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By Don Croft <>
Oct 1, 2002

The Matrix is mostly held up by PJ folks policing each other

For the sake of those who read this and don't believe in conspiracies, please note that the points I'm making can be just as easily made without any reference to conspiracies.  I can do that if you  wish, but this way is just an expression of personal style, which is a lot more fun for me.  After all,  'God gave me grace, but the devil gave me style.'

As I said, I support the gist of's dissertation on about the Matrix and neighbor-policing, in general.  I can't think of another soul I'm in 100% agreement with, so it doesn't bother me
when somebody such as Laurie Jadczcyk has a fundamental disagreement with me.  Those disagreements don't usually even come to mind unless I really concentrate on remembering them.

I know Arkadiusz, Laurie's husband, from a lot of previous correspondence and I didn't get that impression, Steven,  but I've come to believe that it's not relevant whether one works for the regime or not as long as one
evinces personal  integrity, which he did to me.  I gauge (for my own use, only) one's personal integrity by the consistency of one's deeds and words. Agents, and those who are heavily programmed, tend toward personal attacks and sowing seeds of doubt.  I never got a hint of that from Arkadiusz.

I've found that if someone has an agenda, a sign will show up within two or three conversations in most cases.  I generally smell agenda like s-t on a shoe.  All of our discussions centered on investigating reality and encouraging each other in that pursuit.  It's probably best to accompany an accusation like yours with some viable evidence in order not to appear  slanderous. Appearances are sufficient motivation for most of us to behave, but the best motivation is a sense of virtue, which is one's will to do right.  Ignorance is certainly an excuse, of course, but only a temporary one.

Note that no damage has been done to our forum by agent provocateurs, and that many of them who previously attempted to disrupt it are now our demonstrated supporters.  This is a new phenomenon, I believe.  Agent
provocateurs generally believe, very likely, that they're doing the right thing.  Even Hitler was a vegetarian, loved kids and dogs, and was sensitive enough to close the curtains on his limo as he drove past bombed out villages and towns in order not to weaken his resolve to 'serve the German people.' 

It's simply human nature to justify anything we do in the absence of higher awareness. Orgonite devices raise awareness by dissolving expressed fear and anger-pure and simple-and we all need to start this journey, if we
haven't already, from where we are in the moment, so there's no excuse for judging where others are starting out from.

I've got a good friend, Alan Yurko,  who's a political prisoner.  He just got out of 'the hole' in a Florida penitentiary after being set up in late August as a head of an 'insurrection' there ( a peaceful walk-out in the
cafeteria in protest of bad food, and eating is not mandatory there).  He kindly advised me not to be so hard on the NSA/CIA because there are agents in those organizations who habitually toss wrenches into the works there on behalf of humanity and those patriots need our support.

I haven't replied to him yet, but I'm going to note that 'kindness to the wolf is cruelty to the sheep,' and that this organization is about as viable and necessary as the SS or Gestapo is, so any voiced criticism of the organization is valid now. The clandestine wrench throwers there are perhaps cheering me on at this point.  If any espionage organization is necessary after the imminent shift to real government in this world,  they can no doubt find more rewarding employment there.  That organization is a hell-hole where paranoia and distrust, not to mention outright hatred, of co-workers is rampant now that the illusion of patriotism has broken down there.

The subject of mental programming is a hobby of mine at this point.  I know folks who can get into the higher aspects of that comfortably, but I'm not that adept.

One person (besides our secret buddy) whom we're correspondihg with was associated with the top personalities in the new age movement for many years, but backed out of it when she realized that they're mentally programmed to mentally program others.  I'm not sure it's prudent to name names in this context, since I'm only telling of my impressions here.

She tells me that they believe implicitly that what they're doing is for the good of all, though they obviously realize that the folks who sign their paychecks are reprehensible characters, mostly associated with the United Nations and related agencies.  She was invited to participate in some of the darker rituals involved at the higher levels.  I think that's what 'woke her up.'

Since she hasn't actively opposed these folks, they haven't done anything besides remove her financial base of support and employment opportunities (she is in show business), and they're still trying to bring her back into
the fold.  Modern shrinks didn't invent behavior modification-don't let them fool you.

She's initiating an innovative international  campaign with holy handgrenades now.

I apparently come across as 'angry' to most new-age doctrinnaires.  I'm reading Dr. Reich's journals now, which were sent to me by my fellow Orgonut, Nova Scotia Jeff, Tiospaye (thanks, Bro!) and I appreciate that he
was also passionately opposed to tyrants, sycophants, false scientists, mental programmers, etc.  He felt these should all be shot, though of course he was writing allegorically.

He paid a higher price for his convictions because folks in those days were more heavily programmed to overtly conform than we generally are.

The mentally programmed are 'thrown' to adamantly denounce anyone who expresses strong convictions, unless they're truly negative, then the programmed will attempt to console and even cajole that person back into the fold,  so to speak.

The Qur'an notes that 'They perceive the crooked to be straight and the straight to be crooked,' also that 'when you tell them the truth, they thrust their fingers into their ears,' so you can see that this is not a new phenomenon.  Indeed, there's nothing fundamentally new to the regime's approach to mental programming.  It all got adapted to some new tech, though, including hallucinogens, which it clearly developed and introduced, along with marijuana on a wide scale,  after WWII.  All mind-expanding drugs take away one's volition, therefore one's emotional and mental sovereignty, making one susceptible to suggestion and outright psychic manipulation.

I posted that site in an effort to show that when mental programming kicks in to 'kick' somebody who is expressing an opinion that's counter to the programming, it's not necessarily the case that the kicker is a consciouis
agent.  In fact this is just another aspect of the policing part of the programming.  When the PJ folks can be induced to police each others' thoughts, it means that less effort is needed by the regime to do it more
overtly, and in fact this conceals their hand more effectively.  It's all based on the herd instinct. Caroline Messe has some interesting observations about that.

To believe that having a cloudbuster and even busting towers erases all that programming is probably not a safe assumption.  We're all coming to this wonderful new stuff from our own backgrounds and history, of course.

The old style of programming broke down not long after Dr. Reich was murdered (done with the blessings of the populace).  That assault was more institution-based than the current mode is and involved physical retribution.  The newer, more insidious programming involves exclusion, though that's also an ancient technique, of course.  Conformity in the context of the new age programming has come to be seen as 'non-conformity,' and even 'rebellion,' since the sixties.  Take a look at the old movies, Woodstock, etc.,  and note the profound conformity of dress (and undress), hairstyle,  pseudo-Hindu ideology, drug use and abuse, music, literature. Some believe this spontaneously occurred, but a little digging in the history of the period shows the hand  of more assiduous organization, distribution,  financial backing, etc.   Note the same aspects in new age programming. It's not hard to see if you're inclined to look.

By the way, Reich's greatest difficulties stemmed from his open investigation of the science of sexuality.  The hedonism of this later programming is not a healthy approach, in my opinion, but at least sexuality became a topic that can be tentatively discussed in polite company in recent decades.

Initially, I was including new age indoctrination in the context of the forum as just another ideology, but in fact recent developments, both on the forum and in my personal correspondence with folks in the field, has led me to take a harder look at this modern mental construct.  I'd like to keep this discussion in the 'other issues' forum.  Some of the folks who have busted significant numbers of towers were evincing a dual personality. When they weren't doing the work,  and when they stopped doing it, the mind-controlled persona was dominant.  When they were actively engaged in the healing work, the real and more vibrant personality was dominant. It's quite eerie to witness.

Of course, most of what we're about here is related to the emerging paradigm. I'm going to continue to try to disengage our process from the ersatz newness of the old programming. I expect to take some licks for this, but please keep it out of the realm of character assault, okay?  I'm not looking for anyone to 'take sides' with me, either, though it's sweet if you feel the need to defend me or anyone. Ganging up is always counterproductive, so if we can keep this out of the realm of personalities,  I  believe we can make some progress with it.  If it becomes a cause of dissension or arouses no interest, I'll drop it.

While I've been roundly accused, now and then, of enforcing 'my way or the highway' here, I think some calm examining will show that I'm encouraging just the opposite course. That's why I'm strenuously working to keep this process clear of any ideology, doctrine or dogma.  Since I'm human, a lot of what I do is counterproductive.  Calling attention aggressively to my shortcomings or anyone else's won't help advance our common purpose, though, and I hope you can see that this process is well on the way to being self-sustaining now. If I were truly wanting to hoard the spotlight, you couldn't make this claim and we probably wouldn't be having this discussion now.

It's hard for me to wrap my brain around a broad accusations such as that, but I can deal with specific criticisms and if they're presented civilly, I'll be eager to address them and acknowledge any culpability of mine.

I sincerely believe that the current round of dominant mental programming in the world  is what we know as the new age movement, which was set up after WWII, mainly at Tavistock Institute in England,  which was set up by
Freud, who was Reich's avowed enemy.  It's fun to connect the dots in history.

Part of the reason I'm rooting so hard for Germans to get into the orgonite act is that the German POWs were used at Tavistock as guinea pigs for setting up the current new-age mind control agenda, so the Germans may
logically be the ones to undo this matrix..  The 'graduates' of Tavistock, who were the sycophants among the POWs (the ones who showed personal integrity were disqualified and left in the POW camps-the favored
sycophants were treated like celebrities and well-favored pupils), came to occupy the top positions of gov't and business in Germany directly after the war, and have been the handpuppets of the regime there ever since, as
were the Nazis before them.  If you think the Chimp in Chief had a well-greased, occult election process involving the dead voters, you can  imagine what the conquerors set up in post war West Germany.

I wish I knew a website that describes the history of that process.  I garnered it from reading a lot of forbidden books long before the internet was established.  The short hand version is THE HITLER BOOK,  a compilation
of essays by contemporary German journalists, including Helga-Zepp LaRouche, who compiled them. If you get that book, take a look at the Gestapo's relationship to Interpol and the SS' relationship to the current UN, both extremely well-documented.

I believe that the Germans can undo what was done to them and also what was done in their name, and they can do it in a very short time with this technology.

When you get to investigating how the Tavistock subsequently created the new age movement, you'll see how seamlessly this programming was incorporated in Drs. Leary's, Alper's, Watts' and other top CIA programmers' agenda in the sixties.

They well knew that drugs cause the users to be easily accessed and controlled remotely and via the media by the regime.  Montauk is intimately involved in that program, too.  I believe their delta antenna was further developed into the flat panels that are showing up in all our neighborhoods now.

The down side for their plans is that the drugs also corroded the users' connections to institutions,  which are the traditional conduits for persistent programming and are more durable than the ephemeral, fast-mutating media.  I think this aspect is the working of higher agencies,  using the regime's own efforts in order to undermine its
influence.  Take a look at the emerging-paradigm information leaking into movies and popular music these days.  Of course, the internet is entirely out of control by the 'opinion makers.'

I'm hoping that the folks involved with our network will exploit every opportunity to regain our emotional and intellectual sovereignty.   Nobody will disagree that this is impossible if someone can reach through one's
own energy field and play one like a musical instrument or use one as a weapon to create dissension in an otherwise viable network.

Of course, I'm including myself as one who needs more intellectual and emotional sovereignty.  If somebody tells me they have all of theirs, I grab my wallet just as quickly as if somebody drops Jesus' blessed name to me before I've become acquainted with that person's character.

Maybe I should pepper all my 'controversial' posts with my standard disclaimer, that you MUSTN'T take my word as 'the truth,' and at best,   I'm hoping that I can only spark you to overcome your own mental programming, as I continuously do with mine.  I'm making great progress,  and I wish the same for you. Your healing truly is my healing.

It's always a relaxing mental vacation to go to nations where the regime's mental programming matrix is not well-established.  Try it!  The locals will provide some refreshing insights and will probably be patient with
your mental burden, don't worry.  The perspecive view from there is priceless, I think you'll find. Another relaxing aspect is that whatever programming they've been subjected to will not affect you, so you'll feel freer from that, too, and will provide a positive example for them.

I didn't post for about six days because we were out busting towers and/or preparing for it. During that time a hot,  personality-based drama flared up and and got resolved in the forum with very little input from me.

My goal right now is to help the forum move forward to where I can be entirely absent and these scenarios will be calmly and routinely de-fused by many others after only one or two posts.   Reacting is clearly not productive, but the old African tradition of 'answering' may hold the key to ensuring that this will someday stop recurring.

Don Croft

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