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The Harmonic Protector

By Don Croft
Sept. 10, 2003


Carol Croft and I (Don Croft) invented several reputable atmosphere healing and ground-clearing devices in 2000-01. We chose not to profit from our inventions, aside from the Terminators, until Carol recently decided to market a personal protection device. She's named it The Harmonic Protector and it's a pendant that's preferably worn in front of the sternum near the heart and throat. For a few months before she decided to market these she made a hundred or so and we distributed them to people who were having a serious problem with ambient electro magnetic radiation (EMR), which is quite strong and even lethal in some areas around the world. We've gotten consistently good feedback from the wearers. Carol needed to determine that this wasn't just something that works well mainly for energy sensitives like herself before she felt justified in marketing them for everyone's benefit. In fact, everyone who lives in the presence of strong, ambient EMR is negatively affected by the energy and frequencies and its link to cancer and other fatal illnesses has been thoroughly established.

The beginning of her enquiry was the end of 2002, when someone had sent her a couple of popular protective devices for her personal evaluation and recommendation of their effectiveness. Her dissatisfaction with these devices led her to experiment with other means of stopping the debilitating effects of ambient EMR on herself.

Carol's supreme personal test was driving through the Kaiser Aluminum smelting complex in Spokane while wearing her protective pendant. For many years, whenever she'd approached that facility, she experienced intense irritation, was debilitated and her skin felt prickly all over from the excessive ionization that occurred as the massive amounts of electricity passed through the powerlines overhead and into the smelter at sixty cycles per second. These days, when she drives past there, wearing her pendant, she doesn't feel any bad effects at all.

Carol's Assessment

The Harmonic Protector acts as an 'energetic mirror.' It reinforces your body's natural energy field (aura), while also helping you cope with energy overload and stress. The gemstones in the pendant were chosen to enhance the body's own etheric (auric) field. Along with the titanium in the resin/metal mix the strengthened etheric field acts to shield against strong electromagnetic fields and debilitating frequencies.


The Protector enhances mental and emotional clarity, awareness, a sense of well-being, restful sleep and dream clarity, though of course these are all effects of healing and strengthening the etheric field.

Energy-Sensitive Analysis

Below is the analysis of the device came from a friend of ours in Los Angeles who is also an energy-sensitive:

Hi, Carol,

These are really beautiful pieces of art, and my pendant [the one with copper added to the titanium] actually smells like a kind of incense, kum patch ka? Or whatever the blue and white box is - then we smelled the other pendants [titanium with no copper] and they had the same nice fragrance, though not as strong.

You really have created a small, extremely striking art that delivers on all that it entails: protection, transmutation, and a nice energetic key, from the arrangement of the shaped metal components. Interesting, as it relates in many ways to some of the ideograms of the Rosicrucian Order, but on a more root level, which is always good. Love to hear the story behind it.

The pendants really light up around the heart center over other placements on the body. Seems to work well on fear engrams, too.


#1. Letting people know about Carol Croft's "Harmonic Protector©" pendant ...

It is SMOOTH ENERGY. Reminds one of what it must have felt like to be alive before the frequency war crimes against humanity, it is a personal shielding device.

The smoothness I noticed, very clearly and strongly - could that be the gunk is no longer interfering with the spinning of that heart energy center? The visualization of most heart chakras is of a cement truck, covered in sludge, that has huge boulders in there rolling and crashing around, wobbling all over creation completely out of whack and full of stuff that doesn't belong there. When this gunk is broken down, and the visualization here is a cerise colored laser light, there is a smoothness to life perception and thought creation. This may be your Harmonic Protection in action. Also, for women, the disconnection from their mental body can be quite profound, leaving them rather helpless. So I think the HP is a must for reconnection to their lower mental bodies.

I have tested a number of different pendants, and can say that this one DOES offer smooth sailing through the field of negative EMR pollution that we live in.

A simple test that I ran, is how many rounds of EFT I have to do, when wearing the pendant, vs. not wearing the pendant, and what I found is that multiple aspects come up and along with the initial rounds, saving time and repetition. I found holding it firmly in my hand before beginning the session had an even greater effect. So as a complement to energy work and self-help, I found it a remarkable assist, and I hope that others will not overlook utilizing their HP in this way.

When using Carol's "Harmonic Protector©", I have the greatest rush of manifestation energy I have ever known. Worn as a pendant over the chest area, could it be that with every beat of our heart, our frequency is held strong, clear and stable by the HP device?

The heart chakra is our connection to the lower mental body, and allows us to think clearly, and not from survival fear - no surprise that this connection is almost completely covered in gunk. So it is a very important piece - I find that it allows me to see and hear past the games and manipulations. When I told a male pal to try it, I had a hard time getting it back - he kept forgetting to take it off, even began unconsciously handing me other items instead, like his glasses, and bits of paper, when I asked for it back. His higher self obviously figured this was a really good thing and was going to keep it as long as possible.

The "Harmonic Protector©" does take a little time to get use to it before wearing it all day - our physical apparatus is not used to that much cleansing and free-flowing clean energy. I moved it to my pocket or my desk from time to time.

I forgot to mention the HP's effects at the computer. Previously, I would get on and just stay on all night, sort of sucked in. I attribute this to EMR's effects on my body. When I wear my pendant, I easily disconnect from the 'net after whatever I consider a reasonable time. So there is a noticeable difference. This is definitely not an airy fairy device, as it grounds, deepens conscious awareness and perception, while simultaneously allowing freedom of connection all the way out there at one's will and choice.

Pretty exciting stuff - free to expand and be, without the catch of it being "noticed" and "blocked". So in summary, I find Carol's "Harmonic Protector©" works effortlessly well, and highly complements other tools.

07 Jul 2003

#2. Riveting experience at the gift store two days ago ...

I was at the counter with customers and I noticed this "woman" walk in, short, dumpy, in her late 20s or early 30s and I just became sick as she was sporting a black ball cap with C***I***A on the front, if you can believe that one.

I of course said in my mind, oh what a pathetic, sad person you are and your entire agency, etc., and you have balls wearing that hat in this town.... and "she" went to another part of the store. She was with an older woman.

About 15 minutes go by and she comes up to pay at the counter and I was standing in an area behind her about 10 feet away, really looking at her closely and all of a sudden, my HP went crazy, much to my amazement, I felt a buzzing on my chest and all around me and as I looked at "her", I could feel a force field of energy surrounding me coming from the HP and while being amazed by this, I realized "she" was attempting to bore into my mind without facing me and at the same time I noticed her ears were totally bizarre looking, pointy and like thick clay dough/claymation, and I remember saying, man you guys just don't have ears down yet, LOL, and it dawned on me, "She" was not human.

The HP had thrown up a very powerful force field. Everything became crystal clear and I continued boring into the back of her head. She then turned around and gave me a deadly look; her eyes were completely black--not white; no iris, nothing--and I stared her down. I have to say I sent her packing without her looking back at me. The air around me was buzzing furiously and then all was calm.

The other women I work with picked up on the incredible energy and were totally mystified, to say the least. They said, "What was THAT all about??" The HP stopped buzzing, (no noise--just vibration) when "it" left the building and out of my sight.

Incredible moment for me and a very powerful one.

So folks, we are protected in the most special way by the HP, the Harmonic Protector©, that Carol Croft was inspired to create. Thank you Carol! This experience caps a year long battle with agency types that lived across the street from me and tried their damndest to bring me down, complete with tumors and all.

I will not be vanquished:
I am healthy and fine thanks to Dr. Hulda Clark.

06 Jan 2004

The Harmonic Protector is available on the Products page of Educate-Yourself as a premium gift for a donation of $52 plus $3 for First Class ($55) or $6 for Priority shipping ($58) with delivery confirmation within the USA. Inquire about overseas shipping cost. Contact the Ken Adachi, Editor to order the Harmonic Protector pendant.


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