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Update from Florida (Rita, more)

By Don Croft <>
September 25, 2005

Carol and I are boat shopping in FL but will likely base our ops in Jeff's town, north of Palm Beach. Right now we're staying in a wilderness, a huge state park that's a short bike ride from Jeff's place.

To see the wonderful effects of Jeff's massive gifting effort in SE Florida has been a treat. We spent a couple of nights over on the Gulf Coast to look at a boat and you can tell there are some CBs around there because the chemtrails disappear pretty quick but there's still a lot of HAARP crap in the sky there and nobody south of Greg Brown in Bradenton has done much gifting..

Jeff, Carol and I worked on Rita last Wed evening [Sep. 21] and when I checked the next morning it was said that the winds were 75mph. After that, I think they just lied and faked the radar imagery. Carol saw a draconian, Bush Sr and a Chinese boosting the storm. Others were working on it, too, and there's quite a crew of gifters and CBers in the Houston area so I wasn't worried. We hope to get into the Gulf ASAP and bust those new HAARP arrays. I think they simply put hundreds of towers on the oil rigs, actually, but we'll see.

We got a lot of physical interference from a Chinese master on our way here--new stuff. He's apparently connected to the Dark Masters themselves and it's given me an impression that the Chinese may be the ones orchestrating the old world order agenda now rather than London. DB told me years ago that the world order is run from the Gobi but I never saw the evidence until this guy started smacking us and then showed up astrally in the eye of that hurricane.

Katrina and Rita were two storms that were expected to do massive damage to our economy, apparently. Do you think they'll want egg on their faces a third time? It will be fun to find out what shenanigans the Homeland Security Abominations have been up to in Texas after they showed their draconian hand in New Orleans so recently.

I'm glad we had the cloudbuster on the roof because we stopped several severe storms along the way, also a strong headwind in N Florida. It was fun to watch the feds who got into the beam, too ;-)

Jeff, Carol and I will go to the beach today to see if the dolphins are there. He's dumped a whole lot of orgonite out there and a shark jumped out of the water in front of his long board on the last trip but a friend of his was out in a boat and said he found 50 dolphins out there. Our first contact attempt! We want to involve Jeff in our personal efforts because he's the guy who's done the most around here. He's the only guy on this coast of FL, as far as I know, but that's the way it goes, after all ;-)



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