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Re: 90,000 Chinese Troops on the U.S. Border?

{Editor's Note: This article is Don Croft's response to an e-mail sent to him by a fellow named Stan ( It's hard for some people to believe what Don Croft discusses in his Adventures episodes since they don't see or experience these dramas first hand and haven't acquired enough corroborative evidence from other sources to break through the mind fog that ensues as a result of a lifetime of mind conditioning about the reality of life here in America. We've all been unconsciously brainwashed from infancy into believing that we live in a democracy, that the US government is the "good guy" on the world stage, that the US government serves the will of the People, that the US military is devoted to 'maintaining peace', that the court system is peopled by functionaries who are interested in ferreting out the truth and dispensing justice, and that elections aren't rigged. None of these things are true, but most people believe in the illusion of these things. The Illuminati controlled media bangs away at these lies over and over to continuously dupe the un-weary into accepting this false illusion as everyday reality. If you haven't yet noticed that every single AM radio talk show host is a toady for the Bush Propaganda Circus, then you have the perception of a potato. The only radio station from which I can hear something that resembles the truth is KPFK (FM 90.7) out of Los Angeles (you can listen to this station or its parent owner, Pacifica Radio, over the internet), but even so, it's still a mixed bag of good stuff and pro-NWO disinformation (Ian Masters being a glaring example).

The best example of the typical radio talk show dupe is Howard Stern. Howard is very perceptive and intelligent in many areas, but he and his co-host, Robin Quivers, have 'bought' every lie and deception the government have manufactured as the gospel truth ( of course, it's possible that they obtained their 'convictions' through mind control programming). You name it: 9-11, the Iraq invasion, Bin laden, Saddam, the DC snipers, the OKC Bombing, etc. Whatever the government spin meisters had hoped the public would accept as reality, is totally accepted by Howard Stern and his co-host. Yet he's intelligent and perceptive, and above all, he's honest, which is really rare for a radio host. If the day ever comes that Howard Stern realizes that he's been duped by government propaganda, then he would admit it over the air. That's one of the interesting aspects of Howard Stern's personality: he's compelled to be honest and state the truth, no matter whose toes he steps on. Nevertheless, I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for Howard to wake up, but I can encourage you to take off the blinders and come up to speed-quickly and help your friends see the light as well...Ken Adachi].

By Don Croft <>
Dec. 15, 2003

Stan--I just wrapped up a month in Uganda, during which we disabled essentially all of the Entropy and HAARP transmitters in the country, changing the sky, bringing abundant rain to dry areas and boosting the general ambience, especially in the capital, Kampala. After we finished the city in the first week there began a spate of resignations and firings of corrupt officials in the military and gov't and by the time we finished the war-torn north part of the country the CIA-backed 'rebel' forces had apparently disappeared. It's amazing what a few guys can do with a little orgonite and a four wheel drive vehicle. It was a great trip and I have a new family in the Pearl of Africa.

We'd been doing this in the US, as others have been doing throughout much of the world, as you probably know.

Without these awful towers on line, martial law (enforced by foreign troops, of course) is impossible, especially in America, where practically everyone's armed and easily organized into militias. The Afghans and Chechnians were unbeatable, so you can imagine what a debacle any invasion of my country would turn out to be, even if they did manage to nuke a few cities.

I think the Chinese and Russian troops (there are mostly Russian troops in those underground 'holding pens' in the US, not Chinese) were supposed to be used by our own treasonous gov't, of course, but without sufficient population-controlling transmitters, this is unfeasible and all the bad guys (the Illuminati who have long ago taken over N. American gov'ts) know it.

This stuff is far more cynical than you might know. The US and Canadian gov't invited the foreign troops in (hence the backslapping mentioned in your article) because local soldiers and cops wouldn't police the population that way, of course, and who else in the world but Russia and China have such a huge surplus of soldiers? Do you remember that when international communism fell Russia refused to repatriate their vast armies in Eastern Europe? Where did you think they went? Shortly after that, many of them were seen in Canada and the US, of course. I was in Washington State then and by 1994 I'd talked to reputable people who had seen them in BC.

The 'International Peace Park' scam was abandoned after the Washington State Militia scrambled to prevent thousands of Russian infantry from crossing over at Oroville, on the edge of the North Cascades National Park. Remember that nobody talked about the 'park' (the public was to be banned, as they're banned now from the Smoky Mountains National Park) in the press after that? I lived on the oter side of that park at the time and before the militia victory they'd closed off the access highway near my home, using men with uniforms I'd never seen who didn't speak English. Odd helicopters were all over the region then, too, and this crap was no longer seen after the event that day in Oroville. That's how fast the bad guys (Illuminati who own the press) cover their tracks.

For me, the most ironic thing is that Russia and China have always had world domination plans. Like the Germans and Japanese in the last century, they're prudent enough to know that one country can't take over the world. They've got to be more diappointed by our little informal network's successes than even the Illuminati, who have stupidly believed that they could control Russia and China.

About a third of the US population is now free of these transmitters. That's a whole LOT of work by only a few people, none of whom feel a strong need to tell the world. We're mainly just covering our own (and your) butts. What would you do to ensure that your own kids don't end up in mass graves, after all? We don't have time to debate or seek public acceptance of this new technology, let alone try to wake up persistent Pajama People to the threats we're all living under. This is a planetary threat, by the way.

One suitcase nuke in London's financial district would end the world rule of the Illuminati instantly. No doubt the Russians and Chinese know this and have been biding their time.

No doubt they also know that they can't win against a guerrilla campaign in the US. Watch how fast the Pajama People wake up when they know how bad things really are. As a student of human nature, I'm confident that when the real enemy (the Illuminati) is more clearly in our sights we won't be fighting among ourselves any more. Watch how fast generations of brainwashing and mind control dissolves in the face of blatant reality as the thick veils continue to drop, one by one.

~Don Croft


In Support of Don Croft (Dec. 19, 2003)

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