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Closing Satanic Killing Fields

By Don Croft <>
Oct. 23, 2003

Last week, Laozu came over to tell us that a lot of bad ch'i was coming off of Tomer Butte, which borders the southeast part of our valley. It's one of the peaks he can see from where he lives, ten miles to the west of us. Carol and I figured that the satanists, whom we'd driven away from all the other vortices in the region, were now going there to do their ritual murders.

We made arrangements with Diane Johnson, who owns the Latah County Landfill next to Tomer Butte and owns a cloudbuster, to access the little mountain from the landfill, as the butte was surrounded by private land. It's quite pretty and typical of many of the buttes in the American Northwest: long, gentle grassy slopes topped with a craggy, pine-covered peak.

I figured that we'd find some evidence of satanic activity somewhere near the top and I wasn't disappointed. There's a mound of earth and charcoal that Kelly said was the focal point and source of the strongest DOR and he buried several of his water-based, water-energized Towerbusters strategically to vector that energy back to it's pristine, vital state.

As far as we can tell, he's developed the best use for energized water to date. In each deployment he's brought vortices to a level of vitality that we've been unable to achieve with simple orgonite. It remains to be seen what relative effect his devices have when they are the primary gifting tech because in each case except yesterday's he's gifted vortices which others had already gifted with ordinary orgonite.

As we were walking back down the mountain to the truck Kelly could see that the two energies were vying with each other for dominance. I was a little surprised that there was so much resistance but then I realized that the now totally defeated satanists in Moscow were trying hard to maintain that DOR field. We'd taken away all of their other ritual sites and other real estate assets and freed most of the trapped spirits they were tapping for DOR.

By the time we'd gotten back to the paved road leading back to Moscow (not to be confused with the town of that name in Russia) he started laughing out loud and I knew that the vortex had entirely reverted to a healthy spin and was vital again. Kelly's a very reliable energy sensitive.

Carol was tracking our efforts from town and knew exactly when Kelly had done the trick. She said that particular mound of earth and charcoal near the summit is where they cremate the bodies of their victims. There'd been a fire there very recently.

I bet your town has as many of these murderous cretins per capita as ours does. The biggest concentration of satanic covens is in the Bible Belt, by the way, because fundamentalists, perhaps because they're 'already saved,' and have no discernible consciences frequently indulge in blood sacrifices when not spouting gibberish and resonating rythmically against their pews.

As I see it, run of the mill satanists are bad enough to work directly for MI6/CIA and NSA but not disciplined enough and are usually dope addicts. Without an army of these mayhem generators in their thrall the secret police agencies would be dead in the water, so we all need to take care of business locally. Satanists are easy meat for even a Succor Punch, of course.

Do you have a clue how dirty this world order is? Now that Cbswork has joined us on EFF perhaps we'll get some fruitful lessons again.




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