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Instructions for Making an Earthpipe

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By Don Croft <>

Here's how we made them, though the parameters are adjustable: A two foot long section of 1 ¼" diameter copper pipe-be sure to allow one end to be clean-cut, otherwise the little flange that gets made by a pipe cutter will not allow the close-fitting orgonite plug to be inserted.Get a quartz crystal that's at least an inch and a half long and about a half inch thick and coil a bare, 13"-long copper wire (should be thick enough to hold the shape of the coil) from the broken end of the crystal, which is the bottom end, in a clockwise direction, opening it out in a cone-shaped, upward spiral for the last few turns. The crystal should have a point on the top end.

Put some Saran Wrap (clear plastic polyester food wrap) loosely down into a 4" long piece of the same pipe. Press the wrap into the inside surface of the pipe so that you can get the maximum amount of orgonite into the mold.

Drop some metal in the bottom inch or so of the pipe, add the crystal/coil, then fill the pipe with metal, shaking it to get the metal to distribute evenly. Be sure to use metal [shavings] through which the resin will saturate, or else you'll need to mix resin and metal first and spoon it into the mold.

Pour the catalyzed resin [fiberglass resin to which the liquid hardener has already been added] slowly into the mold until it's full. When it's hardened and cooled, just pull out the orgonite plug and insert it into the 2' pipe, paying attention so that the top of the plug will be toward the top end of the pipe. We had to saw off a little bit of the cut ends of several pipes so the plug would easily drop in.

Hammer the pipe down into the ground in a place where it won't likely be seen. Kelly likes to hammer it all the way down so nobody can later see it or pull it out. Use a board between the hammer and the pipe, of course, so the top end of the pipe won't get distorted.

Both Kelly and Carol saw massive streams of DOR coming into the experimental earthpipes by his shop. It can only have come from deep underground. I think we absolutely have a winner here and that it will join the Towerbuster, Holy Handgrenade and Cloudbuster as a primary weapon in the orgonite arsenal, easily replicated and deployed by just about anyone on the planet.

~Don Croft

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