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The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft

Episode 3
Moonbusting Part 3

By Don Croft <>
April/May 2001

I don’t remember how the subject of moonbusting came up.  I think it was because we had rented a B movie recently (we watch movies on our VCR while we do our manufacturing work) that was about an evil entity on the dark side of the moon who was planning to do bad things to Earth through the Bermuda Triangle’s connection with his moon territory. On a hunch, I asked Carol if there was information we could use somewhere in that movie and she gave me a strong ‘yes.’

So, having waited patiently for the opportunity to get back to my workshop so I could extend the CB’s range, I wondered if it would be possible to affect the moon with a Chembuster.  I’d come to believe that our moon is all or partly artificial, though extremely ancient, and was a base used by predatory aliens—a staging area.

I’d listened to Richard Hoagland’s accounts of structures on the surface, especially on the dark side, which was not decimated by the event that cratered the bright side so extensively, apparently in the same time period that half of Mars’ surface was also obliterated..  It sounded pretty convincing, especially after having read the book Someone Else Is On The Moon, which was a photo essay (compiled from NASA’s files before they could remove them all) of enormous equipment operating in some of the moon’s craters, and the extensive network of tracks between the craters. These photos were from NASA files before some extensive editing took place in the early 70’s in most of their file locations.

William Cooper had done a dissertation about the human base on the moon that he’d become aware of around that time while he was working in Naval Intelligence and subsequently acquired several accounts from eyewitnesses who were participating at various levels in that project.

Stan Deyo wrote Cosmic Conspiracy in the late 70’s, in which he gave a detailed history of the development of antigravity craft by humans in the 1950’s.  This research was covered in various publications until the mid 50’s, but was never seen again in any publication (except his book and a few other underground ones) after a certain date, at which time all references were dropped.  I got his book when I was living in Tonga in 1984-5.  It was published in Australia, but had been unavailable in the US until the Internet was up and running a few years ago.  I got two shocks when I read that book:  there is extensive censorship in America, and a few nasty, dried up, passionless old men (except when they dress up in black robes and ritually slaughter babies) who really do secretly run the world. Stan didn’t seem to be aware of any ET connection with the antigravity research when he wrote that book.

Cooper gave a very convincing explanation of how and why the Apollo missions were faked.  For example:  the Van Allen belt would have destroyed any life aboard the spacecraft since there was no radiation protection on board. The extremely cumbersome spacesuits are still used even though much lighter, more user-friendly ones had been perfected in the 60’s.  Computers were not advanced enough then to do the calculations that were necessary.  The movies of the moonwalks showed them jumping a few inches high instead of what should have been a couple of feet, considering the low gravity.  There were no stars shown in space.  Notice that NASA is still using 1970’s technology in their space program.  They are obviously being trotted out as a smokescreen.  The presentation went on for an hour and I couldn’t find any weak points in it.

Speaking of weak points, I’m a science fiction buff.  I’ve never read anything presented as fiction that didn’t look like fiction.  Al Bielek’s story has always sounded bizarre and unthinkable, but it never seemed like fiction.  It seems more and more like simple journalism to me lately.  I contrast this with the stories told by people I consider professional obfuscators.  We’ve been able to use Al’s information to help us sort out what’s been happening around us. Obfuscators, being essential parasites, give no usable information, no matter how fascinating they may sound or how ‘nice’ they seem.

When I returned to the US in 1985 I read World Order, The Hegemony of Parasitism by Eustace Mullins.  Many believe that this book contains enough hard and circumstantial evidence from public record to convict the nasty old guys mentioned in the previous paragraphs as well as the various echelons of their sycophants, stooges and thugs, all the way down the predatory dung heap, from the City of London, through the Rockefellers, Kissinger, the Bush men, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Winnie Mandela, Saddam Hussein and Hillary Clinton, to most of the planet’s towns and villages.  Parasites are as parasites do.

This infestation of the body politic will need to be healed from the outside as well as from inside.  A quick remedy would be to use the Internet to elect a temporary world congress whose purpose would be to form an elected world government.  I have no doubt that there are so many enlightened, otherworldly entities ready and willing to help us with this that it would be easy and would quickly take on a life of its own.  Did you hear that here first?  You’ll hear it again soon from someone who’s never heard of me if this is timely.

Moon Dwellers
I asked Carol to see how many humans are on the moon, and whether they had built a base or were using existing architecture. She said there were around 80, half of them American and half of them Russian, and that they were using an underground base that had already existed. I then wanted to know how many aliens were there. She said that there had been 10,000 until the arrival a few years ago of a number of Draconians aboard the huge ship that had been behind Hale-Bopp. They had come to the moon to organize some very bad things after the military here thwarted their attempt to use the comet to help them take the planet. She recently told me that there’s a portal in the moon, like in the Stargate movie, but that it’s not big enough for a ship to pass through.

Just as Roosevelt sold the American Republic to the British banks in the 1930’s and Clinton sold the remains of our national security to the Chinese, the New World Order has sold the planet to parasitic off-worlders.  I guess it hurts more when allegedly lawful governments do things like that. The New World Order has never had a mandate from the population or any lawful basis for their position and actions. They just made it up. Maybe that’s why it’s so easy for little people like us to throw a wrench in their machinery. The strength of our early nation was in its Constitutional individual sovereignty mandate and its relatively close alignment with universal law. The New World Order is squarely opposed to universal law and is thus vulnerable to the concerted effort of a few people who are in harmony with true order.

Lock & Load
We dowsed that the extension of the 6’ pipes of the Chembuster to around 11’ would make it possible to affect the moon, so as soon as that was finished, I propped it up and aimed it at the moon.  When the aim was correct, Carol saw that the whole moon started shaking as though in a 5.0 earthquake.  She said that the occupants were terrified and completely unaware of what was causing it.  She said that a half hour would be plenty and that it would take a total of 5 sessions to persuade the aliens to leave. We did the second half-hour session later that morning

We waited a couple of nights to do the third session. We would have done it sooner, but the moon wasn’t visible after the first night.  There were no clouds and we knew where to look, but we just couldn’t see it.  Carol, as a practicing witch, keeps close tabs on the moon and it’s cycles.

Carol got up around 2AM and did that one herself.  Since she doesn’t need to physically see it to know where it is there was no problem getting the aim right.  24 hours later a very quiet helicopter appeared over the trees about a quarter mile northeast of our campsite in the RV park.  It hovered for a minute then started flying back and forth at about 400 ft., shining a spotlight on the ground below.  This kept up for about half an hour.  We both stood outside and watched.  I asked the reptilians to ‘cloud their minds’ so that they wouldn’t come our way and Carol said they immediately did so and not to worry.   She felt that the chopper crew considered it ridiculous to think that this could be coming from an RV campground full of retired white people.  I see their point—I call them Depression Babies and their majority enthusiastic support for the receding regime and their brainwashed worship of mediocrity has always sickened me..

This is the generation that came out of WWII (I do respect the sacrifice of the veterans and the ones who died then) with the conviction that whatever the government wants is fine by them and conformity was the order of their day.  Centralized power grew by leaps and bounds on their watch and the persecution and murder of people like Wilhelm Reich had their full support and approval. Some things have changed for the better, thank God!

It wasn’t accidental that the US, Europe, Russia, and China all adopted similar social/economic orders around the same time and that the IMF (Babylonian families) financed and micromanaged it all. Lyndon LaRouche refers to the Queen of England as the ‘Whore of Babylon’ because of her nominal support of the world drug trade, historically a British monopoly.  It’s also no accident that the drug trade now envelopes and is bleeding these nations to death.  Most people my age are fairly incapacitated, spiritually, by their regular use of drugs.

The helicopter inspired me to do something to tweak the parasites a bit. An Air Force bombing range (or something) is on the map about 40 miles northwest of Ft. Pierce. We discussed going there to do the next moonbusting session, since they obviously had figured out where it was coming from and I wanted them to know that we knew.

We humans are probably the last race in the galaxy that don’t use telepathy as the primary mode of communication. Carol is very good at it and even has a hard time shutting out other people’s thoughts in crowds, sometimes.  She assures me that anything we’re thinking about while we’re outside the Zapporium is clearly received by more than one group of ET’s, expecially the B Sirians, and, by now, the Draconians, who are their bosses. So they already knew we would be going to the Air Force base.

Getting In Closer
The next morning we drove up I-5 to the exit closest to the base and took the 2-lane highway through Yahoo. Carol said to drive another 6 miles after we spotted the water tower of the base. Over the base she saw a very dark, dome-shaped energy field that is typical of extensive nefarious underground activity.

A couple of miles before we were to deploy the device, we saw three police cars parked by the road, obviously waiting for someone to show up.  There was no shoulder on that road or anyplace besides farm driveways to park on, so we picked a large driveway near a farmhouse that looked deserted and set up the Chembuster at the roadside. We couldn’t see the moon, but Carol found it and had me adjust the aim until she could sense the moon shaking.  It only took a few seconds.  I had to move it every 5 minutes to sustain the shaking effect.

Within five minutes, Carol said there was a very large triangular craft from the base right over us, though we were invisible to them.  I couldn’t see it, but I’m familiar with the trick.  At this point I no longer had the urge to aim the Chembuster at it.  I’ve decided not to be an aggressor and the moonbusting isn‘t hurting anyone. Besides, the military men who are flying these craft are most likely not fully aware of what they’re doing and won’t remember it later. That’s how they got Al to work for them.

We packed up after a half hour and drove home. The police were still in the same spot. Carol said that they were on the lookout for us, but hadn’t been told exactly what to look for.  There are plenty of weak links like this in the predators’ chain of command, but the good guys like to share information with each other. Carol also said that if we had been arrested by them, we would have been taken to the base and executed.  Oh, well—most things that are fun carry some risk.  The police, of course, had no clue what this is about and were only following orders. It reminds me of the cops in The Matrix.

After that we considered it expedient to change our address. There were at least two reasons for this:  the top heavy organization we were dealing with is very slow to make changes, even slothful, but we had no doubt they were on to us in our present location and the rent was due in a day or so. We moved to the Florida Keys to be closer to the Bahamas, where we would be going at the end of this week to do some work.  That’s another story, of course.

A Caller From Dracos
The morning after we arrived at Grassy Key, Florida, we did our fifth moonbusting session. By now, Carol said that most of the aliens had already left and in fact a huge Draconian ship was just overhead and was observing us on its way out of the territory.

Although I’m not accustomed to telepathy or astral travel, I’ve had a few experiences with both. Carol routinely does both and has gifted ability.  After the fourth session, she told me that a Draconian, who has been in charge of all activity with humans, came personally to check us out. Apparently it was hard for him to conceive that so much trouble could be made by the likes of us and he was not accustomed to looking into these things personally. There were many levels of flunkies beneath him.

Before she mentioned it, I had gotten a clear image of a fellow standing outside the Zapporium door while we were in bed with a look of consternation on his alien face--a tall, skinny guy. Carol said he couldn’t get inside because of the 15Hz frequency.  He would have been able to tolerate the orgone field for awhile, though, if it weren’t vibrating at that frequency..

He’s showed up here every night since then [rarely now, as of March 2002], though I’m no longer aware of him.  The second night, after our fifth moonbusting session, Carol told me that he wanted to talk to both of us but had to slow us down so that we could be more aware of him. My response was that I didn’t need to talk to a parasite. They never give anything of value, so why bother with them? Have you heard the Indian saying: The eagle never wasted so much time as when he consented to be taught by the crow?

But Carol was curious, so we both went to bed  (he needed for us to be asleep in order to communicate—doesn’t that just figure?)  I woke up suddenly about 1AM and looked at Carol.  I could see his face superimposed on hers, though it was transparent—creepy, but par for the course.  It looked like a stretch image of Richard Gephardt’s face and also the image of Baphomet the Hermaphroditic Goat in the inverted pentagram in Morals and Dogma [by Albert Pike..Ken] , the Masonic bible.  Yes, there are actually grownups who believe in these silly things.  Remember the adage that says that wealth and intelligence are not necessarily found together.

In the morning Carol said he had talked to her for a long time but she couldn’t remember a single thing he said.  I told her that he was just looking for a weak spot to exploit and she agreed. I’ve been subjected to that sort of ‘communication’ from humans in the past, especially in relationships before I learned to stop falling in love with control freaks, but I don’t think anybody would try that now with me.

He had attached what Carol calls cords to both of us. Mine were in the area of the third chakra.  He was apparently trying to weaken my resolve. Parasites can’t relate to the fact that when a person acts from integrity, nothing will deflect him/her—not even the destruction of the physical body.  He attached a much stronger cord near Carol’s heart chakra. I had been able to remove those things with a tool I made from a sound crystal with a Mobius coil around the base, held in the hand and pulsing 15Hz [the Succor Punch...Ken], but it was a temporary fix that enabled Carol to get through the day without pain.

The next evening, Carol was relaxing, listening to the Wingmaker CD, and she told me that some Pleiadians were around her, dissolving the cord that the Draco had put there.

Helpful Dolphins & Underwater Cities
Speaking of Pleiadians, after we rented the campsite in the Keys, we noticed that it was across the road from the Dolphin Research Center.  I hadn’t thought a lot about dolphins, but this caused me to start thinking about them in terms of what we’d been doing.

I used to listen to whales when I lived in the Virgin Islands in the early 70’s. It was very sweet, and the deeper one went in that nice, clear water, the louder it got (because of the pressure). My next experience with whales was in 1995, a few days before I sailed into the hurricane near Yucatan with my little dory. It was a calm day and I was sitting, reading a book when I noticed a shadow pass over the book.  I Looked up and saw a large whale flipper overhead, then looked behind me and saw a big eye..  I was transfixed and in a moment the whale went underwater.  I thought, ‘I could have touched him!’ and went back to reading.  A few seconds later, the same thing happened.  I reached out, but was unable to move to touch the second one either.  In those moments, I knew something had transpired spiritually. These two were pilot whales, about 20 feet long. They are probably technically dolphins. My first psychic contact with dolphins happened a few days ago.

The day after we arrived here Carol went over to see what would happen.  She said some dolphins, who communicate telepathically, had been calling to her. An hour later she came back and told me that three of them had introduced themselves to her.  One of them was especially knowledgeable, though not physically well.  There are little placards by each pen that tell a little about the individual dolphins and what their names are.  I asked her what their real names are and she said they are hard to pronounce.  I’d asked her to take a holy hand grenade there in case any of the dolphins wanted it. With the dolphin’s permission, Carol left one in the water on the edge of his pen.

We went there together shortly before closing time that day. The one who was ill came close to us and looked at us both for a minute. Carol was obviously getting a lot from him, but I couldn’t sense anything. The next pen had the two others that Carol told me about.  They both came close to where we stood and looked at us and made a lot of sounds. I felt a wave of love from one, and Carol said, “Anra just reached out and hugged you”. Anra is an approximation of her real name, Carol said.

That night, when the Draconian fellow was trying his best to get at us, we both got a series of communications from Anra and the older dolphin. I should have written mine down.  The process for me is like this:  I’m awake and relaxed and my toes and then feet start twitching like crazy. Then my heart chakra starts absorbing very loving, playful energy and sending it back out, then images start appearing in my mind.

Carol’s process is the same, but instead of toes, she feels a little tingling in her fingers. She says that regular telepathy doesn’t involve the heart chakra this way. Her images were of underwater cities and map locations in the area we’ve known we are supposed to explore in the Bahamas near South Andros Island. When Carol told me the Pleiadians were healing her, I recognized their energy as similar to the dolphins but more refined and ethereal.

We had just gotten back from a clandestine visit with the dolphins that evening after the facility closed. Carol wanted to give a HHg to Anra so she could help with the older one’s healing.  This HHg is a little different and has a rare earth magnet in it to create a more concentrated, localized field for chakra balancing [St. Buster’s Button].  We put our dinghy in the water at the boat ramp a couple of doors down from the dolphin residence and rowed there. Carol walked out to the platform from which the humans relate to the dolphins & got Anra’s permission to drop it in the pen. After a few minutes, Anra started familiarizing herself with it. We went over there the next day see them again and heard one of the people there say that the older fellow was more energetic than she had ever seen him before, even doing unsolicited back flips.

The dolphin communications happened two nights for me, but it’s pretty much continuous for Carol. Here is a good example of how we process truths:  I think I reached the limit, for now, of my smaller capacity for this and I’m taking a break from it.  I don’t even sense the Draco guy now, though Carol said she saw his ship right over the campground in 3D today on her drive home.  I am enjoying the intermission, because I suspect that I’ll be in a maelstrom of new experiences in the Bahamas shortly.  These things are happening all around me, but I’m unaware because I’m not quite ready to be with it 24/7.

We Get Remote 'Viewed'
I have to put this in:  Carol pretty much has a part of her awareness in the psychic realm around the clock and tells me when certain entities show up. Sometimes we notice this at the same time, but I'm still a neophyte. We have been 'remote viewed' and two government-paid psychics watched us while we were moonbusting by the secret base. One of those is a well known author of considerable integrity, even though her patriotism may be misguided.  She left when she realized that we weren't harming anyone (she also finally realized that her employer has no integrity). The other was watching us through the eyes of a redwing blackbird. He didn't tell his boss our location. The remote viewer episode was kind of weird, like the person doing it was in a trance, not fully conscious--mechanical, almost. Now I understood why the alleged government no longer puts a lot of money into the remote viewing program.

Expanding Our Perimeter
One day, around that time, it occurred to me to cut the boundary wire I'd installed around the inside of the Zapporium to focus the energy of the large Mobius coil that I’d wired into the energy/frequency grid.  Putting a crystal inside the Mobius coil had made the boundary wire un-necessary, I thought, and I wanted to test that.  At the same time, I connected another large Mobius coil, which was wrapped around a very big, smoky quartz generator crystal, in series with the grid to the frequency generator, which sends a constant 15Hz through the extensive  network beneath the floor of the Zapporium (we added a large Mobius coil/crystal sphere to the grid a few months ago, also two Hebrew alphabets, one gold-plated, the other silver-plated, which James had just developed and was selling).

I did this all within a few seconds, but we felt a huge rush of kundalini through our sixth chakras. Carol was nearly overwhelmed, but I just felt something like a coffee rush.  She saw the energy shoot out in all directions from the Zapporium.  The boundary wire had kept that energy within the vehicle and more subdued before this, which explains why the Draco was able to get to the door, but couldn't come in without an invitation (is that where the vampire belief got started?). As we weakened, he was able to come in for short periods, but he clearly hated the frequency.  He can also tolerate strong orgone for short periods, which is probably why he's the boss of all the parasites (sort of like being the leper with the most fingers).

About two hours after I cut the wire, a helicopter showed up, circling our campsite just above treetop level. Carol was off shopping, which was too bad, since I wanted her to read the minds of the people in the chopper to see where they were from and what they were up to. There was a long arm with an instrument on the end of it, which they were obviously using to monitor something.  It was close enough for me to see that it wasn't a camera.  It circled around the Zapporium once and flew down the beach a quarter mile or so (the campground was the center of it's activity).  I quickly went inside and turned off the frequency generator.  It came back, circled the campground again, and left.  The whole episode lasted about 15 minutes.  It was after Carol got back from shopping that we did the 'send tough love to Draco' exercise.

Keeping in Touch Is So Important
Somebone apparently put the thought into my head that we could stop being defensive and actually pursue this individual. I asked Carol to connect with the Draco psychically and tell me what happens.  I held the crystal/coil/frequency tool [the SuccorPunch] next to my heart chakra and focused on the Draco with the intent of sending bright blue, concentrated orgone back along the cord that was still attached to me and immersing him in a 15Hz orgone field.  At the instant I felt it was done, Carol said he was jumping around like someone gave him a hotfoot. I mentally told him that I'll be doing this whenever I think of him as long as he's anywhere near the moon or Earth, and I've been keeping my promise.

Carol said he was scaring her with descriptions of what he was going to do to me for making him feel this way but that he was, indeed, unable to break free of the energy field I was creating for him.  He may not be staying much longer, but I’ve learned that it’s unwise to rest on one’s laurels concerning these folks. They’re extremely resilient and treacherous. When I was done, the cord was gone.

This is right in line with the new paradigm way of solving problems:  ask for divine assistance and just follow the simple instructions.  Life used to be so hard. We had found a very dense field of dead orgone directly over the huge, flat hill that was erected on Homestead Air Force Base. Until recently, I think, when the alleged government created underground facilities, they just left the dirt on top of the hole.  Since the book about secret underground bases came out in the ‘90’s, they learned to put it somewhere else.  A big hill in swampy south Florida is pretty conspicuous.

Homestead Air Force Base
Carol said that there was a weather control facility underground there, at which some humans and aliens from 5 races were working together. One of the races was fairly new to Carol. These sometimes walk on all fours generally and remind her a little of Jaja Biggs in the latest Star Wars movie.  I had asked her to look at Wright Patterson Air Force Base a few months earlier and she’d seem them there—in fact one of them ‘looked’ at her then.  She tells me now that the ones working with our alleged government are renegades of a race that is using Venus as a base in our star system [the ones of this race who are observing Carol and I now are legitimate ones from the group that were involved with Nicola Tesla].

By the way—the aliens at Wright Patterson AFB are not captives.  You may remember that the Serbian and Bosnian diplomats who were taken underground at that base to reach a peace agreement a few years back came back up to ‘meet the press’ considerably chagrinned and white as sheets.  That was even covered in the prostituted media at the time. When Bush Sr. ran for president against Clinton in ’91, Reagan’s only public appearance in support of Bush, who he allegedly hated, was in front of the old hangar doors at the defunct Roswell Air Force Base in New Mexico. There wasn’t’ a huge crowd there.  I wonder if there’s a connection?

At that time, we had planned to go to South Andros Island, Bahamas, as soon as possible to do some energy work and retrieve our boat, which I’d left there in January.  Since the weather in the Bahamas was unseasonably bad, we decided to wait until it cleared to make the trip. I had been able to negotiate rough water on the way over, but the boat is too small for two people to do it safely, and Carol needs a certain comfort level in order to do her best psychic work.

We set up the Chembuster on the beach (following a half hour session of moonbusting), aiming at the stratosphere over South Andros Island, 100 miles or so directly east by southeast.

The Big Guy Stops By Again
A few hours later, Carol was a little alarmed and told me that the enormous Draconian ship that had been directing Hale-Bopp to hit the earth before the Star Wars array diverted its course, and which and had lately been behind the moon, showed up directly above and to the east of us on its way back to its home planet. That was night we had our tete a tete with the Draconian big wheel. He had told Carol that he was leaving (liar) and that he wanted to finish his business with us first.

A couple of days after we pointed the Chembuster out to sea, the smog which had covered the Keys dissipated and the strong wind slowed to a seasonal breeze.  Some much needed rain then fell for a day or so and then the sky cleared to its traditional clear blue color.

We noticed that there were still thunderstorm clouds directly over the secret base at Homestead AFB, fifty miles to the northeast,  but nowhere else, So we brought the Chembuster to our campsite and directed it at the storm clouds over the base. All this time we had left the 5 ‘ long extension pipes on, which makes the Chembuster more efficient for long range targeting but still allows it to work on local conditions.

We’ve lately been surprised to learn that the simple orgone generator is the basis of a new technology which none of the parasitic ET’s had been aware of.  The new technology follows the new paradigm, which is based on energy moving toward the center, or attraction—love, if you will.  The old paradigm found expression in technology based on movement away from the center, such as internal combustion engines and nuclear reaction.

No doubt this is why Dr. Reich was able to neutralize alien and domestic anti-gravity craft with his Cloudbuster. Our take is that they rely on nuclear fusion for power and that the reactors fail when the deadly orgone is drawn from them.  If anyone thinks that we humans don’t yet have nuclear fusion devices, I suggest a review of recent history, which shows that secret technology is always at least a generation ahead of the ‘state of the art’ technology of the market place and the scientists spoken of by the prostituted media are themselves, completely unaware of what’s been accomplished.  Just extrapolate: a few years after the media had blabbered about the Star Wars program having been abandoned, they showed a test/demonstration of the new space-based laser weapon, which was many steps ahead of the crude toys the talking head scientists evaluating the Star Wars program before it had ‘lost funding’ had been enthusiastically babbling about.  That was during one of the extremely rare occasions that I watch CNN. I guess the CNN censor was in the toilet or hanging out at the water cooler soliciting a woman or a boy when that one got past him.

Al Bielek had assured us that Hale-Bopp had been diverted from it’s Draco-directed earthbound path by a particle beam weapon that several governments of earth had successfully developed and deployed in the 1980’s Star Wars program.  As I mentioned, the striking of the planet by the comet in 1998 would have fulfilled all of the predictions of Cayce, Nostradamus, and present day seers regarding catastrophes and earth changes.

The future’s up for grabs now, which is the main reason I feel compelled to share our recent experiences.  I used to feel so pessimistic and suckered by doomsday scenarios that I was always unconsciously looking for a suitable hole in the ground to hide my family in just in case.  Now it feels like the bad guys lost already, whether they know it or not.  I really believe that they got the world by default when the kings and religious leaders lost their power in the mid 1800’s and now it’s up to us to take back that responsibility collectively and stop encouraging the plunderers and parasites who think they’re in control.

Don Croft

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