in Africa. The food is inexpensive, plentiful and delicious, at least in Uganda, and you’ll feel like you’re in an adventure movie 8)

You’ll never meet a more frugal man than the Doc, by the way, and if you want to know something about Africa and Africans you’ll only begin to get that by going there and working closely with them, as we’ve done. You can’t possibly buy an experience similar to this one!

Doc Kayiwa is probably going to be President one day and Carol clearly sees that, too. It’s kind of cool to know someone before he/she becomes renowned and you can see that he has a genuine social conscience as well as political aspirations. Can you imagine any American politician or MD doing this work?

Kizira took Georg and I along on a gifting mission to heal the savaged vortex at Bujagali Falls near the headwaters of the Nile River in Uganda and I’m not a fan of rituals but this one was pretty powerful, unlike the arcanery that passes for ‘shamanism’ among the insipid Western posers. The drumming’s a whole lot better, too ;-)

That sort of thing happens all the time, even spontaneously, in East Africa and folks like Kizira are employed by people to consult with their ancestors and to heal the body and spirit. Genuine traditionalists who have a social conscience immediately understand and appreciate the benefit of orgonite, of course, because they already know that life is all about energy dynamics. Their cordial attraction to orgonite is one way you can tell them from the fakers and dirty magicians.

Kizira remotely kicks predator butt, too. This is something he wouldn’t consider when I suggested it to him a couple of years ago but he started doing it a little bit later.

Nobody had to teach this witch doctor how to throw energy effectively, of course. By the way, the first thing he tells newbies is to stop believing that they need an intermediary (priesthood) to pray to God and to just directly express to God what’s in their hearts. I was astonished by how much this fellow reminds me of DB, by the way. We were instant friends.

If you’re like me, you’ll reserve judgment about Idi Amin but we know that the worst of the mayhem in Uganda happened right after he was deposed and it continued until the current President, Musaveni, threw the cynical British saboteurs/manipulators out of Uganda in 86.

The Doc is a youthful man, very easy going and self deprecating, which belies a vast and varied field of professional experience, including careers as a government health official, an army officer, and an obstetrician in a Michigan hospital for several years. The only time I got a glimpse of his warrior aspect was when there was danger around. The guy doesn’t flinch or deviate from his path. An attempt was made on his life right before Georg and I arrived and he shrugged it off, though his car was destroyed in the event and he was slightly injured.

The closest approximation to his level of commitment and focus that I’ve seen in this network has been in our good friends, Laozu Kelly and DB.

America and other Western nations are known for a variety of prejudices and I consider race prejudice to be one of the less tenacious forms because, let’s face it, people of every race and culture are going to keep making babies together until all of humanity look like the magnificent, pre-1800 Hawaiians. You can see more interracial families in the American South than in the North, Midwest and West, by the way, which illustrates my point best.

Educational and economic prejudice seem a lot more insidious to me and, having spent most of my adulthood (so far) at or below the poverty line and having failed to spend much time in college I was on the receiving end of both. It really stings, I can tell you. It’s easier to be fat and ugly in the western world than to be poor and unlettered. I have to say, though, that when I was wandering through Southern France and Quebec even the poorest people there had art around them so, obviously, not all of the poor in materialistic cultures feel as cheated by life as I did.

As you can see from the easy partnership that the Doc and Kizira enjoy, these prejudices are not as deeply ingrained in Uganda. When Dr Paul Batiibwe, who is the chief surgeon and director of Kiboga District Hospital, introduced me to Kizira he brought along his dad, who is a retired, influential national official. Doc Kayiwa was there, too, along with Georg and I, and Kizira conducted a ritual and told each of the visitors some relevant hidden information.

Kizira’s background, before committing to a career in healing and magic, was fishmonger, guerrilla fighter in Musaveni’s army and carpenter. His mom is a traditional Buganda witch so it was apparently not a great leap to jump into his present career. He’s a natural genius, along with having extraordinary psi ability, and is fairly fluent in English so you’ll get a lot from him if/when you join the effort in East Africa. His sons are terrific drummers, too.

He manages to keep all of his kids in school and in most of Africa, including Uganda, there are only private schools and education is considered essential, so tuition is usually a family’s primary expense. Over here, housing is what eats up the most of our household budget but in Uganda you can build a cool, roomy, lovely and comfortable house for next to nothing and it’s fairly easy to get some land and grow food.

President Musaveni has been quite generous with refugees in Uganda and I saw some of that firsthand when Doc Batiibwe and I went to the wartorn Northeast on a gifting mission. Dr K didn’t mention this in his report, but after he and Kizira had gifted some power spots in NW Uganda the CIA/British- sponsored mass murderer, whom the prostituted press call a ‘rebel leader’ immediately fled from there into Congo then. The Brits want the uranium deposits in N Uganda and, like any other sociopaths, are not open to the option of fair trade so they slaughter and drive out the inhabitants of the region with a proxy aggressor. Our heroes weren’t apparently in any danger this time, by the way.

Musaveni’s government gives refugees from this incursion fertile land in less stressful parts of the country and encourages them to farm. Abundant and vital agricultural products are Uganda’s tradestock and since the Brits stop the Ugandan government from getting much money they barter with developed nations for goods and services a lot. Sour grapes on the part of the Whore of Babylon, of course.

Doc Kayiwa is a little sore at Musaveni, by the way, because he hasn’t allowed free elections, yet. Right after he, Georg and I busted all of the hundreds of death towers in and around that city, though, there was a sudden rash of resignations and firings of tenacious, corrupt, high level government officials and this was apparently orchestrated by the President.

People in my country treat arbitrarily ‘important’ people with a lot of deference but in Africa those distinctions are kind of blurred, which isn’t to say that education and material success aren’t marvelous benefits, at least potentially, or that accomplished and successful people there aren’t respected there—-they are. It may be that the enormous momentum of such an ancient, deep and intricate culture has simply made it unlikely for western standards to be taken to heart. They revere other, older hierarchies a lot, such as the Buganda royalty who are not directly connected to government, religion or business but have a lot of cultural influence. Dr K has been a guest of the present Buganda king, by the way, who has taken a personal interest in his activities. I observed from my first day in Uganda that distribution of wealth by patriarchs is a common practice in that culture.

I recognized, too, from the first day that to get an understanding of this old but vital culture would require perhaps years of close association. It’s not hard to appreciate it, though, and even when I was in Gula, the most devastated city in the country, nobody panhandled me, which is a good thing because I’m a complete sap for hard luck stories and tend to believe them all. I’ve never seen so many hardworking people in a nation. It’s mind-boggling, really, and they all have an air of confidence and hopefulness in spite of material lack.

My revulsion toward arbitrary distinctions in America accounts for much of why I always felt so refreshed when vagabondage took me to third world countries and why I craved to leave America since I was 17 and hated to come back, every time, until I found out that I can easily and effectively change those social dynamics and can reform even my own programmed, diseased attitudes with gifting.

Nothing clears away the personal sewage as well as selfless service and orgonite even gives us a shorter path to that happy station, too. Now that I can finally afford to go live in another country, strange to tell, I don’t mind sticking around here until the job of destroying political/economic tyranny is finished by this new, unorganized grassroot movement. Who would ever have believed that gifting and etherically blasting governmental mass murderers is more effective than shooting them? It’s sure a more empowering antidote for centralized tyranny! ;-)

Something that bears repeating is the fact that miraculous and historic events are almost never recognized when they happen. The Doc’s and Kizira’s recent gifting exposition is both groundbreaking, as you can see, and miraculous and I’m confident that you’ll appreciate this after a moment’s contemplation if you haven’t picked up on it, yet.

As the Doc says, and I’ve witnessed, there’s plenty of will in Africa to do right but not a lot of means for now, due to a generations-old economic blockade by The City of London and its creatures. When you contribute to this vast, young Mission it’s technically not charity because the people who will do the work that you’ll be capitalizing in Africa are already sacrificing their time, personal resources and even safety to carry it forward. Your contributions are your ‘investment in humanity,’ as Eddie-san, another gadfly of the etheric realm, who lives in Kyoto, likes to say. Eddie’s befriended some African émigrés in Japan, by the way, and they’re interested in the work we’re all doing.

Whatever you want to contribute can be sent directly to Dr Kayiwa in this case. Due to omnipresent interference by the occult/corporate dung beetles (mostly MI6 and CIA spies, who stick out like sore thumbs there, by the way, heheh) the only safe way to do it is to wire it directly to Dr Rushidie Kayiwa in Uganda via PayPal or Western Union and to send him an email with the reference number. His email address is and please CC your email to me, just in case, at , and I’ll make doubly sure he gets the information.

I actually saw a swarmy, effete old MI6 scumbag in Kampala, up close. I looked right up his long patrician nose while I was doing email, right before he apparently sabotaged the power supply to that internet café, which one of the Doc’s buddies owns and operates.

Naturally, there’s been occult/corporate interference, with email, snailmail, health, etc., directed at our heroes there. I wish I knew that old MI6/masonic fart’s name so I could publish it here and cause him to be posted to lovely Tazjikestan or something so he can stop buggering little African boys. I’m sure he was the field agents’ Big Boss and that he was trying to ‘put me in my place.’ The proper place on the totem for any genuinely humble man, as Lao Tse advised, is the bottom, though, and I’ve made it my life’s goal to achieve real humility ;-).

When Georg and I arrived in Uganda the Doc had arranged for us to be whisked past customs at the behest of ‘Secret Supporter,’ whom you’re likely to meet if you go there to help. Thanks to these two, many top government officials are experiencing extraordinary health from using zappers, by the way 8) and I mean Georg’s and my donated ones.

Dr Rushidie has also lately been distributing a proprietary herbal cure for AIDS and other serious illnesses. Kizira is an acclaimed herbalist in a country where most people prefer to consult traditional healers. If you want to understand their unique professional relationship you’ll need to spend some time with them. Then you can tell me about it, okay? ;-)

The foreign contributor who kindly made this mission possible is the first wealthy person to take an active interest in supporting widespread African gifting.

I feel confident that more and more wealthy people, like this one, who have social consciences will show up and the more money and orgonite that can be sent to Africa, the faster the continent will be freed from the grievous chains of exploitation and shine as the world’s exemplar of empowerment. I don’t ever worry about it because, as my mentor, James Hughes, said, ‘Is God broke?’

This slow explosion of empowerment on that continent through the distribution of orgonite by Africans is a prediction I’ve been making for five years and it’s finally being seen by others as credible, thanks to the efforts of these two intrepid men and to the budding involvement in Kenya of David Ochieng, Mrs. Odondi, and Prisca Nyakundi, and in Tanzania, thanks to Abdullah and Faaria Jim and Daniel Nyalusi. Georg Ritschl in Johannesburg has been instrumental every step of the way and I’m confident that he’ll be in the forefront of Africa’s liberation for the duration. You can purchase orgonite from him, which he’ll then send for you to our gifting compatriots in Kenya and, indirectly through Abdullah Jim in Uganda, to Tanzania. It’s currently not feasible to send stuff directly to Tanzania, I’m told, and Abdullah will put it on a bus from Kampala to Daniel Nyalusi in Dar Es Salaam so it won’t be scrutinized by corrupt
Customs officials and MI6 stooges en route. Georg’s site is

Did you ever imagine that you can make a real difference in Africa? Did you ever really believe that sending money to charities or missionaries there ever does much lasting good? If you think the UN agencies are there to do anything but exploit Africa on behalf of London please think again, okay?

Here’s something else to ponder: Africa’s post-colonial predicament is much like the condition of Europe on the eve of the Arab, North African, Turkish and Persian scholars, doctors, scientists, architects, poets, bookbinders, engineers, philosophers and merchants bringing Europeans up out of the Rome-initiated Dark Age, which had sunk to its lowest level during the murderous ‘Crusades.’

Have you noticed how the current rape of Iraq by London’s ancient, multinational ruling caste and their witless American cannon fodder resembles those brutal medieval incursions in almost every major feature? Now, there’s a book in the making! ;-)

The current, nascent Renaissance in Africa, though, is a lot cleaner and will spread a lot faster and farther than the one in Europe did and I’m unable to express how proud I feel to be a part of that process.

You, too, can directly participate in this, of course, so what’s stopping you, my friend? You can certainly afford it and I hope you’re not just reading this for entertainment! This life is for decisive action, after all, and you probably understand that you can make a big difference in the world or you wouldn’t be reading this.


© Copyright 2005  All Rights Reserved.


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