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Don Croft's Zapper &
The "Terminator"
By Ken Adachi
March 24, 2002

Don Croft first gained attention on the Internet a few years ago by selling a modified version of the Hulda Clark zapper for $50. He seemed to spending a lot on the road with his young daughter Nora, viewing America from the ground level, meeting people, and taking stock of what's happening to America. He seemed to offer the cheapest deal on the net. Other people were making and selling Hulda's zapper, but usually for $75 or more. Dr. Clark freely shared her zapper design. The schematic for Hulda Clark's zapper was published in her books on AIDS and Cancer, as well as in her book, The Cure for All Diseases. Hulda's zapper design operated at about 30,000 Hertz, or 30 KHz. It worked OK, but it possessed some inherent limitations due to its base operating frequency of 30 KHz. Hulda's zapper couldn't get the same results that Dr Bob Beck was getting with his blood electrifier design which ran at a much lower frequency of 3.92 Hz.. Both devices used a square wave output, but the frequencies of the upper harmonics produced by each zapper design were different, as were the therapeutic results. The difference in results has to do with the upper harmonics produced by each design. Beck's lower base frequency of 3.92 Hz produced a set of richer upper harmonics that was achieving better and longer lasting results. Beck's design also didn't require the constant re-zapping routine of  Hulda's design.

Don had read about Dr. Bob Beck's discovery of Drs. Kalii and Lyman's research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City in 1990. Kalii and Lyman found that a very small DC current could disable the AIDS virus while leaving normal human cells undamaged. Bob Beck employed a low frequency AC square wave that could be viewed as a series of pulsating DC currents that are changing polarity each half cycle. Dr. Beck found that he could get the same results in disabling HIV and other virii AIDS and yet apply the voltage externally, avoiding the need for placement of tiny electrodes within an artery, as was required with the Kalii patented procedure. Bob Beck chose the frequency of 3.92 because it was the first sub harmonic of the Schumann earth frequency, 7.84 Hz. Don Croft was persuaded by a Florida friend who had a background in electronics, to lower his zapper frequency to a base frequency of 15 Hz, which is very close to the first harmonic of the Schumann frequency. Don took his zapper design even further by incoporating new ideas he obtained from a web site at

This included adding metal shavings combined with polyester resin to the inside of his zapper box. This created an orgone generator, a new kid on the block. The world has known about orgone accumulators since the 1930's thanks to the books of Wilhelm Reich, but an orgone generator is a new and decided leap forward. According to Don, an orgone generator takes life negative deadly orgone or DOR and converts it into life positive orgone energy

He souped up his zapper design even more by adding Amethyst and Garnet crystal beads into the circuit, along with a strong neodymium magnet and a mobius coil. Now, he called it The Terminator  (eat your heart out Darth Vader). He began getting spectacular feedback from people using the Terminator zapper. AIDS and cancer seemed almost easy. The Terminator apparently really shines when it comes to dealing with bioengineered Mycoplasma and Prions in the body. Of course, Don's feedback merely consists of  personal anecdotes and certainly not medical claims. Thanks to the orthodox medical mafia and their corportate media lapdogs, we all know that personal anecdotes are valueless and unworthy of the serious consideration of scientists and professional men of medicine. Thank God, ordinary people still retain their common sense and God-given-brains and can utilize this valuable information in an intelligent way and remain unafflicted by such asinine dogma

In the interest of keeping the Gestapo at bay, we have to say that this information is provided strictly for education or entertaiment value. No medical claims of any sort are made or inferred concerning the use of this device. No government agency has evaluated this device for medical or any other purpose. This device is available only for purposes of personal research and investigation. Individaul results may vary. Consult the medical professional of your choice for medical advice, treatment, and diagnosis. 

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