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The Solution to Weather Warfare: Disabling HAARP-icanes

By Jeff G. McKinley <>
November 4, 2005

Dear Ken,

I was inspired to write you after developments during this season of storms in the Gulf. I am a Florida native who's seen many hurricanes in my life, including Hugo in 1989 with the 100% destruction of our home and belongings. Nor am I unfamiliar with the sometimes heartbreaking but always life-changing process of rebuilding in the wake of such storms. It takes a year or more to rebuild and I have learned perseverance, if anything.

Last years' and this years' record setting hurricane seasons were highly instructive to me and apparently to many others.

It is now open knowledge that weather systems are being manipulated and weaponized, and probably have been since the Russian Woodpecker system in the '70s. The machine technology to do so has been in place for a while now, but it took me some time to pick up on the patterns. Of course, the weather manipulation systems could be used for good, but instead, are weaponized and used for the destruction of life and property.

While, historically, shamen and mostly earth-connected indigenous people have influenced weather through their heart-intentions, it was always for good. I seriously doubt earth, water and air elements would have cooperated in plots to use weather destructively. Hence, the would-be war machine agendists rely on clunky, expensive soulless HAARP- ware to do their nefarious work.

Last year I learned how the Croft cloud buster ("CB") can change/alter the path of a hurricane and decrease and dissipate heavy eye-wall weather in its field. The hurricanes have been shown to alter course around the CB field. These experiences were also gained with 2004's hurricanes Frances and Jeanne.

By this years' season, I had a total of six CB's installed down the southeast coast of Florida, with willing participatory custodians of each one ready to point it in the direction of any oncoming storm. When Category 2 Katrina menaced southeast Florida, all CBs were pointed in the direction of the storm. You can clearly see the sudden directional change from a landing at the Dade-Broward County line to a more southerly passage below the Miami metro area as the storm came into the CB's field. We all watched in horror as Katrina picked up ferocity and hit very close to New Orleans with a category 4 landfall.

With Hurricane Rita, a significant development occurred amid all the orchestrated mayhem and destruction in New Orleans. The first evening I had ever met the Crofts we sat down to do some blasting. Carol Croft suggested that we actually blast the storm (a technique available to any). I was using my personal etheric tool, made by me, while Don and Carol boosted through me. She saw etherically how the storm eye was being manipulated and by whom and saw also that a very large land and water elemental who was working with us, pushing down on the entire eye of the storm, apparently pressurizing it, thereby decreasing the artificial negative low pressure producing energization from the HAARP arrays in its path. A look at the weather the next morning showed a categorical decrease in the storm intensity from 5 to 4, and with continued blasting, to a 3 by landfall.

I was quite sure our work had had a direct effect on the storm, and was also sure many others were doing the same kind of thing. Many more people posted blogs and messages on websites in regard to this. Many others put up messages that were meant to misdirect such efforts thereby automatically adding credence and confirmation to our newfound methods for etheric battle with the weather weapons and their controllers.

Rita was the over-turning event showing all of humanity that heart-based etheric intervention was the solution to the weather weapons used in the war against humanity. It was demonstrated that anyone on earth could pick up an etheric tool and join in the blasting of the storm eye and clockwise rotation mitigation that decreased and kept Rita at manageable levels with minimal loss of life and property destruction.

And now the confirmation of the above subjective observations. Enter Wilma, a late season tropical wave that was apparently being steadily artificially energized by HAARP arrays in the southeastern Carribbean. Within a few days, an all-time historical low barometric pressure micro-eye had developed which was portrayed by the weather channelers as a wobbling eye, but was in fact a smaller, intense eye rotating in a larger circular wall formation. It must be significantly noted here that the National Hurricane Center in Miami had predicted a turn from its W/NW drift to a high-speed bee-line to the southwest Florida coast with the exact center of the cone of probability passing directly over Jupiter Inlet on Florida's east coast.

Before landfall, I had used their map to draw a line through the center of their cone of probability and it showed a Jupiter Inlet exit from the very beginning of the predictions, over the ensuing days. While their predicted storm path never changed, they publicly went on record saying that predicting storm intensity was very difficult. Again: storm track predictions were quite confident, even 10 days out; storm intensity predictions were very difficult. Hmmm.

We, and probably many others, blasted Wilma nightly, using the storm-eye pushing and clockwise rotation technique and watched as the category shifted again and again. I used upshifts to locate HAARP effects and possible tower locations and downshifts to confirm our previous nights blasting.

Earlier in the storms' history before its landfall on Yucatan, our intervention allowed for a stalling of it and a widening of the eye. The planned fast-track trough descended into its scripted position, but the storm missed its ride to Florida up the trough. The weather pundits had actually used the term "missed the bus" when describing its stall and subsequently missed, swift ride to Florida. However, much to my amazement, the predicted path never changed and was broadcast daily as an unchanging track. When it emerged from the Yucatan, another trough descended and it rode straight to Florida.

We were clearly able to effect the "amplitude" of the storm but the steering aspect remained constant and something we had not addressed, yet.

Why had the storm track stayed so tenaciously fixed on Jupiter from the beginning? Was there a point trying to be made? Was there actually an intended target in a battle using a HAARP-induced and enhanced hurricane or HAARPicane?

The answer to those questions was emblazened in the area's local newspaper the day after the storm, Tuesday, October 26, 2005, with the huge headline reading "BULL'S-EYE". Bull's-eye? Why has the local paper stated that HAARP-icane Wilma scored a bull's-eye by roaring through Palm Beach County, with the very center exiting Jupiter Inlet?

The dictionary defines the word "bullseye" as "the center or central area of an actual target, such as a town, factory, or enemy base in a bombing raid." This signaled that Jupiter was indeed a pre-determined, intended target.

The only target I could imagine in my area was the Crofts, Don and Carol, who had recently moved here, and they, as well as the rest of us needed to be shown the superior firepower of the scripted HAARPicane.

Well, I say "good job" to the folks at the ironically named National Hurricane Center, and I also say "game on" because we now have the upper hand in these weather wars. Bleating "Bulls eye" is as hollow as the pressurized eye of the last two HAARPicanes, Rita and Wilma, which we, humanity, took control of and made the abominations of nature into manageble storms.

It may be unnecessary to mention that since regular orgonite effects the steering aspect of HAARPicanes without human direction, that parameter of HAARPicanes, steering, will or may already have been addressed by others in this world-wide, unorganized, loose-knit network.

Finally, winning ways in etheric confrontation with HAARPicanes and their makers, are easily performed by any human with a heartfelt desire or even inclination to end this destructive madness. You do not need (because there is no lack of such, anyway) a personal connection to God. That's a given thing, by grace. Nor do you need to worry about your place in some scripted ascension process where you are powerless and yet responsible for some collective guilt.

All you need is to realize that the hundredth monkey was awakened this year and that we are already handling the HAARPicanes thrown at us with effective practices and results. The only remaining question is how much fun you can personally stand to have, volunteering to take an active position in the war being waged against us, by being on the side of humanity?

I hear "as above, so below" regularly now and that means if stuff is messed up below, then by inference, it must be messed up above. It's easy to become lost in the supposed enormity of a single human effecting world-scale events, but as with any mis-information, a vital piece is left out. In this case, it is the fact that in the etheric, all players are equal. All humans have the same power as any etheric or earth being and your etheric tools have enormous power. Some are even working without etheric tools, wielding the same or even greater power through focused, heart-centered techniques, operating within universal law.

Nature is regaining its balance now and humans have found a way, just in the nick of time, to be the essential element in the return to a parasite and predator free existence.

So, when will you join us?

Jeff G. McKinley
Tequesta, FL


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