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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft

Episode 2
Moonbusting Part 2

By Don Croft <>
March/April 2001

Our First Big 'Weird Science' Trip
We had been invited to Manhattan by some very wealthy people who had been buying lots of Terminators and wanted us to set up a factory in Costa Rica.  The date of the meeting was set for March 31, so we left a week early to do some energy work on some vortices that we had dowsed the map for and to visit some of the ancient  Druid sites in New England. The first HHg stop was the Pentagon, outside Washington, DC.  Carol saw a dome of very dark, sick energy (artificially produced) which was obviously centered deep under the middle of the pentagon shape, also a distorted natural vortex at the northeast corner of the building.

It was a Sunday, so the parking lots were nearly empty, and we parked as close as possible to the vortex.  I got out, walked to a spot where I could bury it, and at that moment a car raced out of an underground parking garage a few yards away, under the Pentagon building itself.  By the time I’d gotten back in the car, two federal police cars had converged on that car, blocking the road, and the police were questioning the driver.

One of the police moved his car out of the way so we could pass. I asked Carol, who is telepathic, to see what they were up to. She said the three people in the car were spying for North Korea and that the whole activity was manipulated by the Wingmakers to ensure that no one would notice our activity there. We went straight to Philadelphia after that to meet with an electronics broker and a publicist.  We got an email that the rich guys postponed the NY meeting, but we were on a roll and had lots of other work to do in the northeast, so were not disappointed.

We had finished the Chembuster the day we left Florida, but hadn’t used it (or so we thought). The initial use was to be a few days later in Rangely, Maine, in honor of Dr. Reich, whose laboratory, Orgonon, is there.

The Federal Reserve Bank
Having concluded our business in Philly the next day, we were guided to Manhattan in the middle of the night to put a HHg in the vortex around which was built the Federal Reserve Bank and the World Trade Center (need I say more?). [reminder:  this was almost six months before the felonious feds demolished the WTC]

Carol saw that the energy near the ground was pinched and compressed and very dark.  We found the bank, which is the ugliest building I’ve ever seen, and put the HHg into the ground between that nasty place and the World Trade Center.  Most people don’t know that as soon as Roosevelt established the UCC [Uniform Commercial Code] in place of the lawful, Constitutional courts, he began moving the nation’s gold reserve from Ft. Knox to the underground vaults of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He had made it unlawful, by executive fiat, for ‘common citizens’ to own gold bullion and the Fed got whatever the compliant among the population agreed to give up. I see that period as the most calamitous time in our nation’s history, since the people allowed themselves to by hypnotized into giving up most of their freedom, in a way that is essentially the same as the people of Germany, Italy and Russia were doing, though the Russians deserve some credit for being the only population that offered resistance to the new global tyranny.

Twenty million in the alleged Soviet Union had to me murdered, and the rest had to be starved and beaten into submission before they capitulated to the City of London’s proxy rulers, the Bolsheviks. Americans, at the same time, welcomed the same system with open arms and even overlaid Christian themes on the process, sad to say.  To the Germans and Italians, it may have just seemed like more of the same, considering their history of class consciousness and submission to aristocracy, even the new, heavily financed aristocracy made up of former street thugs and other criminals in snappy uniforms. European aristocracies had routinely been created this way whenever there was a royal coup—no different than when a new US president throws out most of the mid level bureaucrats when they get into office and replace them with their own family members, concubines and other sycophants. I KNOW we are ready for and deserve better than this stinking mess.

  At the same time,  Roosevelt caused it to be a punishable offense to personally own gold.  People were much more gullible at the time than now.  I think many more people are aware now that the alleged government is not acting in their best interest.  Presidents now find it expedient to do in secret what Roosevelt and Truman did openly regarding the suppression of personal freedom.

 If anyone were to wonder who really runs the show in the US, no more would need to be said to prove that the Federal Reserve Corporation (through its Uniform Commercial Code and its alleged "ownership" of the population)  is the only government now.  That will all change in a single day when enough people become aware that their birthrights have been usurped by criminal politicians. We can then return to lawful government without necessarily shedding a drop of blood.  The information age has provided some interesting new opportunities in politics and journalism, as well as finance, so why don’t we take full advantage of them?

The Fed interfaces with the European banks though the World Trade Center and Rockefeller Center.  Over half of the shares of the Fed are owned by Europeans, especially British.  Carol and I are getting that a full fledged world war has been averted, though the City of London will perhaps be destroyed by a lunchbox nuke—one of the many they’ve ‘lost track’ of.

This would instantaneously terminate the power of the international banks and their stranglehold on all of the governments of the world (including ours). It would end the exploitation of the world’s resources as well as stop the organized genocide of Africa and related ‘eugenics’ programs.  The power vacuum left by the disappearance of  the UN, the delegates of which are all appointed by the same individuals that operate the IMF, can and will be filled by an elected world parliament.

More From Al Bielek: The Galactic Federation, Hale-Bobb, Star Wars, & 15 Hz
One of the things that Al Bielek told us which stretched our worldview to its limit is that there is a Galactic Federation.  The invited members meet three requirements:  the ability to defend one’s planet from invasion, political unity  and I can’t remember the third one, though I remember that it was obvious that we’ve already met that one.  I haven’t seen this information in his published material.   This Federation, also, is not made up entirely of friendly planets and the ones who are preying on us in cooperation with the earthly governments also belong to this Federation, so we need to decide as a race if this memership is even desirable.

Al claims that the Star Wars program was an effort of all of the world’s military to get the capability to repel an alien attack and/or invasion.  The first use of the weapons were on the 'comet' Hale-Bopp, which was actually a projectile being guided (by B Sirians and Draconians), to strike the earth. Many who worked in secret programs tell us that hostile alien craft are downed on a daily basis in many countries by Star Wars technology [see Phil Schneider's Last Lecture].  No doubt, these didn’t go through the proper channels before preying on the population.

 The object that was seen intermittently behind the ‘comet’ was the ship from which the projectile was being guided.  Hale-Bopp was diverted long before it would have reached Earth.  Our military had been aware of this for years before Hale or Bopp had seen it, but were just waiting for it to get within range of the new weapons.  If they had failed, the resulting catastrophes and “earth changes” would have fulfilled all of the ‘earth changes’ predictions of Nostradamus, Cayce, Toye, Scallion, etc., which are now no longer relevant.  Al told us that when the USS Eldridge ‘touched down’ in the year 2063 that a military coup had replaced the world order and was guiding humanity toward representative government.  He said that during the month he was hospitalized there for radiation sickness he was easily able to piece together that the only physical catastrophes, aside from the nuclear destruction of a few cities in a limited nuclear war, was that the oceans had risen gradually to a level which made it necessary for people to move out of most coastal cities, a process which has already begun, since the polar ice caps are melting from the bottom up.

I forgot to mention that I’d studied Al’s work for many years, along with the other Montauk participants’ writings and lectures, but I was never quite sure if this was true. Carol and I were both impressed by his sincerity, humility, his quick and candid answers for even my most specific questions (he was just as quick to distinguish what he said he knew directly from what he conjectured or didn’t have answers for), and his unwillingness to profit from his information , though he was barely getting by on social security and a few dollars worth of sales of materials at his lectures, most of which he donated his time for. Carol said his aura was very clear and strong, though a little odd, probably due to having had his identity transferred from his original body.

I had the impression that he wishes to make up for some of the harm that the Montauk facility had done and is doing to young boys in the MK Ultra program, which the movie, Conspiracy Theory, touches on, and for its other insidious activites, even though he was never taken to work there in a fully conscious state.

Many events which had been inevitable, by the way, became less likely when the Philadelphia Experiment disrupted the timestream that  the earth was in.  The resulting chain of events make it seem clearer to me that the Hand of God is involved on many levels.  Muhammad said, “Men plot and God plots, and God is the best plotter.”  It seems to me that an attibute of divinity, or at least of extremely advanced spirituality, is the ability to turn the misdeeds of the macroparasites into beneficial acts.  The allegory of Moses and Khidr in the Qur’an [Koran] illustrate that very well.

Everyone seems to agree that 2012 is an important year in human history. James Hughes had told me that 15 Hz will be Earth’s resonant frequency then. We made our Terminators to operate at that frequency on a hunch and it has far exceeded our expectations   The Draconian that has been harassing us since we started moonbusting really seems to hate that frequency.  We have a frequency generator set at 15 and hooked to the copper grid/crystal arrangement (thanks, James!) in the floor of the Zapporium.  That’s another confirmation.  Actually, whatever angers the macroparasites (human and otherwise) is probably good for us. Every time we put a Holy Handgrenade in a location, I ask Carol if anyone’s angry at us. She has always said, yes, so far.  I figure that if we haven’t angered a predator, we just aren’t doing our job right.

We drove out to Montauk, which is on the eastern tip of Long Island, right after we found our way out of Manhattan.  Montauk is where Al had spent many years of his life working in the MK Ultra program and other projects while in a hypnotized state.  He began recovering his memory of this and the Philadelphia Experiment in the late 1980’s.  The first glimmerings of recognition came when he saw the movie, PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT, around 1988.  A little later, he began meeting others who had been involved in the programs and who were also recovering their memories, all of which had been erased by post hypnotic suggestion.  This is all covered in greater depth on Al’s CD, which is available from that site [Editor's Note: As of April, 2002, this web site has been taken down by Al Bielek due to a legal dispute the CD producer. The CD can be obtained directly from Al Bielek found at this link. We will soon post an article with more details. Ken Adachi].

Carol saw the energy of the underground facility from about 30 miles and began feeling sick within 10 miles.  The closed-down base under which was the center of the vortex was inaccessible, but we planted an Holy Handgrenade within the field and near the old lighthouse.  We both immediately felt the energy lighten and begin to heal.  Though our military had closed the base when Senator Goldwater became aware of what was happening there in the early eighties, there is still a great deal of activity going on at deeper levels.

MK Ultra
Montauk is the original place where young "Montauk Boys" were taken into the MK Ultra program.  Al says that there are centers in all of the major US cities now where this is still going on. Timothy Leary, Richard Alper (Baba Ram Dass) and Alan Watts were employed by the CIA to conduct mind control research with hallucinogens in one part of the MK Ultra program according to some research journalists,  while other parts of the program created assassins, mass murderers and serial killers, many of whom have been triggered into mayhem on the eve of the passage of stricter gun control ‘laws’ and  of unconstitutional executive powers.

Conspiracy Theory  is a movie that profiles some of that.  The psychiatrist in the movie portayed the role of Dr. Jolyon ("Jolly") West, who was the personal psychiatrist of most of the individuals that have been in the news as assassins, schoolyard killers, federal building bombers, etc. [ Dr "Jolly" West of UCLA is detailed in Brice Taylor's book, Thanks For The Memories -Ken].  Since this was made in Hollywood, it was not allowed to show that this predatory shrink was just part of a larger organization ;-)

There’s plenty of documentation on this from intrepid investigative journalists.  I don’t even keep track of it any more.  I believe that in the future people will be absolutely astonished that the Americans of this time period could even entertain the thought that this sort of thing isn’t happening and that so many Americans now subscribe to ‘non-conspiracy theories.’
The rest of the world, especially the Russians, are astonished that Americans are so hoodwinked.

Al is candid about his role in this.  To his credit, he did what he could to make the program less brutal to the young boys who were abducted for its purposes.  Also, there’s more awareness now about one’s freedom not to participate in programs like this.  As late as the 1950’s, when Al was first acquired to work at Montauk, it was considered honorable to do whatever the government wanted one to do without questioning it.  Also, Al’s cooperation couldn’t be considered strictly voluntary, since he was put into a deep hypnotic state with strong post-hypnotic conditioning [all working personel involved in the Montauk Project and similar black operations were subjected to Mind Control- where memories are "wiped" and replaced with false 'cover' memories. -Ed.].  He told us that ET’s were and are heavily involved in these programs and that a Draconian is the overseer.

Wilhelm Reich & The Montauk Project
Historical perspective can help us have some compassion for how people made choices. Wilhelm Reich  had been a communist as a young man,  for instance, because he hated fascism and probably felt that this was the only way to oppose it.  Fortunately,  he was expelled from the party after he found ways to teach the street level party members to be more content.  About the same time, some of the other psychoanalysts in Germany and Austria (including his mentor, Freud) got together to drive him out of their territory.  Apparently, he was having the same success rate with his patients from the upper classes, the perpetual cash cow for most shrinks before the oxymoron, ‘health insurance’ became popular.

I mentioned these things because they had helped me understand how Al’s activities fit into what had been happening in the world in recent history.  My own study of the lives and habits of macroparasites helped me to believe that Al is telling the truth.  Subsequent study of the Wingmaker material and our own experiences with those entities gave me validation from a different direction.  This probably makes me seem like the most pessimistic sort to some people and the most optimistic to others.  Actually, both optimists and pessimists seem to agree that ‘this is the best of all possible worlds.’ ;-)

Al told us that Reich was one of the first scientists employed by the CIA in mind control research.  When he realized what the aims of the CIA were in the late 1940’s Reich quit the program after sabotaging the research, but it was too late to stop them from using his work.  The Montauk Boys Program was based on Reich’s findings and the researchers forced the boys to engage in sodomy in order to get psychic control over them.  Carol told me that the reason I was particularly uncomfortable at Montauk is because I had been one of the early recruits as a child.  Al told us that many of the boys died before he was able to get the programmers to stop forcing their cooperation.  This would help explain my hatred for this kind of activity.  Al says that as he travels around the country he now recognizes many men who had been recruited in the program.  The first few hundred were taken from the immediate vicinity.  After it became apparent that this would lead to exposure of the program, they used the time tunnel technology (this had been used to abduct Al and his associates from around the country) to pick up boys,  brainwash them, and return them before their absence was noticed.  This technology was contributed by the B Sirians, whom Al says are the hardware merchants of the galaxy. Carol and I are finding out what the aliens got out of that deal.

Strategic Deployment & Human Munchies
I hadn’t mentioned that we had put HHg’s in two other vortices in Florida—one just off the coast south of Palm Beach, the other one in Miami Beach, where the Stonehenge-type arrangement was recently unearthed. Carol got telepathically that the B Sirians needed these vortices to create the conditions for their materialization here.  Al had said that their payment for technology would be an endless supply of humans as food, mainly in a few major American cities. We believe that our simple actions have stopped this from becoming reality.  Our confirmations have been increasing with each of these actions.

We weren’t able to find a motel room in Montauk, so slept in the car the rest of the night. Carol noticed that the HHg wasn’t working quite as it should, so when it was light enough, we found it and saw that it was not sitting upright.  Setting it squarely on it’s bottom quickly caused the final shift in the energy field.  She said that there were more ET’s upset by this than at any of the other energy vortices we’d fixed.

Although there were very strong warnings on the NO TRESPASSING signs at the entrances to Ft. Hero, the closed down military base in the vortex under which Al had worked, and police seemed to be present most of the time, we walked through one of the open gates for a little tour.  We didn’t go far because the buildings were obviously not in use and it just felt creepy, especially to me.

Druid Time Portal
We took the series of ferries from Long Island to New London, CT, later that morning.  It cost $50 and took longer than it would have to drive through NYC, but we enjoyed seeing the eastern shore of Connecticut and stayed the night in a motel in Lyme, home of the famous ticks.  I wonder if those ticks originally came from blue monkeys <grin>.

We had the urge to go right to a Druid site, so Carol dowsed Kent Cliffs, NY, where an underground chamber was said to be close to highway 310.  The highway was about 20 miles long, and after we’d driven the length of it once without seeing the chamber Carol closed her eyes and saw the location, which we found a few minutes later.

We took several digital pictures, two of which showed some ghosts and another of which showed a relief carving of some Celtic knotwork on one of the stones inside the chamber [this image was bright, as if highlighted by a spotlight, but over the following months it faded out almost completely.   At first, it appeared to be a six pointed star]

Carol said that this chamber had been used as a time portal but they had recently moved the portal’s location.  I know someone from New York state who is a member of a 3,000 year old Druidic order & also decended from a line of native medicine women. She was simultaneously initiated into the order by both her Druid grandmother and her native grandmother, who was a medicine woman and native elder.

Needless to say, my friend shared very little of her occult career with me, though she distributed a lot of zappers to other native elders in the US on my behalf—sort of an offering on behalf of my white American ancestors who were quite obtuse in their ignorance of the unity of the human race.When I painted her kitchen awhile back she did tell me of her experiences with the Lemuians on Mt. Shasta when she visited there the first time (1972) she had thought they were just nice hippies who had taken her ‘inside’ the mountain.

She’s by far the youngest 80 year old person  I ever knew.

A Second Portal in New Hampshire
There was another time portal then at the Stonehenge site in Salem, New Hampshire, so we drove right up there.  The snow was pretty deep when we got there and it was around midnight.  Carol found the energy of the place and we only had to go ¼ mile into the woods.  Apparently time portals appear at certain times in certain locations, related to astronomical/astrological arrangements [this statement corroborates perfectly with information provided at dowsing workshops by master dowser Walt Woods...Ken.].

When we got to the site  we were both overwhelmed with a very loving, tingling feeling and Carol said there were several Wingmakers visible to her on the other side of a time portal.  I recognized the feeling of their presence as being similar to what I felt in the ethereal presence of Manifestations of God in my dreams and contemplations.
 There’s really no denying what it is.We get little rushes of it sometimes around orgone generators and crystals, but this was much stronger and more substantial. She kept vocalizing what I was thinking and then told me what they were telling her in response to that. She recognized one of them as the entity that came back from the Bahamas with me in January, whom we had both seen and I was calling Norm because I thought he was a gnome.  He had  particularly liked the seven orgone generator pyramids that I had made and put in the upper level of the Zapporium.

I felt a terrific sense of confirmation from this, and a further realization that we’re taking part in a cosmic drama.  At this point I was no longer just motivated by my anger toward the macroparasites. It seems that the more successful we are in defeating them, the less I’m annoyed by them. That must be an evidence of the progress of my spiritual healing. Carol never had that sort of anger.  It looks like she’s just having fun with the whole thing. Dolphins are like that. I’ve been telling her that I want to be like her when I grow up. She probably thinks I’m just kidding.

The portal had opened just as we arrived and closed again when they finished telling us what we needed to hear.  That sort of timing has been characteristic of our work together.Synchronicity is a new science to us but has been part of the modus operendi of the ET’s and our spiritual forebears forever. If I have any genius in me I’d have to say it’s in the form of a sense of timing.

Though it was late, we felt it was expeditious to drive to Rangely, Maine, for the Chembuster debut. We made it through very rough road conditions to northeastern NH, across the White Mountains, but had to rest for a few hours in the car.  There wasn’t a chance of getting a motel room in that area.

We arrived in Rangely in the afternoon, just after a blizzard & another snowstorm was on its way.  We rented a motel room and fell asleep from exhaustion and I had a distinct dream of Wilhelm Reich in which he showed me the device he had put underground to create the artificial vortex that Carol had seen in the vicinity of Dr. Reich's research estate, Orgonon, just before we arrived in town.   I should have paid closer attention, but Carol told me that the work we are doing is beyond most of the pioneering orgone work that Dr.Reich had done because ours was based on orgone generation, not orgone accumulation, therefore it’s apparently incorruptible. The predatory regime that usurped Dr. Reich’s good work for their own destructive purposes can’t even understand the basic Holy Handgrenade.

We had emailed Orgonon a month before to let them know that we’d be coming.  Their website indicated that they would be open to visitors at this time, but we had gotten no response.  We called that afternoon from the motel to see about a visit the next morning, but we were told that this would not be possible.

Watching the weather channel on cable TV that night, we noticed that it was raining for about a 20 mile radius around Ft. Pierce, Florida, where we had set up the Chembuster a week earlier for about 5 hours on the day we left.  It seemed a little odd that it was raining nowhere else in the region. When we got back, our neighbors told us that it started raining after we left,  and that the drought was over, at least for Ft Pierce.  Water rationing had been planned for South Florida.

The sky was heavily overcast when we arrived in Rangely and another storm was forecast for the next day.  I got up at around 3:33AM and set up the Chembuster in the motel room. When we went outside about 8AM we saw a circle of blue sky directly overhead, surrounded by very dense, dark cloudcover, which was moving fast.

Though we were unable to get into the Orgonon facilities, we parked outside the entrance and took a few pictures of ourselves and the Chembuster beside their sign for the record. Carol told me that Dr. Reich was very upset with them for not letting us in, but that there was nothing there that we needed to see anyway.

I wondered why he was still around as a ghost and asked him to go to the light, which Carol said he immediately did.  She said he had been afraid to do so before that.  She later told me that the Wingmakers gave Dr. Reich the information that was the basis for his orgone research, and that he felt ashamed for the way his findings were used by the alleged world order. He reminds me of Al Bielek and other patriots that way.  Dr Reich dearly loved his adopted country, but was oblivious of the dark dealings of the men who had destroyed and replaced the real government by the time he arrived in the late 1930’s.

Wilhelm Reich's Imprisonment & Murder
Dr. Reich was imprisoned and murdered shortly after his work with the Cloudbuster got into full swing.  That was when the parasitic ET’s had just established a partnership with the leading governments of Earth, so disabling their ships was probably rocking the boat pretty severely.  Also, he had made it clear to the CIA that he was opposed to their aims regarding the use of sexuality in mind control.

The AMA and their stooges at the FDA finally got their wish to have him imprisoned for his healing work and even had his books and records expunged from all institutional libraries and publicly burned (what other western nation did that in that century, hmmm?….).  They had been trying in vain to make that happen for many years, but needed a nod from the top predators to railroad him into prison, where he was more vulnerable to their assassins.

Like many other patriotic American pioneers in the 20th century who chose to learn this lesson the hard way, Dr. Reich had assumed that the UCC courts are capable of holding fair trials, so he made the mistake of showing up in court rather than fleeing the country, which would have been prudent.  I consider the AMA to be similar to the mafia in that both organizations are subordinate to the secret police (the NSA and their premier legbreakers, the CIA) and are considered expendable by them.

 I’ve put all of the alphabet soup police agencies into the same category as sub-groups of the NSA.  Only the county sheriff is constitutionally sanctioned, and that is an elected office for obvious reasons, not an appointed one.  Having said that, I realize that many people who work for the multitude of unlawful police agencies are well intentioned and have consciences, which makes them liabilities for their bosses in the long run.  After all, they’re the ones who have to decide at what point laws are no longer worth enforcing, and all of the armies on the planet are not sufficient to subdue this well-armed population on behalf of the City of London if the police refuse to support the current regime any longer.  NO doubt our own military has already been severely culled (by the Gulf War Syndrome) and the remains scattered abroad as mercenaries for the same reason.

Suppressed Healing Technologies
I’ve been told that there are still alleged laws on the books that make the possession of orgone devices a punishable offense.  Zappers are far more effective in curing illnesses than any orgone devices alone are (the Terminator has a significant orgone-generating component) and so are a much greater threat to the drug/medical cartel than Dr. Reich’s inventions were, but the unlawful government agencies that used to prosecute  true healers can no longer do so in broad daylight because critical mass has been reached among the population regarding awareness and resentment of institutionalized evil in the form of federal agencies such as the FDA.

So, Carol and I have assumed our birthright of free speech regarding the nature of inexpensive, effective healing and the success of this device.  The alleged laws passed for the parasitic agencies that suppress healers mean nothing to us personally, nor do we consider their approval necessary or even desirable.  After all, opposition by the alleged government in these matters has become a terrific endorsement for people in our trade.

They have had to content themselves with paying obfuscators to slander the makers of these devices and the simple scientific principles on which they operate.  Some public schools have hosted presentations by professional obfuscators who are warning students not to try zappers (shades of DARE? ;-).  It’s all good publicity, as far as we’re concerned, and just another evidence of the profound stupidity of  human predators.

A concerted effort was made in the summer of 2000 to discredit the zapper and put manufacturers out of business.  The techniques used were identical to those used against Dr. Reich and others earlier.  This time, though, it must have backfired because it simply stopped and the two businesses who were targeted were back in business in a short time, probably with a large number of new customers.  I felt like I didn’t get my party invitation that time—Monty Python coined the term, ‘Secret Policemen’s Ball’ a few years back for a fundraising presentation for  Amnesty International, and held a subsequent ‘Secret Policemen’s Other Ball.’

Since the government officials in Britain, Canada, and the US who initiated the ill-advised crusade were doubtless appointed rather than elected, they probably didn’t have their fingers on the pulse of public awareness ;-)  I might add that the British bureaucrats (inbred aristocrats, of course, and supporters of the six-fingered glove industry) were especially bold in their stupidity and arrogance.  The Canadian ones most nearly approximated human intelligence in their approach, since they subsequently quickly approved the devices for sale.  Maybe the wife of the Minister of Health cured her cancer with a zapper—who knows?

Return to Old Salem
Meanwhile, the diameter of the blue area of sky kept increasing. We drove south toward Boston that afternoon and could see the blue area receding behind us, though we were driving in the direction the weather system was moving.

We went to Hampton, NH, to take care of some business and stayed at a motel on the beach that night.  It was the same overcast condition that was in Rangely before we arrived, so we set up the Chembuster on the porch, took a picture of the sky at which the CB was pointing, and left it in that position all night. The next morning the sky in that direction was clear, so I took a picture of that and we left for Salem, MA.  I took another picture of the ‘praying Elvis’ lawn ornament that the owners had placed with some other  icons.  He had a red jacket on. What does it all mean?

As we drove south 40 miles or so to Salem we saw the overcast continue to break up. It had been quite oppressive, so even though it brought precipitation it had the menacing aspect of having been created through the HAARP network, which made it fodder for the cloudbuster.

About 15 years ago, Carol had a vision in which she was being burned as a witch in Old Salem, Massachusetts, and buried afterward in a graveyard.  She felt a strong urge to visit the graveyard, so we began searching for it when we arrived in Salem that afternoon after taking care of other business.

We needed help to find the graveyard.  Salem is a large city that never used the services of an urban planner, as far as we could see. A nice lady offered to lead us to the graveyard. We noticed that there was a dense field of dead orgone there, so Carol suggested that we put a HHg there to clear it up, which it immediately did.  There weren’t many ghosts there.  We told them all to go to the light, including one who Carol said was the most notorious of the judges who sentenced the witches to death.  She said he was lurking there and was particularly afraid to approach the light—I guess that’s how all predators end up if they don’t get it straight by the time they die.

Nathaniel Hawthorne had described the witch trials as a way for the predators who were running many of the communities in New England on behalf of the ‘crown’  to divert attention away from their own satanic activities.  Francis Bacon, not long before that, was the chief inquisitor in England of the witch hunts and, at the same time, overseeing the creation of the King James version of the Bible. He was part of the predatory network that ended up taking control of all of the Masonic lodges in Europe just prior to the creation of the American Republic.  Note that when James’ crown was usurped a little later by the Venetian (read: Babylonian) banking agents’ proxy ruler, the masons in England never missed a beat and many of them got knighted and given land and titles.

 I, for one, believe that the American Revolution was primarily a move to establish individual sovereignty as an institution for the first time in history and was the fruition of Muhammad’s unprecedented teachings on that subject (Muslims know Muhammad as the ‘Comforter’ predicted by Jesus). The best evidence I can offer is the Bill of Rights, which even the present day alleged US government still pays lip service to out of fear of the People.  Also, no predatory regime, no matter how candy-coated their rhetoric, would ever advocate the possession of firearms by the populace and the abolition of a standing army, as the Constitution clearly does.

We got a motel room and set up the Chembuster again, though the overcast had been breaking up.  Next morning the sky was entirely cloudless and the wind had stopped blowing.  I stayed in the room to work and Carol went back to the graveyard, where she immediately found the grave that was in her vision & took a picture of the gravestone.

James Hughes
We visited my daughter, Bevin, who is a student at Brandeis University in Waltham, MA, after doing some business in Boston, and went to Springfield, MA the next day to meet our friends, James and Rose Mary Hughes, who had come from Ashland, Oregon, to give a kundalini/psychic reading workshop. James credentials in the field were established in an instant when he was struck by etheric lightning in 1979.  Five years later, after intense suffering and loss, he was finally convinced that he hadn’t lost his mind and began relaying the teachings he had been given in that instant.

He never advertises but from that day they’ve had as many people guided to them as they could personally handle.  Rose Mary got her healing gift shortly after James began using his.  I believe it was a reward for her perseverence in the marriage during the five years it took for James to recuperate.  They’ve been together for 46 years, having married when they were both 18 and penniless.  Actually, James had an old car and a cardboard box full of personal stuff when they got married.

He’s so immersed in the energy field of the ones he calls Atlantean elders that casual conversation with him is usually full of useful information.  Carol spoke with him for a few minutes and later told me that it was the Wingmakers that had been communicating through him all these years.  She said that as he was talking, they were standing behind him and filling in the blanks themselves.  One of the reasons I admire him is that he avoids temptation to have a following or to capitalize unreasonably on what he does.  He won’t even give a name to his work or claim special status for himself.  This is another characteristic of the new paradigm, in which ‘the meek are inheriting the earth.’ Predatory and cynical people are simply unable to stand being in their presence, which James takes as a matter of course, not worth dwelling on.

The first thing James tells the people in his workshops is to be committed to the healing work.  There’s usually a lot of audible squirming when the word ‘commitment’ comes up in an energy workshop full of new agers.  Carol and I are getting a lot more psychic ability and learning more about using energy, but we see these new abilities as survival skills rather than parlor tricks or social climbing techniques.  We really have put our lives on the line.

As we left Springfield, I saw a UFO which flew across our field of vision in front of the car.  It disappeared but not before Carol also saw it.  She told me it was the reptilians and they wanted to let us know that they’ll be our friends and allies from now on.  That craft also showed up just above James left shoulder in the background of a digital photo, which is on my hard drive.

A Separate Peace
We picked Bevin up to spend a few days with her during her spring break.  After visiting some business associates in Portland, Maine, we all drove down to Richmond, Virginia, where Bevin was to meet a friend from school.  We set up the Chembuster there for a couple of days and cleared up the overcast condition there.

We were both aware that a craft had been following us since we left Florida, crewed by native reptilians.  They had started monitoring us when we met with Al Bielek. Two reptilians had not-so-subtly monitored our conversation with him in the restaurant for over 3 hours from the next table. A couple of weeks later in Ft. Pierce, one of them had walked up to me and stared me in the face. I was startled by that and mentioned it to Carol, who told me it was a reptilian. That was a day after Carol saw one of their larger craft land in the woods next to the RV campground where we were staying.

Up until that night in Salem, we considered them parasites, but it suddenly occurred to me that if they are native to earth, as we are, we should try to come to terms with them. Besides, they had been with us long enough for me to feel that we had a relationship of sorts with them. They hadn’t harmed or provoked us. The B Sirians, on the other hand, had been harassing us and marking our bodies with their implants.

 I thought of the analogy of the Angles and Saxons in England at the time of Arthur.  The Saxons were descended from Norse invaders who had come to England to plunder and subjugate the locals. After many generations the Saxons had turned to farming instead of plundering but remained at war with the locals. Arthur simply approached them with an offer of peace, which they gladly accepted and the two groups became a nation before long.

I verbally addressed them (they’re telepathic but I wanted to make my intention clear) and promised that I will never aim the Chembuster at them. One of the reasons I had built it was to be able to shoot down UFO’s, which I had considered anti-human.  The spiritually advanced races don’t use physical ships to come here, I’d come to believe. So the first thing I did when I initially set up our Chembuster was to ask Carol where the B Sirian ship was that was monitoring us and pointed the Chembuster at it.  Carol sensed extreme alarm from the aliens and said that the ship instantaneously shot into space, out of range though still in line with where I was aiming.

We later came to understand that all antigravity craft of the parasitic aliens and humans are powered by nuclear fusion.  These reactors are all vulnerable to the Chembuster because they require a deadly orgone field to sustain their nuclear reaction.  The B Sirian craft still won’t come close, though I made the same peace offer to them.

Cold fusion, on the other hand, is an orgone process, as are all of the new free energy technologies. Viktor Schauberger wrote about the new paradigm of energy production, based on implosion rather than explosion,  many years ago. The parasitic ET’s are still trying to maintain the old paradigm, as are their human stooges, the present day alleged world order (they call themselves the New World Order). So we garage inventors will be showing the way in the development of the new technology.

I no longer feel that physical aggression is necessarily appropriate toward the macroparasites.  I was surprised to learn that we are more advanced than they are, spiritually, sort of the way in which many apparently primitive human societies are more spiritually advanced than the ones with all the technology, fine art, philosophy, etc.

As soon as I made the gesture to the reptilians, Carol told me that they were grateful for the promise and were after all just following us because they were curious to know what we were up to.

On the way to Portland we were late, so I asked the reptilians to run interference for us by causing the traffic cops to look the other way or drop their donuts when we were speeding.  I drove by a couple of Maine highway patrol cars at over 80 mph right after that and Carol said they didn’t see us.  I felt a very strong sense of gratitude to our new friends.  This was the first of many such episodes.  It reminds me of the closing scene of Casablanca where Rick and Louis walk off arm and arm as new friends and allies...

Carol sees the unhealthy orgone as dark energy—the worst of it has a reddish glow. Usually, when we first set up the CB, lots of this energy comes into the base of the device through the tubes, where it’s changed into healthy orgone instantaneously and sent back out in a spinning motion.  When one touches the pipes at this time a little pain is experienced in the hand and arm.  This pain goes when one touches the base. [as of March, 2002, the farthest range of a Chembuster we’ve witnessed, evidenced by disappearing chemtrails,  is 150 miles]

The original Cloudbusters had to be connected to a body of water. Moving water was preferable.  If one touched the pipes while they were drawing in the bad energy it caused intense pain and even  unconsciousness. I had read about one case in which the person who touched a cloudbuster in operation was nearly killed and had to recuperate in a hospital. A spark was seen to go from the pipes to the person. Electricity and orgone are always present together in varying proportions. I had suspected that the orgone generator would take away the harmful aspects of the Clouduster and make it more portable.  The results have far, far surpassed my expectations.

T.R.T. Raids the IRS
Our associates in Maine had told us about a demonstration they would be attending at the IRS Building in Washington, DC in a few days.  We felt this would be a good experiment for the Chembuster and promised to meet them there.

So, after Bevin’s friend picked her up in Richmond, we drove back to DC the night before the demonstration so we could get a good parking spot in front of the IRS Building.  We set up the Chembuster in the car (we had left the Zapporium in Florida), aiming it at the building, and tried to sleep.   Sleep was difficult because so much bad energy was being drawn into the cloudbuster.  In a few hours the sky had cleared (rain had been forecast) as had the Chembuster.  We covered it with a blanket.  It still looked like we were hiding a weapon and we looked forward to seeing if any secret police would take notice.

I think my main motive for going there was to get one of the jackets, which looked like the ones the storm troopers use when they break down the doors of the rule breakers in the wee hours and haul them away (does that ring a bell?).  But instead of the alphabet soup letters on the back, these jackets say: TYRANNY RESPONSE TEAM.

About 500 people wearing these jackets walked around the IRS Building several times, after which Mr. Benson, author of The Law That Never Was, invited the IRS director to address the demonstrators and show where in the IRS rule book (note, these are not laws) is the rule requiring anyone to pay income taxes.  There is no such rule, of course, but that subject is not in the purview of this article.  Of course, the director didn’t come out, but he did stand in the shadow of the police chief just inside the door and took pictures of the crowd.  I’d like to see his photo album sometime.  I think parasites generally don’t like to be exposed to sunlight or fresh air.  It was a lovely day.

There were plenty of secret police watching the crowd, as well as SWAT sorts, including one taking videos of all the protestors from the front steps of the IRS fortress.  Three of the secret ones—judging by their expensive shoes and clothing, I’d say they were Secret Service agents-- were within 20 feet of our car, but they never seemed to notice it, even when I went there to change my shirt.  It looked to me like a 6’ long rocket launcher, covered by a blanket,  was propped on the dashboard, pointing at the director’s office (it was the only one with a balcony, so I think it was intended originally to be used by the director to address an adoring Depression-era crowds or something).

I don’t know what it would have been like without the Chembuster, but there was plenty of ugly energy when we arrived in the middle of the night. Fortunately, the energy on the CB was clear all day and nobody got freaky or unpleasant.   Some even engaged the SWAT cameraman in pleasant conversation. On my early walk around the premises, I found a tractor trailer which was loaded with SWAT people.  At 5AM, they weren’t trying hard to hide their presence.

Around mid afternoon we went to the NSA headquarters, about 30 miles northeast of DC and put a HHg in the ground just within the field of the vortex there, which was huge and, of course, very distorted.  I was surprised to learn that there are not many natural vortices within DC itself, considering how extensively the planners had used sacred geometry. Somebody needs to put one near the Washington Monument, though, which is in a vortex that is not completely occluded.

It’s not hard to figure out where the fountainheads of evil are in this world.  It’s pretty much as simple as ‘follow the money.’ In the case of the NSA: ‘follow the information,’ since they allegedly control the means of transmitting information here.  I suspect another vortex would be found near Brussels, where the massive computer called "The Beast" is located and in the financial district of London.  I’d be curious to know if there’s one at Buckingham Palace, too.  The families that have generated the most evil since Babylonian times finally ended up owning England shortly before the British Empire was started.  They were the ones who financed William of Orange to usurp the throne in the early 1600’s.  The New World Order is just the present form of their ancient hegemony.  Their modus operendi has always been the control of money and information.

Paradigms, The Old & The New
I surmised that the knowledge of how to build on and use these energy sources had not been regained by westerners until the middle 1800’s.  It looks to me like the Masons and Mormons were the first westerners to use this knowledge extensively in modern times.  The Chinese have never stopped using these practices and the Druids (and whoever preceded them) had full competence in them.

I don’t know what will come of these things.  I’m content to work on a ‘need to know’ basis, since the explanations wouldn’t mean very much to me in my present state of awareness. In the old paradigm, a lot of energy was spent preserving information through secrecy.  I doubt that any of the old secrets are unknown to us now, especially if one knows how to use the Internet.  The new paradigm seems to dictate that the best way to hide the truth is to say it clearly and plainly.  Things that are true are almost never what we expect or wish them to be and they have a tendency to stretch our worldview and even obliterate it.  So much of what we believe is conditioned by our prejudices and fears which takes a great deal of effort and contemplation to grow out of, old ways of seeing and hearing.

The best confirmations for me until now have been the expressed anger of predatory ET’s, which has gotten more and more overt since we started last summer.  I’ve concluded that the human parasites have very little to say in the course of 'human' events.  Judging from the appearance of the Draconian who has been so present lately, I also suspect that the stories of devils and Satan may have come from uninformed human contact with these individuals.  If we were afraid of him, I suppose it would be easy to build that sort of story around him.  As it is, he’s just a nuisance, and every time he does something overt we get more information, which probably just makes him even more angry and perplexed.

Al Bielek had told us that there were several ET groups working at Montauk and that the boss was a Draconian [titled "Charlie" according to Al Bielek...Ken].  He told us where the Draconians come from, but that information doesn’t have much relevance to me and I keep forgetting those details.  I just see them all as large parasites.

We drove  back to Ft Pierce after we straightened out the NSA vortex.

Don Croft

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