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Chembuster Options Described

By Ken Adachi <Editor>

If you really want to go for the Big Bang in sky repair, you'll want to consider adding some of the extra CB options listed below which could include a (A) seventh pipe/Lemurian crystal in the center and the (B) 2X Royal Cubit ¼ inch spiral tubing. You can get the ¼ inch spiral tubing with or without the seventh pipe. I prefer to fill the ¼ inch spiral tubing with Raymon Grace water, but other substances are possible. Other options to consider are the (C) Lateral coil-wrapped DT crystals to connect the two Star of David triangle pipe configurations. You can see the first set of Lateral Crystals installed here and the second set installed here. and a large side view (235K) here). Another choice is to embed one, two, or three (D) Succor Punch (SP) crystals with Mobius coil and 4X Royal Cubit coils directly into the resin/metal matrix of the CB before the final pour for the purpose of pulsing the entire CB at 15 Hz with a (E) SP Pulser attached to the base of a pipe and rubber hooded for rain protection. You could also (F) Silver Wrap the SP crystal (1) before installing the mobius coil (2) and wind a (G) 4X Royal Cubit coil (3) around the outside of the SP crystal for most of its length, but leave the tip of the crystal exposed in order to protrude above the resin/metal matrix after the final pour. Three SP crystals are seen installed here, but one or two SP crystals will still pulse the entire CB.

Multiple SP crystals could be wired in either parallel or series. When wired in parallel, the leading edge of the squarewave pulse from the SP Pulser would enter each SP crystal at the same moment in time and would cause each crystal to pulse in symetrical unison. However, if wired in series, the pulse would have to travel from crystal A to B to C and due to the inductive reactance (resistance) of the mobius coils, there would be a slight time lag in the leading edge of the pulse that enters each crystal. The sum effect would cause a rotation of the magnetic fields rising and falling in each crystal. In theory, at least, this would cause a vortex-like rotation of the orgone field and would act to "stir" the ether and encourage movement as achieved by Trevor James Constable with his rotating 'Spider' units used to break up DOR etheric stagnation.

Note, April 27, 2007: the price of copper pipes has tripled since this page was written and the cost of fiberglass resin has doubled.

CB Options List

A. Seventh pipe:


1. 1" pipe and coil wrapped crystal embedded in center of 2 gallon CB base unit with 1" coupler..$45.
1¼ " pipe and coil wrapped (larger) crystal embedded in center of 5 gallon CB base unit with 1¼ " coupler...$55.

B. 2X Royal Cubit ¼" Spiral Tubing sealed with Raymond Grace blessed water..$45

C. Lateral, coil wrapped (1X Royal Cubit) Double Terminated Quartz crystals. You can choose to install either 3 or 6 crystals from the following list of 8 crystal sizes.


1.2.75" -3.0" long and 0.75 -1.0" in diameter ( 3 crystals for $45, 6 crystals for $85)

Length 3.0 " - 3.25" long
2. 1.0" -1.25" diameter (3 for $60, 6 for $115)
3. 1.25"-1.50" diameter ( 3 for $75, 6 for $145)
4. 1.50"-1.75" diameter ( 3 for $90, 6 for $175)

Length 3.25"-3.75 long
5. 1.0"-1.25" diameter ( 3 for $105, 6 for $200)
6. 1.25"-1.50" diameter ( 3 for $120, 6 for $230)
7. 1.50"-1.75" diameter ( 3 for $135, 6 for $260)
1.75"-2.0" diameter ( 3 for $150, 6 for $290)

D. SP Crystals with Mobius Coil and 4X Royal Cubit Coil (installed in uppermost resin/metal layer of the CB).


There are fourteen different sizes of Double Terminated Quartz crystals to choose from for the SP crystal. Listed are the donations for a single SP crystal with Mobius coil and 4X Royal Cubit coil set in a fiberglass resin base.

. Succor Punch crystals start at 2.75" -3.0" long and 0.75 -1.0" in diameter for a $55

Length 3.0 " - 3.25"
2. 1.0" -1.25" diameter for $70
3. 1.25"-1.50" diameter for $85
4. 1.50"-1.75" diameter for $100

Length 3.25"- 3.75
5. 1.0"-1.25" diameter for $80
6. 1.25"-1.50" diameter for $95
7. 1.50"-1.75" diameter for $110
1.75"-2.0" diameter for $125

Length 3.75"- 4.25"
9.   1.0"-1.25" diameter for $90
1.25"-1.50" diameter for $105
11. 1.50"-1.75" diameter for $125
1.75"-2.0" dimaeter for $150

Length 4.25"- 4.75"
13. 1.50"-1.75" dimaeter for $140
14. 1.75"-2.25" diameter for $165

E. SP Pulser to pulse the SP crystal (works with battery alone or from wall outlet)..$80 (includes connecting cable with 2.1mm gold plugs and 9 VDC wall transformer)


1. 9 volt DC wall transformer for the SP Pulser can be customized with an extra long output cable/plug to run from patio wall outlet to the SP Pulser mounted on CB located in garden or patio areas. Contact me with your specifications if interested.

F. Two, 11 Turn Pure Silver Wire Wraps. Tell me which size SP crystal you wish to use, and I can quote.

G. 4X Royal Cubit coil wrapped around SP Crystal. Tell me which size SP crystal, and I can quote.

Send me an e-mail at <Editor> and write in the subject line "need chembuster option quote"

Sincerely, Ken Adachi

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