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What is Orgone?

By Alex Schiffer
Taken from  The Experimenter's Guide to the Joe Cell
Copyright 1998

What is Orgone? by Alex Schiffer (1998)

“How should it be done, then?, was always the immediate question.  The answer s simple: Exactly the opposite way that it is done today.” ~Viktor Schauberger

As all known effects of Orgone are seen in the functioning of a Joe cell, it is reasonable to assume that the reader should have a good working knowledge of Orgone energy.  Additionally, as the cell obeys all know Orgone laws and as the cell’s operation does not contradict even one Orgone effect, it is safe to assume that this is the energy that is utilized in the cell.  In honour of, and respect to one of the world’s great, forgotten, and scorned scientists, namely Wilhelm Reich, I will contine to use the name Orgone as used by Reich.  A multitude of other scientists, great and small, have given this mysterious force a name.  In a following chapter I have listed at least 70 names by various individuals for the same or a similar force.

Orgone energy is the live cosmic energy of Nature.  To quote Reich… The Cosmic OR Energy fills the universe…and …it is a spontaneously pulsating, mass-free energy…

For interested readers, there is a huge collection of facts, opinions and absolute rubbish on the internet regarding Reich and Orgone.  As the aim of this book is to focus on the Joe cell, the above definition will suffice.


Thousands of properties have been observed for the life force and I would like to list and explain the main ones relating to the cell.

1.It is mass free i.e. Orgone energy has no inertia or weight, etc., so conventional test equipment that requires reaction or something to “push” against to measure a force will be ineffective.

2. It is present everywhere, but more importantly to the Joe cell user, the concentration is variable from place to place and from time to time [ we are waiting to find out if putting an orgone generator in proximity to a Joe cell will eliminate this variable  ~Don].

3. It is in constant motion.  It has an uneven movement from West to East at a speed considerably greater than the earth’s rotation.  The motion is a pulsating expansion and contraction and a flow normally along a curved path.  Inside an accumulator, the energy is emitted as a spinning, pulsating wave.  Both of these can be seen to varying degrees in a charging vat and/or cell.  These signs are very important to the experimenter as they are his tools in the different stages of seeding and breeding of the cell.

4. It negates the laws of entropy [old paradigm= entropy, new paradigm=negentropy ~D].  Orgone energy flows from the lower concentrations to the higher concentrations i.e. Orgone attracts concentrations to itself.  This is the normal process of creation and as such is a proof of Orgone being a living energy.  For the experimenter, this is very important, especially in the seeding stage.  If the cell is located in unfavourable location, it may not seed or take a long time to seed [! ;-)].  I have had cells taking 4 weeks to seed, others take only a few days.

5. Matter is created from it.  Under appropriate conditions, which are not rare or unusual, I have had different minerals formed from identical cells.  This in my case is usually a white or green powder that forms as a very fine colloid that eventually sinks to the bottom of the cell.  You definitely don’t want this to occur in the Joe ce3ll as the cell will not run the car and the only solution is to completely dismantle, repolish and clean all components.  For the skeptical, you may assume that the deposits are coming out of the water.  I strongly disagree.

6. It can be manipulated and controlled.  We do this in the cell by forming alternate organic and non-organic “cylinders” to form an accumulator for the Orgone.  Thus the organic layers attract and soak up the Orgone and the metallic layers draw it from the organic material and radiate it into the interior of the accumulator.  Additionally we use electricity, magnetism and electrolysis to assist with the breeding process.

7. It comes from the sun in vast quantities.  As such, allowing for thermal lag, the Orgone density peaks in the afternoon and diminishes in the early morning hours.  As people have found, a leaky cell will not function as it “dies” around 3 to 4AM.

8. It is affected by weather [orgone accumulators are not], i.e. humidity, cloudcover, temperature and time of day affects the accumulation of Orgone.  For the experimenter with a leaky cell this explains the weird behaviour of leaky cells i.e. sometimes they work, other times not, but if you stand on one foot, talk to it, try different water, chemistry, more or less power etc., it will “come good.”  This has created a whole religion of what you must do or not do, to such and extent that with the blind leading the blind, the cell in the hands of a casual constructor is doomed to failure.

9A. It moves in the direction of a magnetic field.  This is highly significant to the cell builder.  This factor controls the position and polarity of the cell’s internal wiring as well as controlling how much residual magnetism the steel can have and still allow the cell to work.  This is critical in the choice and cutting operations of the related metals.  Again, a whole mythology has developed around this area.  From reading previous material on the subject, it seems that the steel has to be cut by vestal virgins in the Black Forest on a moonlit night! [I LOVE this man!]

9B. It moves at right angle to an electrical field.  Again, highly important, as it dictates polarity and wiring connection to the cell.

10. It is absorbed by water.  This is one of the reasons that we use water in the cell.  To be successful, the water has to be the right type of water.  By the way, for example, we could have used bees wax instead of water, but as we want to encourage the breeding process with all the tricks in the book, the bees wax would have prevented the use of electrolysis.

11. It is polarized.  As Orgone is polarized, that is, we can have positive or negative Orgonic force, so we can build a positive or negative cell.  But, as you mix your positive and negative construction materials as most people do, then your result is a leaky or non-operationsl cell.  [+ and – here refer to direction of orgone flow, not good and bad orgone]

 12. It will penetrate or travel along all known materials.  All bodies of continuous structure are equally good conductors e.g. it may travel through 70 feet or more of solid metal.  As such, do not think that you are trapping it in the cell.  The only reason it stays in the cell at all is because it wants to [thank you, JESUS!].  It is up to the experimenter to set up a seeding and breeding environment that is conducive to the Orgone and not try to create an imaginary prison that the experimenter hopes will trap the Orgone [not for control freaks or aficionados of the Uniform Commercial Code, perhaps…].  As a side note: mankind has created synthetic materials in recent times that can greatly stop the penetration of Orgone.  I am talking about polymers [must I now give up my leisure suits?]

13. It has a slow conduction rate.  Orgone will take 20 seconds to traverse 50 yards of wire.  For the experimenter, this means that you should wait about 30 seconds after turning power on to the cell before you can expect to observe Orgone action at a stable rate.

14. It exhibits a constant upward tendency, rising vertically.  Highly important in creating a non-leaky cell installation in a car.

15. It cannot remain in steel or water longer than about 1 hour.  Simply said, if your cell is not breeding, it will die in about an hour.  This explains the use of a 1.5V battery across leaky cells to maintain a breeding process.  What you achieve with the small potential across the cell is a very low rate of electrolysis that matches the leaking of the cell and thus maintaining the breeding process.

16. It radiates a great distance.  From a typical cell the radiation circumference is at least 160 feet.  Think about it!

17. It follows optical laws.  It can be refracted by a prism, reflected by polished surfaces, etc.  This explains the reason for the mirrored or highly polished surfaces in some parts of the cell.  It also allows us to control some leaking by utilizing optical laws [we find that orgone generators are much more effective when used with crystals].

18. It surrounds itself with alternating spherical zones of opposite polarity.  This is utilized by us to determine cylinder diameters and consequential spacing in the optimization of the cell [Joe Blow, the inventor, made his cells without this consideration and they were successful.  The one demonstrated in  his video was made in a glass  sugar jar]

19. It is affected by living beings. Again, important, as the experimenter and his attitude can interact with the cell [I think that even The Amazing Randy couldn’t make it stop if there was an orgone generator present].

20. It can only be concentrated to the finite amount.  If a cell is charged to its maximum degree so that it can hold no more, the Orgone will transform itself into electricity, and in this way or form, find a discharge.   By the visual observation of the bubbles, pulsations, and surface tension of the water, we utilize this fact to our advantage.

21. Torsion (Orgone) fields transmit information without transmitting energy, and they propagate through physical media without interacting with the media [compatible with crystals this way, too]

22.Torsion (Orgone) fields cannot be shielded by most materials, but can be shielded by materials having certain spin structures, as in #12 above.

23. Each physical object, in living or non-living nature, possesses its own characteristic torsion (Orgone) field [we put rare earth magnets in the orgone generating material in our Terminators to push orgone into the body in a toroid field for localized healing and pain relief]

24. All permanent magnets possess their own torsion (Orgone) field.

25. Torsion (Orgone) fields can be generated as a result of a distortion of the geometry of the physical vacuum.  This is demonstrated by pyramids, cones, cylinders, flat triangles, etc. [Juju, Bwana! See Mr. Weltz “win friends and influence people” piece on ;-)]

26. Torsion (Orgone) fields can be screened by aluminium.  This allows the use of aluminium coated mirrors, or highly polished aluminium to reflect our Orgone (torsion) field.  See point 17 above.

27. It will pass through all materials, but at different speeds.

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