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The Only Specific, Viable Remedy on the Market for the Chemtrail-induced Endemics

By Don Croft <>
January 29, 2005

Dr William von Peters of developed ChemBuster Homeo/Herbal remedy at our request a year ago. He’s an old-school naturopath/homeopath whom I’ve been doing business with for six years and it took some persuading for me to get him to consider formulating this inexpensive, effective remedy because he’s always taken a dim view of ‘magic bullet’ approaches to healing.

Fortunately for us, he found out through his own research that most of the new endemics which ‘flowered’ since 1999 were caused by a few specific biological, radiological and chemical weapons in chemtrails and through a few other environmental distribution methods.

He told me that after he knew the documented, specific causes of these illnesses it was pretty easy for him to formulate the comprehensive remedy.

I’m very lucky to have started my zapper business a few years before the chemtrails became omnipresent in 1999. I’d gotten pretty confident in the zapper’s easy ability to cure nearly every illness, including cancer, HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, Lupus, atherosclerosis, heart disease, depression, and just about every other disease for which medical science has no viable cures. When the chemtrails had been in our skies for a few months, though, I started getting reports of chronic illnesses which didn’t respond well to zapping and they mimicked nearly every chronic sickness in the books. It was a pretty depressing time for me and I immediately started looking for viable herbal and energy remedies that could address what I already recognized as the effects of biological warfare on the populace.

I also started researching the addition of subtle energy components in order to boost the effectiveness and palatability of the basic 555IC which is the heart of any zapper and that panned out well but didn’t completely answer the new challenge. My wife and I came out with the Terminator zapper almost five years ago and it’s the best selling zapper on the market now, all by referral, so I guess our research panned out.

In early 2001 Carol and I also developed the orgonite cloudbuster and within a year there were a few thousand of these in North America and Europe—enough, apparently, to essentially disable the chemtrail program’s biological, chemical and radiological weaponry, at least.

At the risk of seeming arrogant and/or delusional I humbly submit that both the zapper and the cloudbuster are simply evidence that it’s time for humanity to stop enabling exploitation and tyranny and it’s time to replace this ancient, oppressive and parasitic occult/corporate world order with a minimal global organizational framework that’s based squarely on individual rights and responsibilities. The internet is another evidence of this fortunate stage in humanity’s development, of course, and the internet enabled the timely distribution of the previously mentioned benefits.

The internet is what supplied us with the clear evidence that the chemtrails stopped posing an international health threat. I get a massive amount of correspondence from all over the world. That’s been going on every day for four years. Much of that has to do with our zapper business and, generally, when people enquire about our zappers they tell us what they’re hoping to cure or heal. Beginning in late 1999 I started getting flooded with personal reports of ‘severe candida,’ loss of energy, and all of the symptoms one associates with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and other catchall terms that the serial killers (MDs) use when they don’t know what’s wrong with their patients. These were evidence of the start of the new endemics.

In May of 2002 I witnessed a distinct drop in the ratio of these reports compared to run of the mill complaints such as arthritis, cancer, herpes, atherosclerosis, migraines, worms, AIDS, infections, heart disease, etc., all of which are easily and quickly cured with zapping alone.

I still get the chemtrail-related complaints, of course, because apparently the cause of these endemics is damaged and weakened vital organs. These organs need to be fairly functional in order for the body to heal itself. ChemBuster is a good, reliable way to induce the body to heal the vital organs so that they can take charge again, so to speak.

As far as we can tell, compromising the vital organs was the designed intent of all that aerosol weaponry in the first place. I can only speculate about what the ultimate purpose was but I suspect it was genocide because without an immune response most of the populace would be susceptible to faint aerial doses of anthrax, smallpox, plague, etc., which would be fatal in that case. It may be that we stopped that agenda in the nick of time but we probably won’t know that until we’ve broken open the deep dark secrets of the CIA, NSA, Mossad, MI6 and other occult/corporate predatory agencies.

None of the biological weapons used in chemtrails were capable of establishing colonies in the host, which is likely why they had to be applied day in and day out over a long period of time (months) before the destructive effects were achieved. The respiratory emergencies that exploded across the land after the first chemtrail assaults in 99, along with the ballooning obituary columns, were simply the evidence of bodies’ reactions to these new pathogens. The infirm, mostly including the very old and very young, were murdered in the millions in the first year or so. Get a copy of CHEMTRAILS; CLOUDS OF DEATH from if you’re interested in watching a genuine documentary on the program and a discussion of the solution.

Not much was discussed about chemtrails when they were in the process of destroying the health of countless millions of people but now that they’re no more than innocuous skywriting in most cases the disinformation nabobs on the net are having a field day telling us that these spiderwebs in the sky are signs of our imminent doom ;-)

CIA-payrolled crocodile-tear shedding, handwringing Twits. Chicken Littles.

I believe that what you’re seeing now is mainly done for psychological effect, with a few exceptions. The exception is when the chemtrails spread out to white out the entire sky overhead but if you’re one of the few folks who are still experiencing this you can follow the simple Gifting Recommendations on (Tips and Strategies section) and put an end to that for a few dollars and a little of your time and effort, as thousands of us around the world have done. You won’t ever see more than a smidgeon of chemspew in our skies, even when there are eight of those white, unmarked jets trying to make a mess overhead all day long.

Carol and I easily determined that most of the new sickness reports we’d been getting before the summer of 02 had to do with inadequate kidneys, liver and spleen function in people who were breathing these toxins. Orgonite easily transmutes radioactive material in the body and in the environment, apparently, so the barium component wasn’t much of a problem for anyone who has even a bit of orgonite in the home, car and workplace but we encouraged people to buy specific herbal remedies that were designed to boost the function of these vital organs back up to a working level.

The saddest part of this is that when those organs are not working right the skin and mucosa are usually chosen by the body to provide these toxin-expulsion functions and that’s pretty uncomfortable and even terrifying sometimes for the body-unaware victim. It’s very confusing for the serial killers, too, who don’t know or care about the true causes of disease because they’re in the business of suppressing symptoms with poisonous pharmaceuticals. Not even the serial killers can suppress these new symptoms, by the way, because the body was being emphatic and this was its expression of discontent. A person in this condition can give a million bucks to a serial killer and the costly poisons he might buy from those drug pushers only make the problem worse, of course. On the bright side, these new endemics have shaken the confidence of perhaps millions of Pajama People in the previously-sacrosanct parasitic medical/drug cartel which is John D Rockefeller’s and I G Farben’s most enduring legacy ;-).

I bought fifty of the one-ounce bottles of Doc von P’s new remedy last spring and gave them out to zapper customers who weren’t responding quickly to their new zappers. The good, consistent results were so astonishing that even the Doc was a little challenged to believe that this could be so. He specializes in curing chronic illnesses and generally that involves quite a lot of diagnostic work and a specific, sometimes complex regimen which the sufferer is expected to follow religiously if he intends to fully recover.

Another challenging aspect, perhaps, for the Doc is that, after doing his research homework, the remedy, which has four herbal tincture components and ten potentized homeopathic components (made with a proprietary process) came together effortlessly and quickly. I personally believe that he was inspired to make this remedy. It is the first and only remedy in the world designed to be energized with orgonite.

One of the first things I realized when I entered the healing trade nine years ago was that zappers, alone, if widely distributed have the clear potential to close down most hospitals and put most serial killers right out of business. That bit of direct knowledge is a burden but what’s been even more burdensome for me is the realization that most Pajama People would sooner commit suicide by installments (an accurate description of what happens when one agrees to being ‘treated’ by an MD for an illness, especially AIDS, heart disease and cancer) than cure their acute sicknesses with proven, simple, inexpensive and effective remedies because these remedies require the sufferer to take responsibility for his own well being.

When I saw, firsthand, how powerfully and immediately zappers cure ‘uncurable’ disease, in fact, I was frantically buying up all the zapper components in the dozen or so Radio Shacks in St Louis because I was sure that these would be made unavailable any minute by the felonious feds. I felt recreated by the new understanding I got from seeing what this device could do, otherwise.

I’d bought a zapper from a friend of mine, along with Hulda Clark’s first book, which had directions for making a basic zapper in it. Within a couple of weeks of curing my lifelong depression, candida and other nuisances I was making and distributing these to sick friends and acquaintances.

It was sometime after that when I recognized that the medical/drug cartel was quite complacent in their confidence in the PJ folks’ terror of simple truths but at least I didn’t need to worry about being able to get my parts. If I were in their slimy shoes I’d have put RadioShack out of business in those days ;-) but the arrogance of megaparasites is a form of stupidity.

Another adjustment, when I went to Africa, the first time, in late 2001, was the stark realization that the populations in the world which are more open minded also have no money to buy zappers with ;-) but the good part of that realization was that since there were never chemtrails in Africa the sick Africans healed fast and dramatically just the way everyone did in America before the chemtrails got rampant in 99.

I’m selling an awful lot of ChemBuster now. The previous remedies we were offering just didn’t sell because their results were not consistently good and they were relatively expensive. My hunch is that ChemBuster works well because it’s specifically designed to correct the causes of the endemics, not simply to boost the functions of the vital organs.

Good physicians and scientists like the Doc are as rare as hens’ teeth in America, I can tell you. I’d be very surprised if there are more than a dozen genuine doctors in this benighted country now and I was shocked to discover how myopic and even superstitious most lettered scientists are. The truckload of fake science that Drs Clark and Beck dumped onto this simple tech demonstrates that awfully well and that may be largely responsible for the snail pace that has characterized the distribution of this information after Dr Clark made the big splash in late 1995 with THE CURE FOR ALL DISEASES.

I’m very sorry to have to mention that since then she’s added more and more unsupportable claims and caveats and has failed to credit Dr Royal Raymond Rife for the large volume of his material that she plagiarized and even bastardized. Since she essentially introduced the zapper trade to the world I feel the need to distinguish my approach from hers and that kind of sucks. Nor do her herbal recommendations have much merit.

The parasite herbs she recommends sicken a lot of people because they’re quite harsh on the already-taxed livers and her claim that zappers won’t kill intestinal parasites is completely unfounded. Hundreds of my customers have reported seeing even very large, dead tapeworms in the toilet after a few days of zapping, for instance, along with every other conceivable worm specie and the feces is a healthy tan color after one has zapped enough to destroy the anaerobic, harmful bacteria in the intestines and liver. That usually takes a few days, only. Her Epsom salts liver cleanse is fantastic, though, and she knows what she’s talking about regarding the lifestyles of parasitic organisms because that was her forte before she got into the healing trade.

She studied naturopathy in one of the relatively incompetent schools supported by the national naturopath mafia, though, so that wasn’t a great start. I’m not infighting or defaming Dr Clark. I’m only stating the case for the genuine healers and genuinely viable, affordable healing devices in America.

The consortium of naturopaths connected with Bastyr and the naturopathic college in Portland, Oregon, have contrived to force competent healers like Dr von Peters out of business and out of the country. They work in concert with the AMA and federal agencies to ensure that only those two schools may determine who may or may not be allowed to practice natural medicine. Most folks don’t realize that naturopathy, as an organization, has become just as insidious as the medical mafia but in fact that’s true, which is why you won’t likely get any healing from an ND these days, no matter how much money you spend. If you’re an ND and are genuinely curing and healing people you’re taking a huge risk, as you probably know. It’s one thing to expect the AMA to pay some mafia guy to shoot you in the back of the head but it’s betrayal when someone who purports to be a natural doctor conspires with other naturopaths to assassinate your character and livelihood.

This is another evidence of how insidious and thorough the divisive occult/corporate world order has been. See why we need to unseat these megaparasites and assume our birthright as a species, which is to attain functional unity and maturity in the short term? You don’t honor or fear a tapeworm, so why would you give that consideration to white-coated serial killers?

After six months of marketing ChemBuster I’ve yet to hear from a single customer who has been dissatisfied with the results. You might know that many customers who seek healing and cures are very quick to let the sellers know when their expectations haven’t been met. It was the frequently expressed dis-satisfaction with our zappers after the chemtrails got into full swing which caused us to seek a specific remedy for the new endemics, for instance.

Good news travels slowly, in spite of what you might believe. Bad news and disinformation travel at the speed of light. One thing we’re all being challenged to do now is to express our higher instincts and natures and that requires a lot of thought and effort. If Icke or Rense announce that the tyrants are going to immolate us all next week everybody on the internet will hear about it within a day or two, whether we’re interested or not, and regardless of the disinfo mavens’ continuing lack of genuine credibility.

To find the truth one needs a shovel and flashlight in order to work his way through all that noise and confusion and that’s a pain in the @$$ but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s our individual responsibility to discern what’s in front of us.

Part of discernment, too, is being articulate and that takes effort, too. We don’t really understand something which we can’t express in our own words. Another bounty of the internet has been that in order to communicate in this medium one needs to be able to express what he/she knows in a clear way. I’ve corresponded with thousands of people in recent years and I’ve seen an awful lot of people’s writing style progress from ‘barely legible’ to articulate, sometimes within weeks. This is one of the signs of spiritual progress because unless we apply our intellect we’re going to remain childlike in a not- flattering, Pajama Person sort of way. I’m not talking about the angelic quality of childhood’s innocence— rather consider those Lost Boys in LORD OF THE FLIES.

That said, the Doc and I would like to compile some testimonials. I’d gotten some fine ones from our test subjects early on but I didn’t save them because I stupidly thought I was going to get a whole lot more in coming weeks and months. This shows that I haven’t yet assimilated another important early lesson in my healing career: when very sick people heal they don’t want to remember their suffering; giving credit to the healer after the fact is simply an unpleasant reminder of how rotten they used to feel in most cases ;-)

When someone who is semi-awake cures his cancer or AIDS with one of our zappers and has extended the courtesy of telling me about it he invariably says, ‘I can’t wait to tell all the other sufferers I know!’ but when that’s said I’m pretty sure I won’t hear from that one any more because the first cynical PJ sufferer he talks to will come down on that happy, cured person like a ton of unemptied bed pans and the enthusiasm will be extinguished. There are exceptions, of course, and these courageous folks often end up being our zapper distributors here and abroad. Some of them are also selling ChemBuster now.

The healing trade is not a good occupation for cynics ;-) and I think that Dr von Peters deserves a genuine award for his lifelong dedication to curing the most miserably chronic-suffering people. I blithely tell you that I’m in the healing trade but I would compare my approach to his as a chauffeur to a master mechanic. Most of my customers cure and heal themselves with my simple help and guidance but he knows how to find cures for the hard cases whom nobody else is capable of helping and he doesn’t impoverish the sufferer in the process.

I’m writing this mostly as an appeal to our happy ChemBuster users to send me a clear testimonial that I can share anonymously with others in an effort to more effectively promote the Doc’s peerless remedy. It’s a plain fact that a couple pages of concise, empirical testimonials are more encouraging and convincing than a barge full of scientific data, so please don’t assume that your contribution to our effort isn’t important! There are enough of you now that this appeal should generate a respectable number of usable testimonials. By concise, I mean that you need to understand whether or not it’s ChemBuster which got you the happy results. If you were trying other new approaches along with this you needn’t bother telling me about it because it’s impossible to objectively know which has done what for you, though I’m sure, at least, that no other easily affordable remedy will do what this one can.

Only an affordable approach will become a common one. This is something else I learned from the healing trade. I sell ChemBuster for $17 per bottle and in most cases a single bottle does the job. The Doc is running a special on his site: $15 apiece, two for $25.

Thanks, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you! If you were healed by this remedy I think you owe us a good testimonial now ;-) and why not?

Don Croft <>

© Copyright 2005  All Rights Reserved.


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