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Suggested Gifting Procedures

[Editor's Note: The posting date of this article couldn't be more appropriate. The orchestrated illusion of a terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2001 was implemented so that the Illuminated traitors running the fake, no-longer-Secret Government would have an excuse for ramming through The Traitor's Act in October of 2001 (Orwellian name: The Patriot Act). This in turn, was designed to pave the way for the even greater sacrifice of constitutional liberties by the Nazi-inspired Traitor's Act II, which will soon be 'voted' on by those cowardly cretins who attempt to pass themselves off as our congressional 'servants'. In order to guarantee public compliance with all facets of the newly emerging police state in America, the need for electronic mind control systems utilizing so called 'cell phone' towers has been installed from coast to coast and from South America to the northern reaches of Canada. Unfortunately, the Great White Brotherhood has been dealt something akin to a monkeywrench in the persons of Don & Carol Croft (with the generous assistance of friendly aliens and higher dimensional beings, of course). The fly in the ointment for the Blood Drinking set turns out to be an innocuous looking oddity known as an orgone generator, which, according to Don Croft, prevents the mind control, mind influencing, and physical debilitation functions of their nifty ELF/microwave tower system from functioning as planned by those fine Nazi puppet masters and their reptilian/tall grey alien overlords who honed this technology for 30 years under the Montauk Project. ..Ken Adachi]

By Don Croft
Sept. 11, 2003

In the Beginning
The first time we ever ‘gifted’ an energy polluter with orgonite was when we arrived in Florida in November, 2000. We were lying on a beach near Vero Beach and Carol told me that the energy field of the Terminator that was sitting on my chest had expanded and, gotten denser & more vibrant. The Terminator is our zapper model and livlihood. It has a small orgonite device in it, along with the electronic circuit, mobius coil, magnet and gemstones.

The only other time she’d seen the orgone field expand around orgonite that way was when we passed by a nuke plant in Oregon, so we drove down the length of Plum Island and, sure enough, a nuke plant was 20 miles away. A couple of days later I made a little ‘buster’ by filling in a 1”x2”x3” zapper box with a couple of quartz crystals embedded in the mix and we headed for the offending nuke.

As Carol watched the DOR field (very dense, active and dark around the nuke and it went beyond her range of vision) I tossed the thing into the bushes as close as possible to the nuke (about a quarter mile from the building, right beside the highway). DOR is shorthand for deadly orgone radiation. All nuclear reactors generate a huge DOR field. One way of finding hidden nukes is to look for smog in areas where there are few people living.

Carol said the DOR field immediately reduced into a spherical form whose radius was apparently from the reactor to the little buster in the bushes. Driving away, she saw that the Terminator’s energy field was just the same as it would be if there was no nuke in the area and we wondered how many people would now not have to experience cancer, depression and slow death from the poisonous effects of that now-shrunken DOR field.

Before that, we’d similarly gifted a few locations, including some major vortices, but this was the beginning of our atmosphere healing work. Four months later we’d made our first cloudbuster and were making HHgs, which are the cone-shaped orgonite devices that I described on the first page of this paper.

Here are the gifting protocols that Carol and I use:

1. One towerbuster is sufficient to disable most single transmitters. I toss them in thick bushes, in creeks, ponds, rivers or even drainage ditches within a quarter mile but not closer than fifty yards to each tower. If there are no suitable hiding places, I bury them or toss them onto flat roofs.

2. For massive single towers, two is usually enough. A ZapChecker from is useful for checking the EMF before and after gifting but if the secret police know you’re on the job and depending on a ZapChecker they’re very likely to send some groundwave interference your way to queer the data you get, so if you really want to know via that instrument if you’ve don the job, go back later on your way to someplace else and check it again. If it’s still in the red, toss out another TB. It generally takes a half hour for a TB to neutralize a transmitter. I don’t know why, but a few towers will never show a ‘busted’ reading, so don’t let that throw you. Rather study the sky and smog levels to gauge your overall success instead of relying heavily on instruments.

3. If there are three or more towers close together, or if it’s a HAARP facility, I use a single HHg, hidden the same way as a TB. When I toss an HHg in water, I wind up a plastic grocery bag in ball and tape it securely to the point of the HHg. This ensures that it will land on the bottom, underwater, point-up, which is the most efficient way for an HHg to generate the right kind of energy field, according to what my wife has observed.

4. I don’t personally put extra effort into the gifts that go into water because I do so many that way and I figure that if the material doesn’t decompose within a few years (it won’t) then it’s appropriate. After all, I used to find old cars, Japanese warplanes and unexploded artillery projectiles when I used to skindive in the warm, clear seawater around the islands of Micronesia, where I spent most of my teen years a couple of decades after WWII. The metal skin of the Japanese planes was still bright and shiny and I could sit in the cockpits and hold the un-rusted steel machine gun handles. Similar objects that were on nearby land and exposed to the salty air were almost completely disintegrated from oxidation, though. If you want to put more effort into your water gifts, though, that’s certainly appropriate.

5. ALL TOWERS are most likely either part of the mind control infrastructure or are HAARP transmitters. Even the radio and TV transmitters are now part of the HAARP system, according to what energy sensitives are seeing. Genuine communication transmitters don’t generate much DOR but all of the towers you’re likely to encounter send out very dense, potentially deadly DOR. The DOR from the panel, rod, dish and drum transmitters which are on tall buildings and on towers surrounded by barbed wire fences is directed toward people; the DOR from HAARP transmitters is directed at whatever portion of the upper atmosphere the HAARP bad boys want to disrupt and disable that day.

6. If you simply can’t get within a mile or so of a transmitter array, you can either put a single HHg as close as possible and string a few TBs out along the road on your way out of the area or get several HHgs around the perimeter on other access roads, also as close as possible. We’re finding that all mountain top arrays are now inaccessible to vehicles and that the access roads are closely monitored and usually closed off with a locked gate. This wasn’t so as recently as a year ago. I took out the massive array on top of Mt. Spokane last fall by putting one HHg near the new, guarded gate, four miles from the summit, and a dozen TBs, spread a mile apart along the road downhill. The popular ski resort/hotel higher up the mountain had been closed on account of the new security measures.

7. So far, only one or two of the devices that Carol and I have distributed in this region have been found and removed. She monitors that whenever we travel around this area. This is something that most people won’t have to be concerned about. If you’re in LA, Chicago, NYC, London, Paris, Beijing, Tokyo, Mexico City, Johannesburg or any other Illuminati stronghold, though, you need to be concerned about that and I hope you’ll follow Cbswork’s recommendations to the letter if you want to get the most bang for your buck with orgonite. I hope his credentials in over-gifting from the School of Hard Knocks will help you avoid the tuition cost.

8. If a place feels nasty and deserving of a TB or HHg, don’t hesitate to gift it, okay? Trust your feelings. Sometimes the most heinous activity takes place in churches, ritzy houses, schools, day care centers, etc. Our instincts manifest as ‘feelings’ and hunches, and I found out long ago that by paying very close attention to and acting on my hunches I’ve discovered an awful lot of good, useful information. That’s exactly how people succeed in business if they aren’t corporate slaves. The most psychic people in America are boozers, drug addicts & carnivores and most of them are dead before their fiftieth birthday. They’re the yelling, gesticulating, freaked out mob you see on the floors of the stock and commodity exchanges every workday from 9 to 5.. All they’re doing is following their instincts. See how un-glamorous this process actually is? What’s your excuse for not following your instincts? ;-)

9. Before you go out to bust all the heinous transmitters in your region, remember to do the ones closer to your home first and also to put at least one TB outside your house at each corner. We put those down around our house, then we put some out around the neighborhood and so on. That creates a huge protective field around your home. Once you start busting up the bad boys’ new, predatory infrastructure they’re going to be pretty mad, so you’ll need that protective buffer to keep them off balance whenever they come around. The more you bust, the nicer the atmosphere around you will get, especially if you’re careful to bust all the HAARP arrays. Work outwardly in a roughly circular pattern. If you’re in a mountainous region, you’ll need to get those mountaintop arrays, so count on getting a few blisters on your feet if the roads are closed off near the bottom, which they probably are by now. They don’t usually restrict hikers from those roads. Watch for cameras when you’re gifting in that case. They don’t try real hard to hide the cameras because they count on general mental programming to make them essentially invisible to Pajama People.

10. LOOK AROUND YOU constantly when you’re out gifting, before, during and after. This is how you get confirmations and it also helps ensure that the bad boys won’t just film you from a distance, then go and remove all the objects you put down. I know some people who will need to retrace an awful lot of steps if they want to get it all done right

11. You’ll need to have a Succor Punch with you if you really want them to lose you. The SP blocks all transponders and related tracking devices and it even apparently prevents them from tracking you visually from satellites if you ‘make it so.’ You need to really, really want to be invisible to the secret police, otherwise you may look like a walking neon sign to them. Remember that they use psychics as part of their surveillance work these days, so whenever you get a hint of an astral presence, blast their socks off with energy from your SP or, better yet from your Powerwand or Shiva. Privacy is our birthright.

12. There’s literally no such thing as federal property outside of Washington DC and the US Territories. Trespass on alleged federal land at your own discretion. I do it whenever I feel I have a good chance of getting back out before the black helicopters and/or dark-paned fedmobiles show up with those fat, spiteful ninja-wannabees. Carol and I have enjoyed playing hide-and-seek with these cretins on a few occasions but we don’t advise you to try this at home if you’re not confident that you’ll win ;-) Of course every kind of fun involves a little risk. The fun of gambling for money pales in comparison to gambling for the survival of mankind in the face of genocide. The stakes are much higher for the latter, too. If you won’t stop them where you live, who will right now?

13. For high-rise downtown areas, we always do our gifting in a grid pattern. There’s no other practical way to neutralize the seemingly countless number of rooftop arrays and the sheer bulk of human DOR generators in those office and apartment complexes, let alone the usually-extensive, satanic catacombs underfoot. We usually pick Sunday mornings for that because there’s very little traffic and it’s also very easy to spot secret police peekers. Make them uncomfortable because if they’re comfortable, you’re not. Now, I make them go away by blasting them with a PW. It really freaks them out. Just put one TB every couple of blocks in every direction. If you’re really lucky, you’re in a newer, planned city. If you’re unlucky, you’re in an old city that either had no initial planning or the planner was an opium addict who was fascinated with rabbit warrens.

14. We did the entire city of Atlanta, which has two million people, with twenty-five gallons of resin in just a few days of actual distribution work. It’s going to take more than ten times that much material and effort to ultimately finish LA, though the LA basin is ten times more populous than Atlanta. Atlanta is the main occult/satanic/Illuminati center for the Southeastern US but no place on earth can likely compare with LA for sheer heinous, predatory/parasitic oppression and human exploitation by the Illuminati. On the other hand, LA is potentially the most beautiful populous region on the continent. Our aim is to help realize the higher end of LA’s potential and we feel sure that Cbswork showed up there for this effort precisely so that this can be coordinated and accomplished in a timely way. We follow his lead when we visit. Every time I think about that inextinguishable light in the midst of that palpable darkness I shake my head in wonder and awe. This is better than any science fiction script, don’t you think? If he decides to tell you his story you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about ;-)

15. You can find most rural underground bases by looking for smog fields in the lower atmosphere after you’ve busted all the towers in the region. Nuke reactors generate scads of DOR, and that manifests as smog, which is simply toxic material in colloidal suspension in an atmosphere that has a net positive ion charge. Keep you eye out for gravel-lined, rectangular ponds, usually two of them separated by a gravel barrier, the whole surrounded by a high barbed wire fence. It may have a hastily-made sign indicating that it’s a sewage settling pond but unless it smells like a sewer, it’s a DOR sink and cooling pond for an underwater nuke. Some of them have yellow-green antifreeze in the water in winter. One TB per pond is usually enough to disable the reactor, but two is better.

16. Save your HHgs for the arrays, the regional Masonic and Mormon Temples, the particularly nasty and oppressive churches, animal testing and underground genetic labs, Federal Reserve Banks, your bedside table, your car, your mortal enemy’s property and for your town’s head satanist’s bushes (we did that here ). The head Satanist in my town is a MD who owns a family medicine clinic (he ‘loves’ children). He’s a neighbor of ours and there’s a LOT of orgonite around his place ;-) We also gifted the nearby rural area where his organization slaughters its human victims. I don’t think Wesak was much fun for them this year.

17. Most of the major earthgrid nodes in N. America have been gifted, including some in far northern Canada that Brent Mosley got to with an airplane this winter. Pete will go with Carol and I to get the one at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming shortly now that the road has opened again. There are nine vortices in that small area. I think that’s the last one on that big circle. There are countless lesser nodes and lines on that grid and of course it’s a planetary grid, so if you’re keen to contribute to that effort, contact Marc Melton at and be sure to use his fine elixirs if you want to have more energy and a sharper mind. Marc risked his life a couple of times gifting those key points in Mexico that enabled all those cloudbusters in Southern Arizona to finally bring rain back to that region. I think he’s a bit braver than Carol and I because he didn’t take any firearms with him. We go into the really hairy situations armed with loaded pistols these days. Carol's a terrific shot with her Glock. We aim to get as good as the average Swiss at shooting. Oops--sorry, I probably burst your bubble if you believe that only Americans are dedicated to defending indivicual and collective freedom and safety through the threat of violence.

I took our small, open boat across the Gulf Stream from Miami to the Bahamas a few weeks after that first nuke-busting experience and my main reason for going was to put a very large orgonite device in the center of the very disturbed Atlantean vortex east of Bimini on the Grand Bahamas Bank. That’s the southern anchor point of the Bermuda Triangle. Due to an unforeseen event (my inability to think rationally within that disturbed, very stormy vortex at the time and my subsequent near-expiration) I wasn’t able to deposit the device, but when I was later walking along South Andros Island in the vicinity of those ancient Atlantean blue holes, I got a pretty good inspirational rush and started making cone shaped orgonite devices when I got back home. We called them ‘holy handgrenades’ in honor of Monty Python’s HOLY GRAIL.

Soon after I got back home, we initiated a gifting campaign along the East Coast, from Florida to Maine and we took along our brand new (first) cloudbuster for a little fieldwork with that. We opened up a big blue hole in the HAARP-generated blizzard at Orgonon, but Eva Reich wouldn’t open the door for us ;-)

We got a lot of our operational data from gifting the Jekyll Island Hotel, Savannah waterfront, the Pentagon, the Washington Monument, the World Trade Center/Federal Reserve Bank vortex, Montauk, the Salem Witch Graveyard, Seabrook Nuke Plant, Orgonon, etc., and I wrote all of that down soon after we got back home. Those chronological reports are available on and are in the ‘Don and Carol Croft’ section of

In fact gifting is an essentially simple process, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many people doing it these days. Really, you need to develop a feel for this work. If I can do it, so can you, so don’t worry! Like riding a bicycle, we learn it quickly. Be patient with yourself, though, if you’re scared to lose the training wheels, okay? Think of it as a firewalk. Nobody bailed out at either of the firewalks I attended and there were some pretty wimpy people there, I can tell you, who were not at all as adventurous as you are.

I did some of the most demonstrative gifting work without Carol’s help because I wanted you to see that you don’t need to have a psychic or an energy sensitive in attendance in order to do this work. That’s why I did most of the Atlanta job, for instance, and the whole string of small cities and towns in Southern Idaho east of Boise last fall when I was testing the TB’s parameters. I also essentially did all of Spokane, which is another city that had a reputation for being particularly smoggy. It’s been free of smog since I finished the job, almost eight months ago. I also found and disabled quite a few underground bases without the help of psychics.

I gifted the entire basic satanic grid pattern of Washington, DC, alone and the best confirmation for me was being accosted by a large, angry crew of Men in Black right before I turned in my rental car at the Baltimore Airport on my way home. I thought they were just ugly, angry, energetic morticians until I saw all the communication equipment and the fleet of brand new black Lincolns with dark windows all around. I usually walk up and greet the secret police who used to snoop around me before the days of the powerwand but these guys looked like they wanted to shoot me. When I went out gifting with Cbswork I had to remember not to provoke the secret police very much because he’s telepathic and their thoughts are quite disturbing to him when I do that.

LA is the hardest target we’ve ever encountered. A lot of the rules that work elsewhere simply don’t apply there because the Illuminati apparently consider this their exclusive domain and human stockyard and have since the late 1800s. My very pleasant personal introduction to Cbswork a year ago was also my rude introduction to box surveillance, menacing killer-feds, almost constant overflights of helicopters and other surveillance aircraft, predatory reptilian neighbors, massive & constant electronic assaults, and a stream of unpleasant astral visitors. One of the most impressive personal miracles I’ve witnessed is his continued survival under this assault and he not only survives; he seems to flourish, evidently spurred on by his knowledge that he’s defeating these monsters at every turn.

He’s turned the previously most smoggy area in the LA Basin into an atmospheric paradise, pretty much single-handedly, so I hope you’ll take his recommendations very seriously, as I have. He learned these techniques from both trial and error and by the application of inspired, very skilled and clear intuitive processes.

Carol and I have gone on some pretty risky gifting expeditions with him in Hollywood, Glendale, Beverly Hills, Pasadena and San Bernardino and he’s sharp as a tack, locates and hits the target every time and overgifts whenever that’s called for.

After he, Marc Melton and I gifted the satanic core of San Bernardino last winter I headed for the East Coast and he asked me to look for a HAARP array in San B that we’d apparently missed seeing. It was exactly where he told me it would be. That’s how good he is.

Highway Gifting
I’ve gifted a highway from the Atlantic to the Pacific, using his method of dropping one every three miles. A route from Canada to Mexico has been similarly gifted (all that remains is the stretch from Seattle to Canada) and many other folks throughout N. America, W. Europe and Australia are doing the same now along stretches of major highways. This creates a new energy grid because all of the orgonite/crystal devices that have ever existed are now connected with each other, as Cbswork and other energy sensitives have seen. What’s more, each device that hits the ground is adopted by an entity, usually an elemental, who uses the energy of the device in concert with all the other benevolent entities to heal and strengthen the earth. You literally can’t put one of these in an inappropriate spot because every square inch of the planet is appropriate for receiving an orgonite device.

One of the ways to succeed in the ‘Art of War’ is to take and maintain the initiative. Mankind is in a spiritual war with the Illuminati right now. Orgonite has apparently given mankind the edge (initiative) that it needs to win this war because this stuff is like kryptonite to the Illuminati alleged supermen. That’s our single most effective advantage over them. Every other advantage could and would likely be exploited and subverted eventually but distributing orgonite in their vicinity robs them of their power to exploit us. They’re constrained, by their nature, to occupy and exploit power spots on the earth grid in order to maintain their hegemony and they simply can’t stop us from showing up at or very close to those spots and taking them back (gifting them) on behalf of humanity and the planet.

The fact is that the Illuminati, consummate human parasites and predators, have been waging war on humanity for centuries on a massive scale and for millennia before that in the preparatory form of espionage, exploitation and subversion. Now they stand poised to initiate martial law, after which they plan to exterminate most of humanity so that the few people who remain will be easier for them to rule and enslave. They’ve even created extensive underground facilities in order to survive the very global catastrophe’s they wish to facilitate.

What we’ve all done around the world with the cloudbusters and other orgonite devices may have shifted the balance firmly in mankind’s favor recently. As I see it, this is just part of an awareness-raising process that characterizes the closing, liberating phase of a vast and ancient cosmic cycle. It’s our privelege to be part of the resolution of humanity’s difficulties which is a very comfortable and healing alternative to temporary global tyranny and genocide.

~Don Croft


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