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The Story of Don Croft & Orgone Adventures

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
July 2, 2011

The Story of Don Croft & Orgone Adventures (July 2, 2011)

Don Croft and the Orgone Generator Movement

The modern day re-discoverer of orgone energy was Wilhelm Reich. He wrote two books which were exclusively devoted to the topic of orgone energy and its characteristics. They are called The Cancer Biopathy and The Function of the Orgasm. In 2001, Don Croft ran into a man who had bought an expensive radionics device that -when opened - revealed a shallow layer of fiberglass resin mixed with metal shavings inside, at the bottom of the box. Don got the idea to copy this innovation and poured a small amount of resin and metal chips in the bottom of his Hulda Clark style, positive offset 555 chip zapper which he was selling on the internet.

Don's wife noticed that his aura expanded considerably when he put this modified zapper on his body, so it seemed that the radionics guy had stumbled upon a principle of orgone energy which was explained- in theory at least - in Reich's books. Combining an organic based hydrocarbon with metal chips had the effect of both attracting and repelling orgone energy. When confined within a crystalline fiberglass resin matrix (combined with metal shavings) the effect seems to transmute negative polarity orgone (DOR) into the positive polarity of orgone (OR). Thus the orgone generator (different from an orgone 'accumulator') was born.

Filling a 2 gallon plastic bucket with fiberglass resin and metal shavings, installing six evenly spaced one inch pipes with a quartz crystal at the bottom, created the first orgone generator "chembuster". Don Croft preferred to call it a "cloud buster", but that device made by Wilhelm Reich contained no solid orgone generator materials and is a separate instrument altogether. I used the name"chembuster" in my January 2002 article describing how to build a chembuster and I think many people find "chembuster" to be a more appropriate designation, while simultaneously avoiding confusion with Reich's cloudbuster.

Ken Adachi

A) Adventures of Don & Carol Croft

These series of journal entries from Don Croft total 92 episodes of what I coined The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft. They cover a time period from 2002-2006.

B) Don Croft Daily Reports

Don posted daily notes to his web forum and many of these daily notes are posted here

C) Various Articles and Comments from Don Croft and other contributors:

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