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Carol Encountes Her First 3D Reptilian

By Don Croft <>
November 17, 2004

She was pulling out of the alley behind Linda's house around 9:30PM and he was walking on the sidewalk, about 20 feet away, moving toward the car and looking at the ground, as though he felt stung by being scolded--not aggressive at all. She got in his head and he was thinking, 'I'm just walking down the street lady-- What Are You Looking At?!' Her impression was that he didn't realize he was in reptile form.

He was slumped a bit, about five feet tall, with a very long tail; stocky but not fat; green

She figures that this was a typical local MKid.

As she drove away she kept looking back, expecting him to disappear but he was apparently a 3D entity, as solid as you or I.

We've seen more MKids on that neighborhood than anywhere else in town. It's only about six blocks from our own house. Maybe the gifting we did there caused that hangfired metamorphosis--who knows?

I'm just offering this for the record. If you see anythign similar, let me know, okay?

We first got an intimation that the reptilians among us are having a harder and harder time maintaining human form when we shared Cbsworks' 'reptile hell' in suburban Los Angeles last summer ;-)

I guess it's worth noting that we don't particularly have an onus toward any other sentient species. To me, they just make life on earth more interesting than otherwise.

If they were to suddenly become aggressive in our little town it would be a sort of penny arcade for a little while as the human majority picked them all off but we just haven't noticed that the reptoids around here, which are easy enough to identify, are direct threats.

It might be a little different in places like Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, where the reptiles might be the majority.

As far as we can tell, the more bloodthirsty reptiles are still underground. I guess we may find out sooner or later. I don't pretent do know much about any of this, of course.


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