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Orgone Generators ~ Frequently Asked Questions

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Orgone Generators from

By Don Croft
August, 2002

Orgone Generators ~ Frequently Asked Questions by Don Croft (August 2002)

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I知 beginning this FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS essay because it tears my heart out to consider the pain that newcomers to the Chembuster forum are experiencing as they wade through the volume of posts to glean a basic understanding of the process we Chembuster aficionados are involved in. I値l keep adding to it as new questions arise.  Our original cloudbuster chat forum at yahoo was sabotaged by covert agents who prevented me from posting and moderating the site. They also deleted importantt messages and cut people off from posting on a regular basis. So we mostly post our current messages at the new site above, since we have a secure server there.  It's still worth going to the old site, however,  to look at the early messages and search the archive for many good articles and photos. The old cloudbuster forum is located at: http://groups/  .

This is NOT, NOT, NOT a scientific essay or to be used to formally promote our ideas and I知 the first to admit that I don稚 fully understand what I知 doing, but I have gathered some observations over the past year of my Chembuster career that I壇 like to share in this format. You must use your discretion and not blindly accept any of these ideas or conclusions.

前rgone Generator is a term I知 using advisedly, of course, since all things are generated from orgone.   In fact, these devices primarily draw in unbalanced orgone, revitalize it, and send it back out again. There are other things happening, but I知 going to concern myself mainly with that process in this essay.

前rgone Accumulators draw in and concentrate orgone and send it back out again. When they draw in unbalanced orgone, they send it back out as unbalanced orgone, so one needs to use them in a place where there is more good orgone than the bad stuff.

I made orgone accumulators for a time before I  investigated more information about orgone generators which I learned about from a customer of mine who had obtained a small device from the internet and had paid quite a bit of money for it. 践ey擁t's nothing but metal particles embedded in epoxy!  My customer was a little irate, since he paid a lot of money for that, but I was elated by the possibilities, since this device was obviously putting out a lot more orgone than the accumulators I was making and using.

In fact, orgone generators are made by mixing equal parts, by volume, of metal particles and organic matrix material, such as epoxy resin and polyester resin. 前rganic means 蘇ydrocarbon, not necessarily something from a garden that you eat.

The metal in the mix can be ANY metal, but extremely fine particles, like the brass grindings from a key-making machine, or very large pieces, are less effective than BBs and spiral shavings and particles from a machine shop.

Contrary to the vehement objections of some researchers, aluminium is perfectly alright to use for orgone generators. I used nothing but aluminum foil and saran wrap for my numerous accumulators and the effects actually exceeded (in my opinion) the effects of the very bulky accumulators conventionally used by Reich devotees, probably because they were more adaptable, compact, even portable. This is just one instance of my karma running over someone else痴 dogma.  I wasn稚 the only person making effective orgone accumulators with aluminum, of course.

I致e requested a rational explanation from the Reich experts who told me that aluminum is forbidden as a component in orgone devices, but have been met with stoic silence from them on that subject. I refrain from mentioning their names out of respect and I don稚 want to embarrass them. These experts have had plenty to say to me otherwise, so maybe someday they値l produce a rational argument用ossibly after at least one of them has tried our newer methods.

My daughter, Nora, was living with me when I started experimenting with orgone generators three years ago.  She went through death at age five and was able to see subtle energies after that, so I put her to work when she was eleven, evaluating the energy patterns and strength of the various orgone generator configurations I was making. Nora痴 living with her mom now, but my new wife, Carol, also has the gift of seeing subtle energies and she and I came up with the configurations that we池e using for the Chembuster, Holy Handgrenade (HHGs), St. Buster痴 Button, and Harmonic Protector (thereapeutic orgone generator, used on the body).

Basic Components of Orgone Generators

SO揺ere are the basic components of an orgone generator:  equal parts resin and metal particles, quartz crystal/s aligned in the direction you wish the orgone to travel (crystals also inherently organize chaotic energy and act as extensions of a person痴 will). Pipes open on one end, the other embedded in the generator, are added to enhance the orgone flow and/or the draw of unbalanced orgone, and the lengths, diameter and number of pipes are a factor.

We are pioneers with this technology, but are by no means experts, nor do we fully understand the process. We池e happy to leave that to others who are more intelligent and have the inclination to analyze it correctly.

As pioneers, though, we池e apparently way ahead of anyone coming to this from even the most august and reputable of scientific, even metaphysical backgrounds. The long trail of letters behind one痴 name won稚 open the door to understanding this essentially simple process, I知 sorry to say, and only one痴 own experiential observation and instincts will bring understanding.

Among the current Chembuster veterans, there are the unemployed and unskilled, as well as doctors, engineers and scientists, and the former are certainly no less successful in their efforts than the latter. In fact, the latter actually are struggling with a handicap, since a lot of what is happening in front of them contradicts their science paradigm, and that tends to hamper their integration process a bit.  There痴 a lot to be said for formal education, but one who has earned letters does need to contend with 奏he dust of acquired knowledge that tends to obscure the human heart and instincts.

Assuming that you致e read the instructions for the orgone generating devices, I値l just start listing the Qs and As. Please excuse the apparent disorder. Maybe some inspired soul with a better sense of order will organize and edit  this someday.

1. Enough said about the type of metal yet?  Copper works a little better than alminum, gold works a little better than copper, but availability of materials and costs are a more important consideration, in my opinion.

Some people want to try other substances as a matrix for the metal, but I think that polyester resin [Fiberglass resin] and epoxy work best because they池e made from organic compounds and harden quickly by catalytic reaction. The resin/metal mix doesn稚 put out nearly as much energy while the resin is in a liquid state as it does after it hardens. I don稚 know why. Cement has a high mineral content, snot is mostly water, other materials that may be suitable but need to dry may take years to dry completely.  Wax would probably work, but would liquefy on a hot day, reducing it痴 effectiveness and the pipes in the CB would fall over.

This is a fun topic for Carol and I, as there is so much superstition connected to the use of crystals. Whenever I hear that stuff, I start revving the engine in my karma, setting my sights on that dogma crossing the road. I feel okay about that, since I知 performing a service to my fellow humans who otherwise might be excluded by this exclusive posturing by would-be gurus and grand poobahs.

In truth, anyone can clear any crystal, anytime, with a little bit of directed intention.  People who like to engage in rituals and dogma are free to do so, and this works as well, but not better, than just imagining the crystal in a cleared, energized state and 僧aking it so.   PUH-LEEEEEZE!!!!   My wife, Carol, is an accomplished  witch, and uses rituals a lot, but she doesn稚 waste time spinning her wheels, so why should you?

In another truth, crystals in the vicinity of ANY orgone generator automatically get cleared of 創egative energy because orgone generators mindlessly draw in any unbalanced energy within range and send it back out as balanced energy.   It should go without saying that crystals within an orgone generator are no longer capable of holding unbalanced energy.

I consider this the ultimate test for the orgone generator.  Everyone who works with orgone accumulators knows that they mustn稚 be used within many  miles of a nuke, so we made an effort to drive close to one awhile back to see what would happen.

We picked the big one north of Portland on the Columbia River near I-5.  I was driving the Zapporium, which has seven pyramid-shaped orgone generators over the cab and a very large orgone accumulator under the entire floor in the back;  Carol was following close behind in the car, which has a middle size pyramid orgone generator in the back window (she uses this to find her car in mall parking lots by looking for the big blue dome of orgone in the distance).

When we got within about forty miles, Carol said orgone field of the pyramid suddently expanded outward and became denser, then she looked at the Zapporium and saw the same thing on a much bigger scale.   I stopped by the highway right beside the nuke to confer with her and she was quite astonished at the magnitude of the healthy orgone field emanating from the vehicles.  AS we drove on, the fields diminished again to their normal range and strength.

A few months later, we were on a beach on Plum Island, Florida and Carol noticed that the Terminator she was wearing was putting out an extraordinary amount of orgone (it has a small orgone generator in it, so we wondered if there was a nuke nearby. We drove to the other end of the island, forty miles away, and at the halfway point found the nuke.

The next week we put a crude Holy Handgrenade (HHG) in the bushes on the nuke property. This one was made in a little Terminator box, 1肺2肺3 with a couple of quartz crystals lined up together in it. Carol said the dead orgone field had extended about forty miles until we put the device in the bushes, then the field stopped right there in a spherical form, centered in the reactor, apparently. In this case the effect was instantaneous, but at some of the other nukes we visited later with our more refined, cone shaped holy handgrenades, the healing process took up to a week to be completed. These were built on natural vortices, though and are probably not the norm. It痴 a good idea to keep a couple of modest HHgs with you when you travel so you can have the opportunity to restrict a deadly energy field this way and thus take a significant part in the planet痴 healing process.

Dr. Reich proved that the worst effects of nuclear reactors is the deadly orgone (DOR) fields they create, which can稚 be shielded, rather than the radioactive aspects. We believe that if he knew about orgone generators, he certainly would have used them.

This is an important concern if you池e using one of the Cloudbusters made according to Dr. Reich痴 parameters, and only skilled, knowledgable people should consider using those.

Ours, however, though we sometimes call them "Cloudbusters," only approximate the function of Dr. Reich痴 invention.   We like the name, 舛loudbuster, to honor Dr. Reich, who was martyred by the alleged US govermnent for his courageous spirit and monumental service to humanity in 1957, after his books were publicly burned and his character viciously slandered by the prostituted press and academia.

In fact, since these are essentially 粗nergy balancers, they only assist the dialogue between the earth and its atmosphere which, when unhampered by human intervention, regulates the rainfall and temperature in the environment.  Note that nearly everyone who has a Chembuster in operation and has sufficient powers of observation, has reported regular, moderate  rainfall and/or snow, milder temperatures, absence or reduction of strong winds, very little  lightning during storms (plenty of thunder, but generally muted), reduction or absence of smog, greatly improved ambience for miles around, not to mention the destruction of chemtrails and HAARP effects.

It痴 extremely important to note that in order for the Chembuster to complete the process of re-introducing the earth-to-atmosphere dialogue, we must remove all major sources of energy pollution in the region.   Dr. Reich was aware of this, too, though many, if not most, of the Reich Cloudbuster users apparently haven稚 yet learned  how to do this.

We池e finding that all of the energy polluting sites are either man-made or are natural vortices corrupted by human activity and will. Simply placing a Holy Handgrenade on or as near as possible to each of these spots, such as Masonic and Mormon Temples, courthouses, nuke plants, universities,  satanic ritual sites, some churches, sites of massacres, prisons, transmitter arrays, corporate headquarters, Federal Reserve Banks, stock exchanges,  all major government buildings, etc.,  will assure that your Chembuster will bring balanced weather to your region.

In major cities more than one Chembuster may be required.  If you have a Chembuser on or close to a major natural vortex, the effect will be a lot stronger and the range will extend much farther than if the CB were in a less energizing location.

Can you hear the engine revving again?

Carol and I  waxed scientific last summer for a moment and did a controlled experiment to help us resolve this question for our own understanding. Some people we know who are very spiritual and of sound character, but who were unable to see the effects of the Chembuster, agreed to have one in each of their yards.

The two live about 15 miles apart, too close, really, to compare their individual Chembuster's effects, but we noticed that the chemtrails began disappearing within hours after they were in place, and the smog was gone within a week from that metropolitan area (it痴 still essentially gone, though it was the fifth worst smog location in the nation before that). There was regular rainfall throughout the summer as well, and milder temperatures, though the city is close to the edge of a desert. The desert, by the way, up to a hundred fifty miles away,  had new green plants throughout the summer, too, which is entirely unheard of for that region.

These fine people are still completely unable to see that the Chembuster has had any effect at all. Maybe Dr. Sharon痴 assertion that this deficit in awareness is a function of the low DHEA level in the blood is the operative factor here, but we are now convinced that even if the CB owner is not aware of the operation of his/her own CB, it will still work very well.

Don稚 be discouraged, though, you who wish to proudly fly the banner of metaphysics預 person who is more aware of what his/her Chembuster is doing will get better results, proportionate to his/her state of awareness. That痴 a pretty good incentive, since the mere presence of an orgone generator, especially one as big as a Chembuster, will heighten one痴 awareness and speed up one痴 ability to ingtegrate information/energy.

To me, the significance of this sort of technology (works great but has no moving parts) is that it痴 a springboard to a state of consciousness in which no external technology is needed. Unlike the Luddites among us, though, I am grateful for all of this intermediate technology and intend to fully exploit it while we still need it. We値l be manifesting what we need  with thought while they池e still living in leaky hovels and eating grubs.

I haven稚 considered if a person who in firmly entrenched in a state of denial would cause his Chembuster to operate less efficiently. I壇 be very surprised if a person would be able to maintain that blissful state very long in the presence of any orgone generator, but maybe that situation will develop one of these days so we can all have some data about that.

Gert Botha, who is the Afrikaaner who opened a can of Pandora痴 worms, so to speak, last fall when mild thunderstors peppered the Namib Desert in the vicinity of his Chembuster, used very funky crystals found lying on the ground on his desert property.  He had made the Chembuster from found materials in early July because the incessant seasonal sandstorms were stopping him from working on his new house and he just got fed up with that.

From the instant it was finished, the wind stopped. The sandstorms came almost daily for awhile after that but at first they stopped, as if by a wall of energy, at the cloudbuster, then that 層all receded into the direction of the wind until they stopped altoghether a few weeks later. The rainstorms came about a month after that and lasted a few weeks.

Having said that, I do think it痴 best to get reasonably good quality quartz crystals for the Chembuster. The ones from Michelle and Gladys are good examples and are not expensive. Please buy a lot of them so these fine people can make it worth their while to go to the trouble of sending them to you and so you値l be encouraged to make a lot of Holy Handgrenades, as well as a Chembuster, to heal your region, okay?

I can direct you to somebody who might be willing to sell you very, very special crystals for a few hundred dollars apiece and more (we use those for other stuff) but this is overkill for the cloudbuster and holy handgrenades.  Carol uses a $1500 Vogel creation for her Succor Punch.

Have I made it clear yet that these basic devices are for everyone, not just for an elite corps?

We池e all generals in this army.  How nice!  Who doesn稚 hate to take orders from other 3D humans (be truthful)?

There痴 certainly nothing stopping you from doing that, but if you want to make a comparison the rest of us can use, you値l also need to make a basic one at some point so we can have a baseline.   If you have a brainstorm and want somebody else to make it happen, you should examine your own intentions and see whether they池e 壮tanding in integrity, because whoever comes up with a 層hat if scenario is generally obligated to manifest it him/herself first, I think.

We致e been finding that this is usually a factor.  We don稚 do that where we live now because there痴 been plenty of precipitation since we moved here in September, 2001, but others are telling  us that only when their CBs are pointing in a certain direction does the rain come. Usually, but not always, one points the CB away from where the rain normally arrives. This is something that you, as a general ;-) might need to determine for yourself.

When Carol and I were traveling around the test-section of the Namib Desert to place the Chembuster and HHgs, we found it best to point the CBs away from the geographical center and vector that downwind, generally, but we aren稚 aware of the results yet, other than a cryptic email from Gert (his last before he became unreachable) saying that interesting things were happening then in the skies, two weeks after we left.   There was a good amount of rain happening along the eastern (upwind) edge of the area, but we don稚 count that, since rainfall there is not extremely untypical.   The Namib, I知 told, is the driest region on earth.

You bet you can!  We池e only offering some basic parameters for an effective, economical cloudbuster. Any device that will move orgone, such as a magnet, a Seed of Life coil (on the tips of the pipes and/or cast into the bottom of the bucket), a Succor Punch, a Holy Handgrenade, perhaps curved pipes葉he possibilities are limitless擁s worth experimenting with. Hopefully, you値l keep the Chembuster forum informed when you find that your efforts have paid off.

I知 only putting this question here because so much attention is paid to it, not that it痴 worth talking about. We leave our CBs out in the weather, in the front yard, and after months of rain and snow I found that there was no water dripping out when I turned one upside down last week.  I guess the next question concerns leaving it outdoors, so I want to assure you that it will be essentially invisible to almost everyone. I don稚 know why.

When people put one together, they often tell me about visits from strange aircaft, even UFO痴 right afterward, continuing sometimes for months, so you wont be keeping it a secret from Big Brother if you hide it in your closet.The energy signature of one of these is painfully obvious to them by now & they池e usually pretty good at locating them.

Last fall, Fred Fischl took one of his Chembusters to a health fair not far from where we live, so we drove down there to support his efforts. It was very overcast and smoggy in that valley, but not raining, which is typical of a HAARP weather system.  From up the road we saw a bright spot in the overcast that wasn稚 moving or changing, so we figured that it was where Fred had his cloudbuster. When we got there, though, we saw that the clear opening  was sort of offset about a mile or so to the west.

Fred took it outdoors and a bigger hole opened up right over us and within an hour the whole sky was clear, almost to the horizon in every direction, and the smog disappeared, too.  We attributed the muted, offset results to the metal roof the Chembuster was under.

We had found earlier that the Chembusters are not as effective when the pipe ends are covered by anything at all, and that indoors they work less effectively, generally. Our first indoor cloudbusting experience was at a motel in Rangely, Maine, last March. There was a very ominous, fast-moving cloudcover at the time, and we had arrived the previous evening at the end of a blizzard. Another blizzard was forecast to start at any moment.

I had a little insomnia after Dr. Reich showed up in a lucid dream to show me a device (which I致e since forgotten about) and put the pipes on the base and stood it up by the TV. It was around 5AM, and I went back to sleep. Around 8 we went outside to go to breakfast and saw several people standing around looking at the sky. There was  a blue hole right overhead that was stationary, though the clouds were reforming on the downwind side of the hole.  I said, 糎e did that! and they gave us a funny look.  I carried the Chembuster out to show them, but they壇 lost interest already.  Africa is a lot more fun than America with this stuff, as the people actually notice extraordinary things and talk about them.

For the record, the custodians of the Reich Museum (whoever they are) outside Rangeley were inhospitable to us and were rather rude on the phone, though we had notified them of our coming a month in advance and had determined that we壇 arrive during their hours of operation. They hadn稚 responded to our request to visit them, so we took a chance to drive the 1500 miles to see where Dr. Reich did his amazing work. We took some pics of the Chembuster set up on the edge of the property and left before they壇 have a chance to call the Sherriff.   I bet they won稚 do that again to somebody else when this little report gets circulated.  I bet Dr. Reich would have thrown his door open to a stranger any time, especially if the stranger had some good news for him. After I published this event last May, I got an email from the Reich Museum in which they apologized for their inhospitality, but I知 still a little miffed and would like to tweak them a bit more.

We池e amused that one of our friends who has a CB is acutely concerned that Big Bro not know about it, and we get that he痴 being specially scrutinized now by the very people he wants to hide from. They say that fear breeds more fear, and I致e been trying to get him to re-locate his cajones and come out of the closet, so to speak.  I know nothing bad will happen to him, because the felonious feds and others are mainly just curious to know how we can do so much damage to their predatory agenda without even breaking a sweat or missing time at work.   It would be counterproductive for them at this point to stop us all, even if they were stupid enough to try that, and the nice thing is that they won稚 be able to understand it until they, themselves, renounce their predatory agenda. It痴 a sort of Catch 22 for them.

Meanwhile, you should enjoy the airshow that may present to you after your CB is in operation. We致e been visited at or near treetop altitude by a plethora of unusual craft.   If I知 not really quick with my binoculars, they veer  away before I can clearly see the faces of the pilots and crew. My favorite visitors are the big black triangle antigrav craft, but they致e only shown up in sparsely populated areas we致e lived in. Steven in Vancouver, BC, is the only urban-dwelling CB aficionado who regularly reports seeing blatant UFO appearances near his home. Steven in suburban Atlanta gets a lot of visits like that, but they池e apparently more discreet.

We池e waiting for somebody on the forum to report what happens when a laser pointer is directed at these UFO痴 since some of them may be holograms and will thus light up like a Christmas tree when a laser beam hits.

Somebody once told me that it痴 against federal laws to make orgone devices.   I guess they made those laws after they burned Reich痴 books and imprisoned and murdered him. I hope to Grid one of those agents will try to enforce those alleged laws with me. That will be a fun dance. There痴 no such thing as bad publicity, and even I would be astonished at their stupidity if they choose to draw attention to this project that way. We aren稚 living in the fifties any more and 奏he government is no longer seen as the benevolent protector, as the Depression Babies (the bulwark of the 組o along to get along movement, or lemmings, as the case may be)  were deluded into believing.   If anyone at the time had mentioned the similarity of that book burning and the ones the nazis and Red Guard carried out, he壇 probably have been thrown in the pokey or thrown onto the fire itself.  I知 pretty sure we致e grown beyond that scenario by now, at least in America, China and Europe. I think the Russians never completely bought into the regime痴 false ideologies. When they come to America, they池e usually shocked that Americans tend to accept what the whorish newsreaders and yellow journalists are saying here, which is exactly the stuff they wished to leave behind when they emigrated.

Note, though,  that there are no angry, torch-carrying mobs in the streets of America, burning effigies of 壮warthy, evil Muslims even though the current regime has gone to great lengths to make that happen. Carol believes that when the felonious feds blew up the Twin Towers and blamed it on the Muslims of the world, it was the beginning of their present, steady slide toward the abyss (or prison, hopefully).

If you make your Chembuster pretty soon, you値l be able to say to your grandkids,炭es, indeed, I was one of the few who helped end the mayhem and genocide perpetrated by that defeated world order during its last, desparate years!

I can稚 even say that these shapes are optimal, but I can say that they work very well. Incidentally, many are making the HHgs with the top crystal sticking up out of the point. This is prettier, but it痴 slightly less effective than if the crystal were imbedded in the point. Considering that most of these will be hidden in the bushes, buried or dropped into water, I hope you値l opt for the less attractive method.

We designed this to unravel energy blocks in the body and activate the chakras. The top is rounded so that energy won稚 squirt out the point, as they do with cones and pyramids. We want that orgone go move into the body, so the flat side is put against the body (thru clothing is fine) and the magnet simply causes a toroidal current of orgone through the bottom surface.

I put the north side of the magnet down because I want the orgone to pass through the purple amethyst first (top side), then the red garnet (bottom side). It痴 not a major consideration, but it replicates and encourages movement of cosmic energy into the crown chakra (purple)  and out through the root chakra (red), a process that balances and energizes all aspects of one痴 being..

The spiral embedded in the bottom surface is made as suggested by Linda Kingsbury, our local healer friend. It spins the toroidal currents in a direction that will get the chakras spinning in an optimal direction and otherwise it just looks cool and mysterious. When we need herbs, we ask Linda first, because she痴 got Carol痴 psychic gift and applies it to her work with herbs. She has tinctures that do much more than heal the body, by the way, and her prices are affordable.

I hope you値l take the diagram of St. Buster痴 Button to a rock and gem shop or a bead shop to get the appropriate gemstones.   The magnets are available from I found that bare copper wire, about 20 gauge, is nice to work with.

I cut off the spout of a small plastic funnel, tape the opening, and when the resin has cured, I sand the top into a round shape on my belt sander.  The amethyst is a short distance from the top, so there痴 no risk of sanding into that.

Until recently, I was calling the Succor Punch the 腺ig Secret, but Carol was given instructions for another device, which isn稚 technically an orgone generating device, and I decided that the newer device is more deserving of the name.  I can稚 tell you about that one yet, it痴 a secret ;-)

We were getting pretty hammered by aliens when we first started using the Chembuster, and were fairly at our wits end trying to find ways to neutralize their attacks. I won稚 go into the details, but some of you resonate to what I知 saying here.

We壇 been using the mobius coil in our Terminators for about six months at that point, and had put a very large mobius coil in the energized grid in the floor of the Zapporium and noticed that as long as we were inside, with the frequency generator turned on at 15Hz, we couldn稚 be touched.  It came to a head, though, when a Draconian overlord talked Carol into having a telepathic dialogue, which he apparently assumed was an invitation to enter the Zapporium, which he did.

We were in bed, which is the Zapporium痴 floor, and I was awake, looking at Carol beside me. I saw the transparent visage of a Draconian as he sort of eased into Carol痴 body, like  a movie special effect. I was astonished to see that his/her face looked just like Richard Gephardt痴 if you were to stretch it lengthwise. I woke Carol from her trance and we both agreed that it wasn稚 a good idea for her to 租ialogue with this person, as he/she was fundamentally untrustworthy at this point.

I don稚 remember how I got the idea, but I had already wrapped a mobius coil around a sound crystal that I壇 been using, so I applied the 15Hz square wave from a zapper circuit to the coil and concentrated on sending a beam of orgone from the crystal to that Draconian, ingniting his/her midline with kundalini fire and enveloping him/her with a sphere of dense, contracting orgone, all pulsating at 15Hz. I felt the connection at the same instant Carol told me that this entity was uttering dire curses and promising to make our lives a living hell.  I was a little sorry for him/her but Carol assured me I was doing no harm but in fact was just helping the entity get back in touch with emotion.

We weren稚 bothered again after that by any ET or  human predators until Carol got back from Kenya. Some voodoo guys followed her back astrally to perhaps punish her for curing so many AIDS sufferers during her stay in a village. This was a little more gruesome and unrefined, but it was easily resolved with our Succor Punches and some nice Pleiadians came into the room and healed the lesion left by the the voodoo guys in her aura.

Some other folks who have these just keep them turned on whenever they feel vulnerable to interference by ET痴 or government psychics (in spite of Maj. Ed Dames posturing, his job is as obsolete as buggy whips now). This prevents abductions, we believe.

Anyone can do this, actually, but it痴 nice to get some real-time confirmation from somebody else involved in the process. I think I got the hint for making this device when I realized that when the Terminator was on my body I felt safer from this sort of interference.

Predatory entities have a fear and hatred of concentrated, healthy orgone, perhaps because it forces them to wake up, spiritually. Having a strong orgone field around you is sort of like sleeping near a campfire in areas where there are cougars and bears

I won稚 go into the healing benefits of the Succor Punch, but Dr. Elaine Carter uses one in her clinic and loves it. She痴 also got a Chembuster and has made and deployed lots of Holy Handgrenades in her area. I made a couple of half-scale Chembusters, one for her, one for me. I call it a Clodbuster because it痴 pretty potent for breaking up somebody痴 calcified mindset if you aim it at him up close, but Dr. E just leaves one standing in her treatment room to enhance the ambience there and she calls it something else.  She sent me some interesting accounts in the 粗arly days  that I can share with you.

People aren稚 generally getting attacked after they make Chembusters any more. This may be because the Draconians are jumping ship now, having perhaps decided that the human detritus that call themselves the New World Order are no longer stable or reliable enough to employ, or maybe the vibratory rate of our planet has elevated to the point where they are no longer comfortable being here. These two things may be related. I don稚 have any delusions about being solely responsible for their departure, but I知 having fun participating in the process. We致e noticed that the other predatory ET races and the native reptilians who serve their agenda (not all of the reptilians are on their side) are all subservient to the Draconians and wouldn稚 p--- if their clothes were afire unless the Draconians gave them permission.

These things are as real to Carol and I, and others, as the Chinese were to Marco Polo. I知 probably doing you a favor telling you about it now, as these entities will very likely soon be as visible to you as they are to us, and you can now hopefully avoid freaking out when that happens.

Quite a few well-intentioned people who started working with us before that flaked out when the heat was turned on by the agents of the alien agenda. A couple of them even wrecked their cars and one tried to exploit the process (that one ended rather ignominiously for the person, who shall remain un-named) at the expense of our hard-earned, though modest, reputation.

Michelle, Kristina and the Relfes were also hit pretty hard by agents of the agenda, but they used their Succor Punches judiciously and came through their tests with flying colors. Since we池e all generals, it just wouldn稚 do if we ran from battle at the first sign of arrows, would it?  Kristina gave us information from lucid dreams that led to some significant improvements for our Terminators, and her basis for the work she痴 doing now was established in a sacred way.

Pretty soon the market demand for these things will give you all more work than you may perhaps want, and please feel free to use my name in association with your products on websites and elsewhere as long as I can review what you wrote about me first, okay?

Don Croft

© Copyright 2002  All Rights Reserved.

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