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Etheric Freedom Fighting, The Basics


[Editor's Note: This essay was posted at Don Croft's newest discussion forum titled "Etheric Freedom Fighters" (EFF) hosted by Mark Davey of Britain. You can find Don's new forum at this address: ...Ken Adachi]

By Don Croft <>
Sept. 13, 2003

Before I got online I realized that a lot of folks who come to the Etheric Freedom Fighters forum don't know anything about cloudbusters and related tech. There are literally volumes of ordered info on two sites: and

I'll start moving more of that information over here.

'Cbswork,' who is on a hiatus now during a move and career change, developed 'Clouds of Death,' which is a half-hour, television-quality documentary on chemtrails and cloudbusters [chembusters]. It fully debunks all the myths about chemtrails being 'good for us,' including the latest one that even some of you guys have apparently swallowed ;-) and tells how the cloudbusters destroy chemtrails.

Andy Schwarm has been making CD copies of this available to people, though please note that he has to earn a living just like the rest of us do, so even though he gives them away a small donation, at least, would be helpful.

I realize that I haven't dropped the other shoe yet in defining an EFF, so here goes:

What we're doing is most definitely fighting and the enemy is clearly discernible: 3D human in most cases.

Any notion that The Old Villain is using some supernormal, powerful technology that is somehow irresistable is pure bunkum. If/when you decide to adopt the devices and strategies that some of us have been developing, you'll clearly see that the following edited quote holds true:

"When a resolute young fellow steps up to the great bully, the world [order ;-)], and takes him boldly by the beard, he is often surprised to find it comes off in his hand, and that it was only tied on to scare away the timid adventurers."

Now that you've gotten the location of the source material, the onus is on you to decide whether EFF is an appropriate venue for you.

Reich foresaw his own eventual murder at the hands of the benighted in America in 1939; at least he wrote about it then in his diary. By then he had painfully realized that the same spirit that had turned the Germans and Austrians into bookburners was fully entrenched in America, too. Although his findings were offered in faith and confidence that they would be welcome in the Land of the Free, he met, instead, irrational, reactionary rage from the very people who were in a position to benefit from it. His true friends and supporters could be counted on two hands and in the long run it may be our own network that will gain him the credibility that was denied him until the present day.

I might add that all of the socialist regimes that became established in the early and mid 20th century evinced the same essence as Hitler's, Stalin's, Mao's, Castro's, Roosevelt's, Churchill's and Mussolini's debauched creatures did, characterized by en-masse rejection of volition and discernment in favor of erroneously perceived security. When Carol and I contemplate the shrivelled little root chakras of the socialized people we know we feel a profound sadness, though not a shred of pity because each person makes a conscious choice to either accept that heinous programming or reject it.

The last straw for me was that damned, irritating Airport Gestapo in America that showed up immediately after the feds blew up the WTC and Pentagon. By the time the Homeland Security Abomination (really, the latest incarnation of Hitler's SS) raised it's potentially bloody head later on I was already committed to destroying the Federal Reserve Corporation, which is the underpinning of all world tyranny, as far as I can tell, because it finances it through London.

This Fed Reserve Corp (obviously neither 'federal' nor 'reserve') bit is only my opinion, mind you, and I'm not going to argue about it but I think it's worth stating and they obviously own and operate the grossly unlawful police, court and prison cartels in America, as well as keeping all market and personal economic freedom under it's hobnailed boot heel, which is reason enough to destroy it right now.

We don't just talk about fighting and I resent the presence of anyone who comes here just to blather and rant about conspiracies and if any PC wonk or newage-sewage mindcontrol huckster shows up here I've got a hairtrigger for that poison, so be warned. I won't go BANG; you'll just get my size 14 boot, instantly and kinetically connected to your Gluteus Maximi..

We developed the Powerwand to kill predators, with whom we had become surrounded by last December, when the Clouds of Death video went onto the internet on You can download it from there, by the way, but most folks' computers can't manage that.

It was made for TV, but after it was shown one time (in Miami) the producers in Hollywood were severely punished and it became instantly impossible to even send a copy through the mail, no matter how cleverly it was hidden in other material. That's how thorough the secret police are, folks.

Carol and I drove 1300 miles to Los Angeles (after eluding the NSA for 3 days and for the first time) in order to pick up a copy and deliver it to Stuart Jackson in San Francisco in early December, last year.

Along the way to Stuart's, I interrupted a CIA assassin who was in the process of tampering with our new car's brakes after midnight at a motel in California and a couple of weeks after SJ put it on his terrific site (he did that instantly when we arrived--he's a very brave man because NOBODY else would do it and even the most provocative information site owner on the net said it was just too risky) six people, including 'Cbswork,' in LA, Richard in Reno, and myself in Idaho were gassed to sleep on December 18 and marked with poison needles on our torsos, along with getting injected with some bigger-than-usual implants and other ugly stuff, which our zappers kept from crippling, or perhaps killing us, apparently.

I'll describe a failsafe method for finding and disabling those nano implants, shortly. Suffice to say that if you're reading this, you've probably got them because the intent of that international program is to remove/ potential threats to the parasitic hegemony of The Old Villain, which means YOU. We disabled six implants on me in February at Cbswork's house.

There have been a number of plots to murder several of us, but that all pretty much stopped after the Powerwand info was disseminated last winter/spring and enough of them reached the hands of committed, able people. The German Illuminati set up a local plot to frame and later kill me here, but we learned about it in a timely way and chased them off. Carol took my picture standing in front of the entrance of their local mansion/barracks right before she went to Ireland, during the first phase of our assault on them. Good riddance!

Andy in California, Georg in South Africa and Markus in Switzerland are selling very good Powerwands, by the way. Once you learn to use them, you don't need to have them, but I don't know how one may experience this without getting some practice with one.

By the way, Phillippa is Mark's psychic counterpart, much like Carol is mine. She's kind of shy right now, having assumed that awake folks like us weren't around in such large numbers; let's draw her out so we can all benefit from her expertise and wisdom ;-)

I think somebody in Australia is making good ones, too, but that person hasn't contacted me yet, so I'll wait to offer a recommendation until after Carol and I check it out.

Most of us in the cloudbuster network had been subjected to mind control programs such as Montauk and Tavistock (Freud's heinous contribution to MI6) when we were small children, which provides much of the impetus to defeat this monster, the old world order, which I call The Old Villain, which term I borrowed from the renowned Sufi scholar, Idries Shah. That's right, folks: the newage sewage hucksters don't, indeed, OWN Sufism or any other form of wisdom ;-) nor do they comprehend any of it.

I'm hearing from more European men now who are disturbed to learn that this mind control mess is part of their personal histories and are very happy to discover, mainly through, that something can be done to make amends about having lost so much of our childhood to these predators.

'Payback's a Mo'fo',' as they say, and it's well within the bounds of universal law to stop predators/parasites in their tracks and, frankly, to erase the murderers among them. It's not much fun for them, but it's a distinct mercy and service to all who would-be victims had the predators lived and/or kept getting a government/corporate paycheck..I'm certainly not advising everyone to do this dirty work who isn't fully committed to it already, but on the other hand, if someone wishes to deny, obfuscate or otherwise discourage the work in posts to EFF, I'm going to simply ban that person because this site was set up for FIGHTING, hence the title. Two years of dealing with lukewarm, PC, duplicitous, back-stabbing, neo-nazi-newage-sewage fake pacifists has left me with no more tolerance for that disgusting, spirit-killing behavior.

May God help the first person who tries to gainsay the purpose of this forum in a post ;-)

Since there are millions of my Europoid contemporaries who are alumni of Montauk, Tavistock and related predatory programs and many women who are alumni of MI6's, KGB's and the CIA's mind controlled prostitution (honeypot), including the pedophilia/satanic variety, Artichoke and other heinous programs who would kill, so to speak, for a chance to exact some deserved retribution, even the odds and perhaps even to remove this stain from their present lives, I'm assured that this site has quite marketable potential. What a strange market share, eh, Mark? Surreal, even, but essential.

These are the fine, upstanding folks whom I'm dedicating my efforts, here, to; not to the nattering, fruitless herd of armchair heroes, metaphysicists and pseudo-scientists who glom onto the internet because they can't relate to real people in a genuine way. I class that bloated, lazy mob a notch above the ones who get online just for pornography, though the latters' intentions arguably have more intellectual integrity and sincerity.

While I'm on the subject of fakes: if anyone wants to promote pot addiction on EFF I'm going to be Very Present in his/her thread with a clear warning that smoking that trash opens you right up to direct manipulation by payrolled psyops people in London and Langley, making you a distinct liablity to this network. If you like to smoke that stuff or, God forbid, engage in even more severe ways of destroying your etheric web, please keep it to yourself and I'll be sweet with you.

Characterisitically, when I tell pot devotees this they instantly and perpetually become my blood enemies, but that's their problem, not mine. The intransigent ones will simply be ejected; the less belligerent addicts are welcome to stay. Thanks to Tavistock's wildly successful fake enlightenment protocols in the sixties, an awful lot of otherwise effective folks are pot addicts and if I were to ban everyone for smoking that trash, this would probably be a lonely effort ;-)

I learned the hard way that allowing the fakes to hold forth without being challenged is a dis-service to genuine people, who rightly won't post under those circumstances. It also destroys a forum's credibility, which is usually their clear intention to begin with..

It's been made abundantly clear that destroying any discussion of orgonite devices and of free discussion of 'controversial' topics in general is a primary objective of MI6, which originated most of this planet's mind control protocols and has always dictated policy to the CIA, NSA and KGB (the smaller agencies, too, of course). Mark's already had a run in with some of those disgusting jerks and he's 'got their scent,' as many of us do now, which is why I agreed to participate here. It's not hard to see them carry out their purpose on other forums, which is why there are so few on the net which remain uncompromised and unpolluted. There are no other forums that remain free of MI6 and its subsidiaries, as far as I know. I kept them at bay on the first CB forum on Yahoo for almost a year, but Yahoo itself banned me from my own forum then, and that was many months before I even got into the fighting mode ;-). All I did to get that treatment was to share the happy news that the new deathforce transmitters ['cell phone' towers] can be easily, perpetually and cheaply disabled [with orgone generators-Ken].

A review of this from a detached perspective shows that the American and even Russian secret police can't hold a candle to the British ones in terms of subtefuge, ruthlessness and camouflage (their mind control triggers are all newage-sewage, militant-pacifist and PC protocols in our case).

What Carol learned during her gifting trip to the British Isles last month, though, is that they aren't very adept at the 3D encounters, possibly because they're overconfident. This is an encouraging sign to me because the Brits, alone, have the power to disable the old world order with a simple referendum once they realize just how deeply they've been programmed and when that wake up call reaches the requisite number there, they'll start openly discussing these clumsy MI6 jerks who litter their landscape ;-). There are many Brits, like Mark, who are straining at the bit to see that fair land reach its spiritual potential and destiny. Seeing the enemy is necessary before one can get a bead on him/her. Carol and I are gleefully watching several prominent MI6 agent provocateurs squirm since I easily sidestepped their frontal assault last week and we're enjoying the hell out of their noisy spectacle.

For a year, some well-meaning Brits have been gifting sacred sites there, but according to our intel, all of the devices had been quickly removed by MI6 agents, who had either infiltrated the gifters' little groups (more common) or accessed the minds of the gifters- apparently through pot addiction or other manipulations. I'll review some easy methods for preventing the latter, even if one smokes the garbage. If you're gullible enough to invite one of these jerks along on your gifting missions, I guess you deserve the defeat you've harvested.

Since no tyranny can survive if the secret police are exposed, their exposure is probably the shortcut to ending tyranny altogether. My aim is to clearly show you who they are without ever having mentioned a name. I'll do that by describing their behavior and modus operendi. The catch is that as long as you're controllable through your fear, ego or dogma you're not going to see them at all and I may as well be talking to you in Navajo.

I'm playing to a very small audience right now, but it's a significant one and our awakening will eventually lead to yours if you're manipulable at the moment, but are sincere.

Carol, I, and several others quickly learned that some judicious applications of the Powerwand and related devices created a wide buffer around us that resembles freedom (read my 'Powerwand Non-Instructions' essay, which I update often.

None of the 3D intimidation, computer hacking, mail and email theft, phone echoes, property tampering, uninvited 3D night visitors, tire cutting, poisoning, etc., continued after we became adept at punishing predators last winter. Remember that you have to smack their psychics whenever you even get a hint, mentially, emotionally or visually, that they're present. These are the advance troops and nothing gets done by the MI6 or the Homeland Security Abomination without their initial help these days.

You'll find, as we did, that when you start doing this, the news will spread among their psychics, payrolled hackers, pavement artists and even the digusting ninja-wannabee wetwork specialists that you're a hard target and painful- even fatal- to encounter.

After you whack a few more of their gung-ho volunteers and showboaters, the problem, at least from the secret police angle, will go away. That puts you in line for the requisite default interference from the Illuminati psychics, of course, and after them, the ones who are sent directly by the dark masters: otherwise known as The Great White Brotherhood. But they're no more durable than the grunt-level MI6 and NSA/CIA ones are, so don't worry about it and just keep hammering the two-legged rats that they throw at you.

I can safely say, by the way, that 'the Ascended Masters' are now the 'Offended Masters.' St. Germain's a quivering, whining, amorphous mass thanks to our ministrations. He never was a handsome, youthful, wise or loving Aryan, by the way. What a crock that is! If you'fre still vested in any of that Theosophical fake-enlightenment poison, please go away and bother somebody else! ;-) You remind me of the door-to-door religious fanatics, by the way, which is why so many people, like yourselves, flipflop between newage sewage and religious fundamentalism.

Always post your real or even just-perceived experiences with this stuff on EFF. That will help get you some protection and will also provide a good data base for others to look at to KNOW that they were never crazy, either ;) We're looking for Fighters!

As I said, there are millions of us who have a history of abduction, abuse at the hands of government agents as children, vivid memories of a host of travesties by The Old Villain and talking about it heals and clears some of this, which is the third benefit of sharing it for the record.

Most of the 'memories' of ETs doing this are fake, by the way. Nor are most of the legitimate military people of the world remotely involved in any of this horrible work.

Since EFF got going a week ago, we've been visited daily by UFOs and very large, low flying planes. This hasn't happened in over two years where we live.

The last time we were visited by a large predatory UFO (a US fake-government black triangle hovered over the house) was right before we closed the nearby predatory reptilian hive portal in Canada, just over two years ago.

Yesterday, I was thrilled to see that large 'passenger jet' with lowered landing gear, moving slowly and quietly away over my little town at under 1,000 feet altitude after flying over our house. The reason it made me happy is that Carol and two her grown kids had seen it three times while driving toward Laozu Kelly's burgh, ten miles west of here. Of course there's no airport around here that can handle large jets and it was moving much too slowly to remain airborne, especially during that banked turn it made to the south.

After I used the global CB artillery barrage technique on it (thanks for teaching us that, Doc von Peters!), Carol said it only shook a little bit because the intent was just to intimidate us, not to harm us.

I just figure that it's a hologram covering an ordinary triangle antigrav craft. It made the same kind of sound as one of those.

If you're like me, you consider sights like this and the big, military C-130 cargo plane that flew over the house the day before and the remote-controlled military Blackhawk over the house a few days earlier to be confirmations rather than threats, which is why I feel like doing a little victory jig every time one shows up here. So far, they'e moved away faster than I was able to get my loaded pellet rifle. I intend to 'count coup' that way ASAP, and why not? Something to tell the grandkids. I personally love war stories. Some of the best ones I've heard came from my old German friend, Heinz Klammer, who helped me build a boat when I was stationed near Frankfurt in 1968/9. That was a fun time. My father was shot down and captured in North Korea in 1952, so I honor all people who have made personal sacrifices, even for the wrong causes, as in those two cases.

Reporting these unlawful aerial intrusions takes the wind out of the secret police's sails and ridicule is an even better form of assault on tyranny. It's better than bullets, though I consider 'applied handcuffs' to be the ultimate assault on tyranny

Click ;-)


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