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Kurt Cobain in the Shower

[Editor's Note: This article was originally posted in February of 2004 and is being modified on Sep. 12, 2005. Don did not spell Kurt Cobain's last name correctly in the original posting; he spelled it "Kobaine". I did not discover this until I recently read a book about Cobain's life. I fixed the spelling and wrote an additional article about Cobain, adding additional information about his involvement with government mind control programming and his murder (made to look like a suicide) which apparently was ordered by Bush Sr. Young people don't realize that a large percentage of 'bad boy' rockers, especially heavy metal bands, are up to their ears in SATANISM (which ALWAYS means involvement in HUMAN SACRIFICE) and are used by the CIA, etc. to promote the dark agenda. Cobain found himself being co-opted for these purposes and wanted to get out the word, to his friends at least, about the dark stuff he was being exposed to. He was warned once to shut up, but apparently continued to be a 'problem' for the baby killers, so word came down from Darth Bush to snuff him, which is something that Bush does on a regular basis according to ex-CIA agent Chip Tatum and others (Brice Taylor) ..Ken].

By Don Croft <>
Feb. 23, 2004

Theresa is one of Etheric Freedom Fighters' best, most trusted psychics. She's been remotely helping many people find their implants, for instance, and whenever she gets information, we act on it. We met her last summer after we gifted the Mt. Shasta area, where she lives. She and her husband were so inspired by the boost in ambience there that they went on to further gift the I Am Fellowship's own facilities. They gifted the I Am amphitheatre during one of their conclaves and if you're aware of how closely that New Age sewage group is tied in with the CIA and the satanic network, you'll appreciate that Theresa is a very courageous, committed woman.

So, when she told Carol and I last week that Kurt Cobain wanted her to intervene on his behalf we took it as a signal that this account needs to get some public exposure. Her address is

After you've been in the healing trade for awhile, you'll realize that the generally-accepted parameters of normality don't have much credence or viability, and we at EFF act on the assumption that our higher instincts are more important to heed than any image considerations are, which is probably why our modest global network is able to get such astonishingly good visual and other sensory results in spite of our small numbers.

I'm not asking you to 'do' anything about what you're about to read. Just reading it will suffice because when enough people have read this, the situation will be resolved. Don't bother to write to your Congressman. He likely belongs in either prison or a grave for high treason now, anyway (what a bunch of skunks!). You'd get better results by asking the Mafia or skinheads to help you these days, I think ;-) but you're the one in charge of your life, after all, not a bunch of parasites-in Armani-suits in Washington, DC.

The most interesting thing about this to me is that Theresa got a help request from a dead celeb, much like we get these from living ones who find themselves under the CIA's raised sword these days. We'll blast the $#!+birds in the CIA who participated in Cobain's murder but after all one's reputation is more important than one's own life and I hope we can help restore whatever good rep he deserves.

I don't know about you, but when anyone has shown disrespect to me in my own area of influence I get appropriate payback, no matter how long it takes, even after I've forgiven that person. Respect means more to me than love does. After all, my first wife sort of loved me for 22 years but constantly humiliated me and is still trying to destroy me, ten years after I calmly stood up for myself fo the first time in my life, so I'm not a complete newbie to this concept. If the CIA finally succeeds in erasing me and gets my friends to believe I killed myself, don't be surprised if I show up in your shower after that, okay? ;-)

Here's what Theresa just posted in the 'Activist' section EFF (she's 'Thundermountain' there) about her experience:

Please bear with me here. I don't usually post my strange experiences for the public to read, but this one was so different that I sent it to Carol Croft for her opinion. I was asked to post it here to inform you. Perhaps Don or Carol Croft will add to this posting again for your benefit.

Taking a shower early Thursday morning. Normal. I then "heard" a distinct voice say, "Kurt Kovaine", (spelling ?). This name was repeated many times.

"Who is that? Who is Kurt Kovaine? I don't know anyone with that name."

I strongly sensed that my son would know. So I tried to call him at work. He wasn't there. So, I left a full message of what happened and asked him to call me back. I needed to know who this Kurt Kovaine is.

In the meantime, Kurt decided to " talk" to me. He told me that he did not die the way people believe he did. He admitted that he had a drug problem, but it was nothing compared to when he was "made-over" and became famous. He had been exposed to some government "doings" that shocked him so much, he had to talk about it with his buds. He received his first warning to shut-up: an attempt was made on his life. After that, the drugs were increased and given to him. I saw coercion here along with some programming.

His life was no longer his own, but "Theirs". He just wanted others to know what he witnessed and wanted to do this publicly. At this point, it was more important than his own life, which he states was no longer his to control.

Kurt tells me Bush,Sr. was behind this. Kurt was a problem out-of-hand and so was eliminated.

Next day, Friday, my son calls me back. "Mom, are you crazy? In the shower? Hearing voices again? By the way, it's not Kurt "Kovaine", but Kurt Cobain. Don't you know who he is?"

I tell my son "no, if it's popular music I don't listen to that". Yanni is my speed. I do not tell him what Kurt had said to me as he already has a problem with my beliefs.

He told me that Kurt killed himself with a shotgun at the height of his fame. He was in the band, "Nirvana".


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