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Dr. DeMeo Doesn't Like Orgonite Cloudbusters

By Don Croft <>
March 26, 2005

Thanks for your encouragement, Don!

I wanted to ask you your opinion on something. I read a scathing article a couple of days ago by James DeMeo while surfing the web on CB's. It was basically postings of several emails he had written to you followed up by summaries of his opinion of your work, even going so far as to suggest you are irresponsible and perhaps some wacked occult leader. He also expressed how put off he was that you seemed to be arrogantly dismissing his concerns.

At first I was a little disturbed, but as I read on I started to realize that this guy has no concept of the level you are working on. He obviously does not understand your language or experiences. Being an energy sensitive myself I was able to put Mr. DeMeo into a proper context and have compassion for his limited view of the world.

I can understand how when you reach a certain level of awareness through your own work, affirmations and experience you have the ability and the courage to get off the hampster wheel of conditioning and limitation. It's like you realize that you, and the world we are trying to save don't have time for people who are still on that wheel. People can only wake themselves up out of a genuine desire to do so.

One of the things I found interesting in his article was when he was describing his experiments with the CB he had built with your instructions, or what he refers to as the Coft CB. He said that when he first got it up and running he and his worker bees got headaches from being around it. I meditated on this and what came up for me was the possibility that he did not construct it with the proper INTENTION. (i.e. not from the heart & not for the purpose of healing the planet) Either that or his personal frequency and that of his worker bee's doesn't like healthy orgone. If the latter is true what does that say about Mr. DeMeo?

Anyway Don, I wanted to get your perspective on this. What do you think about DeMeo's intentions, and in general, how important is the quality of your intentions when building these devices?

Also, on a side note & for fun, I have a TB that has been riding on my dashboard of my car for at least a couple of months. I decided to replace it with a newer and prettier one yesterday and gave the old one to a co-worker at my job. When I handed it to her it litterally zapped her! She had a very astonished look on her face and had to put it down on the counter.

She picked it up again and studied it and noticed the copper wrapped around the crystal. She said she could feel lots of energy coming off of it. She handed it back to me and asked me if I was sure I wanted to give it up? I held it and I immediatlely felt a surge of very nice energy moving through my entire body. It was amazing as I have never experienced that from a TB before. I could almost hear it saying "I want to stay with you!" So I kept it and gave her the pretty one. HEHE..



From Don Croft:

Dear Jeffe,

The reason that I never answer Dr DeMeo's specific accusations in a public format is that I don't want to dignify them with a response, simply stated. It's the same attitude I've taken toward the rest of my detractors, too, in fact.

I rarely mention him at all because, frankly, I believe that the only person who has ever publicly demonstrated an ability to get results with Dr Reich's cloudbuster (since Dr Reich), hence the only person who is perhaps qualified to discuss those parameters at all, is Trevor James Constable.

I'm slightly less charitable toward my critics than you seem to be, frankly, and the other reason I don't answer DeMeo's objections directly (I have thoroughly and repeatedly answered all of them throughout my writings, of course, and did, in fact, exhaustively answer most of his emails to me) is that he's one of our best advertisers, so allowing myself to be degraded by a biased 'debate' would take away from the mystique and allow DeMeo to paint me in a corner with his unethical tactics. It's a mistake to let any inveterate enemy seize and hold an initiative, of course. I think you can see that he has a vested interest in defeating me. There's nothing in his presentation that indicates he's interested in doing anything but protecting his own perceived turf. I know that Reich's cloudbusters work and anyone will admit that their unskilled use is potentially harmful; I've simply been demonstrating that orgonite cloudbusters are overall more effective and not at all harmful.

There are around thirty cloudbusters in Los Angeles now, thanks mostly to DB of, Rick Moors and Andy Schwarm of and anyone can see by watching the movies filmed there over hte past 2 years that the skies are gorgeous, the formerly desert hillsides are green all year around and there's practically no smog there any more. Where's the harm in that?

After Georg Ritschl had sufficiently distributed orgonite cloudbusters throughout the Kalahari and disabled the coastal HAARP arrays to the east, in early January, 2004, it's been raining regularly throughout that desert ever since.

For the first three years of this network's existence only one orgonite cloudbuster had been built in Germany, as far as we knew (there were hundreds throughout the rest of Europe by then) but in January of last year, immediately after DeMeo went to Germany and repeatedly insisted that anyone there who was interested in 'Croft CBs' should immediately abandon their enquiry, there were 20 new orgonite cloudbusters built and now there are many times more of them, apparently, also a German language orgonite forum, hosted by Georg Ritschl of

I remember the day that DeMeo built an orgonite CB (December, 2002). Carol and I had been informed that he'd bought the kit from Michelle Ridgley in Baltimore. We were travelling, staying in a motel and watching the weather channel one night and noticed that characteristic circular rainstorm pattern, about 40 miles in diameter, centered at Greensprings, Oregon, which is where DeMeo lives and works. The area had been in a severe drought at the time. I had lived in nearby Ashland for several years before that, during which I met DeMeo once.

The first time we erected our first cloudbuster was in Florida in March, 2001. We only had it up for a few hours, then packed it in the car and naively left for Orgonon to show it to the crew at Reich's old lab. For a week after that, we noticed on our motel TVs that there was an identical circular rainstorm in the spot in South Florida where we were renting an RV campsite and when we got back people were amazed by the week of rain that had happened in the immediate area while the rest of Florida remained in a severe drought ;-)

He neglects to share my voluminous answers to those 'deeply concerned' emails to me, by the way. That correspondence is almost four years old. I haven't heard from the guy since the summer of 2001.

Unlike you, perhaps, I do factor in the demonstrated bad intentions and dishonesty of others rather than to excuse them for having 'lack of awareness,' becuase if I don't continue to reckon with these assaults in a sober, balanced way I'll just be some enemy's buttboy at some point ;-) and I think I owe it to the network to keep myself out from under these folks. DeMeo's one of very many, by the way. I don't think you'd want them to run this show.

By the way, Trevor Constable voices, verbatim, the same 'concerns' as DeMeo does and the fact that Cosntable hasn't yet experimented with our cloudbusters or even with simple orgonite (or at least hasn't admitted to doing so) doesn't detract from his own accomplishments with the Reich cloudbusters. Since DeMeo has been less than honest in his claim that I never answered his emails I suspect that his claim to have gotten headaches, along with his coworkers, in the presence of an orgonite cloudbuster is also false.

If he did experience a headache, he's apparently the only one among many thousands of people who have bought or built their own cloudbusters who has gotten a headache form being around an orgonite cloudbuster.

In our experience, at least before the millions of death (DOR) transmitters were erected after the autumn of 2001, anyone who put an orgonite cloudbuster up in a droughty area like Southern Oregon then got a requisite, generally immediate, gentle but drenching rainstorm which was seen as circular in satellite photos, centered on the location of the CB. If DeMeo did get a headache that rainy day it might have been from the sudden realization that this 'witless, dangerous' chump, Croft, actually knew what he was doing ;-) For what it's worth, Carol went to his CB astrally, that night, and told me that he immediately had taken the orgonite CB apart when it started raining.

Really, though, the proof of our CBs is in the results: the reversal of most of the long term (HAARP initiated and maintained) droughts in N America and elsewhere by now, the beginning reversals of some major deserts, the consistent prevention of violent storms, diverting all tornadoes from wihtin 20 miles, the 'deflation' of several hurricanes just before they reached shore last fall, undeniable improvements in the quality of the atmosphere in and above most of the major cities in the US by now, rising water tables everywhere, more soluble soil (through ionization of rainwater in vast regions), better ambience in cities (lower crime rates, too), etc.

If anything, Jeffe, you've just initiated yourself a bit into a better understanding of the dynamics of disinformation and the apparent 'intentions' of one of our chief detractors..

Intention isn't something we manufacture, by the way; it's something we exemplefy. I advise leaving speculative discussions about 'intention' to the lukewarm; the camp followers. When anyone commits to using orgonite to heal the environment and society a fundamental transformation takes place inside that person, which you've experienced, and I guess 'intention' is as good a word as any for that process, otherwise, because it grows out of one's commitment to be a better servant of humanity in the best cases.

The coils and crystals in orgonite are interactive components, which is why you felt them more after you, an energy sensitive, became more aware of their energy dynamics. It's the orgonite that powers these things up, not vice versa. That fundamental recognition indicates the most empowering thing about orgonite, which is that anyone can combine ordinary materials to produce phenomenal atmospheric and personal effects. The ones among us who fail to recognize this and have confused the weaker dynamics of coils and gems with the more powerful dynamic of the humbler combination of resin and metal are the ones who aren't yet genuinely empowered, I think.

One has to be empowered in order to understand even the simplest of truths, of course, and we musn't be led to confuse 'the word' with 'commentary,' which is why I so adamantly insist on open minded experimentation in order to attain personal empowerment rather than getting caught up in fruitless speculation and idle fancy. Now, there's a real squirrel cage to consider ;-)

Orgonite ionizes the air around it and it's easily measured with a chep gaussmeter. Many of us, when we step out of our highly ionized cars onto the ground in an area in which the energy balance is toward the DOR end, have gotten sparks from the metal car body. This is likely what happened to your friend, which means You've Got Gifting Work To Do in that environment 8)


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