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Addition Biographical Notes from "cbswork'

By cbswork
June 24, 2004

From: Blogs for June 13, 2004

Ken Adachi has been touched by an angel.

His prologue to my stuff is slightly out of timeline. For example, I started my split from them in fits and starts in and round '90 and in toto, in '95. By then, they already had so many of my books and stuff, and kept printing them, the shits. Then, I started my play - go on tour, but give out the real play in interviews. Well, after a year of that, everything went south from there. By 99, I was completely and totally free. It took years to remove all their links.

I didn't have the usual illuminist life - torture, abuse, mind control. No, i got the high end version, silk, pretty droids, light and light, and communing with Higher Worlds. See, solar plexus is highest center for darksiders, so to see or have access beyond that, they need shitheads like me - simple idiots with powerful gifts - to hijack and control. They never laid a finger on me, not once. HAd they, the damage to my astral body would have been such, that my usefulness as an ORACLE would have been wasted, and they had been waiting FOR AGES for me to be born in this timeline. I just, finally, after a devachanic event with JFK, started looking upon the world of my peers...and saw the deception.


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