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What is an Etheric Freedom Fighter?

By Don Croft <>
Sept. 9, 2003

It's impossible to take a stand in this life without making a lot of enemies. That's just the way the world operates. According to the traditions of the Middle East, 'The head that is raised in the path of truth shall fall by the sword,' and that works well as a metaphor, though of course none of us have been physically harmed for these efforts. That's a miracle, by the way.

If you exemplify and call others to high standards that's enough to get you a bullet in the head or knives, including the Brutus variety, in the back.

The inner battle is the more significant one, though, because it's a lot harder to hold oneself to high standards and to keep both an open mind and an open heart and not become bitter on this account.

Since this is essentially a spiritual war, it puts a lot of resonsibility on the individual to fight and win personal spiritual battles and these are usually character issues. We've seen quite a few people fall away from this effort because of their unwillingness to fully confront their character flaws and correct them.

I had assumed that this war needs no temporal leaders; only exemplars, of which there are many now. Unfortunately, every public process needs at least a minimal form of governance, and since my name figures prominently in much of this work at the moment, it sort of devolves on me to have a hand in husbanding the consultation process a bit.

This is more detestable to me than having to cower in a trench because the etheric bullets from spiteful and envious people wound more deeply than mere physical ones do and that's the precise nature of my personal spiritual battle/challenge. Your challenge probably looks like something else and all of that's in order. Mine's certainly no 'better' than yours.

In the first CB forum, hosted by Yahoo, I moderated with the intent to foster exemplary conduct, reasonable scientific standards and consultation and to discourage obfuscation, exclusivity and fear-based commentary. I had surprisingly little to do, perhaps because I got a reputation early on by banning a few obfuscators out of hand (they immediately got back on because Yahoo is owned by the CIA) and being rather candid with a few guru wannabees.

Those here who were involved with that forum can remember that it turned to $#&* right after Yahoo banned me from posting on my own forum, in apparent reprisal for posting instructions for easily disabling the (then) new deathforce transmitters.

Stuart Jackson's noble offer to host a new forum was a welcome opportunity that moved the network to the next level, but since I chose not to moderate there, it eventually became overrun with folks who strongly disliked me, personally, and my voice was pretty much drowned out by their strident and incessant posts.

I'm only stating this for the record. I don't want to dwell on that here because there's always a chance that Stuart can turn that around with some heavy-handed moderating.

I acknowledge that the folks who moved right over to this forum are mostly the ones whom I would have chosen to do so, though they did it before I had a chance to invite them. That's a wonderful confirmation for me and I thank you all!

To me, anyone who wishes to serve humanity and is fearless is, by default, an Etheric Freedom Fighter. Fear is the spirit and consultation killer, not the agent provocateurs or the 'deathrays.'

If you're posting here, you're likely experiencing daily hacking & psiops attacks; livlihood sabotage attempts; mind control protocol tweaking; weird echoes on your phoneline; lots and lots of black helicopter & small plane visits over your home and even some low altitude spraying from unmarked planes; the recent loss of long-time friends, acquaintances and even spouses; odd pains and uncharacteristic entropy as you move thru the day; interrupted sleep patterns; a flood of memories of abduction experiences; spiteful and even hateful, unprovoked attacks by others; expressions of 'concern' for your safety from fearful associates, etc. You get the drift.

In my book, that shows that you're either fighting The Old Villain or are in a position to do so now.

I like the term,'The Old Villain', because that takes 'enemy' out of the domain of Homeland Security Abomination, MI5/6, KGB, Surete, ad infinitum (all subgroups of a global secret police agency) and puts it sqaurely in a more MATRIXesque concept of what exactly is threatened by your expressed commitment to freedom.

The worst attacks I get are from people who should really know better and are otherwise doing good work in this network. These are mostly generated by fear and envy; it's the fear and envy that's activated by a challenged belief paradigm. They fear the unkown and they envy my lack of fear. Life is strange, but I've always loved the surreal; so I don't mind so much.

What I intend to continue to do is to help anyone who will read my writings and to learn to enjoy these challenges, as I do. One of my best teachers noted that assimiliating energy/information is either perceived as pain or pleasure, depending on the resistance level of the recipient. Since we're ALL working with orgone generating devices, I wish for us all to experience energy/information assimilation as joy instead of torture ;-)

As always, I want you to read my offerings as simply stated opinions and perceptions, not as fact or authority. All I ask is that you consider what I'm saying, not that you believe it. This process of offering and considering is how free individuals participate constructively in society.

Since war is being waged on all of humanity by agents of The Old Villain, I sometimes feel a little astonished when folks want to debate whether the war exists at all. Why not debate the existence of gravity and sunlight? Why not do that elsewhere? ;-)

Thankfully, many of us here have been in those trenches, dodging etheric bullets, for awhile; so at least I won't feel isolated here.

Speaking of that, many, many people who contact me, tell me that there's absolutely nobody in their realm of acquaintances/family/friends who is able to hear about their supernormal experiences. When they get my hearing ear, it's usually like witnessing one who is dying of thirst getting to a water fountain. I want you to get to the happy state (not Idaho ;-) I live in, in which nearly everyone I know already understands this stuff.

Thanks to the Intenet, we odd ones can now have our own global community. That turns us from being perceived as freaks to being perceived as a force to be reckoned with. We'll continue to do Sun Tzu proud in that regard.

The concerted opposition and even intimidation from the secret police agencies, and beyond that from many/most former friends and even spouses, that takes place when we each raise our heads and speak candidly about our life purpose and intention bears eloquent testimony to just how threatening we are to the status quo of global slavery and it's dancing partner, predatory hegemony.

It's awfully exhilarating to commit to this noble fight, don't you think?

Some folks who know me are astonished that I can discuss what we're doing with just about anyone around my town, Moscow, and not get laughed to scorn or ignored. The reason that's so, aside from the fact that I live in Northern Idaho, USA, is that I offer the information in a loving, frank way. I generally don't talk unless I get a hearing first and I'm not a proselyte, so people aren't generally uncomfortable as soon as I open my mouth.

Nor do I consider anyone 'sheeple,' because that term seems insulting to the human spirit. Since we're all at varying stages of awakening, I prefer the term, 'Pajama People,' which Frank Zappa entitled one of his tunes.

I steer clear of humorless people. My friend, Denis Couture, who lives in Montreal, told me that at one time in his life he used references to Frank Zappa to determine whom he might comfortably associate with ;-)

Denis coined the phrase, 'Out of the dark, into the fight,' by the way. Another friend noted to me that 'lightworker' is not a viable term, since the Illuminati are decidedly 'light workers' and their favorite 'white light' is seen in the initial stage of a nuclear fission reaction ;-)

I've invited Dr. Paul Batiibwe, Uganda's premier orgone pioneer, to participate here so that we can have more color. I'm terrified to consider that we'll be perceived as just another club for white people to pat each other on their backs ;-) and he's putting his life on the line, unlike most of us, simply because of the political situation there. I'll be spending a couple of months there shortly to support his and the other pioneers' efforts there and in Rwanda. I fully expect that the Africans will take the rest of us along to the next level of viability in this spiritual war.

I believe neurolingruistics has value in every application and I've chosen some provocative terms for some of our inventions, such as 'Holy Handgrenade' and 'Succor Punch,' because I want the humor aspect of our work to be clearly seen; also the provocative nature in terms of dogmatic artifacts such as political correctness, the newage movement, religious fundamentalism, nazi/commie myths, and other forms of intellectual tyranny.

Anyone can see that where bullets and bombs have clearly failed to subdue masses of folks in recent history, these mind control protocols have succeeded famously. That cr@p is a bigger threat, in my opinion, than the millions of new deathforce transmitters and even the Homeland Seucrity Abomination, which is straining at the bit to round us all up ASAP and turn us into Soylent Green wafers ;-)

The real coup for the mind control programmers is always to get the controlled ones to police each other. I intend to discourage that here so that people who have something worthwile to say can do so without having to contend with a host of resprisals in his/her thread.

I'll be merciless with non-sequitur generators and obfuscators, be warned! If you're any kind of Agent of the Old Villain and I get your scent, you'll be gone from here faster than a ptomaine-tainted sausage. I've got no use for fear-motivated folks in this venue. There are plenty of forums out there that are user friendly for you if that's your orientation. Question all you like but if you foster doubt and fear in a single post and I get wind of it you won't be welcome here.

I've gotten a pretty clear idea of where that fine line is drawn and it came through some hard experience during the past two years.

If I ever miss that in your thread, please alert me thru email so I can deal with it, okay? I'm here mainly to support your best efforts, not to blow my own horn. I suspect that this forum will quickly grow beyond my ability to follow it all. Only Agents of the Old Villain have time to do that, unfortunately.

Note that I didn't much mention the use of our devices in this definition. There are plenty of folks I personally know who are using the devices whom I wouldn't trust to walk behind my back. This forum is set up for warriors, not for those lukewarm fearmongers and backstabbers.

We're going to find that these devices will be household items before long, but you and I are in a more unique position because our commitment carries a lot of responsibility and if you're participating here, you've probably felt unwelcome in the 'status quo' that seems so precious to the vast majority of folks.

Any notion of leadership or exclusivity under these circumstances would feel repugnant to status seekers and crowd pleasers because what you're going to get for your efforts here is mainly pain and deprivation in their perception ;-) Of course, to you and I, there's simply no other way to live and we're having so much fun that we can't imagine why the lukewarm, essentially humorless masses who call themselves, 'lightworkers,' 'rebels,' and even 'spiritual warriors' fail to see it.

Our small, informal army is more powerful and effective than the combined forces of the present day order because we're lined up on the side of Universal Law and our mostly-unseen, supernormal supporters, whom I call The Operators (who are standing by ;-) are untouchable by these nether legions and unfailing in their support and guidance for us as long as we pay relatively close attention to our individual intuitions and fairly/discreetly 'consider' the intuitive offerings of our coworkers and others.

~Don Croft

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From: Mark Davey <>
Sent: Monday, September 08, 2003 7:32 AM
Subject: Etheric Freedom Fighting

Good intelligent people wanted

To anyone on this list who is sick and tired of the blatant subversion of democracy into varying forms of fascism, please note and partake within a new forum of empowered individuals who are nor longer banging just the drum to wake the sheeple and the pyjama people up. In only a few short weeks of experimenting and conducting empirical experiments with Wilhelm Reich and Don Crofts orgone creations, I have indeed decided that there is an awful lot more to this energy than meets the third eye (sorry about the poor joke)

Don and I have created a new forum that brings together etheric activist (not necessarily or currently working with orgone) who are empowered to fight against the oppression and tyranny being carried out right in front of our eyes. We are indeed being manipulated my invisible electromagnetic forces, political fascism and a general dumbing down of the masses.

If you are prepared to stand up and be counted, participating in this movement anyway you can, then please join the Etheric Freedom Fighters at you are more than welcome. The website is currently under construction and will be finished in the next couple of weeks.


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